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Young boys porn hot the club packed with screens showing some steamy
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This Story is about what happened to me and one of my best friends last summer. Its my first Story ever, and i have to add, my first Language is NOT English, so i might have made a few mistakes. I was 18 at the time, he 19.

I always knew I wasn't "Straight", so for me, what happened isn't that much of a surprise. I am 6 foot tall, I weigh a little more than I maybe need to, but I am comfortable with my body, I am quite muscular though. My friend is as tall as me, he is very muscular and handsome. He keeps himself in shape and also has quite the good fashion sense. It all started with me telling my friend that I am Bisexual when we were sitting outside, having a drink and listening to some music.

We always love to do that during the summer, its just a little relaxation after a hectic week of work, where we just talk about anything and everything. That night we talked about a Gay couple we met some time ago, I don't even know how we came to the subject, but talking about it was probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. We talked about how wonderful the two were together and how sad we got when we heard their Stories about being disrespected by people.

In our country there is a lot less bigotry against Gays, but it is still present.

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Sometime in the conversation I started to think to myself what would happen if I told him my Secret? Would he abandon me, never talk to me again? Would he still be my friend, after all these years he surely must accept me for my true self? At one point I wasn't responding to something he said for a minute or two, so he asked what I was thinking about.

I just came out. I said it.

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"I am Bisexual" There. I did it. I couldn't think straight and almost instantly I regretted saying it. After a few painfully silent seconds that seemed to last years he suddenly stood behind me. He put both his arms on my shoulder; I was shivering due to his touch. His Hands on my shoulder's made me feel much better in an instant. I felt his Breath in my Neck as he started to move his head towards it.

"What are you doing there?" I asked him. He took one hand off my shoulder, held his index finger right in front of my mouth to signal me to stop talking. My heart started beating faster in anticipation of what I thought was going to happen right then.


His Lips hit my Neck; he started to kiss me gently. My body was still shivering because of all this, it was such a perfect moment, the night was so clear, and his kisses drove me crazy. Only seconds later he moved his hands to the location of my heart, it sent another wave of shivers all over my body. The kisses got more frequent, and I started to moan a little bit. I felt blood rushing into my crotch as he slowly kissed his way to my collar bone.

He started to fondle my Chest and belly with both his hands. I moaned louder due to him kissing more passionately than before. I couldn't handle it anymore, my whole body was hot and my heart was beating so fast as it never has before. In a blink of an eye I sprang out of my chair, I pushed his body against the cold wall behind our chairs and started to kiss him on the lips.

He started to moan like I did before, and to soon I was touching his chest and his shoulders. Our tongues intertwined as we kept kissing each other with a passion that made me go crazy.

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We were so close together that I could feel his heartbeat, it was as fast as mine, which told me he was enjoying all this just as much as I did. My left hand moved down to his crotch, I felt the outline of his semi erect penis as I gently rubbed him. A small amount of air came out of his lungs, making it sound like he was moaning into our kiss; I cupped his crotch and slowly moved my hand up and down.

The cold breeze that night didn't concern us; we had each other, and we didn't care for anything else, it was a dark night, so nobody could see us. Blood rushed through my body, I felt every heartbeat all over my body, I started shaking a bit in anticipation, and my cock was hard as a rock.

My Hand was still in his crotch, and I slowly moved it up to his Belt. With a few moves of my shaky hands I had opened his belt and quickly unbuttoned his pants to touch him without anything in between him, and me.

My hand moved under his boxers quickly, his cock was throbbing and rock hard, I rubbed it gently with my still shaky hand.

He began moaning more frequent as we still kissed passionately, my hand enclosed around him and I began to stroke his 7 Inch long cock. A few drops of precum already formed on his tip, I couldn't wait to take him in anymore. I broke our kiss and I lowered myself down on my knees, his cock was right in front of my mouth now, my hand was still stroking it as I slowly moved my head towards it.


My tongue reached the tip of his cock, I savoured the taste of the precum that had formed on it, and he twitched a little in surprise of how quickly all of this was becoming sexual. The tip of my tongue moved all over his cock tip and he became even harder because of it.

His moans became louder and I started to take his cock into my mouth, I sucked on it and licked the underside of his shaft.

He was going crazy, his head moved around and I was sure he was already about to cum; I wanted to swallow his seed so I began to move my head back and forth to make him cum as soon as it was possible.

The taste of his precum made me go wild, it was so sweet and I couldn't handle it and rubbed myself in my crotch while I gave him the first blowjob of my life. In my state of awe I forgot my surroundings; I didn't even hear his soft moans anymore while he was starting to thrust his hips forward.

My tongue was still licking the underside of his cock, and I was going back and forth quicker, with a few more powerful thrusts of his hips he came into my mouth.

His seed was hot and thick, rope after rope of it hit the back of my throat, he literally filled me up with his cum, and I gladly swallowed every drop of it. He was about to say something, but I couldn't hear him because I was fixated on licking his cock clean and caressing it. Two hands grabbed me by my head, they were his of course and he pulled me up to him and gave me a kiss. He quickly buttoned up his pants and smiled at me. It seemed like he truly wanted me, maybe even more than just fuck buddies, maybe… he wanted to be my Boyfriend.

In a blink of an eye he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him, I didn't know where yet, but I had an idea. He brought me inside to my bedroom, he was still holding my hand gently and his touch felt amazing. We stood in front of my bed for a minute; he still looked at me and held my hand.

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My eyes closed and I moved in for the kiss, I hit his lips and he instantly started to moan. He started to gently rub my back while we kissed each other lovingly; he slowly moved both hands down to my butt. It felt like he massaged my butt, suddenly he gave me a little slap on my right cheek and I let out a soft moan. We were holding each other tight; I could feel his cock getting hard again and I slowly moved my hand down into his pants again.

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There was precum all over his cock again, I started stroking him gently for a few seconds and then he pushed roughly pushed me onto the bed. He was standing in front of the bed; looking at me with such a longing that I never thought another guy could have for me.

I opened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pulled everything down, presenting him my clean shaven crotch and parts of my also clean shaven ass.

He quickly got on his knees and started to lick my cock wich was covered in precum and he seemed to enjoy the taste of it. Suddenly he licked one of his fingers and started to rub my asshole! I was in shock, but also in awe because I actually always imagined being the bottom and loved the feeling of things in my ass.

His tongue swirled around the tip of my cock and he slowly slid his finger into my tight hole.


A few seconds later he started to suck on the tip of my cock and slowly took the whole length of me into his mouth. It felt like heaven, his tongue was caressing the underside of my cock and his finger was deep inside me, I felt like I was going to cum into his mouth instantly.

My friends head started to move up and down and he pushed a second finger into my and my moans got louder every other second. I was so close, I felt it, I was cumming and I couldn't warn him because I wasn't able to talk. He pushed his finger into me one last time and then I came, I filled his mouth with the biggest load I ever shot and he swallowed all of it!

My best friend just gave me the best blowjob of all my life and I didn't ever think about it ever happening.

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My heart was beating even faster and I still felt hot all over my body as he licked over his lips, obviously enjoying the taste of my cum. Suddenly he asked: "Wanna cuddle babe?". I blushed because he adressed me with a nickname.

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I couldn't even answer straight, I just said: "Y-yeah sure if you wanna?". He pulled off all of his clothes and I did the same to the rest of the clothes I had still on myself, then he turned off the lights, got into bed and started to spoon with me, I felt his semi erect cock on my butt as he held my hand.