Der Trainer und der Querulant

Der Trainer und der Querulant
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Its PFC Campbell's first day back from AIT. He has been gone about a year for all of the training he needed. He decided to go to the Red Lobster that is in his hometown to see an old friend. Her name is Rachel and she is a small 23 year old blonde.

Rachel only weights about 120 pounds and is only 4feet and 11 inches. PFC Campbell walked in and asked could he get a booth in the corner where Rachel was serving. The hostess said yes and led him to the booth. About 5 minutes later a small blonde walked up her hair blowing in the wind from the ceiling fan.

Rachel asked "What can I get for you?" PFC Campbell replied "A mountain dew with no ice please Rachel." Rachel looking confused "ok I will be right back with your drink." Rachel turned around and walked away while PFC Campbell watched her noticing how much her hair grew it was all the way down to her round firm ass.

PFC Campbell thought he should tell Rachel who he was. He was surprised that she didn't remember him she had had a crush on him before he left and didn't really keep much contact during his training. He made up his mind and decided to tell her who he was. Rachel came back with his drink and asked still confused "how did you know my name before I even told you?" PFC Campbell said smiling "because I knew you for 5 years Rachel… its John I just got back in town and decide to come and see you."Rachel's eyes lit up and she said "John really why didn't you tell me you was coming back I missed you!" He smiled "I wanted to surprise you that's all." Rachel sat in the booth next to him and started asking John questions about 10 minutes had passed when John asked" when do you get off maybe I could drive you to your house tonight after work." Rachel replied "Sure I get off in about 30 minutes I might have a friend over tonight but your more than welcome to stay the night if you want." "Well seeing how nobody else knows I am back, I just might take that offer." Rachel with the biggest smile ever " ok we will have fun If you do also you got a lot bigger since last time I saw you I wonder if something else got bigger too…" John replied "I guess you will find out later … also you seemed to have gotten a little bit bigger on the good side." Rachel said while winking "Well let me finish my shift and I may let you see." Right before Rachel got up, she shifted her hand down to John's dick and stroked it through his clothes a couple of times then turned and got out really slow letting him see the view of her small tight ass.

John thought to himself it's going to be a long goodnight. Rachel came back with his favorite meal, Shrimp and chicken with buffalo sauce. Rachel said "It's on me your going to need the strength tonight" then she kissed his cheek and left.

John could tell that she is very horny but couldn't figure out what that was about. He just ate his lunch and when Rachel got off work she came over to the table she sat next to him while he finished his food. John said" I miss when we used to stay out all night watching the stars and cuddling in the back of my truck." Rachel smiled "I miss it too." John said "Well I need to stop at the store before we go to your house ok?" "Ok, I also need to get a couple of things" responded Rachel.

They got to the store and split to get there things, John grabbed some condoms, mountain dew, monster and then waited by the door for Rachel. When she was ready they got in the car and started the hour drive to Rachel's house. Rachel had trouble keeping her eyes off of John. Rachel finally asked "Why didn't you ask me out before you left, I knew you liked me" John replied " because I liked you for your body at that time and didn't realize I like you cause of your personally too." "I see now well since that's over, may I take my shirt off I am really hot." "You can take off whatever you want." Rachel then took off her shirt exposing her bra and her nice rounded tits that were about a D cup.

She then pulled her skirt off revealing her black panties. Rachel then said "That feels better now for you, I will take the wheel while you take off your shirt." John said "ok but my pants are staying on until we get to your house". Rachel frowning said "you tease." John got his shirt off exposing his rock hard body with a 6 pack.

John looked down at Rachel's panties and saw that they had gotten wet from his 6 pack.

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Rachel said "Damn, you look so fucking hot. I just want to fuck you right now I am so horny." John said smirking "You can't but I can do this." He slid his hand up her leg rubbing across her pussy then grabbed her left nipple and started to pull and lightly twist it making Rachel let out a quiet moan. John let go saying "sorry couldn't control myself it's been awhile" "It is ok you can do more if you want my plan was to have sex tonight anyway." John looked at her then said" how much sex did you have the past year?" Rachel seemed embarrassed said "well I did have sex with a female, she used a strap- on .

that happened about 3 months ago and I liked it a lot and she let me try and I liked that a lot to so she was to come over tonight and do it again." John was surprised "well if you want I can drop you off and leave I don't want to interrupt anything." "I was afraid that would push you away…" John quickly replied "You are not pushing me away I just didn't want you to think that I just want sex cause that's not true if you girls don't mind me I would join but that's up to you not me." Rachel shyly said "I would like you to join not trying to sound like a slut or anything." "You're not sounding like a slut you just want to explore your body and explore other peoples body's sexually its normal." "That's a good way to put it and it's true, you can touch me until we get to my house." "Sure can I do anything or should I not touch your pussy just yet?" "I think you shouldn't touch my pussy cause I can't stroke or touch your dick because you're driving" "that's a fair trade so I won't touch your pussy promise" John slide his hand over and rubbed Rachel's leg then slowly slid up her body to the bottom of her tit and caress it Rachel gasped then John brushed his thumb across her nipple while she let out a moan.

John still playing with her nipple asked "You like this a lot Rachel?" Rachel with a moan said "yes a lot can you play with the other please." Without a word john switched to the other nipple about 5 minutes later John twisted each nipple once then said "We are here Rachel." "Ok let me call and tell her to come over and to bring everything and some extra condoms cause the 6 that you bought won't be enough for tonight." John replied "ok how long do we have until she gets here maybe we could do something until she gets here." Rachel smiling said "about 30 minutes and if you want we can." John controlling himself "what am I able to do and what cant I do so I don't hurt you emotionally?" Rachel replied "you can do anything as long as you don't stop me from doing anything to you." John though about it then agreed on one condition that if one of them said stop they stopped until the person say go again.

Rachel agreed. John got out of the car and picked up Rachel and carried her to the door she unlocked it then he took her to the couch and put her down lightly and unhooked her bra, he took a second to admire her tits then went to work. He took the right tit in his hand and left tit in his mouth playing with both flicking his thumb over her nipple and tongue over the other, Rachel moaned so loud and started shaking John closed his lips around her nipple and sucked making her moan louder then pulled off making a suction sound.

Rachel moaned really loud and started gasping. John noticed that her panties were soaked and asked if she came Rachel leaned over onto him and whispered yes and said thank you biting his neck lightly making John's dick hard as a rock. Rachel said "my turn" and started to bite sexually down John's neck to his nipples and sucked on the right one making him moan the shifted to the other nipple then stopped and looked at him.

John took the opportunity and grabbed her hands pit them over her head and held them over her head as he lightly bit his way down her body from her neck to her thighs then pulled her soaked panties down with his teeth then moved her hands to his head. He took a finger and pushed it in her pussy playing with the right side wall. While Rachel tried to hold her moans back but failed and moan so loud that John thought the neighbors would hear.

John then pushed another finger in and pushed it to the left side this time. Rachel's pussy started dripping from how wet she was, John pulled his fingers out and tasted Rachel's cum.

He then put them back in her pussy and put his thumb on her clit and rubbed it while he shifted his fingers to find her g-spot and rubbed it until she came letting out the loudest moan yet. He was about to stop but Rachel yelled to keep going so John kept going. John nibbled on her inner thigh making her orgasm hard and her whole body shaking with the aftershocks of pleasure. After Rachel recovered she said "thank you for doing that it felt so good, now it's my turn to play." John said with a wink "No problem, it will happen again tonight, I promise you that." "You can do whatever you want but I would save sucking my cock for later if you decide to." Rachel said "why is that?" John said "Because I tend to get rough with that I can't control myself." Rachel said" I will keep that in mind now lay on the couch." John moved to the couch, Rachel side between his legs up to his face and started to makeout with John then she started to kiss and nibble on his neck and down his body to his pants, she took them off and she saw his dick through his under wear she was surprised how big it was he had a 9' inches dick, she wonders how he was able to hid it so well.

Rachel then grabbed John's underwear and pull them off she gasped at the site of John's dick. John said "are you ok you seem scared of it." Rachel said "No I am just surprised and can't wait to have it inside my nice wet pussy." John said "well my body is all yours for the next 48 hours as long as I get yours and that I get to be as rough as I want." Rachel said "Deal I will let you know if you get to rough." John said "Well when is your friend getting here?"Rachel said "I don't know but don't worry about it." John was about to say something but Rachel started to nibble on his inner thigh driving him crazy then Rachel stopped and started to stroke his dick John started to moan and grabbed her arms trying to control himself then Rachel started to rub the tip of his dick he started to pre-cum a lot and moaning loud then clenched up like he was about to cum, Rachel stopped not letting him cum.

"why did you stop? I was about to cum." Rachel replied smiling "That's the point I am going to torture you until you beg me to cum." "Damn, ok well can you make me cum once now? Please I made you cum plus it's been 8 months since I last came." Rachel smiling said "Fine but don't expect this again, you got to earn it." Rachel stroked John's dick again enjoying the site of him trying to control himself then out of nowhere Rachel bit John'[s groin making him let out a loud moan and letting off a huge load of hot cum all over Rachel's hands.

Rachel wondering how it tasted licked it off her hands and swallowed it all then the door bell rang. John pulled up his pants and Rachel walked to the door naked and answered it. Rachel said something that he couldn't hear then walked in to the room with a woman that was 5'8 with black hair down to the middle of her back with double D's and an ass that was perfectly round and a perfect size to spank or to fuck.

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She was carrying a black duffle bag. Rachel said "This is Sara she is bi sexual and she likes to use toys, she also likes to be rough and last but not least she is the hornyest female I know and can treat you right I promise." (Meaning pain and pleasure mixed into one) John smiling said" I bet I will last the next 48 hours of sex, meaning I won't stop until time is up or you both give up." Sara smiled and said "Can we do anything to you and have other people join and you have to call us master and if you lose you are our slave, mainly mine, and seeing as Rachel is already my slave, for the next month?" John thought about it and decided "Sure but if I win then your both my slave for 2 months." Sara and Rachel agreed to it.

Sara said "I hope you are ready for the fucking of your life." She dropped the bag and walked over to John and started to kiss and nibble on his neck John was letting out small moans as Rachel took the bag and left the room.

Sara then pushed John on the couch and got ontop of him. John grabbed Sara's arms put them behind her back and held them with a hand while ripping of her shirt and bra off.

John said "Now we are even no tops Sara." He let go of her hands and went for her tits, licking then nibbled and sucked on her nipples making her moan and then rock hard.

Sara saying between moans "Your suppost to call me master but I will let this one go next time you will be punished" John shifted his hands to her as and said "Go ahead and try to punish me Sara" Sara knocked his hands away took her ripped shirt and tied his hands together about his head then pulled her pants down and revealed a 5 inch long by 1 inch wide strap on. John's eyes popped open. Sara said "I warned you I will start slow and easy so open your mouth slave." Sara moved the tip to his mouth John wouldn't open his mouth so Sara said " it will be worst if you resistjust open and I will be gentle promise slave, could be worstI could use my 9 inch long by 3 wideso just fucking open your mouth." John finally opened a little Sara started to slide the strap-on in when Rachel came back Sara put the tip in his mouth to keep him from talking if he tried.

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Rachel asked "Did he mess up already master?" "Yes he didn't call me master and I let it go but he said you won't punish me Sara, so I had to teach him a lesson" "How long did it take you to get it in his mouth?" "About 5 minutes, he is lucky cause I was about to force it in." Sara pulled the strap-on out and asked "Did you learn your lesson slave?" John answered "Yes master." Rachel asked "can I please have his big dick inside me I am so horny right now." Sara said "Ok but I haven't seen it yet so you get the present out of the car while I explore." Rachel smiling said "Ok have fun, don't make him cum he has to beg for it master." Rachel walked out then Sara pulled off John's pants exposing his half erected dick, Sara said "lets make this look right and grabbed his dick stroking it and biting his neck until he was hard as stone then she gasped at the size of his dick.

She put some lube on and started to stroke his dick really fast with both hands John tensed up like he was going to cum and Sara stopped. John tried to jerk off but Sara grabbed his hands and put them behind his head then put the strap-on to his lips. Sara said "Slave open for your punishment remember you have to beg to cum and you can't make yourself cum unless we say you can." John opened his mouth and Sara pushed the strap-on in and told him to suck it.

John started moving back and forth doing a poor hob and Sara got mad and pulled out "What are you doing slave?" John answered "Sucking dick master." Sara said "That's not how you suck cock you little bitch." Rachel walked into the room and asked what's going on. Sara explained and Rachel asked "can I show him hold to suck cock?" Sara said "place the dildo you have in your pussy for him to practice and you suck the strap-on" Rachel pulled her panties down and toke the dildo out of her pussy and explained how to suck cock "well you spin your headuse tongue and hands to make a cock cum." Rachel said "I have an idea." She went to the bag and grabbed handcuffs then untied John's hands that were tied with Sara's shirt and handcuffed his hands behind his back.

Rachel said "Now that's done I am going to give you a blowjob while I am doing that you will be giving Sara head and do everything I am doing to you understand?" John said "Yes Rachel" Rachel then put her lips on the tip of John's dick making him moan loud when his mouth opened Sara forced the strap=on in his mouth all 5 inches making him gag on it.

Sara said "You didn't call Rachel master." Sara pulled out to let him recover. Then grabbed John's head pulled him to the strap-on and told him to listen to his masters. John opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the strap-on.

Rachel then started to move her head up and down his dick John was enjoying it too much and didn't do it so Sara pulled his head down for him then he started to move. Rachel then made a suction cup and pull John's dick out her mouth making a pop sound and started licking his shaft.

John did the same thing. Sara said "He is a quick learner Rachel maybe he should be rewarded." Rachel asked John "Do you want to cum?" John kept licking and nodded his head.


Rachel said "I guess not he didn't answer Sara." Sara said "He didn't answer nit he has been punished a lot we should let him cum, I think I should give him of my blowjobs see how long he last." Rachel smiling said "That's a fun idea slave do you want that?" John stopped and said "Yes please master please make me cum master" Sara said "since you begged me I will slave" Rachel laid on the floor between John's legs Sara took off her strap=on and got on her knees with her pussy over Rachel's face.

Rachel started to eat Sara out then Sara started to stroke John's dick and licking his shaft. John and Sara was moaning in pleasure then Rachel started to finger herself Sara then put her lips around the tip of John's dick making him crazy cause of her moaning and the vibrations.

Rachel started to lick Sara's Gspot while fingering her own Gspot, Sara then took John's dick half way and moved up and down slowly picking up speed then she deepthroated the whole 9 inches and held it gagging a little then came up for air. Rachel moved faster knowing Sara was getting close so was she, Sara sucked faster and harder they all tensed up, John came all in Sara's mouth then Sara and Rachel both had an orgasm. Sara kept sucking to get every drop. Once she finished she swallowed it all and sat on John and Rachel sat behind her, Rachel uncuffed John and made out with him so he could taste Sara.

Sara asked "Do I taste good slave?" John nodded yes. The girls got off of him, John looked at the time and noticed it had only been 2 hours and he learned something and came twice already. Sara asked John "Am I to rough for you or am I embarrassing you at all tell the truth?" John answered "Your doing neither to tell the truth, I wanted to try this just never had anyone that would do it." "good I will go all out then." She went to the bag grabbed a 7" long and 2" wide strap-on." Sara said "Ok I am going to explain a couple of things I most of my strap-on can cum with a solution that's similar to cum and it will be used on you a lot, second I like to dominate people and cause pain, third you might be gangbanged" Sara said "I will make you feel good but at first maybe a little worthless." John nodded then said "I understand master but before that may I fuck both of you, masters." Rachel and Sara talked about it the Rachel said "since we have been all over you we will let you be master for the next 4 hours you can do whatever you want understand?" John smiled then said "Yes slaves now I want Sara to lay down with her head next to couch, then Rachel you sitting on her face." They got into position John went to the bag and found soon more hand cuffs and a vibrator.

John handcuffed Sara's hands and put them of Rachel's tits to play with the handcuffed Rachel's hands behind her back. "What a site now to start Rachel this is going to be really rough on you, hope you're ready." John put the vibrator on full blast and put it in Sara's pussy right next to her Gspot making her squirm and start eating Rachel out.

John then sat on the couch putting his hands on Rachel and guided her to his cock once her lips touched the tip he forced his cock as far as possible in her mouth and down her throat and held it there for 10 seconds while she gagged, then pushed her head back and let her get air. Rachel you only took 6inches I pretty sure you can take all of it or you will before the 4 hours are up slave." Before she could say anything John pulled her head and told her to suck it fast.

Rachel started to slide her lips up and down his shaft. John grabbed some of Rachel's hair with both hands holding her slowing her enjoying it as much as possible. Rachel made her lips tighter and let less air in mouth trying to make John cum but he pushed her head back releasing his dick making a pop sound. Right when that happened she let out a loud moan and tightened her legs around Sara's head until she stopped cumming.

Sara's pulled her tongue out sliding it across Rachel's clit making her twitch and loosen the grip she had with her legs, John asked Rachel "Did you enjoy sucking my huge cock?" "Yes I really loved it" John said "I should punish you but I will let it slide just this time ok?

Slave." Rachel nodded John got up lifting Rachel putting her on the couch laying her down on her back and took the hand cuffs off both of the girls. John picked up Sara and bent her over the arm of the couch. John said "Rachel you're going to watch me fuck Sara's pussy then I will fuck yours nice and rough so get ready, Sara I hope you can take me." John put a condom on, slide his dick across Sara's pussy lips teasing her then he smacked her ass, smiling when Sara let out a surprised yelp at that moment john pushed his dick inside her pussy and started fucking her slow stretching out her tight pussy, listening to her quite moans.

When he thought she was ready John grabbed her ass so he could fuck her harder Rachel started to finger herself. John said "Rachel stop you're not allowed to pleasure yourself if you don't stop you will be punished." Sara clenched up, John reached around and picked her up walked over to Rachel and started to rub her clit making her squirt all over Rachel. John thrusted a few more times then pulled out of Sara, pulled the condom off and came all over Rachel's tits.

John put Sara down and said "Now that your covered slave I want you to eat all that cum up." Rachel started to eat some off the cum and made out with Sara so said could taste both herself and John. John said "Stop slaves and Rachel sit up so I can get behind you Sara you sit infront of us and watch." John got under Rachel opening her legs putting his dick behind them next to her pussy.

He wasn't erected yet so he put some of her hair across her body while playing with her tits. It helped a little he pulled her back into him so he could whisper in her ear.

"The faster you get me back to 100% hardness the longer I will fuck you slave it's up to you." Rachel responded "yes master" then she bit his neck, stroked his inner thigh and rubbed her pussy lips up and down his shaft. He was 100% erected slid a condom on lifted up Rachel and lowered her onto his dick. She moaned the whole time it slid inside her until all 9inches were in her.

John whispered in her ear "you get 1 hour of me just fucking you straight hope you ready slave" before Rachel could answer John lifted her up and started to thrust slow and deep inside Rachel making her moans long and quite. Rachel put her knees on the couch and pushed her hands away and started fucking John faster making herself cum once.

John waved to Sara and told her to come here behind the couch (so Rachel wouldn't hear them) he whispered "Get a strap-on that's 9inches long by 2 wide and put it on without Rachel knowing slave." John kissed her then let her go put the strap-on.

John grabbed Rachel's ass seeing how it felt and used it to help move her making her go faster and moaning louder. Sara put the strap-on on and walked behind the couch to John and whispered with a wink "what now master?" "She is getting punished when I pull her hair back and it lifts up her head you're going to grab the back of her head and start face fucking her rough while I fuck her pussy faster and harder got it Sara?" She nodded and walked around the front John pulled Rachel's hair lifting her head when he stopped pulling her lips were right on the strap-on, Sara grabbed the back of Rachel's head and forced 6inches of it down her throat John shift hands and grabbed Rachel's waist next to her pussy and started to fuck her faster making her moan in between Sara's thrusts.

John said "You may say things about Rachel I know it makes you hornier. Just make sure she gags a lot on it." Sara smiled and said "Thank you master now Rachel suck my Dick good and I will give you a present." Rachel started licking up and down the shaft while John fucked her pussy slow and deep hitting her G-spot driving her crazy John was getting close to cumming, he went faster making Rachel have a strong orgasm and making her very tight which made him cum, filling the condom up.

Sara said "There you go now deep throat it and hold slave." Rachel took 7inches of it till she couldn't go any further Sara then grabbed Rachel's head and pushed the strap-on a little further down the pulled out.

Sara let Rachel recover then pushed it back in making her take all 9 inches, Sara pulled most of the way out then thrusted 6 times quickly then made the strap-on cum while in Rachel's mouth and pulled out and came more over Rachel's face and shoved her back onto John.

Sara said "You just got fucked like a slut slave, how does it feel?" Rachel couldn't answer she was just stared at Sara. John asked Rachel if she was ok and she replied that was ok and wanted more from both of them. John then said "well I have a couple more ideas we can do if you two are up for it." Rachel said "please yes master please." Sara added "as long as I get to dominate someone again I came from just face-fucking Rachel. John said "I can do that but your still my slave Sara, got it?" Sara smiled and said "Yes master and you got about an hour and a half left then you're my slave again and the real fun starts." John said "Ok well take the strap-on off, Rachel you get up and put it on, you two are switching places." They switched while John took the condom off and clean his cum off his dick.

Sara sat down with her back to John and turned her head to makeout with John while stroking his dick until he was fully erected. John went to reach for a condom but Sara put his cock inside her before he could.


"It's ok, go ahead and punish me" John said "Well then I will, you might not enjoy but oh well" John push his dick hard into Sara's pussy and continued to fuck her fast but then stopped. John said "Rachel come here now." Rachel walked over and bent down and madeout with Sara. John said "Now I want you to put your strap-on inside her pussy while my dick is inside and we are going to fuck her at the same time fast and hard." Sara said "It's not going to fit master" John replied "Yes it will, push it in now slave." Rachel spread Sara's legs alittle more, John held her legs while Rachel guided the strap-on to Sara's pussy John pulled out half way out then Rachel pushed the strap-on in about half way and stopped Sara couldn't say anything.

John said "See Sara it fit. Now Rachel you move in and I pull out then you pull out and I push in, just keep doing that it's going to be her punishment and we are going to creampie her then she will suck both of us off swallowing the cum from all three of us." Sara gasping said "Ok I will take it now start master" Rachel thrusted in hard making Sara moan then they started fucking Sara slow to get her used to it.

They started to pick up the speed Sara was tight with just his dick with both it felt like she was having an orgasm the while time.


John was moaning trying to hold it together without cumming in Sara's pussy yet. Rachel picked up her speed going faster and John picked up his pace making Sara scream in pleasure. John and Rachel were thrusting in at the same time and kept going Sara screamed out that she was cumming.

Rachel made the strap-on cum making it really smooth inside Sara's tight pussy. John thrusted four more times then creampied Sara's destroyed pussy.

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Sara went limp from the pleasure. John lifted Sara off of him and laid her on the couch pulling her head to his dick, Sara opened her mouth and licked up there cum off his shaft then deep-throated it. Rachel moved next to John, John said "Open wide slave" Sara opened alittle and Rachel put her strap-on in her mouth so she could get more cum Sara sucked on both for alittle then John said "Ok I am giving you a break after that punishment Sara." Sara nodded and leaned back on the couch to recover.

John said "Ok in 10 minutes your going to join us Sara no matter what." He kissed her deeply then got behind Rachel, grabbed her hands and cuffed them behind her back and took the strap-on off her then he sat down on the chair with her ontop of him facing away from him.

He put a condom on while Rachel's pussy lips were rubbing on his shaft. He then pushed in and grabbed her hips and started fucking her tight pussy after 10 minutes John got up while still inside of her and went to the couch. Sara laid down and John thrusted three more hard times making Rachel moan loud then laid her down ontop of Sara in a 69. John uncuffed Rachel and said "Eat each other out slaves." They started eating and fingering each other John was watching Sara eating Rachel then he put his dick by Rachel's pussy.

John said "Keep going slaves " John then started to fuck Rachel while Sara was licking John's shaft and Rachel's clit. Rachel orgasmed all over John's cock he pulled out and forced it in Sara's mouth. Sara sucked and licked John being carefully not to break the condom till he couldn't be any harder. "This is the finale cause there is just enough time." John said. John rubbed his tip around Rachel's pussy then he moved to her tight virgin ass and pushed the tip in and stopped. Rachel screamed in pain and begged him to pull out.

John said "Time to be punished" John lifted her up and he sat down and pulled her down hard pushing all of his 9inches deep in her ass and stopped. "Slave put that strap-on and fuck this slut's pussy while I destroy her tight virgin asshole.

John then started to fuck Rachel's tight ass fast and hard while Sara put the strap-on and started to fuck Rachel's pussy fast and hard listening to Rachel screaming. They both went faster and harder until John came filling up the condom.

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