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"Ohhhh man…just like that baby, just like that…" I moaned.


I was kneeling on the bed and Vijay was also kneeling behind me, his cock deep inside my ass. He was thrusting slowly, with one hand of his around my cock and the other squeezing my nipples, driving me towards the edge of pure pleasure. "Fuck me like that baby, fuck me like that, oh yes." I moaned, and encouraged him. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and it was a really erotic sight. It looked just like a live porno. "Ashu…you are so fucking hot and tight!" Vijay moaned.

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I loved that and I began to jerk my hips backwards onto his cock, matching his thrusts. He was loving it too!

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"Oh baby you are so good!" I gasped. One hour earlier, Vijay and I sat to play cards. The idea in my mind was that I was going to get fucked by him and then fuck him too. So we decided to play with clothes on, then the loser would get to take off one item of clothing at a time.


I deliberately lost all the games. First I took off my t-shirt. Then my jeans. Then my vest. Finally I was down to my underpants. My cock was growing, almost trying to burst out of my underwear. I was just waiting to lose the last round so that I could get completely naked and then get into action.

Vijay was very clever, he wanted to prolong the game so that I would get hornier and then we would have an even more hot sex session. In fact I was so desperate to lose that Vijay was still wearing all his clothes.

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Finally after a few more rounds, I lost again. I threw down my cards. This was what I had been waiting for. I took away Vijay's cards, pushed him back onto the bed.

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In one shot I had taken off my underwear. I knelt on the bed and turned my ass around and brought it near his face. "My ass is yours, baby!" I told him. Vijay grabbed both my butt cheeks and began to slowly run his hands over them. I was loving the touch of electric currents all over my body.

He then gave me a soft spank on both my ass cheeks. I laughed. He then began to softly kiss my smooth ass and give short licks over the crack.

I parted my butt cheeks with my hands and he began to rim my hole. Oh my god, I cannot describe all the pleasure at that time when his tongue tickled my smooth hairless opening, it was the most heavenly experience at that time.

He was making slow soft circles with his tongue over my ass, sometimes pushing his hot wet tongue into it. Sometimes he tickled my hanging balls from behind, tickled my penis and stroked it. I was feeling like in heaven. Then I turned around and climbed on top of Vijay and started pulling off his t-shirt. I also undid the button of his jeans and started to pull them off.

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Then I also helped him take off his underwear and saw his erect hard cock spring out into action. Without wasting a single minute, I grabbed his cock. Gently licking the head, I began to swirl my tongue over it.

His 5-inches were beautiful and brown and I took it all in my mouth. A moan escaped his lips and he grabbed my hair. I began to suck him off like an ice cream, it was really feeling so good to suck his cock. He grabbed my head and began to move my head to and fro on his cock, mouthfucking me. I wanted him to cum in my mouth but he wanted to save it for my ass.

So I laid on my stomach and he brought some lube and poured it onto my ass. I felt the cold liquid go into my hole as he worked it in with his finger.

Then he flipped me over on my back, lifted my legs high in the air and inserted his cock in me in the missionary position. I was really loving how his slender black Mallu cock was invading my asshole.

Vijay is built very strong and has a lot of power, so I was loving being dominated by him.

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He began to fuck me vigorously and then he suddenly stopped. He want and sat on a chair and asked me to ride his cock.

So I lowered myself onto his dick and he began to fuck me. I gasped in English "Fuck me harder baby" with my hands wrapped around his neck and he was sucking on my nipples. He was pumping me harder like a piston, upwards and upwards and I was feeling like I will get launched into space. He then carried me, his cock still in my ass, to the bed and then he knelt behind me. He fucked me very nicely and I was loving it.

I began to beg him to cum in me. Soon, he grabbed me really hard and whispered in my ear "I'm cumming" and came inside me, shooting many hot spurts of white cum. After a short rest, it was not time for me to fuck Vijay.

He laid back on the bed and I climbed up on top of him between his folded legs. He wrapped his legs around me and I began to dry-hump him. My dick rubbing against his stomach was feeling so hot that I would have cum inside him. So I stopped myself. I lay on my back and asked Vijay to get in the cowboy position. He helped insert his dick in my ass in that position itself and I pulled up my legs to cushion him.

I began to fuck him with my 6and half inches, slowly at first and then deeper, harder, longer strokes. He was pressing his cock against my abdomen and I was loving that also.

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Every single thrust felt so awesome, so enjoyable. I then wanted to do something that was on my mind for a long time. I wanted to lift him up and fuck him. So I stood up and lifted him up and then lowered him onto my dick. I fucked him upwards with standing thrusts, making him thrash about in pleasure. Finally I could not hold my orgasm any longer and cummed hard inside his ass.

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It was a hot night and we were very tired from the workout but we wanted to do more. We fell asl**p, but early morning I woke up and saw that my dick was erect again. Vijay and I got into a 69 position and sucked each other out.

We both came almost simultaneously in each other's mouths, and I really enjoyed myself. We had sex the whole of that day and night before I came back to my place, eagerly waiting for the next banging session with him.