Lustful drunk beauties letting loose at a party with the dancing bear crew

Lustful drunk beauties letting loose at a party with the dancing bear crew
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Chapter 1 He is sitting at his computer updating his website when he receives a work request. He is a professional rapist.

People email him telling him exactly what they want done to them and he makes the fantasy a reality. He does not charge any money for these services. That would be prostitution.

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Instead he has them sign a model release form and he puts pictures and videos on his site. You have heard a lot about his site and what he does. You have been thinking about it months. You finally gather your courage and email him. "Hello, I want you to take me. Capture me and force me to do anything you want. Hurt me any way you need. Hold me in your clutches for a week." He looks over the email. He has gotten similar before. Never one that wanted to go that long though.

He responds. "What are your limits? What do you want as a safe word" His quick response makes you nervous. "None, I want to be completely at your mercy. No limits, no safe word." He sits back thinking over your response. "A week is a long time. Won't some one notice your gone?" Answering the next question scares you even more then writing the email in the first place. "No. I live alone, have no family and am an independent business consultant.

I have no clients for the next two months and the few friends I have are used to me disappearing for months at a time." You hesitate before hitting send. You know you are telling him that it would be so long before anyone noticed you were gone any evidence of what happened would be long gone. He could take you and never let you go. The possibility makes you wet as you hit the send button. He smiles as he reads the response.

He replies. "Very well then. In a couple of days you will receive two copies of our agreement. Sign both and send one back.

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Keep the other for your records. Some time in the next month or so we will meet. You can try and resist all you want though with out worry. I am very good at what I do." You shiver at the thought and can't help fingering your self in anticipation. Three weeks later, you are asleep in your bed when you are awoken by strong hands pushing you down and covering your mouth.

It is dark and you can't see anything, but you can feel him sitting on your shoulders preventing you from moving.


Is it Him? The one you told to take you?

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Or is it someone else. Someone who may not let you live when he is done. Then you feel the knife at your throat. He slowly drags it down to your nipples. In a low voice he whispers in your ear, "If you make one sound I will slice your damn nipple off, you understand slut?

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" You nod your head, scared out of your mind. He takes his hand off your mouth. As you inhale to scream for help he backhands you across the face. The blow takes your breath away and causes your ears to ring. "Stupid slut! Did you think you were being clever? You will pay for that." you are still gasping for breath when he jams the ball gag in your mouth. You jaw aches already, it is so big. He slaps you hard again and gets up and rolls you onto your front. He holds you down with a knee on the back of your throat.

He takes your wrists and tapes them together. "Alright fuck toy, we are going on a little trip.


" He stands you up, you are still naked except for your panties. He takes his knife and slices them off. "Don't worry slut, you won't be needing those where you are going.

" You begin to cry as the cold night air hits your pussy. He pushes you forward and out your bed room door. He stops you at the front door and puts a dogs choke collar on you and hooks up the leash. He then pushes you out the door. You are hopeful, surely some one will look out their window or drive by and see you and call the cops.

But you see no one; he marches you to a windowless white van and opens the back. You push back against him knowing that if you get in you will never be seen again. He slaps your ass hard you swear that the crack of it could be heard two blocks away, butt no one checks.

You begin to cry again as you get int the van. He pushes you to the floor hard. He the grabs your legs and duct taps your ankles as well. "I am going to have a lot if fun with you.

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But first, we don't want you getting bored during our trip." He pulls out two giant dildos. He works one into your pussy and turns it on. It works on your clit turning you on, despite your fear. You begin to grind you hips as everything else fades except your pussy. You barely notice him roll you over, lift your ass up and spread your cheeks. You do notice when he rams the second dildo into your dry ass hole. You scream into your gag but little sound comes out. You cry, even though you are in pain, the dildo in your pussy begins to take your concentration again and when he turns the one in your ass on, you cum.

"My my little slut. Already wet, and i haven't even started yet." He pets your head. "That's a good little whore. Enjoy the ride." He closes the door and you just cry as another orgasm rocks you and mixes with the pain in your ass hole. A few hours later the van comes to a stop. You don't notice because all the cumming has left you weak and you passed out. By the end the pain in you ass had faded leaving only pleasure.

Your thighs are sticky with your pussy juice and the vibrators battery's are long dead. He grabs you by the hair and pulls you up. "Time to wake up slut. Welcome to your new home." you look and it looks like any other house. He opens the back door and leads you down to the basement. There is were its resemblance to a regular house ends.

The basement looks like a medieval torture chamber complete with stokes and a rack. One wall has chains all over it and there are hooks in just about every part of the ceiling. There is a cage in the corner. He pushes you inside. He pulls out both of the dildos. You groan as they go. The have been in you so long they started to feel like a part of you. You don't have to worry long though because he comes back with two new ones that are attached to cords in the wall.

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"I am going to take good care of you slut. See, you wont be able to wear these out." You groan as he rams them both in and turns them on. He grabs your ankles again and tapes them to the sides of the cage leaving you spread.

He pulls out a camera and take a few pictures. "You are going to make my web site very popular little slut." He rubs your thighs which are covered in your dried cum.

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"Yes, very popular indeed."