Amazing blonde chick gains money for sex in the taxicab

Amazing blonde chick gains money for sex in the taxicab
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"What the fuck is this?" A screeching voice came from the door. At the foot of the bed stood a woman around her mid-forties. The look on her face was that of shock and disbelief. What was Fred Mullings supposed to do at this point? The room was quiet. The chattering of the children outside in the neighboring garden were all that reverberated in the room. He said nothing, hoping the shock would simply scare her from the appalling scene. But it was not the case.

His wife was not scared, distraught, or confused. The look on her face reflected a primal instinct, one that could not be misunderstood by her husband. Anger. "Margret." Fred was not well composed. What would one expect? This was the most compromising of situations. All he could spill from his tongue was her name. All over his body, his muscles felt numb. The blanket fell from his hands, revealing his flaccid penis, hard and long just moments ago.

Fred was reaching his fifties, and he was beginning to have quite a bit belly fat. He was not the handsome man he was once. "Well, what is going on, Fred?" Her anger had subsided for the time being and her tone became passive. However, bottled in her fist, Fred could see she was out for blood.

He would do his best not to trigger her, though that would only be delaying the inevitable. He could have ran, and possibly made it to the car right then.

She was in her tight business outfit. The skirt ran just short of her knees and her high heels would surely slow her pace. But, what then?

He would be driving stark naked in his car with nowhere to go. "Mrs. Mullings," the girl behind Fred finally spoke. She held softly onto the back of her lover. Her nakedness revealed a tight, petite body, sweaty from the activities she had been involved in prior to Margret's intrusion. "I'm so sorry." "Shut your mouth, you little bitch!" Margret snapped at Cherry. "I was talking to husband! Now speak!" Tears began welding up in Cherry's eyes.

She was taken back by the abrupt scolding. Retreating back, Cherry whimpered, terrified of the woman who showed dominance over Fred. She wasn't going to open her mouth again. "I don't know what to say, honey," He spoke in a almost jokingly manner.

"It just happened." There was a long pause. "She showed up at the door looking for you.


You weren't home, so I let in her. I wasn't going to leave her outside. After she came in, I got her a Pepsi and I went back to watching television. But then she accidently spilled it all over herself somehow. I had to help her watch up, and I guess you know what happens from there." "Where did you fuck that slut?" "What?" The question caught him off guard. Was she serious? Was he supposed to answer or would it simply aggravate her further?

"I said, where did you fuck that fucking little fucking whore?!" His wife was losing her patience. "Did you fuck her in our bed?" "Obviously," He gestured at the surrounding. His clothes lay on the floor along with some of the young girl's school uniform. She still had on her tie and socks as Fred loved the look. "How many times?" "Today?" "You fucking fucked her on more than one occasion?" He just blew his cover story.

In reality, he had been pile driving petite Cherry since three months ago when he first saw her at his wife's catholic girl's school. Ironically, he had come to surprise his wife with a birthday gift of roses and tulips, however instead he ran into Cherry. The sight of her immediately sent his blood rushing, and Cherry could see his cheeks turning red. She was wearing her traditional school girl uniform with knee high socks, tie, white blouse, patterned skirt, shoes, and other typical catholic school girl attire.

She was flattered, and also a bit curious as to why an older gentlemen was roaming the halls while class was in session. She was to be in class herself, but lacked the motivation to continue on attending class as she was thorough convinced that all her teachers hated her guts.


"Hey, what's up with the flowers?" It was an awkward moment. He didn't know what to say exactly since it was a private matter, but it seemed rude not to speak honestly.

"It's for my wife. You might know her. She's Mrs. Mullings." A smile appeared on the girls face. She had blue eyes, and brunette hair cut to around her shoulders. She had unusually round checks and a bit of a tan, probably artificial, but Fred was more than appreciative of her overall appearance. She looked very exotic, almost foreign. "Oh, wow. Your Mrs. Mullings' husband." It was an idea she had had for sometime and the opportunity had finally risen. Ever so slightly, she pinched the hem of her skirt and began lifting it.

Ascending above her waistline, with her panties moved snugly to the side, her shaved pussy came into view of Fred's eyes. His eyes grew wide and his mouth opened however he did not speak a sound. It was bare, and comfortably between her legs. She gave a slight bow dropped her skirt back down, but Fred face was still frozen in place. "Show's over. Give Mrs. Mullings my regards," Cherry teased. Her tongue stuck out at him, taunting him with a cute, yet malicious expression.

Cherry turned away from Fred, as a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment washed through her. She felt as if she had dealt a blow to her bitch of a teacher, Mrs. Mullings. But, it was short lived. Mr. Mullings grabbed her by the back of her neck and drove her into the wall. With her face pressed to the wall, she was helpless. "You fucking little tease," he whispered in her ear. A look for fear and confusion appeared on her pretty face. A shiver ran through her petite 115 pound body when she felt the cold touch of his hands on her inner thigh.

Slowly it snaked up her tender leg, soon to strike at her vulnerability. Cherry stood on her toes, trying her best to avoid the two cold fingers now at her pussy lips. He was now teasing her as she had so joyfully done so seconds ago.

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This was not what she was expecting. His finger dragged between her pussy lips, then he gave then a pinch, making her shutter in pain. "You want this don't you?" he whispered. His thumb hooked, and pressed hard into her sphincter until finally it entered her anus.

It was a rude intrusion, one she had never experienced. She unintentionally clenched her butt cheeks, squeezing his thumb tightly between he buns.

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She could feel the long nail of his thumb in her anus, and it pained her, however that made her clench even harder, until he pulled out, to her relief. However, now he inserted his two fingers into her pussy. He was going at a steady pace, reaching deep into her pussy. Each time he would push harder as if his fingers were just millimeters away from her cervix.

Each time she would make a open her mouth as if to cry. He would just look at her expression and and the look on his face made her wonder if was some sort of sadist, taking pleasure in her pain. "Come, bitch." He was growing anxious and he began taking a more serious tone.

He wasn't gently caressing her insides anymore, but rather clawing and prodding. His fingers were like animals trying to eat their way up her snatch. It was finger fucking at it's brutalist. He finger fucked her at an unimaginable pace, her whole body was shaking. She was doing her best not to make too much noise, but an occasional whimper of ecstasy escaped her lips and it became increasing difficult as she was approached her climax.

As Cherry came, her fluids emptied onto the tiled floor and she opened her mouth to give an orgasmic cry, however it was interrupted by Mr. Mullings' tongue.

He kissed her until her orgasm subsided, and the fear and regret began to settle in. Cherry legs gave out, and she fell to her knees bursting into tears, but Mr. Mullings wasn't done with her. He stuffed into his back pocket her panties, drenched in her pussy juice and pulled her by her arm. He dragged her through the empty hallways lined with lockers. The bulge in his pants was visible to Cherry, and it was clear to her that Fred wanted to go a step further. "Why did I have to such a tease?" Cherry asked herself, but it was too late.

Now he wanted to fuck her for real. Where was he going to take her?

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Was he going to rape her behind the school? Or worse? They took a sharp turn into the girl's bathroom. "What are you going to do to me, Mr. Mullings?" Cherry asked, though already knowing the answer. He said nothing, however the sound of his zipper unzipping and the sight of his cock said all that needed to be said. Grabbing her head with his two hands, he gripped firmly onto the sides of her head. Almost comically, he forced her mouth down to cock level, and thrust into her face.

His cock only succeeded in pounding and smearing precum all over poor Cherry's face. He did care much that she wouldn't open her mouth. He much enjoyed the sight if his cock slapping her and poking her pretty face. The softness of her cheeks and lips on the head of his erect cock almost unleashed a torrent of cum in Cherry face right then and there, but Fred held back and took a little time to relax his member.

After a few seconds, he resumed his torment of the little girl. The hits and cum were unrelenting and she could barely breath. Precum was threatening entering her nostrils on every breath. Opening her mouth for a split second to take in some air, only to take in seven inches cock. It came at a shock, and it hit her like nothing else. She was coughing and chocking, but Mr. Mullings' vice grip on her skull prevented her from dislodging the cock in her throat.

"Look at me, sweety." Fred told her. He stared down at her. The cute school girl looked up at him with her big, bright blue eyes, watering with tears. His whole cock was disappear into that pretty mouth, between those pretty lips. The scene was enough to cause any man to blow his load, and that was just what Fred did. He pushed his cock as far as it could go into the adolescent girl's mouth.

Balls deep, he held it steady as wave after wave of cum practically filled her stomach.

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Unbeknownst to Fred, Cherry had fallen unconscious with his dick still in her mouth. He released her, letting her body fall limp on the bathroom floor. A pool of cum formed on the tiled floor around her mouth. Luckily for him, she wasn't seriously injured, but the incident left Cherry fearing for her life. From that day on, Mr.

Mullings demanded services from her whenever he needed, otherwise he would come looking for her himself. It would only take a few months before things got out of hand. "You lied to me!" He had lost control of the situation.

She was going berserk, lunging at him with her claws aimed at his throat. "You fucking worthless piece of shit!" She screamed. He grabbed her by the wrists, halting her attack, however obscenities kept flowing from her mouth. "You like fucking little girls?" She screamed. "You perverted son of a bitch." "You haven't heard everything, Margret!" Fred defended. "Does your cock fill them up?! Do you cum in her ass too?!" Images of her husband plowing her student were reeling through her head.

"Why, Fred?!" "Because I find her attractive, okay?" "Fine! Then fuck her! Go ahead!" Margret tuned to leave.

"Just know we're over!" Fred was somewhat relieved, however he knew the implications of what just happened. He would be getting a divorce, and she would be getting a large sum of his money.

Even worse, he would probably be heading to jail for sex with a minor. However, for the next few minutes, he didn't want to contemplate the future. Mounting Cherry from behind, he slowing began resuming his act of copulation with the teen.

Doggy fucking her from behind, he grabbed her by her hair for leverage as he plowed her pussy.


This was going to be the last time he would be getting tight, teen pussy, so he would need to make the most of it. Outside, Margret waited. What Fred didn't know was that she and Cherry were going to split the money from the divorce. Margret had knowledge of the affair early on, discovering the panties he had well hidden in the bathroom, taped on the underside of the sink.

She wanted to see the look on his face the moment she spilled the beans. From the front porch, she could hear the little teens moans and yells. "He must really be angry by the sound of her voice," Margret thought. Meanwhile, back inside, Cherry eagerly waited for their love making to be over. At the rate at which he was fucking, her pussy would be have raw in an hour. "Lay on your back here, sweetie." She laid on her back with her head slightly over the edge of the bed.

She wanted to make him cum as soon as possible, therefore she complied with all of his requests without hestiation. She opened her mouth and prepared for his cock, however, he was rougher than usual. Thrusting his member into her throat, he could feel her struggling arms pushing at his thighs. He increased his tempo, fucking her face as if a tight pussy. He loved watching her petite body, long legs kicking into the air, chest beating up and down. He was not in his usual state of mind.

Knowing he would go to jail, Fred let loose his inhibitions. Fred eased his grip and withdrew his cock. Her saliva, mixed with his precum, dripped on her face. "Fred, stop, it's too." He grabbed her neck, pressing his thumbs into her, disregarding her well being.

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His cock shot deeply into her mouth and he pressed into her neck harder, massaging the meat shaft inside her throat. Cherry, frightened, screamed as hard as she could, however it came out only as a soft moan, reverberating through his cock. As if trying to quiet further screams from the girl, Fred chocked her with all his strength. Crack. Fred thrust one last time, and unleashed his torrent of cum.

He held his cock balls deep in her face until the last drop. He then realized, she wasn't breathing. Her eyes laid open, staring at him. Her mouth oozed with cum, washing down her face.

She was dead. He was going to jail for sure now. After an hour had elapsed, Margret, tired to waiting went back inside. Immediately, she noticed Fred, naked, at the top of the stairs.

He looked at her and smiled. "Where's Cherry?" Margret asked. He approached her. In his hands, were Cherry's tie and socks. "Would you put these on, sweetie?" Fred asked.