Gay really young teen porn Jeremiah Shane amp_ Zack Undie Thief Gets

Gay really young teen porn Jeremiah  Shane amp_ Zack Undie Thief Gets
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Lola sat at her kitchen table eating supper and feeling horny. She reached down and moved her skirt out of the way, slipped her hand inside the waistband of her panties and slid two fingers between her swollen pussy lips.

She was having a hard time eating her food as she rapidly rubbed her ever hardening clit. She dropped her fork, pushed the chair away from the table and spread her legs wide, giving herself better access to her hot cunt.

The hand that she had been eating with went to her right breast.


She squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple as her other hand worked faster and faster on her slit. Finally she brought herself to an explosive orgasm. Lola shoved her fingers deep in her fuck hole and her sex fluids poured out all over her hand.

Scooping up as much as she could, Lola brought her hand to her mouth and sucked her girl cum from her digits. "Fuck, that was good but I need more" she thought to herself.

Her thoughts went to Frank, her part time boyfriend with benefits but she decided that she was in the mood for something dirtier than just a good night fucking Frank. "The glory hole, that's it. I'm going to go to the park and see if anyone comes in to use the glory hole." Lola was an attractive thirty year old white woman who had been married and divorced twice.

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Now her plan was to stay single and fuck anyone that she was in the mood to fuck. Doing that was the reason she was divorced twice. She was 5'5" and weighed 132 pounds. She sported nice firm 34-C tits and had a mouth that could swallow any cock that she had ever tried to deepthroat.


She knew that it did not matter what she wore that night because nobody would see her. They would just feel her mouth tightly around their cocks as she sucked and stroked them till she got their load of cum in her mouth and swallowed it. As she thought about it, her cunt tingled and started to drip. She reached down and rubbed it some more.

Lola wanted to be able to pleasure her own body while she pleasured the man meat that poked thru the glory hole so she dressed in a short skirt, a loose blouse and no panties or bra. No make-up was needed or put on. At eight o'clock, Lola drove to Mission Bay Park where she knew there was a rest room set that had a glory hole. She knew because over the years she had been there many times and gotten some very nice cocks to suck.

It was already dark as it was late fall. In San Diego it was hard to tell because the temperature was still seventy. She parked and looked at what was going on in the park. All the families had gone home and it was quiet. Lola sat on the toilet closest to the hole and gently rubbed between her legs as she waited for the action to start.

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After about ten minutes she heard someone enter the men's side. She slipped down next to the hole and tried to look in. She could see that there was a man in there but could not see all of him including his face. "Hello over there" she said in a soft sexy voice.

"If you would like your cock sucked, bring it over to the hole." Only seconds later the head of a cock poked thru the hole. Lola gave it a kiss on the tip and the male part jumped. The hole was big enough that she could reach thru it. She gently pulled on the member till all of it and the balls were on her side of the hole. The cock was a little over six inches, average thickness and rock hard. It pointed at an angle almost half aiming at the ceiling and the head was almost purple from all the blood in it.

Lola licked up and down the firm shaft and smiled as it twitched from her attention. Next she slipped her lips over it and heard a moan come from the other side.

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She was just getting started. It had only been a little more than a minute when the cock spit out its torrent of seed. There was not a large amount but it blasted out with a lot of force.

As used as Lola was at getting her mouth filled with cum, the quickness and force almost made her choke on it. She managed to swallow quickly and not lose a drop. Lola started to suck on it some more but it was pulled away. She heard a zipper and then the door as the man she had just sucked off left the men's room.

It was only seconds later when she heard the door open again. The man came straight to the glory hole and shoved his pecker thru.

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He obviously knew what was happening. This was a real man's cock. It had to be eight inches and too thick for her to get her hand all the way around it.

It was firm but not as hard as the first one.


He flexed his hips making his cock wobble around like a fisherman twitching a bait, trying to get a large mouth bass to bite. Lola took the bait.

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First she reached out and stroked it. "Suck my cock, slut", came a sharp demand from the other side. Lola slid her lips around the head, sucked hard and stroked the shaft. After a minute the voice said, "Take more of it. Suck my cock deep." Lola started sliding her mouth up and down the shaft. Each push went a little deeper. Finally the cock head reached the opening to the top of her throat and with a firm push she had the whole eight inches in her mouth.

She heard the man, "Oh fuck yes. That's it. Deepthroat my fucking cock. That feels as good as any cunt I have ever fucked." Lola kept her hands off.


One was busy rubbing her wet pussy and the other rested against the wall to steady her as she throat fucked the large phallus that was stretching her throat. Minutes past. He kept encouraging her to do his prick good and she was doing an expert job on it.

He had stamina. It took her over five minutes of expert cock sucking to get him off. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming. Swallow that load, Slut. Suck it and don't stop till it's empty." Lola gladly did what he demanded. She loved cum. He came when he was fully in her throat so she never tasted it but she could feel that he was pouring a large load into her gut.

Lola kept sucking for another minute and when she finally let the shaft out of her mouth, it hung limply and then disappeared thru the hole. As he left, she heard him say, "Stay right there. There's one more cock coming for you." This time the door never even shut between the time that that man left and the next one entered.

Again it was only seconds before a new cock was jammed thru the glory hole. This one was black. Lola had never done a black guy but she did not hesitate. She was hot and horny. She could feel her juices running down her legs. Lola almost laughed when she realized that even though this guy was black, he was the smallest of the three and he was not circumcised. She had to pull the skin back onto his shaft to expose his cockhead.

"I guess that all black guys are not huge", she thought to herself with a smile.

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Again she administered an expert blowjob and in about three minutes she had her first load of cum from a black man. It wasn't any different than any other guy. Guys had different tasting cum. Some was almost sweet and some was bitter.

Some were thick and some almost watery. But all cum was slippery and salty. Lola knew because she had had her mouth filled with the spunk from many men. She loved cum. Finally the third guy was gone. She waited a few minutes to make sure that they had left. While she waited, she finished herself off with a hard orgasm of her own. Finally she straightened herself and started for her car to return home.

It had been a good night at the glory hole. Lola was satisfied. As she exited the rest room, she saw three boys standing by a tree. Two were white and one was black. None of them looked over sixteen. Lola turned and started to her car but the three stepped up beside her. One of them reached under her blouse and gave her tit a tight squeeze, pinching her hard nipple.

"You gave us great blowjobs but we are not ready for the night to end yet. We're going to take you to our clubhouse and give you some good fucking. You've got two holes we haven't used yet." Lola thought about running but she felt her cunt tingle and she thought the boys were cute.

She knew they had nice cocks. She looked at them, "Lead the way, Boys but remember that you have to eat it before you can fuck it.

One of you ride with me. I want some fingers deep in my cunt while we are driving." 4/14