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Best wife on the planet deepthroat anal and facial
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I was exhausted. Not just physically, but mentally. So when my friend Nick came up to me and said "Hey, Will!


You wanna come over to my place tonight? I'm getting the guys together." I quickly responded with "No thanks man, i'm just gonna stay at home and relax." I had just taken my finals for the second trimester of school, and did not want to think at all.

To top that off I was exhausted from working out.


Since 6th grade I had done some kind of sport, but now in my sophomore year of high school and had finally had enough of the dumb jocks and sitting on a bench, so I quit football and wrestling.

It was great for my schedule, but bad for my body. So for the past few weeks my friend Josh and I had been working out after school. I wasn't fat by any means, at six foot and 145 pounds, but I had lost my muscle tone and wanted to get it back. Josh and i had just finished our workout, and now I had the long and arduous walk back to my house from the gym where we lifted.

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During my isolated walk home I began rethinking what i had said to my friend. If I stayed home what would I do? Eat, play video games, maybe watch some porn, and sleep. But if I went to this little party i might actually have some fun. Just as that thought occurred I felt my phone vibrate, i looked down to see I had a message from Josh "you coming to Nick's party?" What the hell, I may be tired but maybe it'll be a nice change of pace from the past few weeks of studying.

"yeah ill be over round 8" When i finally got home I went straight to the fridge and ate everything i could find. Feeling slightly better, I decided that i should probably take a shower after working up a sweat at the gym. As I let the hot water cascade over my aching muscles I thought to myself, I really need to get laid. I was 16 years old, and the farthest i'd gone with a girl was my freshman year when i grabbed my girlfriend at the time's boobs over her shirt. She didn't like that, and that caused a fight and a break up.

My problem is that the girls that I date are just a bunch of goody goodys. There isn't anything wrong with me. I know a couple of girls at school who think i'm cute, but I had just never gotten to know any of them well enough to date, and i'm too nice of a guy to just hook up with some chick. And that's when it hit me. I am just too nice of a guy. I would let my girlfriends talk about their feelings and all that shit, and what did i get in return?

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nothing. I had heard the saying nice guys finish last before but i just now realized how true it is. Well no more of that. I am going to get laid this year. No more mr. nice guy. I walked into Nick's house and could hear the sounds of video games and music coming from the basement.

I walked down and was greeted by my usual group. Mitch and Ryan, the band kids, Paul, the kinda nerdy one, Nick, the stoner, and then Josh, the athletic one. As the party went on all the guys traded turns playing video games but i just sat in the corner. Maybe I should have just stayed home and slept. Just then Nick's little sister Sophia walked into the room, and boy had she grown up since i had last seen her. She caught me looking at her and shot me the cutest smile i've ever seen and then sat down next to me to watch the guys play video games with me, but i wasn't watching the video games.

I was watching her. She was probably 5'2", and maybe weighed a hundred pounds. Her long brown hair flowed down from her cute little face to her budding breasts.

They were probably small B's, but looked big on her petite frame. She was wearing a Tshirt and some short shorts that personally were not short enough. As i looked over her blossoming young body i thought to myself, boy would i love to feel those.

Wait a minute!

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She is one of your close friends 13 year old sister, you shouldn't be thinking about her like that. But then i remembered what i had decided to earlier, and thought, what the hell, she's cute. As I resumed my thoughts of what i wanted to do to her she suddenly turned to me and asked, "Why aren't you playing?" "I don't like this game very much, probably because i'm terrible at it!" She giggled and said, "Well this game is all the that the boys in my grade are interested in." Deciding to be rather daring I asked her, "Well they would have to be stupid to be more interested in games than they are with a pretty girl like you." She blushed while flashing a slight smile and turned away.

Damn, I thought to myself, I blew it. Just then my Ryan shut the game off and said "Come on, let's go play capture the flag!" As we all filed out the door we picked our teams, and Sophia was on the other team than mine, so I came up with an idea. Nick lives right next to a rather large cornfield, which is perfect for capture the flag in the dark. You can use the stalks for cover to sneak up on the enemy team's flag, but the only downside is that there are some very thick patches of trees and bushes on each side of the field.

As the game began I volunteered to stay back and guard the flag. I hid in the bushes and waited, knowing that since sophia was the smallest, she'd probably get through first.

Just as I expected she snuck through the bushes, and slowly made her way to the flag. I then snuck up behind her and gently tackled her to the into the mud.


She let out a scream and then realized that it was me who was pinning her to the ground. "Dangit!" She exclaimed, "I thought I got past you!" "Nope!" I gloated. She struggled to get out from underneath me, but only succeed in getting her legs wrapped around me, forcing my now hard cock onto her shorts covered pussy.

She continued struggling, which only amounted to rubbing my cock back and forth on her pussy, and I couldn't help but thinking, is she doing this on purpose?

Finally she stopped struggling and smiling, asked me, "Will you please let me get up?" "Now why would i do that?" I asked her while grinning from ear to ear, "What would I get out of that?" She thought about if for a while, and then said to me, "I'll give you a kiss if you let me up!" all the while with a devilish smile on her face.

I pretended to consider whether I should agree with her terms and responded with, "I guess" Almost as soon as the words came out of my mouth she planted a little peck on my lips. I laughed, "You call that a kiss? That's not going to help you out. Kiss me like you mean it." Her eyes locked onto mine and could see the determination as she slowly brought her lips to mine i figured she would really kiss me for a couple seconds then stop, but to my surprise she kept going.

Taking this as a sign I slowly slipped my tongue in her mouth, she must have taken that as a sign, and started grinding her pussy on my cock again. This probably only lasted 1 or 2 minutes, but it felt like forever before we finally broke contact and smiled simultaneously at each other. "We're all muddy, why don't we go inside and get cleaned up?" she asked. "After you" I responded.

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She wouldn't let go of my hand as she led me into her house and snuck me into the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed we resumed what we had started out in the mud. I slowly pushed her against the counter so she was sitting with her legs hanging over the edge. I then worked my hands up to the edge of her shirt and tried pulling it over her head, she resisted at first, but after a couple of tries she relented and a was presented with a huge surprise. This little vixen wasn't wearing a bra and her large-for-her-size boobs were jutting proudly out from her chest.

She tried covering them but i grabbed her arms and started kissing her. After I felt her arms relax i moved my hands to her perfectly proportioned breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, and pinching her small nipples.

I then took a break to take my shirt and pants off. She gasped when she saw the eight inch tent in my boxers and looked at me with a scared look in her eyes. Before she could say anything though I covered her innocent lips with mine and moved closer to her so she could feel my rock hard cock poking in between her legs. My next target was to get her shorts off, so I pulled her off the counter and started grabbing at her ass. For a 13 year old she had a very nice ass, not huge, but like her boobs, good for her size.

She was okay with this but when I started pulling her shorts off she finally broke off our elongated kiss and said "Will stop, I've never done this before." "Shhh, I just want to make you feel good baby" and with that I pulled her pants the rest of the way off. She looked really nervous so I pulled her into my body and started kissing her again. I wanted to do more, but didn't want anyone to bother us in the bathroom, so I picked her small frame up into my arms, carried her into her bedroom, and slowly laid her down on her bed.

She looked even more nervous now, so I said to her, "You're the most beautiful girl i've ever laid eyes on, and I want to make you feel special." "I don't know about this Will." she said "Don't worry babe" I tried soothing her. With only one article of clothing left, i got to work on removing those too. I slowly kissed my way down from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts, where i played with her nipples which elicited some moans from Sophia's mouth.

I then worked my way to her belly button and then farther south. As I got toward the treasure i'd been after this whole time I forced myself to be calm so as not not freak her out. I kissed down her toned thighs and then back up, getting closer and closer to the goal each time. Finally I worked my way back to right above her pussy and looked up into her eyes, she looked nervous, but excited. I kissed her over her white cotton panties and I could hear the moans coming from her lips.

I took that as a sign and quickly pulled her panties off, revealing her hairless virgin pussy. She jumped and then retreated away from me, I closed the gap between us and began to kiss her, "Stop Will. I don't want to do any more." She said. I stood and thought about it for a moment, but then i remembered, Nice Guys Finish Last. I smiled at her and then took my boxers off, finally releasing my throbbing cock.

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I jumped on the bed with her and grabbed her legs and spread them, I then climbed in between her legs and started kissing her. She kept telling me to stop, but i just kept telling her that I wanted to make her feel good.

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With that I positioned my cock above her pussy and slowly pushed in. Not meeting any resistance other than the vice like grip her tight pussy had on my dick I pushed in all the way. I heard her gasp, and then start crying.

The nice guy was completely gone now, as i pulled out and then slammed by dick back in as hard as a could, she started crying even more as I pounded her tight love hole.

Soon her cries of fear and pain turned into cries of pleasure and I looked at her and saw a euphoric look on her face. I know she'd love this. As her moans got louder and louder I got closer and closer.

As i felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my dick, and heard her scream out in pleasure i couldn't take it anymore. I came inside her virgin pussy which made her orgasm once more. While she recovered I just layed on top with my dick still in her pusssy.

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When she finally came to I said "I told you I wanted to make you feel good." She smiled and moved her lips to mine once more. -Thucydides