Anal gape with tunnel and plug

Anal gape with tunnel and plug
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We were both so incredibly tired. Weeks like THAT, where you're busy with engagements, catch ups, work, adverse weather conditions, faulty cars, appointments and the rest don't come along too often, so it was nice to finally be done with an exceptionally busy one and then crawl into bed at a reasonable hour to recharge the batteries. As I lay there, listening to him trying to slow down his breathing (an old insomniac's trick of the trade), staring at the back of my eyelids, I thought about a few things over and over, "How are we going to afford the purchase this new apartment and get his car completely fixed, go on holidays, pay the bills, buy the new laptop and help his mother out, without having to live on brown rice and tea?

At least the car repair will be discounted how wonderful that he struck an enthusiast of European cars when he got his car battery replaced the other day.

Bali isn't going to be expensive, the accommodation is a steal and we're using the frequent flyer points for the airfares, so all we have to do." I drifted off at last, all of the leftover thoughts of my day were probably still circling around in my head, I was just becoming more and more oblivious to them as my level of sleep slowly deepened and my body went into recovery.

It wasn't like my body was in desperate need. Ted always told me that my recovery time and immune system were amazing. When you have to keep fit because your job commands it, the benefits to your overall health are fantastic.

He was fit as well, I just figured he was either a sook and loved the attention I gave him when he was sick, or that he just came from an unfortunate gene pool as far as susceptibility to illness goes poor thing was coming down with a colds a lot last winter, and hay fever is often an issue as well. It had been particularly muggy tonight. The rain still hadn't stopped; the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I had shut all the windows and had the air conditioner on since late in the afternoon so for once I lay there in bed, wrapped up in the doona, comfortable, cool yet warm and anticipating a solid sleep. The light from the lamp post outside flickered through the leaves on the trees and spilled through a tiny gap in our blinds, leaving our room dark enough to sleep, but with enough light for Ted's trips to the bathroom during the wee hours.


The intercom rang. I sat bolt upright, the sound jolting me out of my sleep like I had been in a car crash.

Ted turned over and furrowed his brow at me, "What time is it?" he asked. I checked my iPhone and 10:10pm lit up my home screen, which was a picture of Ted and I at a beautiful, old castle, built up on a hill in the middle of a village in Bamberg, Germany.

My long auburn hair caught the sun's rays in that photo and Teddy's arm around my little waist made this shot one of my favourites from our recent trip. Ted walked down the bedroom hallway, in his most recent club soccer shirt and the boxer shorts I had bought him a couple of months into the relationship when I had realised that most pieces of his wardrobe, including his underwear, were all at least five years old and showing obvious signs of wear.

He walked into the hallway of our apartment and picked up the intercom phone. After a moment, I heard him say, "Ok" slowly, in a puzzled tone and then I heard the click of the intercom phone being returned to its cradle. Footsteps followed, Ted's feet on the tiles, back down the full length of the hallway to the front door of our apartment. "Who IS it?" I called out. "Steven the bloody RACQ guy, he's got that diagram for my BMW blue tooth location and he's dropping it off.

sounds like he's been up the road at the pub." I didn't have to say anything, Ted probably heard me raise my eyebrows from the front door. The front door opened with a click, into the open atrium area of our ground floor neighbours and the elevator that went up to the fourth floor. The echo in that space was always incredible, any sound appeared to reverberate more than normal and hang around for ages. When I dropped my keys down the elevator shaft a few months ago, the sound of them hitting the basement level floor seemed to ring in my ears for the entire hour while I waited for the locksmith.

What struck me as strange was that it sounded like many footsteps in the open, echoic area, all resonating around the grey, slate tiles and fourth floor atrium ceiling, into our hallway and down to me, into our bedroom. I lay under the covers, naked, head flat against the pillow to utilise the binaural effect of my hearing and listened to what this Steve guy from RACQ had to say, at ten pm at night, at a random customer's house, after you've soused yourself with gin or whatever his pathetic poison was to help ease the pain of his mediocre existence as a 'car call out guy'.

By the sound of it, he did in fact have some paperwork for Ted that explained something about his car phone system that he was unable to locate three days ago, when he replaced the 330i's battery. It didn't sound like he was just dropping it off, he was coming in to lay it out on the table and make sure he used the correct code so as not to lock the entire system and result in an expensive trip to BMW to reverse the error.

Apparently, his mate was also coming in to help explain the mystery of the unusable car phone system; I heard a second voice and the name 'Carl' and a lot of activity in our two bed room, two bathroom apartment. I don't know why, but my heart started pounding in my chest and I suddenly froze up. It could have been women's intuition but it also could have been my connection to Ted when you find your soul mate and you know with absolute conviction, without a shadow of doubt that you have found "the one" to spend forever with, it's almost like you can tap into them sometimes, get into their headspace and get a blurry but quick idea of what they might be thinking, feeling or about to say.

I was a shocker for finishing Ted's sentences, but he was always polite and tolerated my annoying quirks, even though I was also a shocker for guessing incorrectly. There was a scuffle in the kitchen/dining room area, one of the chairs squealed across the tiled floor and with all the windows shut, the sound pierced my ears as it carried throughout our small apartment.

I listened as the footsteps and scuffling became louder. and then stopped. I sat up. I waited. nothing. What the fuck was going on in my kitchen with Ted, the RACQ guy and his mate at the hour of ten on a Sunday night?

I didn't want to call out, I felt I would be vulnerable if I did but waiting to hear Ted's voice in the silence was starting to feel like it was ageing me. The chair again, that sound of the legs being pulled across the floor, more movement, heavy movement, they were bumping the big, antique table and moving it slightly across the kitchen tiles as well. My inner voice screamed out to me, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" A minute would have passed and no one had said a word.

I was beading sweat on my forehead and the palms of my hands. I was shaking slightly, that sickening feeling was washing over me and I could feel the colour draining from my face as I continued to wait in silence while three men were in my kitchen. I actually considered hiding under the bed. I scolded myself, reconsidered and then remembered putting our suitcases under there after getting back from Europe, stuffing all my winter gear inside to save space in the wardrobe. I started to panic.

My heart was beating so hard, I swear they could hear me from out there.

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Footsteps and a very heavy chair were coming down the hallway. Should I call out to Ted? No. Shut up and don't move a muscle, I thought, there has to be a logical explanation for this. The hallway light switch was flicked off and the soft yellow glow that was coming down the bedroom hallway vanished. The sound got closer, the chair was being dragged and the footsteps were somewhat awkward.

Maybe the RACQ guy and his friend were stumbling out of here drunk, taking one of my beautiful, antique, redwood carvers chairs with them? I could hear them. Their clothes, the fabric of their shirts rubbing on the walls as they edged closer, their pants legs rubbing together as they walked, their shoes on the carpet and occasionally hitting the skirting board along the hallway. They were all coming into the bedroom. I sat there, back against the bed head, white doona cover over my breasts, hands wrapped tightly around the doona with what I can only assume was a look of pure shock on my face.

I waited. Two tall figures appeared at the end of hallway, the dim light that came in from the lamp post outside allowed me to see that they were strong looking men and they were dragging Ted, slumped over the dining room table carvers chair in his bright, yellow, club soccer shirt, wrists tied to the arms of the chair with fluoro green rope.

He was out cold. I gasped and sat as still as a statue. I can only imagine their eyes had adjusted in the minute it took them to drag him down our bedroom hallway in that chair after flicking off the light.

They both looked over at me, Ted's face on his shoulder and a small portion of light making a little white triangle on his left leg. I could smell Joop, there's no mistaking that fragrance, but I also detected a hint of motor oil. "Hello lovely" said one of the men as he came over to Ted's empty side of the bed. "He's gonna be fine", pointing back at Ted, "Don't you worry, a little chloroform never hurt anyone. He'll come round soon enough, have a slight headache, but I'm sure you've got your little nurses station set up to care for this one, eh?" he said, with a smile in his voice.

I couldn't make out his accent, he sounded like a Pom, but not entirely. His face was lean and he had a distinct, narrow jaw line. Wide dark eyes framed with thick, dark eyebrows and a mop of salt and peppered hair that looked neither clean nor kept. The other man, Carl, was sticking with Ted, standing right next to the chair and leaning his elbow on the top of it, as if this were a casual situation.

He was tall and broad, with a rounder face than the guy who was now sitting on my bed, but I couldn't make him out clearly standing over on the far, darker wall of our bedroom. I don't know why I hadn't screamed yet. Maybe it was because I was crying silently and knew my voice would crack and nothing would come out if I tried.

Hot tears rolled into the corners of my eye sockets and down my cheeks, taking my leftover foundation and some mascara, delivering a dirty little teardrop onto our thousand thread count, white doona cover. "You know, Kristen, I was here the other day helping Ted out with his car battery. Nice ride he's got there isn't it?" he asked me. Was he actually sitting here expecting me to answer questions about the quality of my partner's choice of vehicle?

I nodded my head slowly too fearful of ignoring the man. "He told me ALL about you while I was here, spoke so highly of you, bragging about how gorgeous you are, how fit you are with all your training for work.

even showed me one of your dirty magazine photo shoot pictures. very, very lovely I must say." He was looking me right in the eyes, while sitting there on the side of our bed, his right hand very close to my leg that was covered by the doona.

He was examining me; I could feel it, his eyes piercing into me, even in this darkened room, like he was looking for more than what was on the surface. I sat there, trembling, unsure of how I could get out of bed, past this RACQ employee wack job, past Carl, down the hallway, out the front door and into a safer place successfully. I knew it wasn't going to happen, it would be impossible to get past them; I was cornered in my own bedroom.

trapped. "We're going to leave Teddy to sit there and marinate with that chloroform for a while, we won't move him out of your sight, ok? He can stay there and. uh. Carl and I are going to make sure Teddy has front row seats to the live sex show you're hosting here tonight." The tears kept coming, streaming down my face, my throat caught and I coughed.

A harsh, dry, empty cough that almost turned into a choke. "Teddy's a great guy. Brought me inside after we finished working on the beast and made me a cold drink. Noticed as I walked past your bedroom hallway the other day that you have these", he picked up one of the purple and black Velcro restraints we had attached to the legs of our bed, "so we might put 'em to use on you properly tonight, eh?" The colour of his dark shirt was a stark contrast to the white walls and white sheets in the bedroom as I looked at his reflection in our mirrored wardrobe sliding doors.

His body leaned over Ted's side of the bed and grabbed my wrist, snatching it from me and held it tightly with his strong hand. "Now listen here you little slut, that boy of yours is completely unharmed right now, except for the headache I mentioned earlier, and if you wanna keep him that way, without his guts spilled out all over your pretty carpet, then you're going to stay quiet as a mouse and you're not going to make this difficult for me, ok? Do you understand me you little slut?", he stared straight into me as he said it, looking into my eyes, deep into my pupils that must have looked like dinner plates by now and further into my soul.

He curled the left side of his mouth into a wicked, half smile and nodded, encouraging me to answer him correctly. I nodded back at him, my wrist in his hand, my face wet with tears and my body rigid and frozen, terrified of what was happening to me in my own home.

in my own bed. He moved quickly, all the while Carl, standing next to Ted, balancing that elbow on the top of the chair. His face was clearer now, lighter eyes, some stubble, a chequered shirt and one of those smug smirks that turn your stomach. He watched on, as if he was learning moves that Steven was executing in front of us. Steven wasn't getting a struggle from me, I couldn't move for fright. My right wrist had been pulled out to the corner of the bed and was now bound, my right ankle was now exposed, my leg poking out from under the doona where this arsehole had pulled back the covers and now secured the same tension on my ankle.

The two men laughed as Steven passed Ted, slumped in his chair and his babysitter with the smirk, to pull back the covers on my side of the bed to secure my left ankle with another restraint. The covers were only doing so much now, both legs exposed, my torso and the tops of my thighs were still hidden, my breasts kept warm from how I had positioned the doona when I sat up initially, wondering who was ringing our intercom.

As Steven slid up my side of the bed, the Joop smacked me in the face again and when he tried to grab my left wrist my body finally responded to the messages I had bombarded my nervous system with and I pulled it away from his grasp, closing my fist and holding it close to my chest.

"Now, you little slut look here. I got Carl over there with his big, strong builder's hands. Do you wanna see how many of Ted's teeth he can knock out in one punch?" I cried. The sound that came out of my mouth was like a sob, but it felt like I was taking a breath after being starved of oxygen. I slowly shook my head as he grabbed my wrist, hard, showing little regard for how petite my delicate wrists actually were, spraining it somewhat as he moved it with authority to the corner and fastened me into the last Velcro restraint.

The sound of the Velcro made me sick. Ted and I had played around with them a few times, mainly to tickle each other and play mercy and now the purpose of the restraints seemed much more violent.

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His index finger drew a circle around the palm of my hand, across my wrist, down my forearm, up my bicep, over my shoulder and I could feel his calloused skin as he delved under the doona and squeezed my left breast. My head fell forward, more tears, I sobbed again.

He squeezed again and moaned, like he was pleased with what he had in his possession. He pulled the doona down and exposed my breasts in the darkened bedroom that I shared with my soul mate, who was helpless, knocked out and tied to a chair just a couple of meters away from me.

Carl "ooohed" as my breasts were presented from beneath the doona and rubbed the crotch of his pants, making a swishing noise as he applied the pressure to his groin. Steven grabbed a hold of both of my breasts and said something about the wonders of plastic surgery. He dug his rough fingers into my breasts and felt the implants under my pectoral muscle with such force, I thought he might have ripped them clean off.

I moaned, the pain of his short yet sharp fingernails digging into my skin would surely leave some little crescent moon shaped cuts around the circumference of each breast. I lay there, strung out, spread eagle, exposed, vulnerable and under their control, on my own bed while he fondled my fake breasts for a moment.

He leant forward, biting my left nipple, nibbling on its end, sending shots of pain through my body as his teeth closed together around my flesh. I couldn't struggle. They would hurt Ted. I couldn't move anyway, each limb was restricted and the Velcro was like an industrial strength I remember trying to get out of it one time when Ted thought it would be funny to ignore my mercy pleas as he tickled me with a feather on my rib cage.

I had thrust around violently trying to distract him as I worked on the Velcro, but it wouldn't give, not even a little. Ted had only held out a few seconds that time, I feared I would be calling out mercy tonight again, but that it would be falling on deaf ears. I lay there, like a rag doll as Steven chewed on my nipples, making sure to move his mouth over to my right breast to even the pain out for me. I cried out a little whimper each time he closed his teeth down hard, it seemed to energise him and I hated that, but I couldn't keep silent throughout the ordeal.

He stopped for a moment, looked me in the eyes and said, "So what do we have under here?" and pulled the doona cover off me completely. The small amount of light from outside, cast shadows on the lines of my torso, showing my almost legitimate abs, shaved pussy and thighs. Carl walked over the bed and kneeled on the right side of me, running his hand from my right ankle, up my shin, over my knee and up my thigh.

He squeezed me firmly too.

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They talked to themselves as if I couldn't hear them, admiring the firm body I had, the nice definition of my toned, lean muscles and my smooth, tanned skin. As I stared down at them both, looking over me like I was some sort of buffet, I cried out softly, "Please don't. You don't have to do this, we can work something out." "Ssssshhhhhh" they both said.

"Remember you little slut, if you want to wake up alive tomorrow and you wanna see your boy as you remember him, you're gonna lay there like a good girl and keep your fucking mouth shut. We're gonna use your tight little body to get our cocks tingling with pleasure, so we're going to be inside and around you, using all your holes however we want.

Better get used to that idea right now or you and Ted are gonna be in a world of hurt after we're done with ya." Carl looked at me with his pale blue eyes and his intolerable smirk and held my gaze. He lifted his hand up to his face and placed two fingers inside his mouth slowly, closing his lips around them and then slowly pulling them out. I tensed. My legs were wide open, my shaved pussy was right there next to him but I tensed up all the same, trying to make my body as rigid as possible.

He grinned even wider and moved his pointed fingers down to my opening. He paused, admiring my close shave and ran his pinky finger down my mound softly, feeling the skin and the tiny hairs that were growing back already.

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His elbow came out behind him; pulling his hand back away, then he moved it swiftly to my pussy lips and pressed his wet fingers up against me. His fingernails weren't manicured; they made tiny, little cuts on my skin as he tried to manoeuvre the two wet fingers past my labia and into my pussy hole.

He rubbed his fingers over my lips, up and down, moistening me, preparing me for his intrusion. Steve watched him as he placed his hand back up on my left breast and started to twist my nipple. Carl was looking deep into my open legs, moving his fingers around slowly and firmly, applying pressure, working his digits into that tight, warm hole. He inserted them. He thrust them deep into my pussy and kept the pressure firm. He looked up at me, holding his fingers inside me and pushed further still.

I gasped. He pulled back a little and then thrust them in deep again, fingering my pussy with his dirty, thick fingers, opening me up and preparing me. He rocked them in and out, back and forth as I lay there, helpless to stop him, wanting to look away from them both for the shame they made me feel, but terrified not to know what they were going to do next, and where they were going to touch me. Steven wanted a turn. He didn't lick his fingers, he just shoved three of them into my pussy hole and jabbed away, "ahhhing" as he felt my warm, soft flesh, tightening around part of his hand.

"You feel gooood Kristen, nice tight snatch, we'll get you wet, don't you worry, this won't be all bad!", he laughed as he worked my pussy hole with his left hand, trying to go deeper inside me with every thrust of his arm. He was inside me. He was deeper in my pussy hole than anyone had ever been.

My private place. He was invading it, hurting it, using it for his own sick pleasure and I couldn't stop him. I lay there, gently rocking back and forth with the momentum of his hand going in and out of my pussy. Carl stood up and came to the foot of the bed. "Get out of the way for a sec, I wanna see her properly." He leaned in, between my legs, his hands coming for my pussy again.

Both hands spread apart my labia and he looked at my pink, soft flesh and vaginal opening close up. He got a phone out of his pocket and fumbled with it for a second, then flashed a photo of my exposed hole, close up. He dropped the phone to the floor and spread my lips apart further, pulling at them, opening up my hole completely, stretching me wide. I could see his stupid smirk as he gazed into me and Steven moved around to the foot of the bed as well.


Steven unbuttoned his shirt, the pop studs revealing his hairy chest as he opened the shirt. His fly made that familiar sound as he stood behind Carl who was still pulling me apart to see how wide he could open me up.

The shame that I felt was unbearable. I was being examined, like I was on a doctor's table. He poked and prodded me with more wet fingers, pushing them past my sensitive inner lips and deep inside me. He went with long hard thrusts of his fingers and then changed to quick, short thrusts, his breaths shortening as he went faster and harder.

Steve spoke with authority to Carl, lowering his voice and telling him to 'move the fuck out of the way'. I saw his penis, hanging there half erect in the low light and it was bigger than Ted's.

Much thicker and a lot longer. It looked huge. He was stroking it softly, looking at me with that intent stare again, making it swell under his touch, making it harder.

"Just wait a while ok, let me fuck her for a bit then we can both have a go together like we planned, alright? There's no rush, that cocky piece of shit over there isn't going anywhere, so we've got all night to fill her with cum." Steven climbed on the bed on all fours. I was beading sweat, even with the air conditioning on, my skin was a little clammy. He ran his rough hands along my thighs and up my tummy, over my breasts and rested his cupped hand over my mouth, sealing the air off completely as he pushed his hand up against my nose as well.

I couldn't breathe. "Now listen, I can gag you in about thirty seconds and keep you quiet, but if I have to do that, Teddy's gonna lose some teeth. Can you keep quiet while I fuck your pussy, you little slut? Can you?", he asked me. I blinked slowly, and managed to nod my head, urgently needing him to remove his hand so I could draw a breath. He lifted it from my mouth and then spat on his fingers and grinned at me.

"Ready bitch, to feel a nice thick cock give you the pounding of a lifetime? You ready to be violated?", he whispered. Carl was kneeling at the foot of the bed. He had light from his phone glowing on his face and it became clear he intended to record them raping me. He held the phone out in front of him, facing it at Steven and I.

Steven reached down to his fully erect and seemingly huge cock and pointed it towards my vulnerable pussy, easily placing it against my skin. The warmth of his cock on my skin was going to make me vomit. He grabbed the base of it and circled it firmly around my pussy lips, playing with it, chuckling softly as he pleased himself with my body.

He lifted it up and down, running it along my slit, pressing it against the centre, trying to insert it inside me. I shook my head and my breaths started coming hard and fast. This can't happen, I thought, it's not allowed, I don't want this, they have to stop the words were all together and a jumbled mess inside my mind, it was like my brain was shutting down, I couldn't even think coherently.

His body weight pressed against me and the hairs on his chest rubbed against my breasts and nipples. His arse lifted slightly in the air, I watched helplessly in the mirror beside us as he guided his cock into me and with one smooth, hard thrust, he burst into my pussy hole, stretching it open, invading it and filling it with his throbbing cock. "Ahhhhhh yeah", he moaned as he clenched his arse cheeks and pressed as hard into me as he could.

Carl was nodding his head at the foot of the bed, amused with what was happening while he recorded his friend raping an innocent woman. Steven was thrusting, pushing his cock in and out of me, licking my neck with his tongue, probing my ears with it, getting my long dark hair in his mouth and slobbering all over me.

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He was like a rabid dog. I could feel the bed rocking as he plunged his cock in and out of me, over and over again and his body weight prevented me from squirming underneath him. He groaned, in my ear, in my face, laughing at me as he pleasured himself inside my private parts that he had declared his own. His skin was slapping against mine, his balls, big and heavy were also slapping on my pussy.

Carl came around to the bed and filmed us from the side, picking up a decorative cushion and suggesting he slide it under my arse for Steven to have an easier job at devastating me. Steven pulled out, his cock sliding out of me and onto the sheets of our bed.

They pushed the cushion underneath me, lifting my pussy mound up towards to the ceiling, giving him a deeper angle with which to penetrate me. He climbed back on. He grabbed his cock and pointed the tip of it at me. He spat on it, a big white ball of spit landing on the shaft; he massaged it over the head and lined it up, hands on either side of me and in he went again. I moaned loudly this time, he thrust in hard and fast and pulled at my skin as he started humping me again.

Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab. He moved the hair out of my face with his rough hands and looked at me intently again while he raped me, clenching his teeth when it felt especially good for him. "This is gooood Kristen, you're being a good girl letting me fuck your pussy hole like this while your boyfriend watches. My cock feels good, doesn't it? You're going to get a lot of it. I'm going to use you tonight, Carl too, as our own personal little sex toy. We want your pussy, your mouth.

your arsehole. We're going to make you our little cum dumpster, using you to cum inside again and again, until you bleed if we have to. Oh god I wanna make you bleed, I wanna destroy every orifice you've got with my cock, leave you with a pussy so swollen and saggy, an arsehole so red raw, your throat horribly bruised we're going to fuck you up with our cocks you little slut.

Wait 'till Teddy wakes up and sees what we're doing. Bahahaha, hopefully he doesn't miss the double penetration show, I heard that's his porn of choice." It was clear to me that I was going to be in a world of hurt whether I opened my mouth to scream or not.

It was also clear that Steven and Ted had bonded somewhat over the course of time it took to install a car battery. I remember Ted talking about how nice he was, how much of an enthusiast he was for BMWs and the extra help he'd get him for his phone.

Steven continued to rail me with his cock, getting sweaty as he thrust it into me again and again, grunting, making animal like noises as he pleased himself in me. What an arsehole. What a fucking pig.

I wanted to kill this man as he raped me. I wanted to find strength to break free of the restraints, claw his face off, tear his cock from his groin and smash his face in with a roundhouse kick to the head. "Oh yeah. ohhh yeah. ohhhhh yeaaaah", cried out Steven as his thrusts got more urgent, more intense. I lay underneath him as he reached climax, his mouth pressed hard against my ear as he moaned loudly and pierced my eardrum. He continued to thrust more slowly as the waves of cum spurt from the head of his cock and he rode out his climax inside me, being sure to press into me and deposit his load as deeply as he could.

I turned my head away to the drawn blinds over the window, I couldn't watch him pull out and get up, I felt like I was going to be sick. My pussy felt deflated, it was full of his disgusting cum and I could feel it inside me. As I looked at the window and tried to calm myself down, I felt fingers inside me again. "You're going to lick my cum off my fingers and enjoy it, bitch." Steven told me as he scraped his fingers around inside the canal of my pussy.

His fingers slid out, glistening with cum, a couple of long, thick straps of especially gooey cum lay over his index finger. "Open your mouth Kristen and enjoy this present I'm giving you, ok?

Good girl." He raised his cum soaked fingers to my mouth and pushed them inside, the foul, chlorine like smell of his cum entered my nostrils and then permeated my taste buds.

He pushed his fingers in and around my mouth, wiping his thick semen everywhere he could, taking pleasure in my obvious disgust. "Now", he said as he moved up towards the bed head, "Lick that sprog off my cock and BE GENTLE, clean me up and do a good job you stupid slut, or I'm gonna make sure you choke to death on my next load." Carl had been rubbing himself intently while filming us, his engorged cock was pressing against his pants and showing clearly.

His mouth was hanging open a little as he watched me receive Steven's dick in my mouth. I had to open my mouth so wide; it had to be squeezed inside. He stuffed it into my face without a care and the smell of my pussy and his foul cum were in my mouth.

I couldn't stop crying, but I moved my tongue around, trying to be seen as making an effort to clean this bastard's disgusting dick and avoid punishment. I choked a little, he pressed it down the back of my throat and I thought I might accidentally bite down on it. I kept my teeth away from it as best I could, but as he removed it, my teeth ran along his shaft and caught the head of his cock on the way out. "You think you're fucking clever, do you?

Trying to hurt my cock so I can't continue or something? You think you can hurt me, slut?! DO YOU?" he was yelling three inches from my face. The palm of his right hand connected with my cheek with such force, it felt like my face was going to explode.

SMACK. I shook my head, dazed, trying to remember what he asked me. "You try that shit one more time, Teddy's gonna get it. Choke her with your long dong Carl, make sure she's gagging on it." Steven got up from the bed and my cheek throbbed in agony.

Carl was no longer holding the phone, but dropping his pants and revealing the tent he pitched in his boxer shorts. I looked at the crotch of his pants with a sinking heart.

He had a massive cock under there for sure and he was about to make me choke on it. He pulled off his boxers and revealed a medium thickness, ten inch cock, hard, full of veins, purple head, pre cum glistening at its eye as I saw him move through the triangle of light back past Ted again. It was upright, sticking straight out and he smiled knowingly as he climbed onto the bed.

He straddled me and then clambered up further, bringing his ball sack and long, hard cock within inches of my face. "Open your mouth" he said as he flicked the head of his cock at my bottom lip, trying to part them himself.

Full of reluctance, wanting nothing more than just to die, I parted my lips wide for this maniac and promised Steven where he sat at the left hand side of the bed NOT to use my teeth or hurt Carl at all with a single nod of my head. It stunk. His cock had a faint smell of urine and "old" and as he slipped the head into my mouth and eased the shaft down my throat, I gagged. My nostrils were free, but it felt like I couldn't breathe. I resisted the knee jerk reaction to close my mouth and kept it open, accommodating his long dick while it sat in my mouth and halfway down my throat.

I gagged again. Carl laughed as he thrust into my face a little deeper, loving that I was having difficulty with his prized possession. He kept it there, me gagging on it, for about fifteen seconds, my eyes watering, jaw aching as I stretched it open wide for him. He thrust into my face again, easing his cock all the way down my throat, my head tilted so far back it pained me to keep it there.

He thrust it in quickly twice more then pulled out, his cock covered in my thick saliva and rubbed it with his hands.

He breathed deeply as he stroked it, my spit providing him with the lubrication he needed to stroke it hard and fast. The head of his cut cock was so purple, it looked like it was going to burst.

"Go again eh? See how long she can take it! The slut loves it!" called out Steven from the foot of the bed, standing next to Ted's body, still hanging over the chair where they had tied him. Ted's nose was bleeding a little, I could see the dark spot running down the top of his lip and onto his chin from his left nostril.

My poor baby, I thought, we're both going to lose it when he comes to, he nor I will be able to stand it. My mind started panicking at Ted's reaction to two guys raping the shit out of me, while he sat there tied to a chair, forced to watch and hear every moan and groan of these psychos as they sought pleasure inside me.

Scarred for life, I thought. We'll both be scarred for life. We're never going to get over this. I'm going to have to kill myself, I thought. Carl and the foul odour of his massive dick presented at my lips again.

They were quivering as I lay there crying softly, in shock at the abuse I was receiving. "Open", he said bluntly as he pushed my chin back to tilt my head, opening up my throat for the thrusting I was about to endure. His knees on either side of my chest, his sweaty ball sack up against my chin and jaw, his pubic hairs rubbing on my skin; he held onto the bed head and started thrusting at my face with long, hard drives, making me gag at every one.

My chest heaved, my stomach tightened, my throat closed up as he forced his cock down what felt like my oesophagus.

He rocked back and forth on my face, riding me, jabbing his cock down my throat, grunting as he did, breathing heavy while my warm mouth made his cock feel good. "Yeah that's it, fuck her face man, make her eat it.", Steven said as he watched from the side of the bed, on the floor. Carl continued to shove his huge cock, faster and faster in and out of the depths of my throat, making me gag continuously, heaving, trying to manage it and breathe at the same time.

It was so long, it was going to bruise me; Steven was right. His breath quickened as his thrusts got more violent.

His ball sack was slapping my chin and sweat was running down onto my neck, where you could probably see his cock moving in and out of my throat. Faster still, he pounded my throat with no regard for my wellbeing at all. I looked up at his face through my teary eyes and saw him clenching his teeth as he groaned harder.

He threw his head back and howled like a wolf as his cum splashed down my throat, filling me with it. I choked, held my mouth open and coughed, with his dick stuffing my mouth as it throbbed and spewed his vile seed inside me.

He relaxed and stopped thrusting. "Yeaaaaah boy, good job, feel good?!" asked Steven. "Ohhh fuck yeah, this bitch is a keeper, she takes it so good, can't believe she survived that!" he cheered. His limp dick was pulled from my mouth and what I wasn't forced to swallow, dribbled onto my lips. I could feel it sitting there, clinging to my face. He spotted it and laughed. He placed his smelly finger on my lip, wiped it up and then shoved his finger in my mouth against the inside of my cheek. "Waste not, want not you little cum rag." He and Steven were chuckling like a couple of teenage boys over their triumph.

Steven was still on the left side of the bed and I could hear something clinking and jingling close by. When Carl was on his feet and examining Ted in the chair, Steven held up some little chains for me to see. He swung them back and forth, as if to tempt me with them. Nipple clamps. Oh my god. More tears spilled from my bloodshot eyes. "You'll hate these you little slut, they're super strength, but, pretty soon, you won't feel a thing, it'll all go numb and you'll be able to relax for the grand finale.

You'll need to relax for that one if you want to enjoy yourself I'd prefer it if you didn't, but I guess we'll see soon enough, how much of a slut you really are". He flicked my nipple with his index finger, twice, stinging it, making it completely erect. He squeezed one clamp and it opened, the black rubber around it presenting a space that looked like it would fit my pinky finger. He reached over to my right breast and positioned it, placing the rubber pads on each side of my erect nipple, pausing first and then let it close.

"Arrrrghhhhhh!" I screamed, as the pain shot through my right breast. It clamped down hard, squeezing the shit out of it, pinching it, causing it to burn and making me sweat all over.

He took great delight in my outcry and squeezed the second clamp open. Carl approached closely with the phone in hand, recording the placement of the clamps for his viewing pleasure later. Steven slowly moved his hand over to my left breast and gently placed the clamp on either side of the nipple again. Down it went. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!", I screamed. The pain was unbearable, the clamps were too tight.

My nipples were going to burst! The tears streamed from my eyes as I looked down at my poor nipples, hard to find breath as the fire burned on each breast. They both sat beside me quietly, smiling as I pulled faces of pain and horror for their enjoyment. I closed my eyes tightly shut and tried to figure out how to deal with the pain.

It was burning through me. It was spreading. It felt like my entire chest was on fire. The clamps sat there, squeezing me tight, making my nipples flat between the pressure of their rubber and steel. My head rolled around, I couldn't keep still, flinching, the pain was overwhelming, I had to scream again as it was too much to bear, "Arrrrghhhhhh!", I moaned as I sobbed and cried while the two perverts got harder cocks from watching me writhe on the bed in pain.

"What the fuck!?" yelled Ted from the corner. He lifted his head slowly and with his eyes squinted, half open, trying to see what he could in the dark room. "Baby!", I yelled from the bed, crying and sobbing and trying to breathe, the increasing amount of snot in my nose making it hard for me to breathe with my mouth shut. "Baby help me, pleeeease." I whispered softly. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" Ted yelled from his chair.

His eyes were open completely now and the scene that was in front of him started seeping in. My naked body, restrained and splayed across our bed, my pussy, wet, glistening and propped up by the pillow underneath my arse, my mascara running down my cheeks, my breathlessness, the clamps attached to my nipples and the two vultures on either side of me, smiling back at him as they lay with his partner, his soul mate, his everything.

"Nice of you to join us Teddy mate! We were actually just about to finish up." Steven got up from the bed and walked around to my darling who was struggling with the ropes on his arms and his legs. "She's a fucking beautiful creature, isn't she? No fucking wonder you wouldn't shut up about her!" "Steven WTF I'm going to kill you if you've hurt her you son of a bitch, you sick twisted piece of shit, get me out of this fucking chair!" Ted was seething with rage, his body was twitching and his eyes alight.

After being ignored and realising his helplessness from the chair, his eyes brimmed with tears and he shook his head in shock when his eyes fell back to me on the bed.

I looked across at him with my pleading eyes while I sobbed in pain. "Please baby, help me." I mouthed quietly.

"No one's helping anyone, you chatty little slut, keep your mouth shut like I told you or I'll kick his fucking head in!


Now Teddy, you can't go about town, bragging to anyone who'll listen that you've got a hot missus who worships your cock. It's just not right. Sooner or later, you'll run into someone like me who hates cocky, confident little shits like you who think they're top shit because they finally got a girlfriend I'm about to set you straight Teddy. I'm about to torture you with visuals and sounds that you'll never be able to forget. Now if you open your mouth one more time, I'm going to take this knife right here and run it across your pretty little lady's throat, from here to here.

Don't think I won't do it, because if I can make this little slut of yours bleed with my next trick, I'm going to go home a happy, happy man." Steven put the knife down on the bedside table and winked at me. Teddy was crying and the expression on his face was unbearable to look at. I tilted my face towards the window so he couldn't see me and cried softly while the clamps continued to pinch me. Steven slid onto the bed and lay beside me, tucking his feet underneath me and then his legs.

He was lifting my body up and shifting the cushion out of the way so he could place himself underneath me. I shuddered. I knew what was coming. I shook my head and cried "No, no, no" inside my head fucking pointless.

His chest hair rubbed on my back as he positioned himself with me lying on top of him. His semi-erect penis was just below me, between my open legs and he reached down to his cock with spit in his hand and grabbed it, stroking it, making it harder. "This is gonna hurt a lot I reckon, but fuck it's gonna feel good if you've managed to relax." Steven whispered in my ear.

His voice sent shivers down my spine and my breasts ached as my body twitched in pain. "Me, now?" asked Carl as he came closer. "Fucking hang on, I gotta get my cock pumping her arse first, gimme a second." replied Steven.

My heart sank again, the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming, his strong body underneath me was about to invade me again, in the most private place possible. I couldn't look at Ted, I couldn't handle it. I hoped like hell he had shut his eyes, it was all he could do to save himself from watching this hideous act go down.

"Yeah. yeah!" said Steven as he placed his cock between my arse cheeks. The head of his dick was wet, slippery and warm. With my legs splayed open, he had little trouble lifting his pelvis and holding me above him momentarily while he lined up his cock against my arsehole. I sobbed. I shuddered. I couldn't believe it. I was going to be anally raped by a masochistic fuckwit who sold car batteries.

He started pumping his cock up at me, little thrusts to begin with, so he could work his cock into the tight little hole. As he bounced back and forth, he held me down by placing his hands on my hip bones, bringing me to him. He thrust up at me, working it in slowly, pushing hard to open up that tight little muscle.

I didn't want it in there. I wanted him to stop. "Please. please don't.", I whimpered with my eyes closed. "Oh you're about to get it Kristen, that's my cock pressing on your bum hole right there, you feel it? You feel me pressing it up against your arse?

I'm going to fuck the shit out of your arsehole Kristen and Carl's gonna join us soon too party fucking central for you today." He breathed into my left ear. He lifted his pelvis up again and pressed down hard on my hip bones, slipping the head of his cock through my sphincter.

"Owwwwwww!", I cried out, my eyes shot open and my eyes met with Ted's. He was sitting there, still shaking his head, crying and looking absolutely inconsolable. I looked away. He pressed harder again, pushing more of his length inside my arse. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!", he cried as my muscle squeezed around his cock, pleasuring him and empowering him.

He slid the whole length into my arsehole, stretching my tiny little hole wide open, forcing it inside me, filling me with his cock and then started pumping, thrusting, bouncing it in and out of me, "oohing" and "ahhhing" in my ear as he did. "That's a fucking tight arsehole Kristen, oh fuck that's good, let me rape your little arsehole for you, let me tear it open and use it to cum inside, let me fuck you up the bum until you're passed out or bleeding that's a proper arse fucking." He continued grunting as he plunged his cock between my arse cheeks, my arse full of his flesh as he invaded my private space again and again.

Carl was standing on the right of the bed and his cock was drooling from the show Steven was putting on for him. I saw him wipe the pre cum and lick it and then stroke his cock some more. "Now Steven, can I fuck her senseless with ya now?" The subservient tone in his voice was disgusting and insulting, as if Steven should be the one who should make the decision about my body and how they'll use it.

"Yeah, fucking split her open now mate, lets both have a crack at full pelt and see what sorta damage we can do to this little princess", said Steven as he continued ploughing my arse, jabbing at my bum with his engorged, thick cock. My nipples were no longer hurting, it felt like they had fallen off.

The numbness was creeping over my chest slowly and I was feeling lightheaded. The pounding from below me was my new pain to deal with, my arse felt like it had been torn open. Carl jumped on the bed, his arse right in front of Ted's face I imagined him reeling at the guy's odour from such a close distance. He put his legs on either side of Steven's, and brought his pelvis forward to meet mine. He leant down towards my pussy and hocked up some spit, landing it right on my hole as he pulled my labia firmly apart.

I could feel it trickle down as gravity pulled it across my slit. He pushed the bulging, purple head of his ten inch cock up against my inner labia and asked Steven to slow down for a sec. I wanted to scream. I needed a miracle.

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This can't be happening, I thought, I have to get them to stop! The moment of terror came in slow motion. The pounding from below slowly decreased in intensity, though the burning of his cock deep inside my guts remained as his throbbing dick lay inside me.

The weight of Carl pressed against me almost stopped me breathing and then I had to deal with the insertion of his cock into my pussy, as well. It was wet and slid in easily, as my pussy was worn and stretched already from Steven's raping earlier.

I was so sore. My pussy throbbed with pain as he stabbed me with his cock, jabbing it in as deep as he could, slowly, controlled, as if to ensure maximum damage. Both cocks, inside me now, one man below me, one pressed against my chest, started to stretch open my entire pelvic region. It felt like I was going to explode. It was so full, there wasn't enough room for them both, they were going to split me open completely.

Slowly, Steven started raping my arse again with heavy thrusting. He was whispering in my ear to keep still, to let him get deeper, for me to open my arsehole up to him so he could destroy it with his huge cock. Ted choked on a sob and I dared not look at him while in such a horrifying position. He must have opened his eyes. He must have seen. The poor man has just witnessed his woman being torn apart by two men at once right in front of him.

The motion of the two men eventually fell into a rhythm and their thrusting into my arse and pussy simultaneously hurt like nothing else on earth. They grunted together as they heaved their cocks in and out of me. They breathed heavily in my ears, as I lay there, the meat in their sandwich, the place to dump their load, their toy. I lay there, being jabbed in the arse, being stabbed in the pussy for twenty minutes, while they crawled all over me and tried to rub their cocks against my insides the right way.

I wondered if they would be able to cum again. and then the intensity picked up. Steven started thrusting upwards with such force; he was lifting me and Carl off of him. My arsehole was copping it so hard, it was burning. He beat it up by pushing it in as hard as he could and as fast as he could.

I thought I might pass out from the pain, but the tears continued to flow and my consciousness remained.

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My breath came out quickly with each thrust in time and Carl started moaning like he meant it. His cock felt like it was up in my uterus; it was bruising my insides and felt like it was killing me slowly. Stretched so far and with so much friction it felt like my pussy would just collapse. Still, he thrusted at me, trying to please himself and reach orgasm. I looked Carl in the eye and pleaded with him silently, in my thoughts, to fuck off and leave me alone, but it wasn't helping I felt delirious.

As they heaved their bodies into mine, Carl tightened up and his body tensed, he groaned out loud with some flecks of his spit hitting my face as he cried out. I felt his cock spasm as well and he brought his mouth to my ear and said, "There's my seed inside you now slut, that's all my wrigglies in your guts so you can carry my babies and rear kids with huge cocks.

Yeah, take my cum, it's all spewing out now into your pussy, dribbling on your insides, filling you up. my cum, inside you." I wanted to spew myself. The sweat that fell from his face into my eyes was stinging. He still thrust gently until he was convinced he had emptied his load completely inside me. He smirked and got off me, taking the intense weight of his body with him.

My pussy oozed out his cum, I could feel it running out of me and down to my arsehole that was still being violently raped. Steven brought his hand around to my pussy and rubbed the cum from Carl all over my lips and inner thighs. "Your pussy feels pretty stretched and loose now, slut? You reckon you're done, don't ya?" laughed Steven.

As he groaned and kept slamming in and out of my bum, he started pushing fingers inside my pussy. It felt so full, he must have had three there and he was cutting me with his nails. I gasped as he pressed them inside, firmly, stretching me more than Carl had done. He continued grunting and laughing as he worked in a fourth. "Keep going, fucking fist her mate, she's ready for it now!" encouraged Carl. He said it right to Ted's face, trying to get a reaction out of him, making him suffer and torturing him.

Steven hit a brick wall when he tried to insert five fingers, the angle was right, but my pussy just wouldn't accommodate his big hands, it wouldn't fit. He kept pushing, hitting my pelvis with his knuckles, trying to force something that wouldn't fit. I cried out, he hurt me as he tried to fit them but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"I'll fucking fist you slut, don't think I won't, I'm gonna get my whole hand up in that tight snatch of yours and fill you full of me until you're bleeding out all over this bed. I am going to destroy your pussy and arse.", he groaned as he tried to work them in unsuccessfully. My worn pussy was on fire, it ached, it was stretched and then it felt more pressure.

Carl was assisting Steven's hand, using his own strength to encourage his whole hand inside me. They pushed together, harder and harder, again, harder and "POP" his hand got past my walls and entered me completely and I screamed at the top of my lungs from the pain of the entry. "ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YOU!" I yelled as his hand disappeared up to his wrist inside me. "Oh yeah, take that slut! Feel that? That's me inside you, that's me fisting your pussy, ruining your pussy, you can't stop me bitch, I can touch and fuck and rape whatever I want of yours.

Smile for Teddy over there, show him your dirty hole with my hand inside it. I'm fisting her Teddy and raping her arse at the same time. and I'm about to blow in her arse empty my load of semen in her bum hole. Ohhh yeah she feels so fucking good!" He jabbed and jabbed making my pussy swell up with the force that he used to drive his hand inside me. My arse felt like it was bleeding, he had rammed it so hard, I started sobbing again. I couldn't stop, snot was running down my face, along with the tears and my body was heaving, it was exhausted.

He started groaning very loudly, "Yeahhhhh take it, take my cum slut, take it, taaaake it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", it felt like he cut up my insides, using his cock and his hand to abuse me.

He ejaculated inside my arsehole. He kept pumping, milking the cum out of his cock with the tightness of my ring, that was now loosening from his brutal attack. He breathed heavily with his mouth next to my ear, sounding satisfied, spent and evil. His whole hand was scrunched up inside my pussy, up to his wrist in my wetness. He pulled on it to remove it and felt resistance. So he pulled again, hurting me as his bones hit mine.

He pulled again with such force, POP, out it went and it felt like I was suddenly dislocated down there. My pussy gushed out cum and wetness, all over the bed and onto Steven's legs below. It drooled out of me, feeling like cups and cups of semen and so Carl had the phone positioned for the money shot, filming his seed seeping out of my used hole.

Steven wriggled beneath me and his cock slid out of my arse. The pain was unbearable. Everything felt loose, open, used and stretched. I felt violated and threw up over the side of the bed as the entirety of the filthy acts I'd just endured sank in. The vomit went all over me too, I was covered in bodily fluids, I had been used for two rapist's pleasure, fisted, double penetrated by two massive cocks and my man had endured the lot from a helpless position at the end of the bed.

I sobbed and sobbed as I lay there, closing my eyes, trying not to go crazy. As I sobbed, the sticky white cum oozed from my stinging arsehole and wet the bed beneath me. The men were moving about the room quickly and getting clothed again, I could hear them zipping up their flies and the soft sounds of their shirts going on and their shoes on the carpet.

I peeked through one teary, bloodshot eye through my matted hair towards Ted and saw he had his head hung, eyes shut while whimpering quietly in the chair. The front door clicked open and the echo of footsteps in the atrium area faded away from our apartment. This was a nightmare.