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Super milf ass
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Chapter 4 Tina Rides the Bull Thankfully I make it through the rest of Sunday Sports at the Stuffed Pussy without losing any more of my modesty. Bill was right about one thing, I am all revved up.

Toby and I finish cleaning up after closing, and I quickly pull some sweat pants on over my "uniform" and we make our way back to our basement apartment.

"Toby, I'm going to get cleaned up and head to bed. I think there is sandwich stuff in the fridge if you're hungry" I head to the bathroom and pull down my stretch pants so that I can start to pull the tape off of my puss. I wince as it slowly comes free so that I can clean up the leakage that has been damned up behind the tape. I brush my teeth and out of habit run a quick sequence of brushes through my hair before heading back to my bedroom.

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When we moved in, I claimed the bedroom with the door figuring that I needed a little more privacy being a girl, and older. Toby gets the futon in the main room.

As soon as I get back in the privacy of my room, I close the door, peal off my pants, and flop down on the bed to finally take care of the excitement between my legs. I shudder as my fingers slide through my slit and work their way up to my little button. It doesn't take long before my wetness spreads and I am trembling and moaning, picking up where Eddie left off. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Eddie rhythmically strokes his cock while his eyes remain fixated on the screen, thanking his lucky stars that he thought to install the high definition cameras throughout Tina's apartment.

On screen, Tina is really getting into it, rapidly stroking her clit and rubbing down her wet slit until she tenses up, spreads her legs wide, and thrusts her pelvis up into her fingers, her whole body shuddering in the throes of her orgasm. "Wow, babe!" Eddie mumbles to himself, "guess I really did get you worked up… can't wait to see what you do when you see yourself on the big screen." With that Eddie, joins Tina in his own climax which he catches in a mostly full gallon jug.

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Monday and Tuesday pass by without event. The item of note being Phil and Eddie promoting "Western Night" for Wednesday night. I rightly assumed it would mean a new uniform for me and it also apparently involved installing a mechanical bull on the stage.

Wednesday afternoon arrived and as expected, Eddie has a western themed uniforms laid out in the makeup room for Silvia and I. Mine isn't terrible. It consists of yellow panties with fabric tassles around the waistband and a white halter top. The finishing touch is a cute cowboy hat with a chin strap. Sylvia has more of a burlesque "Madame's" dress that shows off her considerable cleavage and a good amount of leg. I am in high spirits, expecting another night of flirting with the customers and avoiding gropes.


Even seeing Sunday's debasement being replayed on the screen doesn't cause me to do more than blush and avert my eyes. Around 7:00 PM I see Eddie go up to the stage and grab the mic. "Ladies & Gents, the moment we've been waiting for!

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Its time to see Tina ride the bull!" I should have known! Silvia comes up to my side and raises my arm waving enthusiastically to the audience as we make our way to the stage.

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"Don't worry hon, it will be good fun!" Silvia says re-assuringly. Phil and Eddie pull a blanket off the saddle reveal the strangest looking saddle I have ever seen. It seems to have a rubbery plastic ridge in the middle of it and there is some kind of white plastic oval ball attached to the saddle horn with wires running down underneath the body of the "bull".

Eddie and Phil each grab one of my legs and pick me up by my thighs setting me up on the bull, pulling my legs down into the stirrups. Phil and Silvia make short work of strapping my legs into the stirrups and then my arms are forced behind my back and some kind of cuffs bind my wrist together.

"Eddddiieeee!" I squeal in despair as some kind of winch is attached to my wrist cuffs and my arms are hauled up above my head. With my arms held in the air and my legs strapped into the stirrups there is no way I am falling off the bull. My breasts are standing out prominently and once again I find myself trying not to hyperventilate. "Yeeeehaw! Y'all ready for a show! Its time for a redneck x-rated rodeo!" Eddie is really getting into it as he reaches down and flicks a switch.

The bull rocks forward and I slide forward so the white oval ball presses against my crotch. The bull starts to rock and slowly spin in a circle. It seems to rock in a range that keeps the front of the bull pointed slightly down and I give up trying to pull myself back in the saddle as the strange saddle starts to give me a wedgy and the white plastic ball keeps a constant pressure on my clit.

"Ladies and Gents, get ready to see this sexy 'lil lady really start to ride as we get'er acquainted with our state-of-the-art vibrating saddle!" With that Eddie hits a couple more switches and my world goes nuts! The saddle vibrates to life between my legs. "Aieeeee! Oh god oh god o GAWD!!!!" The bull starts moving faster but it maintains a downward cant which presses the vibrating ball against my shaved pussy.

My thin panties offer no protection against a multitude of vibrating and massaging nubs that caress my pussy lips and vibrate against my clitty. I can feel myself getting wet amidst a chorus of "Yeehaws" and "Yippeees".

"Woohee, boys look-it-her go. Can y'all smell that sweet pussy!". It's true, I can smell my excitement mixed with my sweat. I hop, squirm, and jump in the infernal saddle.

I can feel my face flushed and I screw my eyes shut as a wave of unwanted pleasure hits me. I know I'm close to coming and I let out another loud squeal of frustration at my inability to escape from the tormenting vibrators pushed against my pussy. I frantically jump, hop, and strain using my arms and legs to try to escape the saddle, desperately not wanting to cum in front of the entire bar.

My efforts, if anything, bring my impending orgasm closer as the intermittent touch of the bulb against my love button fans the flames, sending me higher. "Ride-em cowgirl!

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You show that bull!" I hear the excited catcalls through my arousal fogged brain. "Aieeeee noooooo!" With a final desperate shriek, I surrender to my orgasm. "Oh god oh god oh gawd god god!!!" I am helplessly rocking my pussy against the vibrating saddle horn and my entire body starts to shake and tremble as my orgasm washes over me.

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I cum hard and I can feel my pussy spasm as my juices flow freely through my panties and over the saddle. The bull stops moving and vibrating. My aroma is heady and overpowering. I blush a deep red and slowly open my eyes and look out over the audience that is applauding, whistling, and wooping from the show I've put on. I'm exhausted and just hang limply from my arms as little aftershock orgasms cause my body to twitch and tremble.

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"You boys ever seen a girl cum that hard? I swear, this saddle might be ruined with the flooding she gave it!" Eddie always seems ready to add to my mortification. I feel Eddie and Phil unbind me and then pick me up by my thighs.


Before I know what's happening, they have taken me over to the edge of the stage, spreading my legs right in front of the first row of guys. "Take a whiff of that spent pussy boys." Phil and Eddie are spreading my legs and showing off my drenched panties for the crowd's amusement.

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I start to cry and squirm. "Eddieee!!! Put me down!" "Ha, right you are Tina. That's enough playing around, we got thirsty men waiting for drinks don't we!" Eddie's final statement was answered with a round of boisterous cheers and as if everything was perfectly normal, I was dropped into the crowd of worked up customers crowded around the front of the stage, soaked panties, musky aroma, and all. The molesting was instantaneous.

Before my feet had even touched the floor there was a hand groping at my wet crotch and more pawing at my boobs. I squeal and try to squirm my way towards the bar. Luckily Phil has followed me off the stage and with a loud smack on my butt and a "Tina, we told you to serve drinks, not play with the boys" he detangles the customers from me and drags me out of the crowd to the bar.

I followed Phil gratefully whispering a heartfelt "Thanks" to him as I pick up my serving tray and try to compose myself and resume serving. I hear Eddie in the background still working the crowd up on the stage. "Well guys, that's all for tonight's show. Make sure you tell Tina how hot she was cumming all over that bull and don't forget to turn back out Friday for Tina's birthday party.


You can vote on Tina's 18th birthday surprise on your table trivia monitor!" I wonder what Eddie has up his sleeve for Friday's "birthday" party. I'm still 16 but Friday is the date that Eddie is having me "turn 18" on my IDs and then I imagine all bets are off. I shudder in fear at what I've gotten myself into as I load my tray full of the beers that Phil has gotten ready.

*******************End of Chapter 4************************