Girlfriend takes big cock and mouthful

Girlfriend takes big cock and mouthful
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Their marriage lasted just short of 4 years, as Britney took off with some rich fellow she met at the strip club. They transferred full custody of Taylor to Jack, as she was happy to stay with him, with the two growing close over the years, and Britney was happy not having to care for her anymore. It did not work out as Jack had hoped, as the three never really were a family, with Britney striping at nights and sleeping most of the days.

They had their moments and there was real love at one point, but in the end Jack was glad it ended. Jack was not alone anymore, and focused himself on raising Taylor. He did miss Britney at times, she was real beauty, and loved to show it, not just in her field of work, but at home as well. She was a nudist, and would walk around the house bare or just in a t-shirt, foregoing panties altogether.

Britney was a very sexual being and loved sex to the point where Jack could barely keep up, so he was always satisfied. After the divorce Jack found dating life difficult, even though he kept himself in very good shape, working out regularly, it was just that he could not find the time.

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Taylor grew to look very similar to her mother, fit body, blond hair, blue eyes. By the age of 18 she was incredibly beautiful, supporting gorgeous c-cup breasts. Spending her formative years with a nudist mother reinforced that nudism is the norm in Taylor's mind.

So she would also more often than not prance around the house without any panties. Jack was fine with this, but as she grew older his look would often linger on her beautiful pussy, and her shapely breasts. He would have to go to take a shower very often. One night Jack and Taylor were watching a movie together as they often did.

Taylor was laying on top of Jack with her head resting on his bare chest and her bottom in between his legs as he was sat upright on the sectional couch with his bent legs extending forward the length of the couch.

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She was only wearing a t-shirt, and it had ridden up completely exposing her bare pussy. Jack was trying to focus on the movie, but he could not help glancing over his daughters beautiful pussy. A very explicit sex scene came on in the movie, with the woman in the scene riding the man facing the camera.

It was softcore porn, but you could clearly make out the woman's shaved pussy and her breasts were bouncing up and down from the fucking motion.

Jack noticed as his daughter moved her hand to her pussy clasping the hair that covered it in between her fingers. "How come that woman doesn't have any hair on her pussy?" Taylor asked, playing with her pussy hair. "I assume she shaved it." Jack replied, transfixed as his daughter was swirling the hair around her finger. "Why?" she retorted. "Some women and men like it shaved." He replied. It did seem weird by this age that his daughter was asking him this, but he knew she was usually a very shy person, so probably did not have much experience in these things with boys, he never did have "the talk" with her.

But he did find porn tabs open on her laptop on a couple of occasions when borrowing it. And once walked in on her all flustered as she must have been masturbating, he thought, while watching porn, she was quick in alt-tabbing it though, so he couldn't be sure. "How do you like it daddy?" She asked as she took hold of his hand and put it on top of her mound to feel her hair, tilting her head to look up at him.

To Jack it still seemed that his daughter was naïve in her inquisitive intentions, but on a natural state this excited her, as he noticed her cheeks redden and a small gasp escape her mouth as his hand made contact with her pussy. "Well your mother always had it shaved." He replied beginning to slightly caress her mound.


Suddenly he realized how wrong this is and how quickly it escalated to the point of him caressing his own daughters pussy. He moved his hand away. "Can you show me how to shave it?" Taylor asked. "No, I don't think I should." He replied. "Why?" She asked as her own hand moved back to her pussy, this time rubbing just above and her pussy folds directly.

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"Ohhhh, this feels good" His daughter muttered under her breath, watching as the sex scene on the TV still continued with the man now fucking the woman in a doggy position. It took Jack several seconds to realize that, his now masturbating daughter, who was on top of him, has just asked him a question.

His dick began to harden in his shorts against her back as he watched his daughter rub her pussy. "Because I am your father, I don't think I should be shaving your pussy." He finally replied. Her back was now rubbing his erect dick through his shorts as she slightly shifted her body up and down against her hand. She did not seem to notice, as she was focused on the scenes playing out on the TV, as the man was reaching his climax and the woman was whimpering in ecstasy.

Finally the man grunted and collapsed on top of the woman, just then Taylor let out a slight whimper and closed her eyes, her hand still grasping her pussy with her bottom slightly elevated off the couch. She slowly sat back down with Jacks balls resting in between her buttcheeks and his hard dick again pressed against her back. "But who else could show me? I've never used a razor before, what if I cut myself?" Jack was brought back by her question as his mind still worked through what just happened.

She had a point, he thought, if she cut herself there it could be a scary and scaring experience.

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"I guess you are right." He said. With that Taylor lifted herself off of him and stood up. "Cool, I'll go to the bathroom." He did not think that they were going to do it right away, but before he could object the girl was already making her way up the stairs. Jack sat there for 30 seconds, then turning off the TV, made his way upstairs and to the bathroom. His daughter had now removed her shirt and was completely naked, looking at her pussy hair in the mirror. She turned to her father, "Where do you want me to go?" She asked.

Jack was looking over his beautiful daughter, and taking in the sight of her shapely breasts and still erect nipples.

"Sit on the edge of the bathtub." She sat down as Jack took out a razor and shaving cream. She spread her legs for him. Jack sat down on the floor in front of her, with his face inches away from her pussy. He began to apply the shaving cream, making sure to occasionally rub her pussy, as his horny mind took control of his actions. He was fully erect now, and this time Taylor noticed as her father's shorts bulged. "How come you don't go in the nude around the house daddy?" She asked him, as the thought of seeing his penis excited her.

"I don't know." Jack replied, as his mind completely blanked on any ideas given that his hands were rubbing shaving cream into a gorgeous pussy mere inches away from his face, and he was using up all his will power not to lean forward and lick it. "You should take of your shorts, you'll feel much more comfortable." She said.

Jack complied removing his shorts without standing up, and now his large erect dick was in full view for his daughter to gauge at. Jack began to shave her pussy as he whisked away the shaving cream with his daughter's pussy hair in, given the circumstances, collected and careful motions with the razor. His daughter began to heave, as the pleasure from the feel of her father's touch on her groin began to overwhelm her. She began to move back and forward instinctively. This caused the razor to apply more pressure as Jack was shaving right above the clitoris.

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The pressure didn't cause a scratch, but it did cause some discomfort to Taylor, as the spot began to slightly redden. "I'm so sorry." Jack said, as he instinctively leaned over to kiss the spot. The scent of his daughter's freshly shaved pussy removed any inhibitions Jack had, as he extended his tongue licking the clitoris.

Taylor let out a sigh in pleasure as her father gave her pussy more licks. She put her hands on his head pulling him into her. "Oh my god, that's feels so good!" She let out. Jack could not believe how good she tasted.


He reached for his dick and began to stroke it as precum began to form on the tip. "You taste amazing." He managed to pull his head away from his daughter's mesmerizing pussy. Taylor noticed her father stroking his penis as the tip glistened in precum.

She was overtaken with the urge to taste it. "Can I taste you daddy?" She got off the edge of the bathtub onto her knees and leaned her head down to the ground to lick her father's penis. Jack watched paralyzed as his daughter moved her head between his legs almost parallel to the floor and her tongue moved out towards the precum formed on the slit of his erect penis. She lapped the large drop of cum onto the tip of her tongue and held it there for a few seconds, closing her eyes she slowly moved her tongue back into her mouth, spreading the cum all over her top lip and into her mouth.

She sat upright on her knees to face Jack. "Wow, that tasted so good daddy, I want more!" She said as she joyously bounced up and down, with her breasts bouncing in unison. Jack stood up, with his dick now directly in front of his daughters face.

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Taylor hungrily started licking Jack's balls as he looked down at his daughter, she was looking back up at him from under his dick, smilingly licking his balls. She took his dick and spit on top of it, letting out a laugh. "I saw that somewhere." She said with a cheeky smile. She began to spread the spit all over her father's dick with her tongue. Then she put the head of the penis into her warm mouth, slowly engulfing as much of it as she could.

When the dick reached her throat Jack put his hands onto his daughter's head holding her there for a moment. She moved back removing the dick from her mouth completely and gasping a deep breath of air. His daughter smiled up at him with spit and some precum all over her face now. "I love your dick so much daddy, I love how it tastes!" She put the dick back into her mouth, sucking as hard as she could, she moved her head back and forth, with the dick occasionally leaving her vacuuming lips and mouth with a loud pop.

Jack could not believe how good his daughter was at sucking cock, and how much she loved it. The thought of having a cock in her mouth excited her so much that she began to rub her clitoris, she wanted to cum, she was going to cum with her daddy's dick in her mouth.


Taylor could feel the onset of her orgasm, she took Jack's dick as deep as she could. Jack watched as his daughter closed her eyes, with his dick deep in her mouth her body began to spasm, she let out a load groan muffled by his dick in her mouth.

She was in ecstasy from her orgasm. Jack knew he wouldn't last much longer. He removed his dick from her mouth as his daughter still had her eyes closed from the intensity of the orgasm she just had. He began stroking his dick over his daughters face, as she licked her lips faintly tasting the precum she had earlier swallowed.

Finally she opened her eyes, looking up at her father smilingly, "I want you to cum daddy, I want to taste more of it. Please." Jack pointed his dick at his daughter's mouth, as he increased the intensity of his strokes.

Taylor darted her tongue out licking her father's cock slit as he stroked it. Finally he was cuming, the first spurt landed on Taylor's forehead, the second went near her eye, over her nose, and then she quickly took his cock into her mouth.

She sucked the cum out as hard as she could for a minute, then let the dick fall out of her mouth. Jack watched as his daughter pointed her tongue out, with the cum he deposited pooled on it. She reached with her hand, and took some of it off of her tongue. Taylor spread the cum on her nipples, then she spat the rest into her hand and started to rub her pussy with it.

Jack was transfixed as his daughter with his cum on her face was rubbing more of his cum into her pussy. She put up a bit of cum on the tip of her finger and slowly inserted the finger into her pussy. Taylor proceeded to take more of her father's cum from her body and put it inside of her pussy. She rubbed the cum on her forehead into her skin, making her whole face glisten with his cum.

She continued to rub her pussy nearing her second orgasm.

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Jack's dick began to harden again as he watched his daughter masturbate with his cum. Taylor noticed her father's dick hardening and smiled at him as she eagerly took it into her mouth, she wanted to orgasm with it in her mouth again. As she put it into her mouth, the taste of his cum and dick sent her over the top. She began to cum with Jack's dick in her mouth again, this one even more intense, as her whole body began to buckle.

She let out a scream, as she sucked her father's dick, she felt her body go weak as her orgasm subsided, but with Jack's dick still in her mouth she was determined to have his cum again.

Taylor started to suck Jack vigorously, spitting on his cock as she accelerated her tempo and intensity. Jack looked down as his daughter was looking up at him sucking his cock, with his cum starting to dry on her face. He knew he was about to cum again, "Oh, I'm going to cum baby!" She smiled with his dick in her mouth as she continued to buck her head sucking his dick into her mouth even faster.

Jack began to cum and his daughter was eagerly swallowing it. She swallowed all of it, flicking her tongue under his foreskin and into his cock slit to make sure to get all of it. She kept his dick in her mouth even as it started to deflate, she could not get enough of it. Finally Jack lifted his daughter into the bathub, and started to run the water. "I love you daddy." She said in a drunken from ecstasy haze as she smiled at her father.