Angelina Jolie Original Sin Sex Scene

Angelina Jolie Original Sin Sex Scene
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Family Conspiracy- Chapter 2: Marci's Story It was a week later, and I tried to calmly pour myself a drink, but my hand was shaking so badly most of the brandy splashed out of the glass.

A week ago, for the first time in my life, I had visited a glory hole. I was sucked off, then fucked through a wall, until I came in the girl's pussy. The store owner then gave me a chance to see who was on the other side of the wall, only to find out it was my own daughter Marci.


At first, I was wracked with guilt, enough guilt that would usually cripple me. Even though we hadn't known about it, it was incest. I couldn't even bare to look at Marci when she got home that night, or even for a week afterwards. It took time for my mind to settle. At first I was angry with myself.

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With time however, I became angry at her. I spent the better part of the week formulating my plan. If my daughter wanted to be a whore, I was going to make her one. I grew even angrier as I imagined all the people that she had been with, from my coworker who told me about the store, and even that black man who was at the store right before I was.

And all the anonymous guys I didn't even know about. Each time, I imagined my daughter sucking them off, just like she had done to me, and actually fucking some of them.

It was a Friday night. Not only was Brittany, my wife, working late, she was going out of town for the weekend to a business seminar. Cody, my son, was spending a few nights at a friend's house. That was going to leave Marci and me alone all weekend.

Plenty of time to teach her the new rules of what her new life was going to be: A slut's life. Marci got home from 'soccer practice' right at 7:30. She was wearing a grey shirt with red trim, adorned with a knight on it, her high school mascot, along with a pair of matching shorts. Her skin glistened slightly, as if she had been working out. She had pulled her long blonde hair into a ponytail.

As she came through the door into the living room, I got a very good look at her 5'3" petite frame. She was always fit, just like her mother, weighing no more than 90 pounds, 100 max.

Though her chest was starting to fill out at 30B's, she probably wasn't going to get anything bigger than C's, just like her mom. "Oh, hi Daddy", she said cheerfully, and came into the living room. She set down her duffle bag, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I cringed slightly as she did this, knowing what she did with her mouth. "Sit down", I said as calmly as I could muster, and with a serious tone, one that only a father could when a child was in trouble.

All cheeriness had vanished from her face, and she sunk down in the nearest chair. She knew she was in trouble, but she had no idea why. At least, not yet. I took a sip of the brandy, and set the glass down. I took a deep breath, before starting, "Do you know what is on the corner of Hacket and LaVas Street?" I watched her blue eyes widen in fear, and all color drained from her slender face.

Now she knew why she was in trouble.

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"You are now going to tell me, in exact details what you've been doing when you say you're at soccer practice". I waited, and she seemed to physically shrink beneath my gaze. "Please daddy, no", she whispered so softly, I could barely hear her. "You lost your right to say 'no' to me ever again girl, is that clear?", I said forcefully, my voice raised. "You will do what I say, without question, and without hesitation. You so much as give me a dirty look when I tell you to do something, and you'll be living on the streets", I warned.

"How long do you think a little girl like you is going to live on the mean streets?" I let the threat sink in. "Now, start by telling me how you got hired at the store?" <Marci's Story> I had just turned sixteen. And for my birthday, a couple of friends who were seniors got me a fake ID.

It wasn't really a fake one, it was real, but it just wasn't my name or picture.

However, the girl did look a lot like me. I didn't really want it, but I figure with it I could get into the clubs with them when they go out partying. So I kept it, and put it in my purse. The next Saturday night, we went out clubbing. I got dressed at my friend Kimberly's house, borrowing one of her outfits. She told me the trick to pretending to be eighteen was to look the part. So I got dressed in black stockings, a black leather mini, and a very loose shirt, one that showed off my cleavage.

It was basically open in the front, with two strips of fabric loosely covering my breasts. She told me that no one wears a bra with a shirt like that, but because I was so perky, I wouldn't need one, so I went without.

I also decided to be a little dangerous, and go without panties. She did my hair, as I did my make-up, and then I slipped on a pair of her black heels. I looked at myself in the mirror, and was amazed at the sight of the sultry woman looking back at me. I was scared out of my mind as the bouncer looked over my ID, then looked over me, and back to my ID. I was sure he was going to tell me to get lost, but there was a voice over his radio, and he let me in. The club was noisy, and I couldn't even think straight.

The lights were flashing, and many people had glowing armbands, headbands, and glowing lights.


I found my friends at a table near the DJ, who had already ordered drinks. They slid me one, and told me to drink up. I instantly felt a warm sensation cascading over me, having tasted my first alcoholic drink. I found out later they had also slipped me 'X'. Between the alcohol, ecstasy, the flashing lights, and the loud music, I was starting to get a headache. I quickly made my way to the restroom.

The noise in the bathroom was muted, but was painfully loud every time someone opened the door. I looked down the row of stalls, and saw that only the last one was opened, so I headed there. However, as I got to the door, I found that it was not empty. There was another girl there, and her head was bobbing up and down on a cock coming out of the wall.

I apologized, and headed back, but she grabbed my arm, "Com'on sweetie, I'm sure this guy wouldn't mind the extra attention. Wanna team-up on him?", she asked in a sexy southern accent. "Um, no, that's alright", I stammered. I have never seen a cock before, and she was asking if I wanted to suck on a stranger's through a wall.

Despite my objections, she didn't let go of my arm, and instead pulled me into the stall, spinning me around, and sat me on her lap. I have no idea at the time why I didn't run away, but I found the whole scene exhilarating.

She guided my hand to the cock poking through the wall, and she held my grip tightly on it.

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It felt incredible. It was softer than I imagined. When you hear talk about a guy getting hard, it conjures up images of steel and stone. But his cock had a fleshy bounce to it. In fact, I could feel his pulse through it. It felt warm and wet, but I realized that was because the other girl had just had it in her mouth. With her hand still gripped on mine, she applied pressure, and pulled my hand from the base to the tip. It was a lose grip, but kept pressure on the bottom, while letting my hand glide over the skin.

"And now back down, sugar", she whispered to me. "Keep the same pressure, and start jacking him off". She watched me for a few moments, guiding my hand up and down the shaft. I was eager to get her approval, so I was trying hard to do this right. She let go of my hand, and watched me stroke the man's cock a few more times, before leaning over, and putting it back in her mouth.

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Her head kept pace, bobbing back and forth as my hand slid up and down the length, each pass lubricating my motions with her saliva. We had been doing this for about a minute, when I felt his cock stiffen, and become more ridged. She pulled her mouth away, "Quickly, your turn", she said, as she forcefully grabbed the back of my head, and pushed the cock into my mouth.

I had no choice but to open my mouth wide as I could as it was forced to the back of my throat. I gagged, and tried to pull away, but her hand on my head kept me in place. I felt the cock in my mouth twitch once, and then explode into my throat. The first jet of cum hit the back of my throat with a force I didn't think possible, and it coated my tonsils with the white goo. And if that had been all, I could have dealt with it. But there was another jet, and another, and another, seemingly unending.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying to let the cum drip out of my mouth, but the girth of the cock was tightly encased by my lips. I gagged at both the intrusion of his cock, and the load of cum he just pumped into me. The girl holding my head let go, and I pulled free of the cock. I coughed, sending a large deposit of cum running down my chest.

"Don't worry about that", she said, smiling at me, "I'll get you cleaned up". She pushed me up back on my feet, and turned me around to face her. I felt her holding one hand on my hip, as her other hand guided my hand back to the cock in the wall, "Just keep stroking it until he leaves". I saw the lust in her eyes as she opened my shirt, exposing my breasts to her. She leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and licked up a large glob of the cum that had poured out of my mouth. She pulled her head away, her mouth wide open to show me the cum that had just been in my mouth.

She easily swallowed that, and put her head back to my chest, and licked directly in my cleavage. She swallowed again, and came back to my breasts, this time, taking a nipple into her powerful mouth.

I felt the exhilaration of this girl sucking on my sensitive nipple. With her mouth encircled on my tit, I felt her tongue playing over the areola, and flicking the nipple. Her other hand let go of my hip, and glided up my cum-covered stomach, to pinch and play with my other nipple. While I had played with my own nipples before, and have been masturbating for a few years, nothing compared the sensation of this girl simply sucking on my tits.

Her hand roved all over my chest, smearing the man's cum everywhere. And I felt a stirring in my pussy, urging, begging me to play with myself until I came. Then something unexpected happened. The cock I had been stroking had started to tense up. I continued stroking it, just like I was told to. The girl's face, while suckling at my tit, was right at the perfect height for another load of cum. She quickly closed her eyes as the cock shot again and again, splattering her hair, and her face with the same sticky cum that coated my chest.

Almost as soon as he had shot-off that load, he pulled his cock back to his side of the wall. The girl stopped suckling my tit long enough to scoop up a load of cum off her cheek. She examined it for a moment, then held it up to my lips, offering it to me.

"Go on, hon, have another taste, but swallow it this time". She pushed her cum-covered finger into my mouth, and I instinctively began to suck her fingers, getting my first real taste of cum. It was salty, and a little bitter, and had a gooey consistency.

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I used my tongue to rolled it around in my mouth, and around her fingers. My instinct again was to cough it up, and spit it out.

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I don't know why, but I really wanted to do what this girl told me, so I swallowed with her fingers still in my mouth. "Good girl", she cooed pulling her fingers past my red lips. She eyed me, and I merely stood there under her examination.

My chest was heaving, glistening with a load of cum she smeared across my chest, and with her saliva on my tits. "How would you like a job making a lot of money?" Hope you are enjoying the series so far.

I am finalizing the next few chapters, and hope to have them on the site in a day or two. And I always appreciate your comments.