Monster black cock slamming Charlee Chase and Samantha Faye

Monster black cock slamming Charlee Chase and Samantha Faye
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. She had long blond hair, slim built with hot legs, small tits and a beautiful face and lips. She was a shy girl. I noticed she had a unconscious habit of tapping her fingers together when she got bored or nervous. When I would talk to her, she didn't make hardly any eye contact, but her finger thing started up. I saw her next when she was 19, and still living at home with her parents.

Wow&hellip.she had only gotten hotter looking, to me. I started teasing her a little and her folks and my girlfriend giggled about it.

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Her dad was cool, and we became buddies. He once told me if the youngest girl would leave home, they were free to go and travel. He said if she would find a boyfriend to move in with, that would be ideal. He said my attention to her was helping to bring her out of her shyness, and she needed to have a man teach her about men. His wife wouldn't allow any sex talk in the house, and she had been over sheltered by her mom.

He smiled at me and indicated that what ever I wanted to do with her to get her some experience with a man, was sure 'ok' with him. He winked at me. I thought…'Cool, you just gave me a 'green light' to go and fuck your daughter, and I get the message.' I told him I would 'teach' her how to get a boyfriend, and keep him so sexually happy, the guy would never let her go back home.

He smiled at me big, and shook my hand. I continued to tell her how beautiful she was. She would blush, and smile at my attention she was getting. Then… I noticed her looking at me for long periods when she thought I wasn't noticing.

She still made very little eye contact with me. Every time I saw her, I would do this same routine of holding her hand and putting my arm around her. (I wanted to fuck her more and more now) One evening we were all playing a board game and she always made it a point to sit next to me. This night she scooted close to me. Then I noticed her leg touching mine.

She didn't move it. Then rubbed her leg slightly against my leg. I reached down and without being noticed, squeezed her hand. She sucked some air and continued. Soon I held her hand under the table and we played a little squeeze the hand and finger rubbing. My girlfriend, her sister never even noticed. We were now officially playing 'handeezys' under he table each time we played a game at the table, which was quite often.

Her leg rubbed mine and her hand fondled mine. Next, I was sitting on her bed watching her dad playing with the computer. She was lying down with her feet close to my back. I felt her messing with me with her foot. I put my hand back and played with her foot and toes right behind her dad's back. Her dad was cool, but her mom had taught her all the things a girl just didn't do, such as hit on her sisters boyfriend, or let him hit on you.

It was ingrained in her, yet she got a buzz for me and it started in with just little stuff getting my attention. I noticed it of course. He got up and went to bed, down the hall as we continued to play some game. We got bored and now both of us laid on her bed. I messed with her, tickling and teasing her. I noticed how out of breath she got. I was exciting her. All very subtle though.

When I went to leave she was guarding her tits, like I was going to grab them as we continued to tickle us. Finally I said: "Ok, truce…give me a hug." She blushed and said no. I kept talking as she gasp for air.

And still guarded her tits with her arms.


I said I wasn't trying feel you up, just give me a hug and I'll go and leave her be. She just giggled and held her arms in that 'guard my tits' stance. I distracted her and put both my arms around her. She giggled and sucked more air.

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This was the closest we had ever been. We had never hugged before an I held her tight, as we laughed. She continued to pant like a panic had set in. Her chest was gong up and down in my arms. I kissed her on top of her head. I felt her start to relax and hold still. So I kissed her more on the top of her head, she relaxed more.

I kept holding her as I could feel her trembling slightly. The more I kissed her hair, the more she relaxed and now she laid her head on my chest, all calm. I just kept holding her and kissing the top of her hair. Soon I started kissing down lower to the sides of her face and then her forehead. Her eyes closed and just let me kiss her more and more.

I tilted her head back, her neck was weak and she was a little dizzy. She tried to blink awake, but no use and closed her eyes and I laid her head on my chest with her hands on my chest, not guarding her tits. She was unsteady on her feet, as I held her, she was like in a trance that was so relaxing her, she was trying to fall asleep standing up.

Now was the time. I tilted her little sleepy eyed head back and kissed her softly. No resistance at all. I waited with my cheek next to hers. Slowly her arms went up around my neck and hung on like she was a little drunk. She tried to keep her eyes open, but no use. She tilted her head and she kissed me this time. Soft at first, then it build up as she started breathing deeper, then more aggressive kissing and little moans.

I was holding her up, and this caused her pussy to press against my dick. She gasp and I moved my dick just slightly up and down on her pussy. Soon she whispered: (."it's so warm in here…I,…I…gotta unbutton my blouse. I'm burning up.") She slowly unbuttoned her blouse with her jittery hands and I got to look at her nice tits hiding under her bra. I just went ahead and reached back and un hooked her bra too.

It was strapless and dropped down. Wow, she had a nice set of perky tits standing straight out, oh how I wanted to suck on those 19yr old tits. I laid her gently on her bed.

She kept her eyes closed and was all limped out. I took off her blouse, bra, shoes, and then gently pulled down her panty hose and then her panties and skirt. She had a beautiful light colored bush. Just the perfect amount of hair, no shaving and it looked so soft. I had locked her door. My girlfriend and her mom were out of town. Her dad was asleep way at the other end of the hall, he had his own bathroom, Everything was clear.

She was like a drunk girl in a way. After years of fighting her mom's morals, she finally gave it up, and just let it happen. She tried so hard to not fall for me, but it didn't work. She reach out to hold my hand as I sat on her bed just admiring her naked beautiful young body.

I took off all my clothes. She rubbed my hand gently and weakly pulled me to her. She kept her eyes closed, and her beautiful lips quivered as she pulled me to them. She put her hands on the sides of my head and pulled my lips to hers. After five years of wanting each other, it was finally here and happening. We gently kissed, our lips were electric, and it started a fire in us.

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Stronger and stronger we kissed. Now she gasped for breath and moaned quiet as our tongues first met. Feeling each other they explored our mouths and we had to take quick breaks for air.

Her tits moved up and down as the tension use up her air. I slowly moved down and kissed her soft tits, and circled my tongue around her firm nipples. She shivered and moaned. I saw goose bumps travel across her tits as the tingles ran to my tongue. I kept going down, kissing my way to her pussy.

She knew what was coming and squirmed with anticipation at the thought of it. I kissed her tummy as she jumped with sensations she couldn't take they were to tense. Now I felt he soft pubic hair on my face. I now began to smell her womanly sent, the aroma of her female sex. It was making me tingle in the depths of my dick. I felt her hands on my head to guide it to her most sensitive spot&hellip.her clit. I licked her soft pubic hair and felt her wetness on my face. She was dripping wet sex, just because of me now.

She was finally mine to do all the things we had dared to dream about,&hellip.but didn't think it would really ever happen. I looked at her clit, a little swollen and bright pink. It looked wonderful to me, the little knob that makes a woman jump, because it is so sensitive to touch.

I now put my lips to it and kissed it. She jumped and moaned. She pulled my head slightly as her clit pulsed as I teased it.


Her clit moved up and down slightly as I licked around it, but not right on it as she couldn't take that. Her pussy squirmed as she knew it was next as my tongue slowly slid down her slit to the opening. The tip of my nose touched her clit…she jumped and lifted her hips up and moaned a long moan. I felt the warm insides of her pussy on my deep pushing tongue.

She moaned out my name softly. I worked my tongue in and out to which she responded with her hips moving to help my tongue go in as deep as I could. She began to beg for me to put my dick in her&hellip."oh god daddy&hellip., put it in.please.put it in&hellip.I can't take the waiting any more daddy&hellip.please"&hellip.I had become her daddy in her mind.

I lifted her legs at the knee and pulled them up. She squirmed as she knew our sex was finally going to meet and be one, in a frantic rush to climax our sex. I got up on my knees and my rock hard dick moved in for the grand entrance. She had an almost a crying moan over and over quietly now. I touched my dick to her pussy. She tensed up and then opened up her legs as wide as they would go for me. Slowly I slid in my throbbing dick.

It was the fullest and hardest I had ever seen it. It felt the insides of her slick wet pussy, relaying every feeling on it to my brain. I started in slowly at first sliding it in and out.

She grabbed my hand and we both massaged her clit. My dick and her pussy were now in control and it made us hold on as they went for the cum and climax together. Faster they demanded…faster! Our body clamped together and held on for the race to cum. Our bodies started making a wonderful slapping noise as we fucked faster.

Her fingers and mine started massaging her clit fast. It was cuming, cuming and the faster it was peaking we held on for the cum of our lives rising and she yelled…"OH GOD YESSSS DADDY!

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as I locked up with her as a huge jolt of peak cum blasted out of my dick, just as she screamed "Ohhhhhhh God Daddy!!! And climaxed with me, shot after shot of hot cum shot out of my dick as she shook and shook hard with her trembling body…we gowned and moaned and twisted in pure pleasure as our body's meshed together pushing my cum deep in her awaiting pussy.

I felt her pussy grab my dick and milk it over and over inside of her. Squeezing every last drop of pleasure left in us. We moaned, gasped, shook, shuttered and moaned some more. The feeling didn't want to let go of us, and thousands of euphoric feelings ran thru every cell in our bodies, over and over until we just had our locked body's left for us to hang on to&hellip.pulses kept shooting thru my dick and her pussy as they became one blended unit of pleasure, acting as one. I felt dizzy and she had wet eyes at the most overwhelming pure joy we had ever felt.

She kept gasping at the feelings that lingered in her sweet young pussy. She had just had her daddy finally make her happy. --------------- We didn't realize how we had yelled out so loud during our wonderful first fantastic fuck…but dad heard it. His wife always kept a sharp alert out for any sign of him lusting for her. Now after hearing his daughters loud moaning he got a big hardon.

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He tried to ignore it but now all he could hear is his daughters hot moans in his head. He tried to suppress his thoughts of seeing her naked at times when she was growing up. Her hot body, and long blond hair. He was the one man she felt safe with, and the only one she would hug with when mom wasn't looking or around. When she was about 12, she fell asleep laying on top of him when mom was gone shopping. They both felt tingles and she felt him getting a hardon, but she liked it and didn't jump off him like she was taught.

She thought … 'my daddy loves me so much, I excite him. I like that&hellip.someday…we'll…' she stopped herself from thinking about how she would like to love her daddy in a very sexual way. The thought lingered and never went away. All she could do was try to ignore it as mom had taught her to do with any nasty sex thoughts, but It just grew and she had dreams about it.

Deep down, she wanted to have sex with her daddy. Dad was sitting up in bed thinking about what had happened last night.

Then he began to smile. He thought, am I crazy?…I should get rid of the wife and keep my youngest daughter. He smiled more. The wife was planning long stay back east to see all of her relatives. All he had to do is find a reason to send her on alone, then he and the young daughter would be alone in the house and do what they both wanted to do&hellip.they could finally have sex together. I didn't see the younger sister for a few days, then she and dad came over to play cards one night.

She was a changed woman.

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She fondled me every chance she got. She was not shy anymore and looked at me with sexy eyes and a look of pure lust. She was able to whisper to me during a break.(&hellip."I want you so bad, come by…please."&hellip.) A week later her mom left without her dad for a few months visit back east. Dad said he was getting a cold and would come later if…it got better. Now dad and her were alone together and she was horny all the time. She was the aggressor now, no more shy girl. Since she called me 'daddy' during our hot sex fuck, I figured she had hidden desires to have sex with her daddy.

I was right. ---------------- She thought:……… 'I had fantasized about my dad for a long time, having hot sex with me. I tried not think about it, but no use. Now that I had a taste of what mom never told me about good hot sex with men, I wanted more and more and I wanted to finally have hot sex with my daddy.

Tonight I'm going in his room and finally fuck him, as I always knew we wanted to. ------------------ The girlfriend and I didn't see them for the next two weeks. We stopped by one Saturday afternoon so the girlfriend could check on them.


It took forever for dad to answer the door. He was in his robe saying he had a cold. Her sister was in her robe too. She just had a smile on her face that wouldn't go away.

She was able to get me aside and whispered: ("…my dad can't keep up with me, could you help a poor girl out?".) I smiled and said: (".will you be gentle with me?".) She smiled and felt my semi-hard dick and said: ("…I had more of a 'female rapist' thing in mind, and NO, I won't be gentle!" )