Familystrokes blind dad canrsquot see his stepchildren fucking

Familystrokes blind dad canrsquot see his stepchildren fucking
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Elizabeth was coming down from her orgasm. 'Shit,' Ray thought, 'if I get out of this without getting arrested I'll be lucky'. Looking up, Elizabeth saw Ray and a huge smile lit up her face, that is, 'til she realized that they were both outside, naked, and both of them had just cum.

Though a little embarrassed for the moment, Elizabeth didn't really give a shit, hell, if she could feel like this every night she just might go for it. "Uh, Ray?" She asked as she sat up, "where the hell am I and though I know why we are naked, exactly WHY are we naked?" "Well," Ray started, then suddenly saw almost exactly what to say, "It seems you came over last night, apparently what we had at the office wasn't enough.

When you showed up, you seemed almost possessed, damn near tore my clothes off trying to get to me, but then again considering it's you, I really didn't mind, though the ground is a little hard." Ray laughed.

Elizabeth leaned over and kissed Ray, "It's a little late to go home, got an extra room? Besides, if I get another wild urge like that, you'll be right there, true?" Ray just nodded, he was still having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that this gorgeous woman not only wanted to be seen with him, but wanted him.

Though still a little suspicious of it being the BLEM'S influence, Ray wasn't, as they say, about to look a gift horse in the mouth. For the first time since this had all started Ray could actually feel the BLEM that was inside him. For the life of him Ray couldn't contact the entity, if it was really in him, he should be able to talk to it.

Helping Elizabeth up, they both went inside, "It's a good thing tomorrow is Friday or I'd really be in trouble," Elizabeth said over her shoulder, "I live on the other side of town, though I didn't realize that you were this close to the office." "I've been here for quite some time, it's just no one has actually realized it," Ray replied somewhat sheepishly.

"Then again, I have other reasons too." Ray wasn't about to reveal that he was a co-owner of the company, but wanted to remain a really, silent partner allowing his long time friend to run the day to day operations as CEO. Nor was Ray about to reveal that he liked having hands on, allowing him to get more done and come up with more ideas to make the company grow.

No, he wasn't about to say anything, but shit, he wanted no one to know he was the other owner except John. His name was in no way connected to the company except as an office worker.

"Well I see you only have one bed so.," Elizabeth smiled sly and sexily, "I guess we'll just have to share." Ray could only stare. Elizabeth went to his bathroom naked, not even bothering to cover up. "I hope you don't mind," she said from his bathroom, "but I like to sleep naked. I used to get in trouble as a little girl, though I'm not a girl anymore. Am I Ray." Ray was still in shock, what the hell? It was almost as if she had moved in already, damn! She was starting to take over a few things, though with sex like they had it was damn near worth it.

"Uh.," Ray started, "I pretty much do the same thing, I.," here the strange thing happened, "find it is freer." Ray's mouth opened when he realized that Elizabeth had said the exact same thing, at the same time as he.


Shaking her head, she tossed her things in his washer along with his. Lying down she patted the bed beside her. Thank god, Ray thought, that I had a bigger bed put in last week.

Snuggling next to her, Ray was out the moment his eyes closed. Again he was flying, then was on the BLEMS planet. The red Blem was suddenly there, as a host of the entities came floating over a hill. The group separated with just the one approaching him, <It has been much time, we have grown to near the numbers we were when first you came to our world. The Chortons haven't tried to fully penetrate your protection in some time, we fear they have another plan.> Ray could only nod, after seeing some of them on earth, he too felt that they were about to change their tactics.

Reaching out, Ray started to feel a few faint signals, then after an hour (he thought), he began to feel more. Damn, Ray thought it feels like they are coming in mass. Looking around the planet, he started to pinpoint all of the boxes he'd left.

The last of the first set were still there, but they felt strange. Looking closer, he started to swear, each had been changed to send out and not block. Those sons of a bitch. He'd adjusted 2 of the three when he felt even more of the Chortons' ships closing in. Damn, he had to hurry.

Finally, with the first three down, Ray strengthened the remaining 5, carefully going over each. Laughing, Ray felt the invaders were about to have a real surprise. Suddenly, Ray felt a huge disturbance outside the shield he'd erected, then he felt another near the core. Damn it! They'd opened a portal directly outside the shields, right into the planet. It seemed he'd came at the right time. Reaching out he tried to close the portal but found it was a type of energy he'd never felt, shifting to every type of energy he had access to that might counter it, nothing seemed to work.

Damn it! He was going to have to go to the ships again. Telling all the BLEMS, he started for the ships, stopping a moment, he thought they were probably expecting that, shifting he flew beyond the small fleet.

On the outer line of ships, he moved in trying to stay as out of sight as he could. Entering the first ship this time was a lot harder, but he managed it. Carefully he moved through the halls and walls, avoiding anything that moved, again he passed his hand over the alien comp he found.

It seemed they were using a higher vibrating energy. It was almost beyond him, though he'd just found 2 more higher than he'd used before. There was no time to over load now, taking control he activated the ships weapons and started to fire on all the ships in front of him.

Taking out the first 10 was easy, then he guessed they got wise to him. The other 19 or so ships turned and started to fire at the ship he was on. 'Oh shit! Time to go' he thought. Shifting to above the planet, he saw all but one of the ships had turned and was firing on the ship he'd left.

'Hmm, this ship was different.' Banging his head as he tried to enter the ship, he cursed. Shifting his energy as high as he could, Ray thought he might pass out. Then he was through!

The inside of this one was more like a hollow ball. Passing a comp, he saw why, it appeared this was what they called a portal ship, designed to beat his shields. Growling, Ray went through the systems, hearing the spider aliens screaming that their systems were being compromised. Turning the ship Ray began to open portals into space and inside as many ships as he could.

He estimated he'd gotten another 10 when he saw a strange wave heading towards the ship he was on, 'crap not good,' setting an overload, Ray skipped to the planet, shifting the shield cubes to deflect the wave he felt approaching. Almost too late, Ray realized that the wave was matched to counter the energy that he was.

Barely flashing out in time, millions of miles away from the BLEMS planet.

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Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash as the hollow ship exploded, taking all but one of the invaders ships with it. Ray was about to return to the planet when he was hit with a bluish beam. 'What the hell?' Ray thought as the beam bathed his body.

'Oh shit!' The fuckers got me. Feeling nothing at first, Ray tried to move but found he was almost frozen to the spot he was in. 'What the hell? I'm in space, things don't freeze like this, they drift'. The Chorton ship slowed as it extended a small, ramp like platform.

Several of the spider like aliens came out and grasped his frozen body bringing it inside. Once they had him inside, they placed him inside a room with what looked like light beams across the open door way. An hour later (he thought, he wasn't sure time was different here) he felt his arms and legs start to move. Finally, with full mobility back, Ray tried to go through the walls, no dice, it appeared part of his senses where still moving too slow.

A moment later a smaller spider being moved to the doorway to look him over, <Ah! good you're awake Treg Trag,> it thought to him. No matter what, Ray wondered why some words wouldn't translate, <you have caused our race many problems, you destroyed well over a skret of ships.

No being has ever possessed the power you do, nor has an entity ever destroyed as many ships as you have. I am Fret Fron Flee Ton Krar, I will find from where you get this power, then the Queen wishes you to breed her before she eats you.

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It is a great honor to produce a stronger race of warrior.> Ray almost vomited, fucking a spider? Christ, might as well cut his cock off and shove it up his ass. There was no fucking way that was going to happen. Ray felt within his body, he could feel where the beam was retarding his abilities. Concentrating, he began to push the beam out. An alarm went off on a nearby console, 'almost there!' Ray thought. Suddenly another bluish beam hit him. He'd just got them out, trying to erect a shield to block it.

He failed, huh? No, not really, feigning passing out, he waited as the, he guessed, scientist spider opened his cage to scan him. Feeling a lot stronger than before, Ray chopped at the spider as he was thinking of it. The smaller creature went down fast, too fast for Ray.

Taking some wire he saw, Ray wrapped the spider up 'til he was sure it couldn't move. Stepping out, Ray began to rid his body of the beam again, when several alarms went off. 'Shit! Can't get a dam thing done', thought Ray, passing his hand over the comp. Ray saw all the spider had learned. Smiling, Ray pushed a surge of energy out, destroying half of the panels that held the memory.

A strangled cry came from behind him. <NO! you've destroyed contatines of work, I will see you tortured for that Treg Trag before the Queen mates, then I will enjoy watching her devour you!> the spider screamed out it's thoughts.

<With any luck she will punish you with death,> Ray sneered at the spider. A huge gasp rose from it before Ray leapt to the wall trying to vibrate out, 'shit no dice'! Another door opened as several of the guards came in.

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Tired of this Ray, started to raise his energy levels. Already pissed off, Ray reached out and started to rip the guards apart. When he reached the wall, Ray reached out trying to pass through again, only to be stopped. His ire rising almost to a fever pitch, Ray started to claw at the wall, not noticing that the wall was starting to budge outward. Finally, Ray punched at the wall when he felt it start to give way, not really caring if they lived or died, he finally broke through, a dozen alarms going off as he exited.

Thinking of the BLEMS, he was immediately back on their planet. Again, he felt the machines under ground. There has to be an easier way to destroy these things, than having to actually going to them to destroy them.

I have to come up with something quick, from what I feel, there are twice as many this time as there were the last. Running over everything he'd read, while on the ships, Ray remembered that the machines were remotely controlled. Reaching out, he tried to find what the frequency was. Going as high as he could, he knew he was close but had to go higher. Pushing even higher, he finally attained what he had been looking for. Ray was trying to send it out to all the machines, but could only reach 10.

For several tense minutes, Ray pushed and tugged til he had it, letting go he felt all 10 start to explode. Falling on the ground, Ray felt so tired, he'd not pushed himself this hard ever, at least now he was able to reach the higher spectrums. Moments later several of the BLEMS gathered around him, for a few moments nothing happened, then he felt an eerie buzzing in his chest.

Then his ears started to ring, his hands shook along with his legs. <What are you doing to me?> Ray asked as more and more of the energy balls gathered around him. Now the buzzing was more like a loud hum, he swore he was hearing singing in his ears and both his arms and legs were starting to feel lighter. Looking around Ray still couldn't find the reddish energy ball, then he felt a slight movement within his groin, what the hell? Suddenly he heard a scream, then the reddish ball emerged from his groin region, only now it was more yellow.

<What is wrong with it?> asked Ray. <Nali took most of the blast, it is still in, we are attempting to draw the poison energy out, but it is resisting as is Nali,> the one Ray recognized as an elder said. <Can I help?> Ray asked. <NO,> it replied, <not as you are now, but one day.> Ray sat and watched as they worked on the energy ball Nali. Ray was hoping something could be done. Suddenly, he felt a slight disturbance in the air. A huge spider being appeared in a hologram type visage, <So, you are far more powerful than we first thought, you can not deny me your seed.

Together we will create the strongest warriors ever in the universe. Though it is unfortunate you destroyed all my ships I sent, I'm not mad, I have truetons more. I await your arrival on home-world. I shall drain your seed makers many times over, our glorious union will shake the universe, plus I am eager to taste you.

From what I have been told you are a Treg Trag, with this amount of power, I will make you want to inject me with your seed as many times as you can. Until you are here Treg Trag.> Ray shuddered, Christ, what an ugly, vicious looking creature.

Ray looked back and saw that Nali was slowly starting to turn blue. <Nali,> Ray thought, <You have to stop resisting, let them help you.> Ray thought he heard a small frightened voice, then the same voice crying. The thing is, he thought he heard it, he wasn't really sure.

<Ray,> it said, <I am so tired, I have been protecting you til your power was strong enough.


My position is done and I am no longer needed, I was honored to work with you, to taste even for a moment your dimension and life. I go now to replenish our world, others will take my place.> The voice was mournful, a sadness that you could physically taste in the air.

<Nali!> Ray shouted out in his thoughts, <I want no other, you are the only one who can understand what is going on, you can help guide me better through the coming battles. I do not wish another, I wish for your essence again,> Ray said, almost not believing the words he was thinking to Nali. <I wish that you and Elizabeth could be joined more, that you could experience more of my world,> 'My God', thought Ray, 'Am I in love with an energy ball'?

Damn, apparently so, but for the life of him couldn't say the words. Ray was about to say more when he felt a sudden pull, shit it was almost time. Well, at least he was learning to control it more and stay longer.

Tears were falling from Ray's eyes when he told the BLEMS he'd be back, that he wished them to save Nali, then like an extended rubber band, he felt it snap him back at incredible speed. Jerking awake, Ray looked at the clock, crap, only an hour had passed, but it had felt like months.

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Damn! This linear and non-linear time was really starting to kick his ass. Elizabeth snuggled back against him, pressing her naked ass against his now growing erection. Damn, but he was horny now. Slipping his cock between her legs, he felt her adjust, pressing back more. Barely slipping the head in her hole, Well he thought, as he relished in the feeling of the heat around his cock head, hell of a way to fall asleep.

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Later that morning they both awoke feeling better physically than either had in a while. Though Ray really didn't want to go in. He still had Nali on his mind, though how he was going to solve that he wasn't sure. Elizabeth reached over and kissed him passionately. "If I could wake up like this every morning, I'd have tried to move in with you a year ago".

Getting up and getting ready, Elizabeth noticed her make up was non-existant. Both quickly leaving, she said her make up was in her car.

Ray breathed a sigh of relief, he really needed her on her game today, if the office was going to close out the deals so no one had to work over the weekend. Finally ready, they walked toward the office early. Ray left her heading in, starting his comp, he started ordering and sending e-mails to several people including his partner, on several ideas he'd gotten while walking with Elizabeth.

He'd barely finished when Elizabeth walked in almost catching him, shit he thought that was close! The rest of the day went rather smoothly, John called everyone to a meeting, showing all the ideas that Ray had posted earlier.

Ray was proud of the way his friend played up the silent partner role for him. Though at times, it did seem that John was taking a lot more credit than he should True, he handled marketing but without Ray's ideas the company wouldn't have gotten as far as it had.

Hmm, Ray wondered just how far he'd get if the ideas suddenly dried up? Oh well, trying to look interested was perhaps the hardest thing he did, plus the fact that John was constantly changing them to suit his own whims. Finally done, everyone went back to work. Ray was already behind, though the early ordering had saved his and the company's ass in many ways.

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Finally caught up at lunch, Ray went to the bathroom to check up on his friends. Sitting and closing his eyes, Ray was there in a second, all the BLEMS were there not long after, hoping against hope, Ray asked after Nali, sadly the older ones told him they hadn't been able to save her.

She had drifted off and was gone. When the Elder asked if he wanted another Ray replied 'No'. he didn't think he could take another dying because of him. Checking everything, Ray saw that the BLEMS hadn't been disturbed in a long time, though in the back of his mind he knew the Chortons were far from through. It seemed that when Ray destroyed the 10 machines, the last 2 had stopped altogether, Ray went to check to make sure.

Sure enough, it was if he'd killed the brain and the body had died. Bidding his friends goodby for now, Ray was back in seconds, well he thought it seems they were safe for a while. Walking out, Elizabeth walked by him, her scent again more enticing than he wanted to admit, God, she made him horny as hell. Walking out to her car Elizabeth shocked him, "Ray, I have a confession to make," oh great, Ray thought here it comes.

"I. know a friend of yours, very closely, she loves you, as do I, but unless you accept us both I am afraid she will die as I might." Ray was shocked, two women huh? "No Ray, it's not 2 women. It's me, Nali and Elizabeth, we have both loved you since we both saw you, though in my case, Nali had to open my eyes. So Ray." Elizabeth's face turned to Ray, "can you love both of us?" Ray thought his mouth must be hanging open, cause Elizabeth was staring and smiling at him.