Gefürchtete Schokoladenmilch Nocken

Gefürchtete Schokoladenmilch Nocken
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The night was happening and the moon was out and I was getting my ass drunk.

I and my friend Ashley were in this club called '47'. We had been in there for about an hour and Ash already thrown up twice. She just went through a break up so I tend not to judge. At Least the guy she was grinding up against topless didn't seem to mind. Everybody has their own special way of dealing with things. Unfortunately her grind session left me to fend for myself at the bar. There were scavengers everywhere searching for a piece of tail. Yet I was quietly sipping a mai thai which came with these adorable little umbrellas.

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I should make a mental note to buy them in bulk from amazon. "You are looking awfully alone red, want me to keep you company?" The bartender said to me as he handed me my billionth drink. "Red? Haha oh because of my red hair, I am a red head.

Duh." I said, "Nope. I am good Mr. Bartender man. Just keep those drinks a-coming." He nodded and winked. He was kind of hot, like a less muscular Tom Hardy.

Not that that was a bad thing. I looked back at Ashley to find her making out with two other gentlemen, which makes me wonder where the first one was. I can't let her have all the fun could I? Maybe I will ask out the hot bartender? But first I needed to use the little lady's room so I scurried off to find it.

After emptying my bladder I got up to fix my makeup. Not to sound vain but I am pretty attractive, or so said the two guys I dated in my life. I am a biology professor at a college doing research for my PHD, so I do not usually get out. I wore a smoking blue dress with high heels which were really killing my feet at this point. My hair was wavy with curls reaching up to my shoulder. I have high cheekbones which accentuate my heart shaped face.

My mother said my blue eyes reminded her off the oceans of Maldives, so light they were. I miss her. I finished up with some dark red lipstick and I headed out only to trip over some guy. My glasses went flying somewhere leaving me blind as a bat. I was now on the floor searching for it. "Are you ok, Miss?" He spoke in an old time colonial accent. "No jackass!" I yelled at his ever so blurry face, "I am very very drunk and now you made me lose my glasses.


It will take me an eternity to find them." "You mean these?" He said handing me my glasses from what appeared to be his drink. I cleaned the alcohol from the lens and put them on to give the guy a piece of my mind. Fortunately I choked down my words. He was handsome but oh so much more. He had intense brown eyes which gave me chills.

He wore his dark hair long and straight wrapped in a ponytail. His sharp jaw covered in the lightest patch of stubble. His skin had an unnatural glow to him, his pale complexion ever so highlighted.

But he had a sorrowful look about him as if he had seen many tragedies. He wore a black leather jacket over a very tight white t-shirt.

It revealed his toned abdominal muscles confined by his thin layer of clothing. So very thin. "Umm miss, you have been staring at me for a while. Would you mind doing the same in a more comfortable position?" He said breaking me from my daze. I immediately got up and brushed myself off, "I have so not been staring alright, my eyes need to adjust is all." "Of course, how very rude of me." He said ever so charmingly, "The name is Oliver, Oliver Payne.

And you are, Miss?" "Rebecca, Rebecca Lauren but my friends call me rabbit." I said curtsying towards him. Why was I freaking curtsying? "You don't need to call me that. But you could if you want to.

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Although it is better you didn't. Sorry, too much information I know. I must seem like a crazy chick right now." "Crazy? Perish the thought Miss Rebecca," He said, "You are by far the most charming person I have seen in quite some time." "Well, thank you. Want to join me for a drink?" I asked hoping for a yes. He smiled and reached out his hand.


I took his hand and he led me back to the bar. I couldn't help but notice that his hand felt cold and hard to the touch as if he was made of marble. We hit it off big time. He was apparently the owner of the nightclub so all our drinks were on the house. He told me how he came here as a small child and worked his way up to where he was now. It was very inspiring really. The dull moment came when he suddenly had to leave.

He said goodbye and headed off in the direction of a smoking hot chick dressed to kill. He obviously had better and much hotter fish to fry. Ash had left me a bunch of messages while Oliver was with me saying she went home with some guys. She really emphasized the plurality of 'guys'. Discouraged and alone, I went in the direction of home. The roads were pretty much empty considering it was midnight and all. I was crossing the road when this car came out of nowhere. I had no time to duck as it hit me sending me hurtling through the air much like a rag doll.

I lay on the street as I saw the car speed away. I couldn't move or breathe. My lungs felt as if it were squashed with a trash compacter. I was choking on my own blood and there was no one in sight. I was simply left for dead. I closed my eyes and wished for the pain to stop. Then it finally did.

I opened my eyes once more to awake in a lavish bedroom. My dress from last night was replaced with a silk night gown. The entire room was decorated with a palette of white and gold. The furniture was polished and the room was spotless. Access to a balcony was given by French windows leading to an overview of colorful and green wild life.

I had no doubt in my mind that I had died and gone to heaven. Until Oliver walked in that was. "Are you alright?" He said looking concerned, "Do you remember the night before?" "Ummm I remember getting hit by a car and bleeding my guts out." I said fazed by last night, "Wait, so how did I get here? And how come I feel fine? Shouldn't I be in immense pain?" "You might want to sit down for this," I nodded and sat on the bed, "You were on the brink of death last night Miss Rebecca.

Death's doors were opening for you, and I could not sit idle by and watch the light fade from your eyes. So I turned you." "You turned me into what?" I asked confused. "Into a vampire miss Rebecca, into a vampire." He said ominously. I burst out into immediate laughter, "Hah, good one.

Now seriously do you have some food? Because I am starving." He held my face and gazed into my eyes before letting go, "I am Miss Rebecca, serious that is.

You must feed now and then you will begin to understand. There is a fridge on the corner there which should have an ample supply." With that he went out of the room without saying a single word.

I locked the door behind him. A flood of thoughts hit me. Surely he was suffering from some psychotic break or maybe I imagined the entirety of last night but no way in hell was I a vampire. I could see my torn up clothes from the day before near a dresser on the far side of the room. I needed to get dressed and get the hell out of here.

I took off my night gown, tearing it in the process. Must be weak fabric I thought. I grabbed my dress and stood in front of the mirror and then stared in awe. My tanned skin now appeared pale white as if I were a ghostly apparition. The pinks of my flesh were more vibrant.

Terrified of what might be I opened my mouth and thankfully saw no fangs or anything of the sorts. I felt strangely hungry and the prospect of food made me salivate. I opened the fridge and the smell intoxicated me. It was a rustic, metallic smell and it was emanating from what appeared to be bags of blood. I instinctually reached for one and then it happened.

I could feel my canines protrude out, as my tongue felt the outline. I felt hungry, too hungry. Without warning I bit in to the bag sucking out the blood as if it gave me life.

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My body felt like it was on fire, neurons firing off everywhere. I opened my mouth and the excess blood drooled down my jaw and covered my chest. I truly was a vampire, Oliver was right. With a finger I lapped up the blood on my tits into my mouth. I threw the bag away and grabbed the next one and felt up myself.

Suddenly the room felt like a thousand degrees. I bit into the bag and sat on the floor on the blood which was pooling around. I emptied the bag and threw that as well. With one hand I played with the fleshy mounds of my nipples while tracing my slit downstairs.

I rubbed my nipples hard and it gave me satisfaction like never before. I needed something inside of me. I found a hair brush nearby and gently inserted the base into my vagina. My insides constricted and tightened as if I was a teenage girl once again.

I put one finger into my blood soaked mouth and inserted that into my virginal asshole. I never fucked in the ass before but now I wanted both my holes to be filled.

With one hand I used the hair brush to throttle my vagina while fingering my tight asshole. I was face down on the floor with my ass in the air. My thoughts were flooded of Oliver and how good his cock would feel right about now.

I thought of how he would ravish me with his cock and I hungered for that sensation. These thoughts fueled me, driving me into delirious oblivion. I fastened my speed to that above mere humans, I looked around and saw a blur where I fucked myself.

But I felt every sensation, every movement. My pussy started to tighten and suck in the hair brush. I came not too soon after sending waves and waves of pleasure throughout my body. I could feel the hair on my body stand erect. I took out the hair brush from my pussy which was now slick with my pussy juices.

I put in into mouth and sucked it off savoring my own sweet nectar. It was then that Oliver barged back into the room.

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"Whoa! I am so sorry Miss Rebecca." He said turning his gaze away, "I didn't think you would be occupied." I threw away the brush and nonchalantly walked up to him, "Nothing you haven't seen before right? I mean you did change my clothes last night.

You changed a lot of things last night didn't you?" "I will explain everything," He said walking out of the room yet again, "Meet me in the garage downstairs, Francois will guide you." Outside loomed a large dark skinned gentlemen whom was Francois I presume.

He was dressed in a smart looking pinstriped suit. He had a fresh set of clothes and a towel in his hands which he laid out on the bed, carefully traipsing over the pools of blood. "There is a bathroom right over there. You are most welcome to clean up, I will be waiting outside." "And who might you be?" I questioned him taking the towel from the bed. He looked around and smiled, "Someone much older." I headed off into the shower and rinsed myself off, washing away the blood. Once I dried off I put on the clothes left out for me.

It was simply a white t-shirt with denim jeans and a pair of sneakers. I met Francois and he escorted me downstairs to meet Oliver. He was waiting for us in a very expensive and fast looking car. "It is the new Jaguar." He said opening the doors for me, "It is so fast it will outrun an actual jaguar but I just bought it for the comfortable seats really." I got in the back seat with Francois joining Oliver in the front.

As soon as the passenger door closed Oliver revved up the car and took off giving me a nice view of his big ass house. I wouldn't call it a house, rather a bachelor sized mansion. We drove in silence for a while until Oliver finally spoke. "How are you feeling, Miss Rebecca?" He said glancing at me through the rear view mirror, "You must have questions by now?" "Alright," I began, "So how and why did you save me? Is blood really the only thing I can drink right now?

Who is this random guy next to me? Also shouldn't I be burning in sunlight or something?" "Because you are very special Miss Rebecca," Oliver chuckled, "I came upon you minutes after the accident; you were too close to dying for me to heal you so I turned you. I compelled the other humans on the street to carry on as if nothing happened and took you home with me." "Compelled?" I asked puzzled.

"It is a form of mind control we vampires use," he said, "As they gaze into our eyes they become entranced, seduced almost. You are now faster and stronger than a human and no longer suffer human ailments. You might have noticed you can see clearly without your glasses now.

As for food you can still eat pretty much anything but they will offer no sustenance. Only blood from a human can fill you now." I let out a sigh of relief.


I was not going to live in a world where I cannot munch down on a double cheeseburger. "We are creatures of old," he continued, "I am four hundred and twenty five years old and Francois here is about two hundred years old give or take, except maybe for the fact that he is a witch and of course my closest friend." "We are only friends because I am the only one who can tolerate you." Francois said and they both erupted into laughter.


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Newly turned vampire here?" I spoke out feeling ignored. "Sorry Miss Rebecca," Oliver apologized, "Do believe me when I say you are special. It is true that vampires burn in sunlight. But I am no ordinary vampire and neither are you. You share my blood now and my blood is unique amongst our kind. Right now I am taking you back to your apartment and I will be by to pick you up later as me and Francois have some business to attend to.

Tonight I will teach you how to drink without killing." I nodded and smiled taking in the new surplus of information, "Just Rebecca, please." He smiled and we dropped me off at my place. As I got home I found Ashley on top of two guys naked with ramen noodles all over their bodies. I am guessing she had a weird night as well. I stared at Ash's naked body and my fangs started to come out.

I wondered how she would taste as I would bite into her neck. She started to groan and I snapped out of it and ran to my room breaking the door knob in the process. So I now had super speed and strength. I could color my hair blond and parade around as super girl. I wonder if vampires could fly. Needless to say I stayed in my room most of the day in fear of hurting Ash. Night came and so did Oliver. I ran out of the house without Ash even noticing.

On the way to the club Oliver taught me the cool trick of compulsion on a bunch of unassuming strangers. I got the trick pretty fast. He was dressed much the same as yesterday while I took one of Ash's party dresses.

It was full black, strapless and highlighted all my best features which since I was a vampire was everything. "So I almost ate my best friend tonight, thank you for that." I told him. "But you didn't as I knew you wouldn't," He winked at me, "A regular newborn vampire would have torn apart your entire block if given the choice.

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You are a resilient one Rebecca. Also I had someone watching you all day just in case." I smiled and realized this was the first time he called me Rebecca instead of Miss Rebecca like the proper gentleman he was.

Then I winced at the thought that he had someone watching me. "So who is your pick tonight?" Oliver accompanied me to the dance floor, "There is much potential of fun to be had tonight." I winked at him and left him there because I already knew whom I wanted. I went up to the bar and the handsome barman was there pouring out drinks.

"Hello red," he said noticing me, "Nice dress, looking to impress someone tonight." "Well just you," I looked him in the eyes and ordered him using compulsion, "You will meet me out in the alley in five minutes and make sure nobody follows you." I went out to the alley and surely there he was.

I walked over and compelled him again, "You will not scream, you will feel joy where there is pain and most importantly you will forget what happens tonight." He simply nodded. My fangs started to protrude and I could see the veins on his neck. I grabbed the nape of his neck and bit into it. Blood rushed into my mouth with great velocity and it tasted heavenly. This was much better than the blood bag. I could feel my body liven up, every sensation and touch was now known to me.

I was now hungry for more than blood, I was hungry for cock. I kissed the handsome barman and to my surprise he kissed back. This wasn't compulsion he wanted this too.

He wrapped his arms around me and brought me close. As he kissed me he lowered the top half of my dress freeing my breasts. He fondled both breasts with each hand, pulling my nipples ever so slightly. He reached down and took one in his mouth. I started to bite my lip as he went to work. His tongue flicked around my nipple causing it to become ever so hard.

The warmth of his mouth against my now cold skin made me shudder. I pushed him back to the wall and tore off his belt with my strength. His jeans fell flat to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear so his 6 inches of manhood hit me right in my navel. I fell onto my knees and took in his cock. I could feel the blood flowing through his cock pulsating, giving it shape.

I sucked on the bulbous head of his cock, massaging it with my tongue as my hands played with his balls. I started to bob on his cock salivating all over it. His cock was fat and I could feel it hitting the roof of my mouth and cheeks. Pre-cum started to leak out as he got excited. The mere tastes of it making me feel hornier. "I want you to fuck me now," I said to the handsome barman stroking his spit lubricate cock. "You don't have to tell me twice," he replied.

We started to kiss again and i removed my panties granting him entrance to my fuck hole. He lifted me up and placed me on a crate. I started to rub my clit waiting in anticipation of his cock. He lined his thick cock against my lining and then he took me. I could feel my pussy opening up wide, stretching it out to let him.

He thrusted it in and out little by little gaining inches inside. I could feel him hitting my g spot over and over again. This made me cum all over his cock slathering it in juices. He gained motion getting faster and slapping my tits with his hand. I liked that he did that and I wanted more. "Slap my face," I ordered him, "Slap me as you fuck me!" He slapped my face causing my cheeks to burn.

It felt hot across my body, as if I was on fire and his cock was the only thing that can stop it. I could feel his cock getting used to my pussy, massaging every area of my insides. Just when I was getting used to it he turned me around and took me doggy style. The position made my pussy cramp even tighter around his dick. I was in a haze of pure sexual desire and lust. I moved my hips back fucking his cock myself meeting his rhythm in a loud slap of bodies.

His balls kept slapping my ass now drenched in my pussy juices as well. "Fuck me, you fucking handsome barman." I moaned out.

He laughed as he resumed his assault on my tight pussy. He pulled my hands back reigning in control. I was now suspended on his cock jumping up and down to massage my g spot as I came all over again. The handsome barman could not take much longer as my pussy constricted around his fat member. He let me go and grabbed my hair pulling me towards his cock.

I obliged awaiting my gooey rewards by holding my tongue out.

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It came in bursts. The first hit my cheek, while the second my sopping wet breasts. He massaged the rest of it straight onto my tongue. I rolled it around my mouth savoring the taste before I swallowed it all down. I opened my mouth to show him it was all gone. "You are a bad girl aren't you, red?" He said laughing.

"The absolute baddest." I replied licking the jizz off my tits and cheeks. He handed me a rag to clean myself but I declined. I rather lick it off myself. I pulled my dress up and put on my panties. I found his belt on the floor and turned around to give it to him. He reached out for it and smiled. Suddenly a hand emerged from his torso impaling the barman where his heart used to be. A rather large and rugged looking fellow seemed to be the culprit as he revealed himself.

"Hello there fang," he said plopping the barman to the floor, "Nice little show you put out here. You are one ridiculously hot piece of ass." "Who the fuck are you?" I said trembling in fear, unable to move. "The name is Marcus," he said, "And you my sweet thing are my prize for the night." With that he leaped forward and grabbed my neck, "I am going to snap your neck now and you will die but you will come back to life.

You see how that works. It is going to hurt like hell though." "Oliver!" I screamed for help and with that he snapped my neck, killing me. I woke up with my hands bound together with chains. I was in what seemed like a shed. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling.

It was mostly empty except for a single bed on the side of the room. Marcus stood in front me with four others. "I told you, you won't die." Marcus told me, "Boys! Didn't I tell you she was a hot one?" "What do you want with me?" I croaked out. "You will find out soon enough, the full moon is upon us." He roared. TO BE CONTINUED.