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Ehrfürchtiges Film 泰坦尼克 号 成人 版 _0
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[b] I was pretty young when my mom brought home her new husband.

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I'm not going to say just how young so as your reading this you can imagine me any age you want. I'm not sure where she picked him up at, some bar or somewhere. He had no place to live, no job, and no car.

My mom decided she liked him enough to bring him into our house. My dad had been gone about a year and already remarried so I guess she was lonely. What ever her reasons were he was there. She trusted him enough that she left for work every day and left me home with this strange man from day one. She worked, cooked, brought in the money and paid the bills while he stayed home and took care of me.

I can't remember what time of the year it was or any of that but I do remember this story. It all started off as a normal family. After he was there a few weeks they got married at my grandma's house so I had a new step dad.

He acted like any other dad for a while and then things began to go a little off until we were so far from a normal family it was hard to remember what a normal family was. I'm getting ahead of myself so let me go back to the day it all started. I was sitting in the living room floor watching cartoons, eating my breakfast.

He walked in wearing his robe which was normal for this time of morning. He had a seat in the rocking chair next to where I was sitting and told me good morning. Well, when I looked up to tell him good morning his robe was wide open for me to see balls and cock for the first time in my life. I know he seen the look on my face and knew that I saw. I knew it was on purpose when instead of the whoops and covering them up he just spread his legs a little wider.

I don't know if it was me being a bad kid or curious or what it was but I kept looking. From that morning on he made sure I saw his package. This kept on over the next couple of weeks but that's all that happened, for now.

The next incident happened late one night. I had gotten scared in the night so I went to my mom's bed. She was in the middle between me and her husband. I woke later that night or early in the morning to something sliding across my back side. At the time I had no clue what it was but today I know it was his cock.

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My mom was sound asleep and somehow he had ended up in the middle of the bed. When he realized I was awake he stopped sliding the hard thing across me. But he didn't stop touching me.

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He replaced his cock with his hands, he slid them over my backside and up my back. He reached around and rubbing his hand across my non-existant breast. At the time I had no more than nipples but as he rubbed on them I felt the thing by my backside getting hard and poking against my lower back.

As he rubbed and pinched on my nipples he reached his hand down and glided it up and down his cock. Which by now was hard as a rock, hard enough it was hurting me where it was poking me. He nibbled on my ear, kissed my neck, and played with my nipples. The whole time never letting loose of his cock.

Until I felt something hot and wet splatter on my back. As the load was hitting my back I heard him moan, he rolled over and went back to sleep. That was all there was to it.

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The next morning after my mom went to work he told me that sometimes we would do things that we couldn't tell anyone and the night before was one of those times. I said ok and that was all there was. I would never tell anyone. I thought it was normal and all people did those kind of things. A few weeks passed with no other events happening. Then the biggest of them all happened. We were out of school, I don't know if it was the weekend or summer break or spring break or what but we were out of school.

I had been outside playing and my mom had been at work. When I had walked in the house he was laying on the couch watching TV and called me over. I walked over and he asked me if I remembered the talk we had about not telling anyone things that happened between us.

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I told him yes and he said today would be one of those times. As I stood there in front of him he removed all of my clothes and ran his hands all over me. He rubbed on my flat chest again and this time moved his hands down to rub the hairless spot between my legs. He told me over and over how he loved my body. I was no more than a stick figure but for some reason unknown to me he liked me.

He asked me over and over if I liked him touching me and I told him yes. Because I honestly did. He played with my pussy a little and then slid his finger inside of me. I'd never had anything inside of me and it make me gasp a little. He pulled it out and tasted it. Told me how sweet I tasted and wanted to know if I'd let him taste more. I told him yes but didn't understand what he meant. He told me to turn around and bend over.

I did just as he said and when I bent over his face was right next to my young little hole. I couldn't believe it when he stuck his tongue on it. He licked it all over and then spread my legs a little more and slipped his tongue inside of me. He even licked my puckered little asshole. I didn't know what was going on but my body responded just as it should. I got wetter and my juices ran down his face. He asked me again if he made me feel good. I replied with a yes hoping he didn't stop. He told me how he loved the taste of me and wanted to taste me as much as possible.

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With that I guess his tongue got tired and he told me to stand up and turn around. I did so and he looked me over for a moment and then took off all of his clothes. He had me sit next to him and put my hand on his cock. I had never felt a cock before and it felt different than anything I'd ever felt before.

He moved my hand up and down until I got the hang of it. Then he let my hand go and leaned back as I jacked him off. The way he was moaning and groaning I must have done something right. I guess he couldn't take it anymore because he grabbed my hand and made me stop. I thought that was all there was to it, until I went for my clothes. He said that wasn't all he wanted to teach me.

I looked at him with questions.he told me to stand up. I did as he said and he pulled me over to stand in front of him again. He spread my legs and pulled me down to straddle his lap. I was sitting on his lap and he was licking at my nipples. I liked the feel of it.

It was something I'd never felt and never even thought of. He then spit on his fingers and put them inside of me again and had me rock back and forth on them.

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He kept asking me if it hurt, he was trying to get me used to the feel of something inside of me. I liked the feel of it, had gotten over the first thring of pain.


He then slid me up toward him and postioned his cock with my tight little hole. So when he had me sit he slipped right into me. He slowly eased me down, me hurting a little and him moaning in all kinds of pleasure.

When he got me all the way on his cock he began to slide me back up. He continued this slowly until I was comfortable enough to do it myself. When I took over I picked up the pace and he started to lick my nipples again and squezzed my little ass.

I felt him tense up and he grabbed me hard and slammed me down on his cock. I felt that hot wet feeling squirt deep inside of me. Saw it running out of me and down his balls. After a few minutes he let me go and I stood and dressed.


After that first time it started to happen more and more. There was nights when I'd wake to him in my bedroom, running his fingers into me. He would climb on me and slide into me. He had it so I wanted him to come into my bed and when he didn't pay attention to me I'd touch him and tease him until he was touching me again.

I liked knowing my mom's husband wanted her little girl. He got so brave as to have me on the couch under a blanket with my mom in the next room cooking supper. She'd be in there cooking away while he watched her, his cock deep inside of me.

It was something I came to enjoy. Until one night it was put to an end. My mom got a phone call one night that he was at the bar and to drunk to get home. We went to pick him up and I rode in the backseat behind my mom. He was so drunk he kept putting his hand in the backseat and unzipping my pants.

My mom finally realized what was going on and the fight was on. She took me into the house and asked if he had ever tried to touch me before, I answered with a no. She went and talked to him and he told her the whole story. She came back to me and asked me, told me not to be scared or ashamed.

I told her the truth and she left her husband and it was just us again. But that man taught me my first lesson about sex, right or wrong it happened.