Casada gozou forte quando sentiu que entrou tudo

Casada gozou forte quando sentiu que entrou tudo
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Hello all, I just had to write what happened to me on my way to help a friend in need. My girl friend had called and said she needed help moving out, seems her and her husband were splitting up. I had asked my husband to come with me and help and he did not want to come between his friend had his wife. I told him he was being unreasonable and we had a fight the night before and did not enjoy our usual Saturday night date night or the fantastic sex that follows.

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I got up early and was in the shower when my husband decided to join me with his hard cock. He scared me when I felt his cock poke my ass in the shower. I thought he was going to go with me to help, so I started to work his cock with my hands and as I was about to give him a wet blow job I asked him if he was going with me and when he said no I handed him a bar of soap and told him to finish himself.


Our fight was still on. He told me he was going golfing with a buddy and that I should not be upset with him for siding with his friend. I wore a braless tank top and shorts because it is getting hot in the desert. When my husband saw that I was braless he gave me grief saying I never go braless anywhere with him. We live in Scottsdale Arizona and my girlfriend lives two hours south in Tucson.

I left Scottsdale around 9:30 and expected to be in Tucson around noon. I had brought a Harlequin book on tape to listen to on my ride. I was about 90 miles south of Phoenix wet between my legs from the sexy voices reading my romance novel over the radio.

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My 34D breast were at full attention and I would alternate my free hand between playing with my hard clit and tweaking my hard nipples.

Just as the girl in the book was about to be violated by her husbands boss I ran over something and got a flat. I pulled over and limped my Avalanche to an off ramp. I was outside Eloy Arizona in the middle of nowhere. I used my Onstar to call my husband to tell him he needed to come and help me.

He was on his third hole which meant his third beer and told me it was a good thing I was braless and that a passing car would stop and help me. I was pissed and hung up on him. He called right back and asked for the exit I was on so he could call AAA for me. After he called them he called back and told me they would be an hour to an hour and a half. I grabbed a pillow from my back seat and took the bed covers off and was lying in the hot Arizona sun listening to my romance novel as I got a tan and waited for AAA.

I fell asleep and was awoken by two young men who had pulled up behind me in a small RV. The said it looked like I needed help with my tire. I climbed out of the bed of the truck and smiled and told them that AAA was on the way.

Then I looked at my watch and noticed it had only been 25 minutes. I must have fallen asleep really quickly. I showed them where the spare was and they went to work I had forgotten to turn the radio down and as they were jacking up my truck the lady in the book was screaming thru an orgasm. This got the boys attention and when I saw their faces they were blushing.

I reached in and turned the radio off, doing so I felt my hard nipples coming back to life. I called my husband and told him that two nice boys had stopped to change my tire and he teased me about showing them my hard nipples and I told them I was old enough to be their mother, he told me I was still very hot and to call when I was back on the road.

I watched as they took off the tire from under my truck and was taken by their fine bodies. They both were around 23-25 and very tan, very lean, not real tall but taller than my husband who is 5'8. They were both wearing shorts and tank tops and flip flop sandals. I asked them where they were headed and they told me they were minor league baseball players heading to El Paso to report to a new team.

After they had gotten the tire from under the truck they asked me for my special lug nut for my custom rims.

I did not have a clue what they were talking about and called my husband and he told me it was in the glove compartment I thanked him and hung up.

I told the boys it was in there and one of them went to get it. He stuck his head out and said it was not there. He got out and I went to look for it and did not find it I called my hubby and he said to look harder it was there, or wait for AAA and they will be able to fix it. I told the boys this and they told me they would wait and invited me into the RV where it was nice and cool.

I found out their names were Josh and Danny they were 22. I told them my son was 21 and my daughter was 20 both in college in Tempe. Josh remarked with a mom as good looking as me my daughter must be beautiful. I smiled and said thanks when Danny asked if I wanted a margarita (my weakness)? I said sure since we had to wait. Danny then said we should call AAAA and tell them about my special lug nut so they would be sure they had the right one.

He called and said the ETA was now officially 2 hours. Josh poured me a large drink and I noticed it was much stronger than my husband makes, but I had two hours to fill and these young men were so nice to keep me company. I called my girlfriend and told her I would be a few hours late and she offered to come and help. I told her not to bother that I was in good company and she should get as much packed as possible before I get there.

I went back into the RV and the boys were on the bed drinking while I sat at the table with my larger stronger margarita. We talked about each other and I told them I was 46 and have been married for 24 years and had two kids. Josh told me he was from Kansas and Danny was from Texas they were in double A ball which is one step from the big show as they said.

They had only met each other 3 days ago when they were notified they were assigned to El Paso. I remarked they seemed like best of friends and made a good team together. Josh said he was a pitcher and Danny was his new catcher and that good chemistry is necessary between pitcher and catcher.

As we were drinking there rock music CD ran out and Danny asked me if I wanted to listen to my CD. I turned beet red and told him I was ok. Josh asked me if that is what they call a Harlequin book and remarked his mother reads them all the time. I asked how old his mother was and he told me she was 55. I told them that my mother had given me my first book about 5 years ago and that they were and escape from reality.

They both smiled. I turned red again and could feel my nipples getting hard again. These two boys had been nothing but kind and helpful and I was becoming aroused in their presence. Danny got up and refilled my drink and Josh said it was time for a shot.

I declined and they teased me and I relented. Right before I put to my lips to a shot of tequila a DPS car stopped behind us. The boys told me they had been drinking before and I should tell him everything was ok. I walked out of the RV and when the officer approached he asked if we were ok and I showed him my flat and told him my nephew and his friend were waiting with me.

He tipped his dark sun glasses (to my nipples I think) and said he would check back later to make sure I was alright. I went back in the RV and Danny handed me my shot I downed it and knew right away I had too much to drink.

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I get really horny when I get drunk. My nipples were staying hard now no matter what we talked about. Our talk went back to my book Josh wanted to know what it was about.

I told him about a married lady being seduced by her husbands' boss so her husband would get a raise. Danny asked if there were any stories where a hot milf is seduced by two younger strangers. I was too far drunk and should have known better but I told him it I had not read one like that yet but I think it would be good. Trying to keep it light I asked what a milf was. They both said in unison Mom I like to Fuck.

I was red again and my hard nipples now had wetness between my legs to tell me I had taken this too far. Danny then asked if I would show them my tits because my nipples were driving him crazy. Josh said that for a 46 year old lady I had great tits and that I could wear them braless was testament.

I told them I was happily married and then to my own surprise I pulled my tank top over my head and told the boys to do the same. They went one step further and took their shorts and tank tops off. They were down to the very tight gym shorts which held very nice pieces if meat behind them. Josh said he bet I would be wearing Victoria Secret under wear and could they see. I again told them I was a married woman and took my shorts off to prove him right. As I settled back into my seat Danny remarked that my underwear had a wet spot.

I was so embarrassed and was red again. Josh asked if it was them or my book on tape. I smiled and said it was the margaritas that they always make me horny (I did not believe said that). As I said that I noticed the trunks hidden in their Under Armor were growing. Josh asked permission to free his cock and said he would respect my marriage but his cock was throbbing and needed to be released.

Danny was not far behind and I was staring at two very hard very nice cocks. My husband is just fine for me I would guess around 7.

or so and these boys were thicker and longer by at least an inch with Danny really thick and a little smaller than Josh. Danny asked if he could masturbate on my tits. I got an idea and put my shirt on and went to my truck and got my book on tape and ran back into the RV as the boys trying to stuff themselves back into their under shorts.

They quickly apologized and when I handed Josh the CD smiles came back and shorts came back off. The story was back over the speakers and I went to the back bed and invited the boys to sit on the bed next to me.

We listened for a minute or two and I was spell bound as I watched theses two young men slowly work their hands over their cocks.

They both were listening to the tape that I had reset to the previous chapter to before I fell asleep. They were still stroking and staring at my tits and saying that they would love to touch them. I reached over and grabbed each cock and was telling each of them that this was a far as I could go. I could not get hands around either of them they were that thick. I pulled each one to my nipples and started beating their cocks against my nipples which drives me crazy with lust and soon I had an orgasm which I am sure they noticed.

Josh warned me he was close to coming and then he erupted a huge amount of cum all over my chest and tummy he bent down and started licking all his cum from my body paying close attention to the nipple that had drove him over the edge.

Danny said he was ready to cum and wanted to shoot off in my mouth. I told him that was not part of the plan and would not be fair to Josh. I then took both of my hands and used some of the wetness from Josh to help him along and he shot off at least as much as Josh. They both licked my body clean with Danny darting his tongue towards my panty covered pussy a few times.

I lie back on the bed and closed my eyes and the tape was at the where the boys found me. The lady on the tape was screaming for her lover to fuck her harder talking like a real slut and begging for more. Josh asked if I liked these stories and I told him that I now had my own story to help me escape. Danny handed me my drink and said another shot was in order.

I quickly downed the drink and chased it with my margarita. I was wet between my legs and feeling very good when I noticed both boys were still pointing straight ahead as hard as they were before they came all over my chest. I commented this fact and Josh said he was good for 3 loads of cum before his cock would not come back right away.

Danny said he was good for at least two times maybe more depending on the girl. I told them both my husband was only good for once a night no matter if I climaxed or not and that sometimes he came in under five minutes leaving me wanting. Both boys said they would fuck me like I have never been fucked before if I would let them.

I reminded them I was almost happily married (even though I was considering the possibilities). I asked the boys how long we have been here when Josh said and hour and 10 minutes, he said he would go and call AAA.

While Josh went to my truck to call AAA Danny waved his cock in front of my face and begged me to suck his cock until Josh came back. I told him it would not be fair to Josh and that AAA would be here soon enough. Josh came back and took his shorts off and was hard quickly while telling me that AAA was still over an hour away saying that on Sundays they were shorthanded and they take the closest calls first.

I started to get up and get dressed and the boys started protesting. I told them they needed to get to El Paso and I would be alright. They said no way and I should make myself comfortable and naked so they could jerk off again on my body.

What the hell I thought and off came my top and shorts leaving my panties on. I again lay in the middle of the bed while each was on a side on his knees with their cocks at attention and pointing at my tits. Danny asked me to take my panties off and show them my bush as he said he was sure I had a bush.

And wanted to see how trim I kept it. I was so hot and horny that I could not believe that these two young cock have been in my presence hard for and hour and I have refrained from doing anything other than touch them, my mind was in control but the alcohol was starting to take over and I knew if they did not leave soon I would be breaking my marriage vows. I told the boys I would take my panties off and they could jerk off while I played with my clit.

I had Danny turn the Cd to the other side and start it again while used my arms to push my boobs together Josh took this as a sign that I wanted his cock between them and he climbed over me and placed his cock between my tits and started fucking my tits slowly and completely pushing his cock almost to my mouth and withdrawing it so when he pushed it back he parted my globes.

Danny was watching waiting for his turn stroking his cock I went back and forth between his cock and reaching under Josh and playing with my clit. During one stretch I was close to an orgasm while playing with my clit I used my tongue to taste the precum from josh's cock.

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While all this was happening the girl in the book was screaming thru another climax and I had closed my eyes and was silently mouthing fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me I thought under my breath but was soon gasping as Danny was stuffing his thick cock into my wet pussy.

My mouth started out saying noooo but was soon replaced by a silent powerful climax and chants of yes yes yes yes ooh yes.

He was only halfway in me and I had a huge orgasm. Josh reached behind my head and lifted my head so he could feed me his cock and I did not disappoint taking his cock as far as my mouth would allow.

Danny was still not all the way in me and I had never felt so full in my life. My cunt juices were pouring in to accommodate his thickness and soon he was all the way buried up to his hanging balls.

He stayed still so my body could adjust to his size and I used the time to enjoy another climax as I was surprised I took his whole cock in me. Josh was still fucking my tits and was spanking my nipples like before and I grabbed his cock and swallowed the whole thing and was using my tongue on his tip and was looking in his eyes telling him silently that I wanted his cum in my mouth.

He held my head in place as he emptied his load down my throat. I could not take all of his cum and it started running down my chin and neck. Just as he withdrew his still hard cock (Iwas amazed at his staying power) Danny started fucking my pussy first slowly until I was completely wet then he picked up the pace and gave me the hardest fuck of my life and I was louder than the book on tape girl as he brought my body to orgasm after orgasm.

Josh was waving his hard cock and begging to fuck my ass and I stopped Danny and told them no ass!!! And that if wanted to fuck me he would have to wait til Danny was done. He then High Fived his buddy and took a seat on the bed while Danny fucked me senseless with his tireless cock.

I has had at least four orgasms before Danny asked permission to cum in my body. I told him I could not get pregnant and to give me all he has. He then fucked me harder than he had and yelled as he filled my body with hottest load of cum I have ever taken his cum was hot and warmed my insides and brought on another climax. Danny withdrew his cock and our combined juices flowed out of my cunt all over the bed.

Josh wasted no time in taking his place and his larger though not as thick cock was a totally different feeling than Danny. While Josh was slowly entering my body I told Danny to call AAA and get an up date. Before he was out of the RV Josh had his cock buried in my body and he was touching me deeper even than Danny just had.

Josh was fucking me like he was out for a Sunday drive in the park telling me all along how much he like my body and how he had never had a piece of ass as good as me. I was flattered and really welcomed his understated fucking after the thrashing I got from Danny.

Josh was fucking me nice an slow while playing with my sensitive nipples which brought me to my first orgasm with him in me. He was the perfect lover waiting until my climax had subsided before he picked up the pace and started pounding my cunt harder and harder making me scream out in a sudden climax. Josh again waited for me to finish and started in again at breakneck speed fucking me harder and harder while slapping my tits around I was delirious in ecstasy as he kept this up. Then all of the sudden he slowed way down and was barely at a crawl as he fucked me.

I climaxed with the sudden change of pace and was again begging him to fuck me harder. He pulled all the way out and told me to turn over and get on my hands and knees he wanted to fuck me doggie style ( my favorite position with my husband because he can reach my G- spot with his cock).

When Josh pushed his cock in me he was resting on my g spot where my husband can reach it by thrusting Josh just had to bury his cock in me and he was sitting right on top of my g spot. He started fucking me and he hit my spot on every stroke and I was in orgasm heaven and could not beg him to fuck me harder because I was speechless from my body being taken over from my continuous climaxes.

I had my head buried in a pillow when I looked up and noticed Danny waving his hard cock in my face.

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I stared at it for a few of Joshes strokes before I stuck my tongue out and guided it to my dry mouth. I was lost in lust by the fucking Josh was giving me and I tried to take as much as I could of Danny's fat cock. Soon my mouth took over with a mind of its own because my cunt had no intention of stopping the pleasure that it was getting from Josh. My mind separated my body into two parts and I was soon sucking His fat cock as well as I was getting fucked by Josh.

I was sucking Danny thru my climaxes from Josh and I was taking more of his thick cock than I ever thought possible and was soon rewarded with his third load of cum all over my face as he pulled out as he exploded on my face and hanging bouncing tits.

Josh continued to pound into my g spot and keeps my lower body delirious with ecstasy and orgasm after orgasm. I was amazed that my body stayed lubricated during this intense fucking session, with my husband if he has not cum after twenty minutes I start to dry up and its starts to hurt and I have to either have him stop or finish him off in my mouth and my pussy is off limits for at least two days because of the raw skin rash he gives me from his cock.

These two bigger and thicker cocks have thoroughly thrashed my body and yet I was still very well lubricated and showed no sign of being raw or even drying out. It probably was the alcohol and the strangeness of it all. Whatever it was I did not want it to end and from the fucking Josh was giving me I was not sure it would ever end. I was on my way to yet another mind numbing orgasm when josh told me he was about to fill my cunt full of his seed, when he erupted I felt a flood of him cover my whole inner body which brought on another climax as he fell on top of my body and we crashed in to the bed.

His sweating body mixed with mine and when his cock popped out of my cunt I felt the flood gates open as his cum came gushing out of my body. I was amazed that his cock was still very hard after having thoroughly trashing my body for at least an hour. He climbed over and fed me his cock to my mouth and I did not waste any time in trying to get another load of cum from his insatiable cock. Danny who had disappeared was back and had his mouth buried in my vagina bringing my clit towards another climax.

I am not sure how I did it but Josh flooded my mouth with another of his sweet loads in less than ten minutes as Danny had my screaming while he nibbled on my clit. Josh and his cock were done and Danny wanted me to suck him again and we ended our tryst with a 69 and both of us coming in under ten minutes.

I was exhausted and my 46 year old body needed a hot bath and a warm bed. I watched as the boys stuffed their deflated but still large cock back in there shorts with out their under wear and stood up and found my panties and my tank top and shorts.

Josh came over and put his tongue in mouth and told me I was the best fuck of his life and I smiled and told him if he is half as good with his women he will never have trouble getting a girl wet. As I walked outside to my Avalanche I noticed the tire was changed, I look at the boys and Danny said while Josh and I were having fun he found the lug nut and changed the tire, I should have noticed his dirty shirt and hand during his last blow job but my mind was focused on his big cock.

Danny said my Onstar phone had been ringing but he did not answer it. I told them we needed to call AA A and cancel the call. Josh said it was already cancelled. Then it hit me I was set up and seduced by these two young men. I then told them I did not appreciate their little game and asked them how they knew I would play along with them. Josh told me that before they woke me up they and watched me for about fifteen minutes and had been masturbating while I was sleeping exposing my neatly trimmed pussy that Danny was so enthralled with.

They begged me to forgive them and all I could do was tell them to keep our secret between us and that I appreciated that they stopped for me. As they were getting ready to leave my phone rang I reached in and answered it and it was my husband wondering where I was. I told him I was in a bad area and would call him back soon. I went back to say goodbye to the boys as my phone rang again, it was my friend in Tucson wondering where I was it was now close to 2:30 I got my flat at half past ten.

I quickly got the attention of the boys and ask them when they had to be in El Paso, Josh told me they had until 4pm Monday. I then told them they had to help my friend as they had kept me from helping her. Both boys asked if she was a nice lady like me. I told them they were going to help her pack and move and anything else was none of my business and that they were not to let anything that happened here go anywhere. They assured me our secret was safe. I gave Danny a hug good bye and he thanked me for a memorable time.

When Josh gave me a kiss he put his hand under my shirt to fondle my tits. I reached into his shorts and ran my fingers down the length of his hardening cock. I gave them Sharons address and off they went.

I got back on the freeway towards Phoenix and called Sharon and told them the boys were on their way, she asked me if she needed to pay them and I assured her I had already taken care of them. I hung up with her and called my husbands cell he was livid wanting to know where I was and why I did not answer his many phone calls.

I told him the key was off while I waited for AAA and that the boys had found the lug nut and I bought them lunch for changing my tire. After calming hin down I ended our call with telling him I was on my way home and that the he was right the boys liked my tank top.

I smiled as I pushed the off button and headed north on I-10. I had barely gone five miles when I was being pulled over by a DPS car. I pulled over and wondered if I was swerving from all the drinking I had done. I sat in my car as he walked slowly towards my truck. He pointed to an exit about a half mile away and told me to follow him there. I had no idea what was going on as I followed him I called my husband and asked him what could happen I did not tell him I had been drinking.

He told me to admit nothing and to be as calm and cool as possible. I was a nervous wreck as he walked up to my truck and asked me to step out. He asked me if I had anything to drink and I cannot lie and told him I had a margarita for lunch about an hour ago. He then asked me if I was willing to take a sobriety test.

We were standing at his rear door and I was scared and my nipples became hard as I stood on one foot and counted the alphabet. The cop was not paying attention to my test and I thought something was up and stopped and asked him what was going on. He then opened his passenger door and invited me to sit and showed me a pair of binoculars and asked if I always fuck my nephews. I was dumbstruck. He then told me when he came on duty the older DPS officer had told him about the Avalanche with the flat and that her nephew was helping her out.

He said he drove by the first time not giving us a second look, but when we were still there an hour later he checked with AAA and had been told the call was cancelled he the doubled back and got off the freeway from the north exit and watched to make sure I was alright he said when he saw me fucking my nephew and drinking a shot he knew I lied to the other officer.

He said he saw The boy come out and change the tire while the other one fucked me silly as he called it, He then saw as I sucked him after the tire was changed. I told him that the boys had fooled me into playing with them and that my husband would kill me if he knew.

Then he asked me how did we want to handle this situation. I told him I was fine to drive if he would let me. He told me that watching me handle the two boys had given him a sore cock because he could not take his cock out in his patrol car. I knew where this was going and from my sitting position in his back seat I pulled his zipper down and freed his hard cock and took it in my waiting mouth and I had my third strange cock of the day.

He was also bigger than my husband but not as big as the boys. I was enjoying this and my panties were becoming wet again. His aroma was different then the boys and I found that stimulating and his uniform made wetter as I swallowed his cock. He really liked my skills and asked if he could fuck me after I suck his cock.

I did not pay attention to his blabbering and continued to give his cock my undivided attention and was quickly rewarded with another huge load of cum, not wanting any on my shirt I swallowed his whole load, I licked my lips with my long tongue while I stared into his eyes.

He withdrew his cock and it too was hard as a rock and showed no signs of going soft.


He asked if I would fuck him and who was I to say no. I stood up and bent over the back trunk of the car and he asked me to keep my shirt on in case someone drove by. I pulled down my shorts and he tried to put his big cock in from behind but he was too tall and could not bend over enough to get his cock in my 5'7. frame.

He had to be at least 6'4. and easily 250lbs but very handsome especially in his uniform. I crawled back into the back seat and got on all fours with my ass up in the air towards the open area. I pulled my shorts down and guided his cock to my clit first and had him fucking my clit for a minute or two until I was on the brink of another orgasm when I used my hand to feed his cock in my vagina and he began fucking me harder and harder.

I was soon out of control as he took over and fed me his cock over and over fucking me into a frenzy of climaxes and orgasms. I had my ass high in the air and he was fucking me downward and I was lost in a state of euphoria as he continued to pound away at my body I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and harder and he had to stop and take off his belt because his baton kept the seat interrupting his rhythm when he put his belt in the floor of the car I noticed his gun and the sight of that shining black metal sent me over the edge and I had my final collapsing orgasm of the day.

He had to support my body as he finished fucking my limp body and filling me with another load of cum. He was sweating profusely thru his uniform and I was a heap in his back seat.

After I regained my senses I pulled my shorts up and could feel his cum running down my legs as he thanked me and wished me well on my way home. I got in my truck and made it home uneventful. I got home at 5pm and had been gone over 7 hours and had the best sex of my life and I was still not sore or the least bit guilty.


My husband could have prevented it all had he gone with me or even came to my rescue. My husband asked what took so long and I told him I went to help a friend and ended up making new friends and still helping my friend.

I took a long hot tub and when my husband came in and started taking off his pants and wanted to join me in my tub as his cock started to grow, as much as I was still horny I did not want to give in to him and I reminded him that I was braless in front of a few men today and they seemed to love my nipples.

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I slept peacefully that night and the next day Sharon called to say the boys were better than advertised saying they had spent the night and told her that they had thought I was a hot milf but a very nice lady. She told me that after they had moved them she cooked them a meal and they went swimming in her new apartment pool and had hit it off with a couple of girls at the pool.

She said she came in and was reading (guess what) a book when Danny came back and said that Josh had passed out in a chair by the pool and could he take a shower. Sharon said when the shower stopped Danny came out with towel that did not cover his body and that when she saw his cock she just had to have it.

She said he fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked by her soon to be ex. And that his cock was so big she had only seen such a cock in porn's. She said she had to have him before they left and she sent Josh to buy breakfast so she could fuck Danny again. I washed and retired my clothes from that day and keep them close to my Harlequin collection. End of Story