Hot young couple get a lesson in lasting longer in bed

Hot young couple get a lesson in lasting longer in bed
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I was married but had a serious relationship going with a woman about 14 years younger than myself. I had a life long friend who was my age.

This story happened in the early 80's but seems like yesterday to me. I had access to a furnished buy empty house. My friends wanted to do a threeway so I offered to take them there for the evening. We entered quietly so as to not get the neighbors snooping and settled into the bedroom with the double bed. My friends were K, the woman and D, my male friend.

K was of course the center of attention.

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While her legs were heavier than her top, she was in good shape and had great control of her mouth and pussy with good solid b cup titties.

D is fairly tall and has a larger cock of about 8" to go with his physique. I have a nice sized cock about 6". As we settled in, we started by groping each other and helping each other undress. None of us was embarrassed by our normal bodies and D and I concentrated on licking and sucking on K.

As we got started, I reached over and squeezed D's cock. He was always eager and could cum a few times without any problems. He had just started to get hard and I slapped his cock against K's pussy several times, making a wet slapping sound. She moaned and wiggled her ass trying to get his cock into her pussy. I licked her pussy and made her squirm around on the bed. She was always wet and I soon reached down and grabbed D's cock again.

Rubbing the head against her lips, I got it started and watched his cock disappear and reappear in her pussy.


She was already into it and I settled in to watch up close as his cock stroked in and out of her pussy. I could see the juice building and starting to run down her crack to her ass. I ran my finger through the juice and sucked it off as I stroked my own cock. Reaching around, I put my fingers around his cock and felt it slide in and out, I squeezed his balls at the same time and he suddenly groaned and started to cum.

Being so close I was able to see and smell the cum as it oozed past his cock. He started to relax and I pulled him back from being on top. He layed back on his back with his pulsing wet cock bouncing up and down. K still had her legs up in the air and her pussy was slightly open. Smiled at me and I leaned into her pussy to smell the fresh fuck juices. I felt her hand on the back of my head and I pushed against it just long enough for her to groan and wiggle her pussy at my face before I leaned forward and started to lick her cream filled pussy.

She rewarded me with an orgasm almost immediately. I Iicked until she was wiggling around again and the I stopped. I pulled her to a sitting position and we both looked at D laying there smiling at us. I wanted her to get on top and ride him but she had different ideas. She gave me a wet kiss on the lips and she sucked on my tongue. She then pushed my face down and grabbed his semi-hard cock to bring it up to my lips. I again pretended to hesitate but when the head of his cock touched my lips, I opened up and started to suck it.

She stroked his cock and rubbed her pussy while she watched me suck him off. I loved the feel of his smooth cock in my mouth and I always sucked and moved my lips back and forth in a deliberate attempt to get him to cum again.

By grabbing his nuts with one hand and his cock with the other, I was able feel him getting harder. Soon he was fucking my face and thinking about cuming again. She had let go of his cock and was watching intently as I got him harder and harder. As he got aroused a second time, she pulled my shoulder away from him until his cock came out of my mouth with a little smacking sound.

She was clearly nearly out of her head with desire and she pulled him back on top of her. His cock slid into place and he started to pound her as hard as he could.

I knew he wouldnt cum immediately because of his earlier orgasm but I didnt want to miss out on getting into the mix. I moved to a position that was close to her face and let her turn into my cock. She was an excellent cock sucker and she had my cock twitching in no time. I let her suck as much of it in as she wanted but I held back because I didnt want to cum in her mouth. D was pounding away and I thought of what it would be like if he would suck on my cock but I didnt really expect it.

I had sucked his cock dry many times and he had never once let me stick my cock in his mouth or ass. As D bumped his pubic bone into K's, her mouth would take most of my cock in only to retreat some as he pulled back.

I watched my cock disappear and reappear for a coupld of minutes and then sensed that he was close.

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Pulling my cock out I went back between their legs and watched his balls tighten a second time. The both started making loud fuck sounds and climaxed together. This time when he lay back, his cock started to shrivel. I looked at K and she had this nice fuck me smile on her face. I positioned myself between her legs and put the head of my cock into her pussy. I moved so that as she tried to get more in her cunt, she only got 2 or 3 inches in her at most.

She went from being ready to fuck to begging for a fuck.

She moved and pulled and wimpered a few times and I just told her to cum for me. She tried to force me to stick all of my cock into her but I held back as she started working herself into another orgasm.

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Watching her face and concentration, feeling her soaking wet pussy slide on my cock and anticipating slamming all of the way into her made my cock ache with pleasure. I started to talk dirty to her. "Did you like it when I was licking your pussy with D's cock in it?" "Oh Yess." she replied. "Did you like it when sucked and stroked on his cock?" "Ohh Yess!" "What would you like me to do?" "Fuck me fuck me" she moaned.

I stll did not give her the entire length of my cock. "What do you say about my cock sucking?

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Am I as good as you?" "Maybe" she replied, "mostly it was different." Her sexual energy had nearly reached it's peak when I said Let's get another big cum out of you shall we?. I then pushed my cock into her as hard as I could and she got this surprised look on her face and she just arched back and came like crazy.

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I could feel the muscles in her pussy miking my cock and I could feel the juice from her pussy being squeezed out over my balls. She came 3 or 4 times before she had a huge cum that pushed me over the edge. My cum came from the base of my spine and I felt I was burying myself in her soul. We pushed and gasped and wore each other out until I lay in a pool of sweat on her chest.


I rolled onto her side away from D and pulled a blanket over all of us. I could feel my sticky cock against my thigh and I had my finger in her cunt, feeling is slowly settle down. I looked at K and saw a woman who was to become the best sex I would ever know. I loved her, I wanted to fuck her every chance I got and I would ultimately lose her but I would never ever forget her.

None of us are beautiful specimans of humanity but we are all beautiful people.

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This is a real story and there are lots more for me to tell. I welcome comments but keep in mind that I didnt write this to please you, only to offer you an opportunity to share. Let me know if you would like me to share more stories with you.