Nikki Börse ist eine psychische Transe Prostituierte

Nikki Börse ist eine psychische Transe Prostituierte
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I am 16 so if this is not very good can you please not go to hard on me as this is also the first time a have written a sex story. When this happened I was 16 and was really horny all the time. I am bi so nearly anything was getting me hard and horny.

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My name is Jonathan For the past three months my mum, and my two sisters and me have been going to a personal trainer. My mum (Margaret) is 50 years old and has a bit of a belly and small tits.

But she had a nice rounded ass that looks amazing when she bends over. She has short blonde hair. My youngest sister (Gabrielle) who is 18 has red hair and is fairly skinny. She has fairly big tits (bigger than my mums).

My oldest sister (Sarah) who is 30 has massive tits that bounce when she runs on the treadmill but she is a bit fat but has lovely curves and a nice ass (the hottest of the family).

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She has short brown hair. The trainer (Sharon)that we have has short blonde hair. She is short and has a lovely small body. Her tits a small but she has the best ass which is small and round. We went to pt (personal trainer) once a week. I would always be really keen and want to go. I would always love being there (mostly because of the girls). Every time I went I would perv out on all the girls especially Sarah and Sharon. I would then get a bit of a hard on every time.


Every night after pt i would come home and hope straight in the shower. I would then start thinking about the girls and my cock would get hard. Every night I would think of a different girl and start stroking my cock hard and fast and then I would pretend to cum all over their faces.

I kept doing this for like three months perving on all the girls and getting hard. On night my mum saw me looking at Sarah. That night mum came into my room and said "Jonathan I saw you looking at Sarah" I couldn't say or do anything but stare at the floor. She continued "I know your a horny teenage boy but that is your sister you are perving on" "So she's hot." I said in a nervous voice.

"Do you think my hot." Mum said looking at me all horny. "Yes." I said looking at her ass. Margaret lent over and kissed me on the lips tongue and all and then walked out(the first time that has happened to me). All I could do is sit their and stared at the floor. The kiss was amazing and I was in shock at how good it was. The next week at pt all the girls were looking at me different and sometimes nit even at my face but down lower.

That night was really hot and Sharon said that it was okay for me to take my shirt off if I wanted.

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I didn't hesitate one second to take it off. All the girls just started starring at me abs (I have a six pack). Sarah and Gab even cam up and touched them and moved their hands to my lower abs near my pants. I thought this was really strange. After the session was over I went to grab my shirt but mum said with some urgency "Leave that and come over here Jonathan." I went over and mum explained what was happening "You said that Sarah and I were hot so I thought that you would think the other two are hot.

So I let them all know and they think that you are really sexy" I was starting to blush and looking at all the girls tits and said "Yeah well that is true." Mum started to take her shirt off slowly and sexy.

All that was left was a bra over her nice tits.

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Gab then started to take off her shirt not as sexy thought but her tits were still very nice. Sharon the turned around and ripped off her shirt. She then turned around and I saw those lovely well rounded tits of hers.

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Sarah the only one with her shirt on now did what Sharon did and turned around and took off her shirt. She then played with her tits a bit and pulled them out of her bra a bit and then turned around and I saw her lovely fucking huge DD.

Sarah said sexily "Lets see your cock big boy" I slipped my shorts down and then pit my hands in my pants and stroked my cock and made it hard and then slowly pulled down my undies revealing my huge cock (it is 7 inches long). All the girls got onto their knees and started to stroke and suck my cock and balls.

I got really really hard (harder than I ever had been). There was spit running down my legs and my cock was socking. I'm about to cum" I screamed and all the girls put their heads near my cock and I blasted my load all over their faces. All the girls then bent over in front of me and started to slowly pull down their pants.

All their asses were amazing. I went and slapped all their ass nice and hard. They then pulled down their panties really slow and sexy my cock was screaming. My mum said "You can have who ever you want and I will tell you how to do and how to do okay babe" I chose Sarah it was easy because she is the hottest of them all. She laid down on her back with her legs in the air and i slid in between her legs.

Mum grabbed my cock and slid it into Sarah nice hairy wet pussy.

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It was really tight and Sarah said "Oh yes your the first ever cock down their Jonno babe" I smiled and started to fuck her.

I started slowly but then got really hard and fast Sarah was screaming her head off. "Your doing great babe" Mum screamed playing with her pussy. Sarah screamed" Oh I'm about to cum babe" Then she came all over my cock and it got really slippery.


I then had to cum so I slipped it out if Sarah's pussy and into her mouth in filled her nice mouth and she swallowed it all down in one go. "Who's next." Said with excitement.

Sharon was first to jump up and scream "Me please me" "Okay" I said with a smile "I'm about to cum babe" Sharon got off and sucked my cock and a squirted my in her mouth. She swallowed it up just lime Sarah. "I will go next" screamed Gab. She got onto her hands and knees and I got in behind her and slipped my big cock in her tight hairy pussy.

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She was screaming her head off and then she cummed all over my cock. I then pulled my cock out and squirted my load all over her nice ass.

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"Ok show me what you have learned big boy" said mum with a big smile. Mum laid on her back and held her legs in the air. Her pussy was the hairiest of them all and the loosest. I slid my cock in. It felt a bit weird because she was my mum but I was too horny to care and just fucked my mum really really hard.

I made her cum all over my cock. I was fucking her really hard when I was about to cum but my mum screamed "Cum in my pussy babe" So i cummed in her pussy and it all drizzled out "That was fun" I said lying down. Sarah said "Yeah it was great we should do it again sometime." Everyone agreed so I hope it will happen The End P.S. I hope you get some fun out of this it is my first one.