Sexy ass Aaron gets hammered deeply by big dick Freddie

Sexy ass Aaron gets hammered deeply by big dick Freddie
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"My time at the mall" Part 1 pick up. So its a hot day in San Antonio Texas has always, and me and my ex decide to hang out at the mall near us so we can stay cool and relax with ice cream. It all started when me and my friend Marina went to go pick up jasmine my ex at her house, when we got there she was on the steps.

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She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, with green converse and a brown purse. "Hey about time you got here I've been waiting for 10 minutes in the heat" "Sorry we were in traffic" I said sly "Well come on let's go" jasmine said seeming. Well eager, probaly because I was paying. marina was driving so me and jasmine were in the back of the car, the whole time we were just talking about the usuall, but jasmine kept on giving me a weird look like she was nervous.

At the time I thought it was because she was hot in the her clothes after all she was in pants on a hot day. Part 2 at the mall. So we had gotten to the mall, and we were checking out clothes and being goofballs.

Probably the first placed I noticed something was off was when I was trying on a dress shirt at JCPennys. I was having trouble with the tie and jasmine came over. "Here let me help you with that" She came really close to me and fixed my tie, but just has she stepped away her knee barely brushed against my inner thigh.

"Okaay?" I was thinking to myself jasmine never really was one for touching let alone being so close. I showed marina and she said the she said it looked good so bought it and we went to Macy's. Now was around the time marina had to leave, I don't remember the exact reason but me and Jasmine didn't live to far anyways and could just walk home.

Jasmines turn for clothes was next and we went to a dressing room in the macys so she could show me her choices. The first was a simple dress, it was a green sundress that fitted well on her, she didn't like it though. "How's this one?" She had came out with a nice pink top that said princess with black pants, very simple.

"It looks nice" I said while at the same. time realizing she was blushing a whole lot. "Really!? You're going to love the next one," I waited a good 5 minutes and jasmine comes out with just jeans and bra. "Gotcha!" I looked away instantly she always had a dirty mind and teased me but that seemed a little much.

At the sane time though I started thinking about her body. She was maybe 5'1 with light brown skin and was kinda chubby, but she had lots of curves and her breast were pretty big. Not to mention she had a cute button nose with cute cheeks that were only brought out by her brown eyes and short brown curly hair. "Let's just go somewhere else." I muttered. So she led me all around till we came to a place called spencers which I knew nothing of but apparently had to be 18 to enter.

We both got in of course being 18 and she led me to the back. Part 3 Teasing me Now spencers was a adult store that sold stuff such has dick lollipops naturally I felt a bit uncomfortable. Bringing me to the back she showed me a certain item. "Hey look" Jasmine started licking on a coffee mug with a dick on it "Huh what are you.?" She was looking at me intensely but I quickly changed the subject by offering ice cream which she gladly obliged.

Has we left the store however Jasmine dropped her phone in front of me and bent down to get it. All while pushing her big ass against me. "Jasmine what the hell?" "Sorry" she said with a giggle. I had to admit though my hormones got me riled up and I was a bit hard. And i was enjoying it Later we were both enjoying out ice cream I had gotten butter pecan and she strawberry.

I was surprised she never teased with the ice cream, then again when we together she never teased me this much so it seemed she was back to normal. "Ryan can you walk me to the restroom? My stomach hurts." "Well you are lactose intolerant. Is it that bad? I was concerned for her stomach never got this upset. "Yeah let's go" she said. Part 4. Thankfully the restroom was close by, I didn't know why but Jasmine had choose the family restroom for privacy Iguess.

(That is a restroom for guys and girls to take thier kids if they can't go alone in a opposite restroom.) She was quiet for a few minutes, then she called me.

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"Ryan can you help me up in here?" "Why? Did you fall are you ok?" "Just get in here" she said flatly "Ok" I said shyly, I was pretty embarrassed to go into a girls(ish) restroom but she needed help. "Are you okay?" I asked has I came in "Yeah" she said has she locked the door behind me. Before I knew it I was being kissed, and I mean kissed we had made out before but only pecks, she was practically invading my mouth with her tounge.

"Jasmine we shouldn't be." I tried saying but my hormones got the best me and shut me up.

"Shh, let me do the work." She whispered, before I could react her tounge was brushing on mine, resisting longer I started to copy, her mouth felt so great her face so cute I was getting hard. She started to bite my lip then kissed on my neck, licking it long and slow til she got to my ear and started breathing hotly into it then nibbling it.

"Jasmine that feels so good." I managed to say feeling very pleasured.

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"Touch me." She said breathly has she put my hands on her big juicy ass. I squeezed hard has if I couldn't get enough.

"Ah." She moaned. "Spank me!" She cried softly.

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I gave a firm smack and that broke her. "I can't take it!" She moaned has she put her big ass against my crotch and started rubbing on me. "You're pretty hard aren't you spank me again." I did with her ass right on me has she was bending over standing up. "Yeah whip me!" She stated moaning, I couldn't hold it I started dry humping her huge ass and she was loving it.

". Here" she unbuttoned her jeans and went down on all fours, I was sweating hard at this point clueless about everything. She pulled down her pants to her knees showing off hed nice round bottom. "You can rub it." She said meekly My hands with their own mind started massaging her lovely lumps "This feels great!" I though to myself, subcounciously rubbing her pussy now. "You're wet." I said rather like a dork. She responded by pulling down her panties exposing her bare pussy, she grabbed my jeans and exposed my dick in seconds.

She pulled it closer and told me one thing. "Fuck me.!" That was the last straw I lost control and put my cock right in hot box. I started thrusting feeling all her insides and her jeans against my cock.

I pulled her jeans down more and started thrusting harder watching her juicy ass jiggle with each thrust, I couldn't even see my own dick, her ass was too big.

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I grabbed hold of her hips and used the leverage to fuck her pussy even harder. "Right there yeah! Spank me! pull my hair! fuck me in my juicy, hot pussy!


I used one hand to reach and pull her hair arching her back and making her clit rub me in a different angle. "Jamsine i Iove your ass!" I said smacking it at the same time making red marks. Smacking her ass one more time I pulled her hair harder and used my free hand so grab her leg and pull it towards me letting me feel all her body. "Fuck me like a dirty slut." Now I dont know why but that made me go faster and deeper!.

I could sense it all her ass bouncing has she went on and off my hips the sound of her wet pussy smacking my cock and her moaning, it was all too much. "Ryan I'm. Gonna finish. Ahh!!" That broke me and I thrust hard has I could and kept my cock deep in her pussy I came hard inside her it felt so good, shooting every thing in her I almost passed out.

We were both breathless right after I took my cock out her pussy, and looked at my self.My cock was covered in cream. I looked at jasmine she was still on all fours her pussy now that I noticed was dripping with my cum onto her panties pants and the floor, it was making a bit of a mess. Looking at my creamed cock and her pussy got me right back up and I pulled jasmine closer. "What are you." Was all she said before I put my now hard again cock back in.

This time we were both going slower, I was carefully taking my time with each thrust watching my dick disappear again and again into her ass. She started to rise up a little and took off her shirt.

Showing me her bra that she tried on earlier "That looks so sexy." I was thinking to myself "Ooh right there, keep it slow AND deep I love it" she moaned "Yeah, you feel great like this you're ass is so tempting." "Oh did I tempt you.? She said sultry "Did I tempt you with my big bouncy ass?" Now she was teasing me.

"Well how bout you start fucking me again like a dirty slut, I can feel you're cream in me already." A few moments after thrusting deep I came again. "Aww so soon, well come on let's clean up." She chimed. She was right it smelled like fish and her pants had cum on them, has she took off her pants and stood up. She came over to me and got on her knees. "Let me get that" she whispered. She was breathing hotly over my dick her mouth wide open next to it. She licked the tip once then started slowly to lick a bit more.

Then she took me by surprise swallowing my entire cock and sucking on it. "Ahh." I was moaning in pleasure. She grabbed my hands and put them in her hair. "Treat me like a slut." She was whispering She went back to bobbing on my cock then I decieded to take control.

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I looked at her AMD she smiled nodding. I took her bybthr hair and started to thrust my hips ever so slightly. I felt really dirty. *cough* "ok your clean" she smiled She bent over the sink to wash it out. I took advantage and took off my clothes has well.


I gave her a hug from behind and her soft skin against mine felt nice. Her ass was touching my dick again, and it was pretty hard now.


I rubbed my cock against her pussyblups feeling them and teasing her for kmce, then I grabbed her hair and spanked her. "Yeah!" She was moaning. I put my dick in and started fucking her again this time I felt all my cum in her. I only later a few moments this time around and quickly came in her pussy for the last time.

"Damn you're pussys dripping" I said feeling really naughty. "And your little juniors, covered in my cream" she got down real quick and licked my cock clean "There now let's go she said" Long story short she couldn't get pregnant, it was both are first time and we both got away, we later went our separate ways