Beautiful babe is awarded with coarse fuck homemade and hardcore

Beautiful babe is awarded with coarse fuck homemade and hardcore
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Willie the Dog, fucks my Cat I came home from work, popped open a drink and sat on the couch. Willie came running in jumping around and then sat on the couch beside me. He said: "Your girlfriend is not home, we can talk ok. I'm in love with your cat Samantha, by the way." Willie and my cat 'Sam' started getting along and at first, just ignored each other.

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After a while they were sleeping together and playing with their toys together we had bought them. My girlfriend was awe struck and thrilled about all this.

Willie continued: "I had been fucking my dog girlfriend 'Sugar' that day and came home to rest and lick my dick some more. Sam crept up and watched me. Soon she started licking my dick too. Oh fuck!, her rough tongue almost made me cum. I had never had a kitty blow job, they are fucking super! I started licking her pussy and she meowed so nice. We've been doing this ever since. I wanted to fuck her more and more. One afternoon I got on her and started fucking her.

She started to purr and fucked me back real fast. It was so good, I must have licked her for 20 minutes after words. The bitch told me I had a nice dick. Damn she has nicest fur around her pussy, it's a real turn on for me.

That rough tongue of hers on my balls, just drives me wild." I said: "Wow Willie, that some news!" Sam walked in the room, sat down and watched Willie and I talk. Willie got up and whispered something in her ear.

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Sam came over slowly, jumped up on the couch and laid in my lap. Willie jumped up and lay beside me. Willie said: "Ain't she a beauty. I love her tabby tiger stripes, it's a real turn on." Sam began to purr and looked up at me made some kitty sounds, and licked my fingers.


"She says she likes you blue, but I wouldn't try and fuck her if I were you, those claws…you know." ------------------- My girlfriend left for the evening and they must have seen her leave.

Sam came in and then Willie through the kitty/doggie door. Sam muttered something.… Willie said: "Bitch". They were have a lovers tiff, it seems.

Willie had chased off a male cat and Sam got pissed about it. Willie jumped up and sat beside me. "I chased one of her old boyfriends up a fuck'in tree, and now she's whining about it. That's what I do, chase cats!…all except one." ------------- Well, they got over it and went back to fucking. My girlfriend had not seen them yet&hellip.until tonight.

I waited… she came running in the living room, out of breath. "I&hellip.just saw…oh my god…just saw Willie having sex with SAM!" I said: "Oh yeah…ha ha, that a funny one dear.

Did they 'talk' to you too?" She started to get pissed. "NO…Really!…our little Sam is a whore who let's dogs fuck her!" I stopped and looked at her.


She paused and then began to grin. "Sam does what?" I said. "I guess I can't say anything, can I&hellip." she said: "Did you ask Willie why he was fucking a cat?" She just shook her head and said: "Sure,&hellip. like he's going to talk and tell me all about it&hellip." Willie was listening around the corner.

He told Sam to take off running. Here came Sam like a rocket with Willie right on her ass. I said: "They seem normal to me dear, are you feeling ok?" Next thing I knew I was being hit with a pillow over and over.

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"I (hit) saw (hit) Willie (hit) FUCKING OUR CAT! (hit). I said: "Did Sam moan?" I got dirty looks, then she shook her finger at Willie and said: "Dogs don't fuck cats, Willie!" Willie laid on his back. Sam came over, licked his dick a couple of times and walked casually by. My girlfriend curled up in my lap and said: "I don't want to talk about it anymore." ----------------- That night the girlfriend decided to get drunk.

Willie watch with anticipation. He knew when she got drunk, she liked Willie to fuck her. Sam just watched. The girlfriend lay on the couch with her legs across my lap, singing.

"Where oh where can my Willwee dog be…la la…de la." She raised up her nightgown and ask me to rub her pussy. I did and she said: "Willwee, look what ma ma's got for you Willwee". Sam just watched. Willie came a runn'in.

He jumped on my lap and whispered: ("Excuse me, but could you scoot way over?") I smiled and moved over.

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Sam just watched. In went Willie's nose and then his tongue, deep in her pussy.


The girlfriend moaned and said: "There's my Willwee, do ma ma and let's have some fun." Sam just watched. She opened her legs wide for Willie and pulled him up to fuck her. Sam just watched. Willie's dick came out full and he started humping her trying to find her hole.

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She reached down and put his dick in her pussy. Her moaning began as Willie speed fucked her fast. Sam got up and slowly walked to the foot of the couch. The girlfriend moaned and pulled Willie deep in her pussy, as she fucked him back. Sam began a deep growl. Her tail at a low sweeping motion. She began to crouch, POW&hellip.she jumped up and bit the girlfriend on the nose.

A flurry of paws with claws across her face. The girlfriend yelled and covered her face while pushing Sam off of her. Willie paid no attention as he speed fucked her and flooded her with his cum.

Soon Willie's knot held them together. The girlfriend grabbed Willie to keep him on her until his knot went down. Sam attacked her hand and bit her about 7 times in one nano second. I was laughing so hard I couldn't help the girlfriend. Sam took off, Willie licked the girlfriends wounded hand and I almost peed my pants.

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---------------- There's a sign in our front window that reads: CAT FOR SALE, put there by the girlfriend. It's the 4th one as Willie keeps biting them down, and shredding them all over the living room floor.