Slutty czech kitten stretches her narrow vagina to the extreme

Slutty czech kitten stretches her narrow vagina to the extreme
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After a while my ex and I started to have some friends among other Jr. officers and their wives. I found that they were in general, prudes, and that the husbands complained all the time about them not doing oral on them and a couple that did not care for any contact with their mouths to a cock My ex and I laughed about it a lot and then one day he came home and said, "Hey, the guys wana know if you can teach the women to suck cock." I looked at him, "So you bragging about my oral abilities?" "Well, yes, plus my friends you fucked the hell out of last month have talked" I smiled, "I love showing of and teaching, so, sure, set it up." I said and he smiled and we ate supper.

A couple weeks later he came in and said, "Friday night good for you?" he said. "I had forgotten what about and I said, "For what." "For cock sucking lessons." he said. "you sure you want me to do this?" I said. "Well, may as well." he said. "Okay, but I do it the way I wanna do it, no objections." I said. "Got it." he said. I went out and bought some soft rope and brought it home and we were having 5 other couples over, one of the guys had been in on the earlier sex party at playing cards and he knew what was happening from the first.

The night came and everyone came over and I was making the drinks stronger than normal but they were sleepers and one could not really know how drunk that they were getting until they were wasted. The women were all nice ladies and very cute and a couple busty and a little plump. After we had al had some drinks and it was obvious the women were well along I said that we should play a game.

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I described it that the girls were to be tied to chairs in a circle and blindfolded and have to guess who kissed them. All the guys were for it and eventualy the women gave in. I said I would be the last to be tied but really I would not be tied.

Things went good for a couple rounds and al the guys had gotten to kiss one not their wife.

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Finally I took off my gown and was totally naked and soaking wet and told the guys quietly to take of their clothes and sit in a circle on chairs that I had arranged so that the women could see all the cock sucking I was going to do.

I told my ex to take the blindfolds off and the women all let out a gasp and started yelling to let them loose and I stood there telling them all to "Shut the fuck up, all of you." After a little they did and I stood there playing with my tits and then told them, "Well, it seems that all of you prudes do not know how to suck a man's cock and that in fact you will not suck off your husbands.


Do you ever wonder why they may go elsewhere? Why they may want to get you to do a little extra and they are willling to anything to get you all off?" The women were staring at everyone.

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The men slowly moving hands up and down hard cocks. "Well, tonight I will show you all how to properly suck off a cock and how to really make it great for your husbands." I said on my knees now in front of the first that had a nice 7 inch cock standing up.

His wife cried out, "Oh no, dont." and I said, "You willing to do it for him then" "No." she said and so I took his cock and began licking it around the rim of the head and sucking it slowly down deeper and deeper until it was all the way down my throat. He was moaning and streached out his cock and balls in my control and I took a nice teasing slow suck on his cock and balls, making him groan and stoped a couple times when he was ready to cum and then I told him, "Now you will give me your cum." and he said, "Oh yeah, fucking take it all." and I began sliding him deep and finally he beagan throbbing and I sank it down all the way and he filled my throat with his load.

I licked my lips and had let some drip out of my mouth and ran my finger along my lips and sucked my finger.

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The women were telling all how gross it was and I told him it was delicious. I moved to the next one and it was smaller and yet hard as a rock.

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He said, "The old lady has not even fucked me in a month." "Oh, well, I will take care of that." I said and began the same way, teasing and delaying his cum and then suddenly he grabbed my hair and shoved it in and his load filled my mouth." The next two were much the same with different amounts of cum but I made a show of licking my lips and letting some leak out of it and then licking my lips and smiling at the women.

The last one, 10 inches and thick was an old friend. Todd was waiting for me and said, "Saving the best for last?" and I said, "Oh yes, I always do." "Just so you girls know, I have had all kinds of orgasms sucking and swallowing the cum." and I showed them the puddle under me on the floor. They all could not believe it and so I went to Todd.

I started licking it all over and rubbing it all over my face and sucking the head and licking the rim and the head and then slowly working it down until it was down my throat and I buried it all in my throat and kept it there a the end of each inward plunge. The women were all quiet and some saying, "I wish I could do that." One said, "He would never leave home if I could stand to do it." and I knew they were all changing their minds slowly. I took Todd in me and sucking him slowly I made sure he was moaning and groaning and writhing under my tongue.

His hips were moving up and down and I felt more orgasms shake my body and then I felt like I needed his cum and I sped up and finally after a half hour buried it down my throa and took his load that seemed to last forever and my pussy convulsed and made the puddle grew. I swallowed it all and then laid back on the floor. "What next guys?" I saidand my ex had been told to say, "Do the women." and so I told the husbands to cut the clothes off their wives.

The women did not object much and after they all were naked I started kissing them one after the other then sucking nipples and then, after they were all well on and hot I dropped to my knees and began slowing eating them.

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One after the other they all had orgasms that made them shout and their hips convulse and their bodies all could not stop moving. Cut me loose," one said. I said, "Why?" and she said, "I wanna do it with you on the floor." and so I cut her loose and she got on top of me and kept me there as we both ate orgasm after orgasm.

The men were now in front of a woman, not their wife, plunging their cocks into willing throats and loads soaking faces and hair. The girls were then freed and now all of us were with someone having crazy sex. Girls and girls and men in women, I don't think that anyone was with their own spouse and the scent of cum and pussy was in the air and I was going nuts with two men in me and another woman was there saying "Do me in the ass like they did her." and she yelled as a nice big cock rammed her hard and took her virgin ass.

We all laid in the floor that was now covered with rugs and were fucking anything anyway we could. The sun came up and we woke up, showered and dressed and went out to breakfast.

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As we broke it up and walked the the cars one woman said, "What about next weekend?" and I said, "You do not need to wait, I am available for men and women all the time. " A couple others sid that they would be over and that they too were available. It was a wonderful time, teaching them how to enjoy sex and not be prudes like that were before.

My ex was still an ass and drank more than he needed to but I now had more place to get satisified. love sue