Ass Traffic gives proper anal treatment for Milka in gonzo style movie

Ass Traffic gives proper anal treatment for Milka in gonzo style movie
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It was the summer holidays and I was going to Spain for a week, but there was a problem. What should I do about my aching balls? How would I get some action? We were staying in a hotel and that was the problem I can't have a wank, mainly because due to my problem, and my ability to piss jizz I make such a mess, and I make quite a lot of noise. Normally when I go on holiday I find a secluded spot outside and let the cum flow, but not this time as we were going to a very busy resort and there would be too many people to get some relief.

Anyway we got there and found out we had booked a hotel used for "Club 18-30" holidays by another tour operator, All the lush girls made it harder for me, and by the third day I was desperate, and started to look around at the English girls around me of my same age, but just having found out that Bethany was also pregnant I didn't really want to father any more children if necessary. I decided that I could perhaps try and buy some condoms. So I went out and found the nearest chemist where I found what I wanted, bought them and managed to get them into the hotel room without my parents seeing.

The next day I was watching five English girls in the pool, they looked to be about the same age as me. I watched them as the swam about, their brown and blond hair floating on the water, they climbed out and I watched the rivulets of water run down across the breast and ass's down their shapely legs.

I was so horny, so I decided to walk up to them and introduce my self. They told me there names were Jesse, Abby and Christina. The told me they were on holiday with Abby's parents. The only problem was they were 16 and probably didn't want to hang around with a 15 year old. I was wrong and within the day I got to know them very well, and found out that out of the three of them only Jesse had had her cherry popped.

I needed sex, but which one? The asked me if I wanted to go swimming and I changed into my swim shorts and hopped into the pool. It was quite a large pool and was almost empty. I swam around with them until Jesse grabbed me and put her hand down the front of my shorts. Wow, this girl is easy I thought. "I haven't had sex in two days" she said "I need some" This girl was as mad about sex as me. She pulled my dick out of the leg of my shorts and slowly jacked me of, I was so close to cumming.

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I told her this but she carried on, I could feel the head of my prick swelling and could feel every movement of my foreskin over it as she stroked my shaft with her petite hand. I was in heaven. She pulled me towards her to kiss me, and in doing so pulled my cock into the fabric of her bikini bottoms. My cock pushed the fabric into her pussy with it as it sunk in a tiny way. She whimpered, and it was so sexy I came.

I looked down and saw my spunk shoot onto her bikini leaving a while patch. I then watched as the water around us became white with all of my cum. She had become aware of this as well and was amazed. I realized that it was spreading so suggested that we run, which was hard for me as I was still cumming.

As I climbed out, with my cock hanging down my leg I was still cumming, but it eventually stopped when I was fully out. As we ran away I could see the puddle of cum by the steps. We ran it a cluster of bushes and sat down. We both burst into laughter, and then she asked; "How did that happen?" I told her about my disfiguration and when she asked to see them I was only too pleased to oblige.

"Wow, they're like massive tennis balls, how much seed do they hold?" she asked "About one and a half litres" I told her. She was amazed, and asked me to show her, so I suggested we go to her room if she had a bottle. She told me it was okay as her parents were on an excursion for the day. We got to her room and she handed me the bottle, which I cut the top off.

I then dropped my shorts and was erect before they hit the floor. I began to jerk off in front of Jesse and she seemed hypnotised by the swaying of my softball size nuts.

I stroked my cock and stared at her sexy face. "Need some help" She asked, and with that pulled off her bikini top and began playing with her tits in front of me.

She was moaning softly she tweaked her nipples. There was now pre-cum on the tip of my cock and she reached out and rubbed it in with her finger, it was such an intense feeling. She knelt forward and engulfed my man meat into her soft warm mouth and began to suck and bob my head on my cock.

She was slurping away and there was a large amount of saliva on my shaft, dripping onto the floor. I was ready to cum and told her so that she could sit back and watch. I began stroking my cock faster and felt the cum rising. I decided that I would not shoot my cum but would piss it into the bottle. I started to cum and release all my muscles and out the cum poured. It just gushed into the bottle and the bottle began to fill up.

Jesse just sat there amazed at the sight in front of her.

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My balls eventually ran dry and the bottle was almost three quarters full (it was a two litre bottle). I decided I should go for a shower and left her with the bottle of cum. Later on I went out to see them and found them at the front of the hotel sucking on Ice pops.

"These are nice" they said. "What flavour is it?" I asked "Cum" they said. The then told me how after I had gone Jesse froze the cum into ice pops and had told her friends about my ability, and they all wanted one. They told me they wanted to meet up when it was dark in the two girl's rooms. I was well up for it. That night I waited until dark and went to their rooms, they opened the door and let me in, and there they all were stood their naked in front of me. I asked where Jesse was and they told me she had found another guy but she had said I would have her tomorrow.

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"You really are horny bitches" I told them. The called me over and began to undress me.

Just before they took my jacket I pulled the box of condoms out and showed the girls them. Once I was undressed they lay on the bed and told me to shag them all. I wanted to deflower my first virgin so I went for Abby first, I thought they would have wanted foreplay but she just told me to shag her.


I obliged. I rolled a condom onto me and positioned myself at the entrance to her love tunnel, I pushed into her, she was very tight, and soon I was at her hymen. I pushed hard and tore straight through it. She screamed but I carried on pushing further in until I was in up to my balls.

I then picked up the pace a bit and began slamming into her, she began to moan as I did her. I could feel every inch of her pussy clamping onto my prick. My assault on her pussy was too much for her and she came. She had obviously never orgasmed before as she told me to stop. After pulling out I moved onto my second virgin. I was too drunk with ecstasy to care about how much pain she was in and I slammed my full length straight up her. When I pulled out a little bit I noticed there was blood on the condom.


I carried on hammering away, she was screaming out loud. "Harder, harder" I flipped her over and did her doggy style. I could feel my testicles swinging into her legs and this feeling was driving my wild.

Without warning she orgasmed and I tried hard not to come as he gripped my cock like a vice. Just before I pulled out of her I lent over and kissed her. "You are so sexy Christina" I said In my state of wild sexual need I decide that I wanted to cum inside some one so I pulled the condom and asked them if either of them was on the pill.

Abby said she was so I sunk my shaft into her and bucked into her hard.

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I lasted for about 2 minutes. I came inside her and she screamed in delight. I could feel the cum building up inside her.


It felt amazing. I came about 15 times before I ran out. "I could feel you shooting inside me. I feel full of cum" she said.

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"That is because you are" I said. She stood up and held her hand over her pussy holding the cum in. She stood in the bath and removed her hand. I stood and watched as the spunk drained out and down the plug hole.

This sight made me hard again…