Gay twink boys in their underwear Aidan Chase has an infectious

Gay twink boys in their underwear Aidan Chase has an infectious
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This may or may not be the final chapter. I have tried to please the frustrated English teacher who constantly is complaining about my grammar. I'll see. If you liked the story please let me know and I'll continue it.

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Enjoy. Donna had cleaned up after her Saturday night fuck session. She was sore and would probably be walking bowlegged for the next two days. Her problem was all she could think about was loots cock inside her squirting.

Sunday afternoon her son and husband got home and things went back as they were, except she still had his cock on her mind. After her husband had fallen asleep in his chair and her son was in his room probably watching porn and jerking off she stole away to her bedroom and dialed loots.

"Hi baby, how you nut sack? Filling up for me"? "Good I can't wait to have it in me again either".

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" When will we be able to see each other soon"? "Well I want to feel that cock in me very soon". "I'll have to see the next best time we can work it out". "Isn't next week some sort of holiday"? Loots said "Yeah were off Monday".


"I'll see what's going on here and please call me Monday when you can talk". "Ok". "Talk to you soon". Monday Donna walked around thinking about the cock she wanted and about the upcoming events.

Saturday Eric wanted to go camping with Paul's family so he would not be home till Monday afternoon. Donald was the issue. Monday at 11:50 AM the phone rang and she saw it was loots, "hi baby she cooed" . "Hi Donna, how my girl"?

"Ok". "What up"? "I could really use a blow job"? "I'd love to come over there and accommodate your cock but you are in school". "Could you meet me at the mall".

"I sure could'. "The old mall the one on baker and cottage streets"? "Yeah that's the one". "When would you like me to be there"? "Could you be there in about a half an hour"? "I'm on my way". "See you soon". She got her bag jumped in the car and headed for the old mall.

Twenty minute later she pulled into the parking lot and at the far end saw loots waving, she pulled up to him and he jumped in. "Hi honey". "Hi", "drive to the outer edge of the parking lot and park". "Can do". She drove to the end of the lot where about a half dozens employee cars were, pulled in and shut off the engine. She leaned over and there tongues were in each other mouth. The kiss ended. "Now let's take care of this full nut sack". She unzipped his fly and took out the cock.

"Baby, I missed you", she kissed the head stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the head of his cock a couple of times before she swallowed it all the way down her throat. She sucked the cock lovingly, up and down her head bobbed for five minutes until he twitched.

Hot cum spewed down her throat, she was swallowing but was unable to keep up with the flow and it dribbled down her chin. After six blasts of cum he started to soften and she pulled her head up. Cum all over her chin and lips. "You like the look"? "Yup"! "How's the nut sack now"? "Much better, but I sure wish I could have fucked you".

"God knows so do I". " You look great with cum on you, especially if it's mine". "I only wish it was leaking out of me, but this will do for now". "What about getting rid of your husband and son for the weekend"? "My sons going Saturday morning camping with Paul and his parents, I'm not sure about my husband". "The guys were talking about sinking there cocks into that tight pussy soon, so lets try to work on it", "will do"?

"I've got to go and get back to class, by babe" as loots left the car he gave her tits a squeeze.

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She drove home with the taste of his cum in her mouth. Around four Donald came home and sat at the table, "Donna the company is having a golf outing at our Toledo office on Saturday and Sunday, there's a dinner Saturday night and the awards ceremony is Sunday evening". "Why not come with me and we'll fly home Monday". "That would be great but Eric will be home alone and we really don't want that, do we"? "No your right he needs us one of us here" .

Now to keep them from talking until the weekend was all she had to do. The rest of the week pasted quietly and Thursday night Donald came home and packed after dinner, as he was leaving on the 2PM flight Friday. Friday he left and said "I'll see you Monday" . Friday at noon she called loots, "hi baby, I've got some great news".

"What is it"? "My husband left today and wouldn't be home till Monday afternoon". "Fucken fantastic", "Eric will be going to Paul's at noon Saturday". "Great we'll be there at one". "Sweetie, please buy condoms, you guys can't keep shooting that stuff in me, I could get pregnant". "Ok, see you Saturday at one. Please have on the same outfit". "I thought I'd wear red panties and bra with the black garter belt and stockings", "that sounds even better".

She dropped Eric off and drove home, she had an hour before the guys got there and she really wanted to give them an eyeful when they came in. I want to look so hot they want to cum right in there pants.

Giggling she set about her task. One fifteen and they weren't there yet she was walking around the living room wringing he hands. The door bell rang and she walked close to the door, struck a sexy pose and yelled, " "Who is it"? "She heard loots yell "Mrs. M it's loots, is Eric home? "Come in, doors open" Loots came in and now there were four of them, he mouth dropped open but loots was on her tongue in mouth hand on crotch, she moaned with delight and grabbed for the cock which she wanted desperately.

When they broke apart the three remaining boys were naked, dicks stand straight out. "Well gentlemen do you approve of my outfit"? She giggled as the stiff cocks told her they did.

"Mrs. M" loots said "this Jerome". "Hi". "Hi". Now loots led them out to the porch and passed around joints. Since there were four guys and four chairs she sat in loots lap. She wiggled her ass, shook her tits and giggled like a school girl. They had all finished there joints and were all stoned, when loots said, "how about a sex show"?

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"Not out here, we should go inside honey". Once inside she wiggled around, flashing a tit or rubbing her clit and doing bumps and grinds for twenty minutes. Every cock was rock hard.

Wow she thought I still got it, loots stood up smiled at the guys and said, "I'm taking her to the bedroom and fucking her senseless", he grabbed her hand and off they went while the guys cheered. In her bedroom he stood there very close to her as the guys came in. "Bra off" "Panties off please" in nothing flat she was naked he laid her down she gave him a giant spread and he started rubbing the head of his cock on her moist cunt lips and clit, she was moaning as he pushed the head in and inch by inch kept pushing until there pubic mounds were crushing together.

All she could do was moan with pleasure as he cock moved in and out. "Slowly baby I want to really enjoy this, I've waited all week". They moved slowly and deliberately for eight or nine minutes, the burning between her legs was driving her and she pushed her hips up at his every downward thrusts.

Harder and harder until she felt it the first wave of the orgasm hit like an electric shock she screamed and shook with delight. A second wave, a third and it kept coming three more times. She looked into his eyes and realized he was still pumping her hard and furiously, she felt the familiar twitch and knew he would start to spurt hot cum in her pussy very soon.


She pushed up hard to meet his downward strokes. She felt the burning between her legs, a scream of pleasure erupted from her lips as he started spurting cum deep inside her.

She was shaking and moaning with pleasure. She dug her fingers into his shoulders and whispered, "I love that cock baby". Loots rolled off and before she knew it Arnet had his cock at her leaking pussy entrance. "Arnet baby do you bring a condom"? "No Mrs. M I forgot". "You've got to start remembering guys"! "Arnet go slow so we both can enjoy it". Arnet only lasted about four or five minutes and just as she felt herself building he pushed down and started spewing cum into her.

She could feel his cock spraying into her but she wasn't quite ready to cum so a fake scream and a moan help he blow his wad.

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He rolled off with a big smile. "I made you cum too didn't I"? asked Arnet. "You sure did sweetie". Both Mike and Jerome fucked her.

She was beginning to get accustomed to them gangbanging her. All four guys had made large deposits of cum in her and as she got up and pulled up the red panties she smiled, pointed a finger at them and said.

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"Starting next time, no condom no pussy, got it"! She giggled, wiggled her ass and got her tits swinging and said," I'm going to get a drink, anyone want one? "Three, Ice Tea please" She was in the kitchen pouring drinks when in walked loots. She stopped pouring, turned put her arms around his neck and stock her tongue down his throat.

After a solid two minutes the kiss ended. She looked at him with lust in her eyes, and reached for his cock. "Donna next week would it be ok if I came over alone and fucked you"? "Sweetie that would be fine, I really enjoy the gangbang but they leave me sore for a couple of days" "Besides the truth is I'm falling for you and that wonderful cock". "Sure the other guys get me off but with you the orgasms are intense".

Loots smiled "I know and so do the other guys". "Honey is this ok with them"? "Well they still want that pussy every other week but if that's ok with you it's good with them". "It's fine with me, twice a month gang bang and you and I alone twice a month I'm up for that".

"Tonight could you and I could sleep together alone"? "I think I can arrange that". "Guess we should get back as I'm sure there are several hard cocks I need to attend to". Loots smiled as they walked back to her bedroom, she was making squishing noises as cum was leaking out of her. Once inside the room drinks in hand mike looked at Donna and said, "Mrs. M those red panties are hot.

"Especially when there soaked with cum we all put there". Donna smiled, she knew they wanted to take pictures of her cum stained crotch. "Ok guys I really like this look and I can't get it without all of your help so get pictures.

Just be sure I get copies". Ten minutes later Loots took her hand laid down on the bed his cock stand straight up in the air. "Mrs. M why don't you get on this". She didn't hesitate to strip off her panties and get on. She pushed his cock in to the hilt and started slowly moving up and down. Jerome got on the bed and put his cock in her mouth, while Arnet sucked one tit and tweaked the nipple of the other.

The next event surprised her as she felt a cock head at her ass, it was so well lubed it went right in. Slowly the cock entered her ass. Mike kept pushing it deeper until she realized the sensation she was feeling was the two cocks were rubbing against each other with the membrane in her keeping them apart, but yet she could feel them both moving together.

The fire between her legs was building she was going to cum soon when the cock in her mouth twitched and cum shot down her throat, she swallowed but it kept coming and some slipped out her moth and down her chin. The cock plopped out and the fire between her legs was out of control. She moaned and screamed with pleasure as the first shock wave of her orgasm hit, both cocks stiffen and the next sensation was unbelievable both cocks were spraying her insides with cum at the same time, and she was cumming again.

She lost consciousness for a couple of seconds and when she regained her senses she just kept moaning for five minutes. Loots looked in her eyes, smiled and said "Well how was that"? "I have never had an orgasm like that in my life, that feeling was incredible".

"Do you guys think you may want to do it again"? "Soon"! Donna was told she was being doubled penetrated. She got up and went over to Arnet, grabbed his cock. He has been working on here tits and hadn't come so she gave him a blow job. She was later told she gave him a primo blow job. They ate pizza, after eating they sat around talking. Jerome looked at Donna, "Anything, you'd like to do Mrs. M"? Donna smiled at him, "well yes as a matter of fact how about your guys doubled penetrate me again"?

It was apparent she enjoyed it a great deal more then they had expected. On the den sofa mike's cock went in her pussy which was still leaking cum. Loots pushed into her ass which was leaking cum as well.

Jerome cock was in her mouth and once again Arnet was on her tits. Mike and loots pumped slowly as they wanted this to last and within ten minutes she dug her nails into mike's shoulders and screamed and moaned as they all knew she had a orgasm.

The guys kept up a steady pumping motion, Jeromes cock twitched and shot rope after rope of hot cum in her mouth, she just kept swallowing until he was done. She realized the fire between her legs was out of control and as she felt herself start to climax both cocks erupted in her.

She screamed and moaned, she could actually feel the hot cum spurting out of there cocks against the membrane. She continued to shake and moan with pleasure for ten minutes. She got her breath grabbed her panties as she could feel herself leaking like a faucet and pulled them on.

As she walked around the room Jerome pointed to her and said "Mrs. M that is quite a look"! They all looked and she realized the wet spots were at both ends of her panties. Loots came over and whispered in her ear.

"Ok honey, if you want". " Guys in case you haven't figured it out yet I'm your black cock whore.

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So you all know I love your black cock". Wow she though I really am a black cock whore and I love it. They all went to the den to sleep and she closed the door to her bedroom and got into bed with loots. "Donna in the morning everyone is going to need a blow job".

"No problem sweetie" but do you thing they may want to DP me instead"? "If you ask them nicely I think they'll be happy too"? "Oh I will" At 7:30 AM Donna and loots came out of the bedroom, the guys were up and watching tv. "Guys I have a question". "I know you all wanted blow jobs which I love giving you, but I was wondering perhaps since I wouldn't see you back her till tonight could I get doubled again"?

"I put on an unstained pair of panties and after were done I could pose for photos" Just don't get my face and you can show your buddies. "Let's do it guys" was loots reply. The results were incredible and this time Arnet got pussy. They got dozens of photos of a very soaked pair of panties not to mention a leaking ass and pussy.

They all left but loots stayed behind, "No practice for you today" asked Donna? "I'll be practicing all day"! "That's what I was hoping to hear baby". Six weeks later Monday at 11:50 AM Loots saw his cell phone buzz. He looked down, it was Donna. Class was ending so he got up and walked out and answered.

"Hi Donna" "Hi babe, we have to talk". "Ok no one is around me what's up"? "Honey I'm pregnant, and I'm sure it's yours.