Ebenholz mit haarige Muschi und lange Schamlippen

Ebenholz mit haarige Muschi und lange Schamlippen
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"Natalie, mom just called. She has to work a double tongiht. She said we need to get our homework done and fix supper and she will see us in the morning." I proceeded to finish my history assignment.

I am a junior this year. Just turned 16, and got my first real boyfriend. Nat is only 14. I start dinner and help Nat with some of her homework, then its time for American Idol and then bed. Sam, mom's boyfriend, came over around 10. I told him mom had to work a double and was not home but he said he would just wait for her.

They have been dating for about 2 years now and so I thought this would be fine. I let him in, and went back to my room. By this time Nat is sleeping and I am sitting up writing in my diary. All my inner thoughts about Adam, and how he just kissed me and I let him touch my breast and I touched his penis.

He asked me to kiss his penis but I was afraid. I like him so much and am curious of what it would be like when he asks me to have sex for the first time.

I am scared, yet excited.

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Sam suddenly walks in my room and sits on my bed. He tells me how pretty I am. I ask him to leave but he doesn't. He takes my diary and reads what I just wrote. I am embarrased that he read my inner most secret thoughts. Sam looks at me and smiles. Says he can teach me how to please Adam when the time comes. He touches me lightly on the face. I shy away. He laughes. He pulls me close and kisses me.

"Tongiht, I will teach you to be a woman." I pull away from him. "Nicole, do as I tell you, or I will go to Nat's room instead. Do you understand? You have to learn how to be a woman Nicole. I am going to teach you tonight." Sam says. I said NO but he just kisses me on my mouth, hard. He tells me not to fight him, assures me I will love it.

He grabs me by my hand and drags me out of my room into my moms room. Then he shuts and locks the door. Alone with him, I am shaking and crying, begging him to leave me alone.

He ignores me and continues to carress my body through my night clothes. Suddenly he rips off of my shirt and tells me to take off my shorts. "Do it now Nicole, or I will go get Nat instead." Afraid of what he may do to my baby sister, I do as he says. He begins to rub me all over while he tells me how beautiful I am. "I am going to show you how to please your young Adam.

He will thank me for this." He starts to kiss me again, first on my lips while he pinches my nipples.

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Then he kisses my nipples while he puts his fingers in my most secret womanly parts. I flinch. No one has ever touched me there. "On Nicole, you are so tight. You are going to feel so good around my hard cock." I am shaking. "Nicole, stop fighting me. Relax.

You will enjoy this." He pushes me on the bed and begins to take off his clothes. I have never seen a man naked before. I mean, I saw Adam's penis but only for a second. Truth be known, until tonight I had thougth Sam was a handsome man, but now I am so scared of him. My body and mind are both betraying me.

Sam has an awesome body and I am so curious about sex, but not like this. Once Sam is naked he crawls on top of me and begins to kiss me again. My body starts to respond to him but my mind is screaming NO!! This is wrong. He beings to lick and bite my neck while he rubs my breast. He whispers in my ear "Nicole, I can't wait to taste your sweet pussy" and he kisses his way down my body.

Rubbing and kissing. I notice that instead of fear, suddenly I am wet between my thighs. Excited.

How could my body betray me like this. Sam is raping me. isn't he??

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I can feel his breath at the top of my womanhood and he him say "spread your legs, let me in to feast on that virgin pussy." I can feel him pushing my legs open and I put up no resistance. My tears have stopped. My body shakes, but not from fear. The first time I felt his tongue lap my womanhood I jumped. "Do you like that Nicole." I didn't say anthing.

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"Nicole, tell me you like my tongue on your pussy." I didn't say anything. Sam smacked me on the leg. "SAY IT" he demands. "I like you tongue on my vagina" I said. He says, "No Nicole, the word is pussy. Say you like my tongue on your pussy. NOW!!" My lips are trembling, "I like your tongue on my pussy" I say. He laughes and continues to lick me there.

He puts his fingers in me. First one, then two. It hurts, but only for a minute. The more he licks and pushes his fingers in me the more moisture I feel down there.

"Do you know what that is Nicole? That is your body wanting what I am doing to you. You want this. Say it. You want it." "Yes Sam, I want it." I am nervous, I am curoious, I am scared.

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Then I realize I am not scared of what he is doing, only that he will quit. My body feels like it is on fire, tingling all over. Sam stops. He gets off me and pulls me up. "So Nicole, Adam wants you to kiss his penis? No Nichole, that is not what Adam wants. He wants his hard cock deep in your throat while he pumps his load of cum down it." With a big grin on his face he pushes me to my knees.

"Open your mouth sweetheart" I am scared again. He begins to squeeze my cheeks hard until my mouth opens. "You are going to suck my cock, you will not bite me or I will spank you. You will suck my cock exactly like I tell you to, until I tell you to stop, like a good girl should." Then he puts his large hard cock in my mouth.

Just a little at first, then more and more until it is deep in my mouth. "That's a good girl Nicole." He starts to move in and out, slow then fast. I can feel myself gag and he just moans. "Your sweet little mouth feels so good on my hard cock baby." Faster and faster he pushes and moans louder and louder, "Oh baby, you are going to make me shoot my load, but I want to save it for your sweet virgin pussy." Then he stops, pulls me to my feet and kisses me deep.

My mouth and lips are swollen, there are tears in my eyes and I am trembling. "Oh sweetheart, relax, the best is yet to come." He lays me back on the bed again and crawls on top of me. He puts his hand over my mouth and says, "I am going to put my cock in your tight pussy now. It will hurt for a minute, but you not scream. When i am done with you, you will come back and beg me for more, probably tomorrow night after. After I finish fucking your mother and she falls asleep I will come for you.

I am gonna have you lick your mothers cum off my cock before I fuck you." The more he talks the more nervous I get, but he seems to be getting more and more excited. I can't breathe with his hand still over my mouth. I feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I start to wiggle. Fear consumes me. He pushes his hand harder on my mouth and tells me to stay still.

"Open your legs. I am ready to feel that tight virgin pussy." I do as I am told and he pushes his cock in my fast and rough. It hurts. I want to scream but he he has his hand over my mouth still. Tears begin to roll down my face. He smiles at me. "You feel so tight, so good. I knew you would. I am been thinking about this for 2 years, since I met your mother.


I have dreamed of the day I could enter your virgin pussy and teach you to be a woman. Now I will look forward to Nat in another 2 years" I begin to fight. Thinking NO NOT NAT!!! He just laughes and begins to move, in and out, slowly at first, then faster. This is exciting to him. I am so scared but my body begins to respond to him. My body starts to tense up and begins to tingle all over.

So many sensations I have never felt. Not bad feelings, good feelings. Very good feelings. Sam is moving in and out, he pushes my legs farther apart and goes deeper. I feel pain and pleasure. How can this be? I didn't want this. I wanted Adam to be my first, not Sam. My mothers 45 year old boyfriend. I want this to stop, but not yet. Yes! No! Yes! No! So many confusing feeling. He takes his hand off my mouth, finally.

"Tell me my cock feels good in your pussy baby" He has my legs high in the air, on his shoulders, pushing hard and deep in my pussy but I don't say it. He slaps my ass, hard. I jump, more tears come. "Say it now." "Your cock feels good in my pussy." I say with a trembling voice. "Good girl, you will always tell me that when I command it, do you understand." I nod my head, my body is trembling.

He spanks my ass again an says "You will say 'yes sir' to me do you understand." "Yes sir." "Good girl, your hot tight pussy is so addictive. I may need it again and again. But for now I am ready to fill you full of my hot cum." He starts to push in harder and faster and harder and faster. My body is such a traitor. The sensations I feel are good, my fear turns into passion, my pain into pleasure.

My body starts to tense and shake and shiver on it's own.

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I can no longer control any of my own body functions. I feel excessive moisture between my thighs and I feel like I am in heaven, if only for a moment. "Oh, thats my girl. I just gave you your first orgasm. Wasn't that great. You feel so good." He is going faster and I hear him moan loudly and push in deep, very deep. I can feel hot liquid squirting deep in my body and he collaspes onto of me.

"You are such a good girl Nicole." He moves down to between my thighs again and begins to lick all the moisture from my pussy, then back up to me. He forces a deep kiss on my mouth as his mouth is full of a mixture of our juices. He kisses me deep and long and moans. "Wasn't that good baby. Our cum mixed together tastes so good. Get used to it baby. Your gonna taste it often.

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Next time, you will lick it off my cock on command." I just lay there looking up at him. All I could think was he wants to do this to me again?? When? Why? Wasn't my mohter enough for him? Was I raped? Did I want this? He begins to rub me and say "you have been suck a good girl tongiht. Lets get you cleaned up and back in bed before your mom gets here.


Now you keep this secret between us and don't tell anyone. The next time I come for you I expect you to come to me willingly. You will beg me to fuck you again." He showers with me, washes my body, dresses me and carries me to bed. He leans in to kiss me on my forehead and says "goodnight sweetheart" then walks out.

That was three years ago and Sam is still coming to my room every time my mom works late, and sometimes he gets me from school and takes me to his place.

I have never say no and I have never told anyone. As far as I know he has never touched Nat, and he promises me as long as I do as he says he never will. Sam was right about so many things. I did learn to be a woman. The first time I was with Adam he was very pleased with me. Part of me hates Sam, part of me loves him. Will I ever get away from him?