Three cocks annihilating her pussy then she sucks them all

Three cocks annihilating her pussy then she sucks them all
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"I just don't like it," Jane said, watching Susan leave the dive deck. Susan was furious with her mother. She couldn't believe she had treated her like that. Some of the others must have heard. She felt like hiding from them. She went down the stairs, stopping in the hallway.

She couldn't go to her own cabin, that's the first place they'd look. Alice and John, then. Yesterday had been fun with them. She knocked softly on their door. No answer.

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She knocked again. No answer. Then Susan opened the door enough to look in. It was empty. She closed the door feeling a bit of despair. They'd be coming down the stairs any minute now, she knew it. Quickly she went to Bunny's door and knocked. The door opened and Billy was standing there. "Can I come in?" Susan asked. "Sure you can," Billy said, standing aside and letting her in, his eyes taking in the lack of suit. "Are you undressed for me or what?" he asked, a big grin on his face as he closed the door.

"N-no," Susan said, suddenly acutely aware of being naked as she stared at his cock. "I just decided no to wear anything and my mother's giving me shit about it," she explained. "I'm just trying to avoid them, that's all." "Oh, and I thought you were really visiting me," Billy said, his smile falling a bit.

"I thought I was looking for Bunny," Susan said. "But I don't mind finding you," she smiled, remembering his kiss last night.

"I didn't mean to be rude." "No one as beautiful as you who comes to my door naked is rude," Billy said, smiling back at her. "Do you want to sit down or can I kiss you again?" he asked. "I don't have to sit right away," Susan said, a sly grin on her face. "Is that a yes?" Billy asked, moving closer to her and putting his hands on her shoulders, pulling her close and kissing her. This time Susan was ready, her arms going around his body and kissing him back, their tongues swirling together as they sucked each other's breath.

Susan could feel his cock getting hard and inching its way up between their bellies. Then they slowly broke their kiss, Billy holding her by the shoulders and looking down at her. "Wow," he said. "What a kiss!" "Wow," Susan said, her left hand sliding from his hip to his cock and holding it. "What a nice cock." "Why don't you sit down," Billy said, turning her and sitting her on the edge of the bunk, her hand never leaving his cock.

"Do you really think so?" he asked, looking down at his cock sticking in her face, just inches from her mouth. "Oh, yes," Susan said, opening her mouth and licking her lips. "Show me," Billy said, leaning a little bit forward. Susan just let his cock slide into her mouth. She closed her lips on it and softly sucked, tasting him and feeling him in her mouth. Then she slowly started sliding her mouth up and down on his cock, fucking him.

She had been doing this for almost a minute when suddenly the door opened and Bunny and Bob came in, surprised looks on their faces as Susan let Billy's cock fall from her mouth, a surprised look on her face.

"Oh, yummy," Bunny said, taking in the scene. "Don't stop because of us. I'm glad you're here. The more the merrier," she said, sitting down right next to Susan.

"Go on," she said as Billy pressed his cock forward into her face. "Suck him," she said. "I'll help," she added, leaning forward and licking the head of Billy's cock.

Susan giggled as she held Billy's cock and Bunny licked it. Then she too leaned forward and began to lick his cock, both of their tongues sliding all over him. They met at the tip of his cock, both their tongues slithering around the head of his cock and each other. Then they locked lips with each other, sharing a long deep kiss, their tongues dancing together as they got lost in each other.

"Oh, my," Bunny said when they broke for air. "What a kisser." "A great kisser," Billy agreed, rubbing his cock on Susan's mouth.

"Go ahead, suck him," Bunny said as Susan's mouth opened and she let his cock in. Giving herself up to it, Susan began to suck on Billy's cock again with Bunny sitting right next to her and Bob just standing there watching, his cock hard in front of him. Susan found herself thrilled by the thought of Bunny and Bob watching while she sucked Billy. She could feel Billy's cock banging into the back of her throat each time she went down on him.

Then she felt Bunny's hands caressing her body, softly running her hands all over her belly and breasts. This really excited her when she felt Bunny pinching and pulling on her already hardened nipples. Then when she felt her hand slowly slide down to her belly and even lower, Susan automatically let her legs fall open as Bunny's hand slid down into her pussy.

Just as she felt Bunny's fingers slide between her pussy lips, she felt Billy's cock swell then explode in her mouth as he came. She struggled to gulp down all of the cum which filled her mouth while Bunny's fingers on her clit drove her wild. When she finished sucking all of the cum from Billy's cock, Bunny again kissed her, tasting Billy's cum in her mouth as they sucked tongues, Bunny's fingers still busy between her legs.

Then she felt another sensation, and opening her eyes saw that Bob was on his knees between her legs, his tongue working in her pussy along with Bunny's fingers. Susan sighed into Bunny's mouth and just leaned back against the bulkhead, letting her feet move up to the edge of the bunk to make it easier for Bob to suck her pussy. Then Bunny shifted her attention to Susan's tits, sucking on her nipples and chewing on them as Bob continued to suck her pussy.

She could feel herself rapidly approaching orgasm as he focused on her clit, and then suddenly she felt that wave of warmth wash over her body as she began to cum. Bunny sat up to watch as Susan came, seeing Bob's tongue slither in and out of Susan's bright pink pussy as he drank her offering.

Susan was gasping as Bob continued to suck her pussy, slurping at her juices as they flowed freely from her spasming pussy. "Let me, Bob," Bunny said, nudging him aside. "Get your cock sucked." So while Bunny took Bob's place between her legs, gluing her mouth to her pussy, Bob pulled her forward so that she could suck his cock.

Opening her mouth Susan let him slide his cock in. As she gently closed her lips around the shaft of his cock, Bob began to slowly pump his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth.

Susan quickly adjusted to this arrangement and just used her tongue and lips and the suction of her mouth to arouse him as he rhythmically slid his cock in and out of her mouth. She could feel Bunny between her legs sucking her pussy.

It felt so nice. Susan felt as though she were only one big sexual experience, Bob's cock sliding in and out of her throat while Bunny's tongue slid in and out of her pussy. The combination of sensations was proving almost too much for her.

Before she realized what was happening she began to cum again, spasmodically jerking as Bunny's tongue continued to dance in her pussy, slurping at the juices that were again flowing abundantly. She was gasping as Bob's cock continued its inexorable journey in and out of her mouth. Her mind felt like it would explode as the sensations from her pussy threatened to overwhelm her.

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Then suddenly Bob's cock swelled, then exploded in her mouth, filling it with his cum. Susan was groaning as she swallowed, feeling his cock sliding even deeper into her throat with his cum. She almost choked at one point, then she glued her lips to his cock and sucked him dry. When there was no more cum, she stopped, exhausted, and fell back against the bulkhead, her lips swollen and her pussy completely exposed as Bunny sat between her legs in front of her.

"I told you she would be fun," Bunny said, looking up at Billy. "And such a sweet tasting pussy." "I'll say," Bob chimed in. "And she sucks cock great too." "I can see we're going to have a lot more fun," Bunny said.

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At that moment they heard Adam shouting to everyone, calling them to the next dive. Susan looked startled, wondering how she could possibly go up on deck after this.

Everyone would know just by looking at her, she was sure. "Here, wipe your face with this," Bunny said, handing her a towel. "You don't want to go up on deck with cum all over your face, do you?" "No," Susan said, laughing that Bunny was having the same thoughts as she. "But I feel like everyone will know anyway," she added. "No, they won't," Bunny replied. "But what if they do? Let 'em be jealous," she said, opening the door and stepping out.

When they got up on the dive deck, almost everyone was there. Not thinking, Susan bent over to pick up her fins and mask, exposing her ass and pussy to everyone sitting across from her. Her parents and Sue and Harve were the beneficiaries of this show, all of whom gasped when they saw her pussy pouting at them from between her thighs.

"Now you have to," Harve said to Sue, a big smile on his face. "Have to what?" Jane said absent-mindedly, shocked by this exposure by Susan, not realizing that it wasn't even her being spoken to.

"We agreed that as long as one other woman was wearing part of her bathing suit, Sue would also. But once she was the only one, well, then she would join the group. So, it's her turn," he said, grinning at Sue. With a sigh, Sue slipped out of her BC and stood up. With everyone watching her, her nipples instantly screwed themselves into knots. Blushing, she pushed down the bottom to her bikini and stepped out of it.

There were a few cheers as she stood there for a moment naked, then a gasp from Jane as she realized that Sue's entire pussy was shaved bare, naked as a new- born babe's.

As Sue sat back down and wriggled into her gear, Susan smiled at her. "I think that is so sexy," she said, indicating Sue's pussy. "Susan!" her mother exclaimed. "Mind yourself." "I think maybe I'll do that too," she said, angry at her mother for treating her like a child.

"You'll do nothing of the sort," Jane said, angry at her. Susan said nothing, joining the line and then falling off the dive platform. It was so peaceful underwater, she thought, swimming quickly to the bottom to avoid having to see her mother. She can't yell at me here or tell me what to do. But once Susan reached the bottom, all thoughts of the surface left her head as she gave in to the allure of the sea. It was with some disappointment that she realized that it was time to ascend, back to the bad vibes of her mother.

What was her problem? Surfacing, she was relieved to see that her parents weren't on the dive deck. Quickly getting out of her gear and rinsing under the shower, Susan disappeared down the stairs, knocking on Sue and Harve's door.

She had seen their gear upstairs. Harve opened the door, smiling when he saw Susan. "Hi, Susan," he said. "What is it?" "Is Sue here?" she asked, a little agitated. "No, she went upstairs, I think," Harve said. "Is there something I can help you with?" "Oh, no," she said.

"I just wanted to ask her about, you know, how she shaves," she said, letting a hand drop to the juncture of her thighs. "Oh, that," Harve said, smiling. "Actually I do it for her," he admitted, a grin on his face.

"Really!" Susan said, totally surprised. "It's easier for me than it is for her," harve explained. "And I like it, too," he said. Just then Susan heard the voices of her parents as they approached the stairs down to the cabins.

"May I come in, please?" she asked Harve, pleading in her eyes. "Sure, come on in," he said, standing aside and letting her enter. The door shut just as she heard her parents voices in the hall. She could hear the angry tone of her mother's voice but could not make out the words. Harve smiled at her as he saw the relief on her face. "Some problems?" he asked. "She won't let me be grown up," Susan complained.

"It's not fair." "Well, she's just looking out for you in the only way she knows how," Harve said.

"It's just because she loves you." "I know," Susan said. "That doesn't make it any easier, though." "So what do you want to do about it then?" Harve asked, his arms crossed on his chest. "Will you shave me?" Susan asked, blushing. "I don't think that's what you want," Harve said, feeling his cock twitch at the thought. "I just want to try it," Susan said.

"It can always grow back. But just for this week I want to try it." "Your parents would be very unhappy with me if they knew," Harve said, shaking his head. "I wouldn't tell them," Susan said. "Honest. I'd say I did it myself." "Maybe you should then," Harve suggested.

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"Won't you just do it for me once," Susan begged. "Just to show me how?" "Susan," Harve began." "Please," Susan begged, her eyes filling with tears. "Here, now, don't cry," Harve said, putting a hand on her shoulder and patting her eyes with a towel he picked up.

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"It's not that important." "Please," Susan begged looking him in the eyes. "It is to me." Harve just studied her face, wondering if he dared do this. And what would Sue say if she found out. Then seeing her eyes well with tears again, Harve relented. "Okay," he said. "If you really want me to." "Oh, thank you," Susan said, hugging him. "Thank you." "What should I do?" she asked, stepping back from him when she felt his cock stirring between their bodies.

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"Just sit there," Harve said, indicating the bunk. Susan sat on the edge of the bunk, fidgeting as Harve dug into his kit for a razor and some shaving cream. Turning with his gear, he knelt in front of her.

"Okay," he said. "I'm ready. Are you?" "Yes," Susan said. "Do it," she said, leaning back against the bulkhead and bringing her feet up, completely opening her pussy to him. "Wow!" Harve said under his breath as he saw her pussy open before his eyes. Filling his hand with shaving cream, he spread it all over her pussy, letting his fingers wander where they would, feeling the warmth of her pussy between her pussy lips and probing both her asshole and pussy a bit as he applied the shaving cream.

Susan only sighed as he touched her, not flinching at all. Quickly Harve stripped the light blonde hair from Susan's pussy, being careful not to cut her. Susan liked it when he would press on her clit or slip a finger into her pussy as he shaved her. When he finished, he used a towel to wipe the excess shaving cream from her pussy, revealing it now totally hairless.

"I think that's it," Harve said, a frog in his throat and his cock fully hard. "You feel it before I give it the final check," he said. As he watched, Susan let her fingers explore her now hairless pussy. He could tell she liked the smoothness of her pussy lips by the way she rolled them between her fingers.

"It feels so smooth," Susan said, cupping her pussy with her hands. "I'll give it the final check then," Harve said, his mouth dry. "Oh, my," Susan said as she felt Harve's tongue probe her asshole then slide up to slip into her pussy.


"Umm, yes," she said, enjoying having a tongue between her legs again. Harve could not believe how sweet Susan's pussy was as he ate her. He sucked and nibbled and chewed on her pussy, tongue fucking her hole as she sighed in delight. Susan was on the brink of orgasm, Harve with two fingers jammed up into her hole, her clit caught between his teeth, when the door opened and Sue stepped in, a totally shocked look on her face as she saw Harve's face jammed between her thighs.

She and Susan locked eyes, an understanding quickly passing between them. Fighting the color in her cheeks, Sue struggled to smile. "Well, don't you think you should finish?" she said to Harve, amazed that she could even speak. Without a word Harve again bent to Susan's pussy, capturing her clit again between his teeth. Almost immediately Susan began to cum, her pussy pressing against harve's tongue as he slurped her juices.

Finally she finished cumming and harve sat back on his heels, his cock standing out in front of him. "She was looking for you about shaving her pussy," Harve said.

"When I told her that I usually do it for you, well, she asked me to do it for her." "And you always check to see if it's really smooth, don't you?" Sue asked, a semblance of a smile crossing her face.

"Oh, Sue, I hope this doesn't make you mad," Susan said, sitting up. "I just thought your pussy looked so sexy that I just wanted to look like you." "Well, your hair's gone now, that's for sure," Sue observed. "Do you like it?" Susan asked, standing up and posing. "I think I'll be right back," Harve said, opening the door. "You better be," Sue said, glaring at him. "Oh, Sue, I'm sorry," Susan said.

"I didn't plan this or anything." "I know, Susan," Sue said. "And I can't really blame him or you, I suppose. I had it coming to me." "No, no, it doesn't have anything to do with that. I really came looking for you to see if you'd help me shave my pussy like yours. Harve only helped me after I begged him to." "And he always sucks after shaving to see if it's smooth," Sue said.


"Lucky you," Susan said, a look of envy on her face. "Well, he can suck me then when he gets back if it's pussy he wants to suck so bad," Sue said. "Well, quick, sit here facing the door so that the first thing he sees when he comes in is your pussy waiting for him," Susan said, tugging on Sue's hand and seating her on the bunk facing the door.

"Go on, sit back and be ready for him," she said, giving her a light shove on the shoulder. Laughing, Sue sat back and brought her feet up on the edge of the bunk, her thick-lipped pussy spreading open in front of Susan, her clit sticking out.

"Did you like it when my brother sucked your pussy?" Susan asked, staring at Sue's pussy. "He made me cum like crazy," Sue admitted, blushing. "But I sure did like it." "I can see why he liked it so much," Susan said, sinking to her knees on the deck, an arm resting on one of Sue's knees. "Why do you say that?" Sue asked, smiling at her. "Well, your pussy just looks tasty, that's all," Susan said. "And what would you know of that?" Sue asked her, a look of surprise on her face. "I've tasted Alice and Bunny," Susan said, a proud smile on her face.

"They taste wonderful." "Really?" Sue commented, actually shocked. "Uh-huh," Susan said. "I'd love to show you," she added hopefully. "How would you do that?" Sue asked, her voice low and soft. "Like this," Susan said, leaning down and slipping her face between Sue's thighs, her tongue sliding between her spread pussy lips. "You taste good," she said, continuing to explore Sue's pussy with her tongue. "Oh, that feels nice," Sue said, her hand lightly on top of Susan's head.

"Where did you learn this?" she asked, feeling Susan's tongue slide up into her hole. "Alice," Susan said. "She sucked my pussy and then I sucked hers. I just loved it," she said, returning her attentions to Sue's pussy. Sue's pussy was much different in shape from either Alice's or Bunny's, Susan quickly discovered.

Her pussy lips were much thicker, making it real nice to chew on them, and her inner lips curled out so far that they almost totally covered her outer lips.

She had the biggest, thickest, juiciest clit that Susan could imagine. It was the size of her fingertip. And what a juicy pussy, Susan thought as she drank from Sue's fountain.

This was almost a full meal, Susan thought, realizing that she had missed breakfast. There was so much to Sue's pussy that Susan couldn't just settle on one part, she had to be everywhere.

Finally, just as Sue was cumming, groaning oh, oh, oh, the door opened and Harve stepped in, a surprised look of delight on his face as he saw Susan sucking Sue's pussy. "Well, I see you two sorted this out," he said, his cock immediately standing out in front of him as he watched and listened to Susan sucking the juices from Sue's pussy.