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Muscled dude in threesome for gay cash on video camera
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The hardest law case. Chapter One: It was a cold, windy day with rain absolutely pouring down in New York. Jade Aston peered through her office window with a sigh.

Out on the street the the people passing by hurried, raincoats drenched. Jade peered back at her desk, wishing she didn't have to work. It was far too much of a miserable day. A knock at her office door alerted her, jolting her out of her misery. "Enter!" Jade called out. The guy who worked at the front desk, Remy, entered immediately. "Darling, I got you some coffee. Thought you might enjoy it while doing whatever you lawyers do!" He said with a charming smile.

"Thanks so much Remy. You know just how to cheer me up." Jade replied, smiling back at him. "I have about five minutes before I'm required at the desk. Now spill. Seen any cute guys recently? Matt just broke up with me, so I'm looking for fresh, hot, gay meat." Remy whispered. Jade got up and shut the door. She didn't want anyone listening in. "Remy, you seriously need to find someone you at least have one thing in common with. I mean, honestly. You can't keep dating the first guy you see on the streets." Jade exclaimed.

"Huh. Last time I ask a straight friend anything." Remy snorted. "Well, laters. My tea break's over. And seriously, you need to ask Alex out already. I'm sick of you mooning over him, like, 24/5 at work. It's sad." Remy ducked out of the way as Jade threw a law textbook at him. "Buzz off!" Jade called after him as he closed the door behind him, heading off back to the front desk to do what the company paid him for. Jade settled back down into the cushioned office chair she called home five days of the week.

Her mind strayed to Alex. The gorgeous, handsome, smart playboy millionaire who owned the company. She had had a crush on him for years, ever since she had first been employed into the company. He was two years older than she was, at the young, successful age of 29.

He had black hair which was always soft and messy in a cute kind of way. His chest was well built-she could tell he worked out at the gym quite a lot.

He was tall, about 6 foot, and had the most amazing piercing green eyes.

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He was always clean-shaven and his business suits were custom made and clung to his magnificent physique. Alex Worthington, however, was 100% off-limits. Not only did he own all of the company and was a billionaire but he had never taken the same girl to an office party twice.

He was a playboy, and could get any girl he wanted.

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So why on earth would he ever even look twice at her? She was short but not a dwarf at 5"4. Her honey blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders down to her mid-waist and was straight as a board-she never ever had to straighten it. She was quite thin and had bright blue eyes. She wore little make up- mascara usually, and deep cherry red lipstick when she felt daring.

She was very pretty, but she would never say she was anything like the bimbos Alex took to the office parties- they wore far too much makeup, low-cut halter tops, mini skirts and heels which could be criminal. Her wardrobe was much more simple- a small black dress going down just past her knees with long sleeves and a V-neck, making sure it ended just before her C cup breasts.

She also wore 3 inch black heels which made her feel taller and more approachable. Her ears were pierced once and she wore small diamond studs in them. She was defiantly nothing like the women her boss seemed to prefer. She sighed, taking a deep breath. Then she reluctantly stood, grabbing a red cashmere scarf from the back of her chair and headed out of her office to go down to the lobby and let Remy know he had left his expensive scarf on her chair, and that he might want it back.

Chapter two: Alex Worthington walked down the hall towards the elevator to get down to the lobby.


He pressed the elevator button, hoping he wouldn't have to wait too long this time. He heard someone walking up behind him. "Have you already pressed the button?" A sweet, soft voice like honey asked, immediately shooting straight down to his cock.

"Yes, I have. Alex Worthington, owner of this company, by the way." He stuck out his hand to the blonde beauty, who took it in her small delicate hand.

Sparks shot straight to his groin yet again. "Jade Aston, lawyer for your company, by the way." She replied, smiling gently. He smiled back, slightly mesmerised by her smile and voice combined. He noticed she looked a little flushed. "Are you alright? Forgive me, but you like quite flushed." He said to her, watching her blush deeply. "I'm fine, I assure you. Perhaps it is just the long sleeves of this dress making me feel over-heated." She replied, refusing to meet his gaze, instead staring at her black sexy heels.

He looked up and down her body as discreetly as possible. She was gorgeous. He was certain she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Even prettier than those fake-breasted bimbos he fucked often. She was natural, and everything about her made him want her. He wanted her tight, pretty body and large, bountiful breasts to be tucked safely underneath him. He wanted to hear her moan in that voice like honey while he pounded her with his hard cock, disappearing into her hot wetness and bringing her to multiple orgasms.

Ding. The elevator doors opened, bringing him back to his senses. He stepped inside after Jade, wanting to take her right there, but allowing himself only to stay as far away from her side of the elevator as possible to avoid inhaling he sweet scent, which smelt like jasmine. About 10 seconds later he was saved from the torture of his aching groin when the elevator doors opened on the lobby floor and she exited the elevator, walking towards the front desk, where she leaned over and handed a scarf to the new guy at the front desk.

She laughed at something he said, and he had to ignore the strange feeling of small jealousy that overtook his raging boner, killing it instantly. Perhaps he should fire the desk boy. He would have to contemplate that thought, and learn the annoying asshole's name. He shook himself mentally. What was he thinking? Here he was jealous about a girl he had just met talking to a random guy at the desk!

"Honey, are you going to stand there all day or go out to lunch with your poor old mother?" Asked a voice. He was jolted from his train of thought. His mother looked up at him, her kind eyes searching for his.

"Of course mum. Let's go, shall we?" He replied. He took his mother's arm and led her out of the building, trying to ignore Jade's honey sweet laughter at something the desk boy had said. Chapter three: After returning the scarf to Remy and listening to his cheesy jokes while trying not to freak the fuck out, Jade returned to her office. Shutting the door behind her, she sat down in her chair. She calmed herself down by taking deep breaths. Alex had just spoken to her.

She couldn't believe it. Not only that but she had been in the same elevator as him! She suddenly realised it felt as though her face was on fire. She was blushing. Like a tomato. What a great look. She had seen him so many times before, at office parties and meetings, but never had she had the opportunity to introduce herself.until today. He now knew who she was! Granted, he probably wouldn't remember what it was tomorrow, but still.perhaps this wasn't such a gloomy day after all. Jade got up and stared out the window.

The rain was seriously getting on her nerves. When would it go away? She checked the time on her watch.3:46pm. Great. All she wanted to do was curl up at her home with a glass of champaign and a block of chocolate, and of course, a romance novel. Perhaps she could find one about a lawyer and her boss? She shook her head. Time to get back to work, she thought as she sat back down and buried her head in the latest case- a pissed divorcee wanting money from his ex.

Great. Chapter four: It was 10:45pm and Alex had only just gotten home to his mansion. He stretched his feet out on his plush sofa and turned on his 72" TV.


He finally decided on a rerun of Bones. He settled back and relaxed, ready for a night of complete relaxation. Ring!! Went his phone. Standing, he answered it grimly. "Daniel, no matter what you say I'm not leaving the comfort of my couch." He said, hoping his step-father had some kind of reason for calling so late. "Sorry, Alex. I have a request- well, more like a proposition for you. If you go down to Melbourne in three months and attend an important conference and make your company look good, I'll let you inherit your brother's share of the house." His step-father waited while Alex stood glued to the phone in shock.

Daniel Gabriel Worthington was born only 10 months after he was. Unfortunately, Daniel had died in a drunk car accident four years ago. His step-father had refused to give him any of Daniel's inheritance. His mother had completely broken down and had died the month afterwards.

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Alex sighed. "Fine. But you know how much I hate traveling." He mumbled, before hanging up. He ran his fingers through his messy dark hair. He sat back down and continued watching the show. His mind, however, was on other things. His step-father, his mother, Daniel.the emotions came running back into his mind like a bad dream.

He got up and walked up the stairs to have a shower and wash the stress away. He stripped naked and stood underneath the jets of warm water. His thoughts turned away from parents and dead brothers, to the beautiful, alluring Jade. He badly wanted to see her again. He shook his head. It was purely lust, he told himself. You barely know this woman. His cock stood semi-erect at the thought of her.

He groaned. He placed his hand around his manhood, stroking the velvety skin gently up and down.

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He placed more pressure as he imagined what Jade's body would look like without her dress. He increased the speed of his jerking, making it harder than he thought was humanly possible. Images of the girl he had met outside the elevator filled his mind, and second later he felt his balls start to tighten.

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Increasing speed even more, he shot his hot sperm all over the white tiles on the back wall of his shower. He continued to slowly stroke his penis as it began to slowly shrink back to its flaccid state. He realised he was acting slightly like a horny teen, but who cared? He was finally feeling a small piece of stress fall away. He then turned off the shower and stepped out, drying himself off completely.

He then made his way to the bedroom, where he changed into a pair of boxers. He turned off the light and hopped into bed, ready for a night of peaceful dreams. Chapter 5: Jade sighed and breathed deeply. Her day so far had been miserable. She had woken at 3:43am due to the pouring rain which was still continuing outside her office. She still had to finish off a case she found particularly hard as well.

It was 12:45pm, and at 1:00pm she was supposed to go down and have lunch at the corner cafe with Remy. She got up and sighed. What a horrid day.

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As she left her office she noticed a sticky note stuck to her door. It read 'Please see me ASAP. Alex.' She started breathing slowly, trying not to have a panic attack. When she was younger she had been prone to panic attacks, and had often ended up in hospital for them.

She hadn't had a panic attack for many years though, so she thought she was safe. Why on Earth would Alex want to talk to her? She was ordinary. Was it possible he remembered her from yesterday? No, impossible. Why would he remember her? She checked her watch and realised she had about 15 mins before she was to go out for lunch with Remy. She walked down the hall towards Alex's office.

She knocked politely on the door. "Yes? Who is it?" A female voice called out. "Ummmm, it's Jade Aston. Alex- I mean Mr Worthington wanted to see me?" Jade replied, wondering who the woman was.

Was it his lover? Girlfriend? God, she hoped not. The door opened. A nice elderly lady peered out. Well, that ruled out her suspicions. "Hello dear, my name is Laney Worthington. I'm Alex's mother. Yes, he's expecting you. And don't worry, you're not in trouble." The elderly lady smiled at her and pointed towards another door inside the office.

"Thank you. And very nice to meet you Mrs Worthington." Jade said as she walked towards the door. Her heart was beating so fast she was scared it would explode. Thanks for reading I will be posting part two soon. Please comment :) hope u liked and leave suggestions about what should happen in the future. :)