Busty gal screwed in twat

Busty gal screwed in twat
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Mia had pissed a few too many guys off this time.


She was a royal cock tease, but this time it was going to catch up with her. Cole, Leo, and mark had just been sitting at the bar, having a few drinks, when she "accidentally" brushed up against mark. She stopped and talked to them for a while, flirting with all three of them.

She had given them the impression that she was hot to jump in bed with all of them. "How about coming over to our place for a few beers and a dip in the hot tub?" Cole asked her. She acted like she had to think about it a minute, then said ok. Mia was surprised when a limo pulled up in front of them, and Leo told her to jump in. She hadn't thought of them being that well off. It only took a few minutes and they pulled up in front of a large house. "This is your place?" She asked.

It's mine, Mark told her. They went inside and she was in complete awe over the place. "The hot tub is in the back of the house." Mark told her as he went to get the drinks, The other two guys led Mia to the sauna room.

Mark came in and gave them all their drinks as they stripped down to get in. After finishing their drinks, and getting more, Mark decided it was time to get things going.

All three guys were already hot from just looking at Mia's body. She had large breasts, and a shaved pussy. Mark and Leo took the lead because they were on each side of her. Mark bent down and took one of her breasts in his hand, then started sucking on her nipple. Leo slid his hand down her stomach, then to her crotch. Mmmm, she said and let her legs spread apart. He then slid two fingers up inside of her hot pussy, and started finger-fucking her. The wider she spread her legs, the harder he gave it to her.

Cole decided it was time for him to get in on the action, so Leo slid between her legs, and Cole took his place beside Mia so he could suck and fondle her other breast.

Leo kept sliding his fingers in and out of her hot little pussy, while his other hand played with her clit. "I think it's time we get out of here and dry off." Mark said. They all got out and first the guys quickly dried off, then all worked on drying Mia off. She was quickly dry, but they were not done.

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They laid her down on the carpet, and started having real fun. Cole climbed between her legs and began licking her cunt. He spread her lips and slid his tongue deep inside of her, then sucked and licked her outer lips.

He put two fingers in her, so while he sucked on her clit, he could finger-fuck her. Leo and mark were busy sucking on her nipples and playing with the rest of her body. "This feels so good" Mia told them.

"I love being eaten out and all of my body played with." This got the guys going even more. Cole attacked her pussy even harder. He was licking her from her asshole to her clit now. Hard and fast. Sucking her lips into his mouth and sticking his tongue deep inside of her pussy.

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He stuck two fingers back in her and finger-fucked her piston style, hard and fast. He had decided that it was time to get fucked. He lifted her legs up and spread them wide. He started getting his cock positioned to slide it into her when she told him to stop.

"I enjoy playing around with you guys, but that is all. I didn't plan on fucking any of you. I just enjoy having my body played with. The guys all figured out at the same time that she was just a little cock tease. "This is bullshit!" exploded Cole. You can't just get us all hot as hell and say "it's been fun, so please me then stop". "Oh yes I can, And if you guys don't like it, you can just take me home." Mark got a big grin on his face.

"I think this lady needs a lesson about teasing guys like this." All of the guys agreed with him. Mark picked her up off the floor, and carried her into the bedroom. He tossed her on the bed. Cole and Leo held her down while mark tied her hands to the headboard, and tied her legs so they were bent up and spread wide. Mia started screaming at them. They just laughed at her. This time, Mark climbed between her legs.

He spread her cunt lips wide and thrust his tongue deep inside of her. "Let me go" she told them. "I don't want to play around anymore." "We aren't playing here, now we are down to serious business" Leo said.

He leaned down and sucked one nipple into his mouth, while Cole took the other. Mark was still tongue fucking her as hard as he could. He decided this wasn't enough. He shoved three fingers up her cunt hard. "Stop that! Or I'll scream this house down." "Go ahead, they told her, no one can here you anyway." Mark finger-fucked her hard with all three fingers for a minute, then took one out, and slid it up her asshole.

He started fucking both holes hard and fast. "Do you like this?" He asked her. "You said you liked your body played with, so you are going to get a whole lot of it tonight." "Before tonight is over, you are going to have your cunt eaten so much that you'll never forget it.

You are going to have so many fingers shoved in both your pussy and your asshole, that you probably won't be able to sit down, and you are going to be fucked so many times that you will never want it again!" "Most of all, this will teach you not to be a cock tease!" "Fuck you!" Mia told him.

"I'll do what I want".

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Mark really got pissed at this. "I think the lady needs a real lesson in the arts of different kinds of sex." He got up and went to the other room.

He came back with a large German shepherd. "What in the hell are you doing?" Mia screamed at him. "I'm giving you a lesson in my way." The dog jumped up on the bed, between her legs, and laid down. Mark spread her cunt lips wide, so her hole gaped open.

She was already wet from all the fingering and tongue action, so the dog went right after her. He licked her cunt hard. He tongue was rough, and she felt it all the way across her cunt. Then he slid his tongue deep inside her hole and lapped all the way over her clit. He kept licking her like that as the guys cheered him on.

"Yea boy, lick her good and hard. Stick that tongue of yours deep inside her little pussy. Make her cum in your mouth, so you can lick out all of her cunt juices.

Fuck her with your tongue." Mark then moved his palms down a little, so he could spread both her cunt and her ass cheeks.

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The shepherd then started licking her asshole as well as her pussy. Mark spread her ass wider, so her hole was open a little. The dog immediately slid his tongue up her asshole as he had been taught.

As much as she had been fighting it, Mia felt herself starting to cum.

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She didn't want to do that in front of these guys, and especially because she was getting eaten out by a dog. She couldn't help it. It just felt so good to her. She cried out as she came hard. The more she came, the harder the dog licked her, and the deeper he went.

Mark waited until she was done cumming, then pulled the dog away. "Now, since you came her under the impression that we were all going to have a good time, We will." He pulled out his nine-inch long cock, and shoved the whole thing deep inside her cunt.

" I'm gonna fuck you hard and treat you like the tease you are. We are all going to fuck you hard, and in every position possible." He slid his cock out, and slammed it back in a gain. "Do you like it that I am fucking your sweet little cunt and these two are watching me?" "No, and I want you to stop" He just laughed at her and gave it to her again. "I love the feel of your cunt sucking my cock in. He fucked her harder and faster.

"I'm going to teach you not to tease." As mark fucked her, Cole and Leo were playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples. Another climax hit her without warning. She shook as she came all over his cock. That's better now. I don't want to end this too soon, so I think I'll let one of the other guys take over on fucking you for a while. Leo took him up on it quickly.

"Get up on your knees. I want to fuck you like the bitch you are". The three guys then untied her legs and forced her up on her knees. Leo spread her legs wide, so everyone could see him give her his cock. He rubbed the head of his shaft up and down her wet slit and over her clit quite a few times.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" "Hell no" Mia told him. "You have the choice. You can tell me that you want me to fuck your cunt, or tell me you want me to fuck your asshole." "I don't want you to fuck me at all," she said. "Tell me one or the other, or I will choose" Leo told her. "Fine then, my cunt" She said.

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"No, that is not it. Tell me you want me to fuck your cunt or asshole." Reluctantly she said, "I want you to fuck my cunt". Leo laughed at her. He rubbed his cock up and down her lips a few more times, then slid his whole cock deep inside of her.

He started fucking her hard. The other two had to hold her up because he was slamming his cock in and out of her so fast and hard that she couldn't stay up.

All of a sudden he stopped. "I've changed my mind. I want to fuck your sweet little ass." He pulled his cock out of her, and slowly slid it up her asshole. He was well lubed from her juices, and she had been fucked up the ass enough times, that it was easy for him to slide all the way in. "Now, I want you to sit on my cock, and you're going to take Cole up that sweet little cunt of yours." By now, she had given up on fighting with them, and had started enjoying herself. She sat down on his cock, and Mark spread her legs wide open.

Cole put his cock to her cunt and pushed it half way in., He pulled it back most of the way out, and pushed it all the way in. She was now being fucked up both her ass and cunt. Mark was enjoying watching all this, but decided he wanted her to suck his cock while the other two were fucking her.

He leaned over her and stuck his cock to her lips. "Suck on my cock while I watch them fuck your cunt and ass." She took his large cock between her lips and sucked it in deep. She was good at sucking cock, and had to admit that she enjoyed it. He held her legs wide open, so he could watch both cocks fucking her. Cole and Leo worked out a rhythm so one of them was pushing in while the other was pulling out. It drove Mia to the brink, and she came again. "I think she is enjoying this now." Mark said.

Fuck her harder though. I can tell she needs to be fucked harder. Both the guys did just that. They fucked her harder and faster until she was begging them to stop. Just then Leo blew his wad up her asshole.

"Shit, that went to fast." Mark decided it was time for him to fuck her again. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and then really surprized her. "I want to see if this little pussy can hold two of our cocks." Cole flipped her over, so she was sitting on him.

Mark came up behind her, lubed up his cock, and started pushing it up her cunt with Cole's beside it. She couldn't believe she had two cocks fucking her cunt. "Oh yes, deeper, slide them both in deeper." She was stretched almost to the breaking point, but she discovered that she loved it. "Both of you, fuck me harder" "Make me cum on both of your cocks!" They both pushed their entire cocks deep in her pussy. It was such a tight fit, that they knew they wouldn't last long.


Together, they pounded her pussy for about two minutes before they both lost it. They were all drained, but Mark wasn't done with the lesson yet. "She is going to get fucked one more time." He grinned and led the German shepherd over to her. "NO" she screamed. "I have done what you wanted me to do." He just laughed at her again, and let the dog mount her. He guided the dog's cock to her ass "I want to see him fuck you".

The dog rammed his hips forward and impaled her in the first thrust. The three guys watched as the dog fucked her again and again.

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"This is to be sure that you remember not to tease anymore." The dogs cock was locked in her asshole now. He rammed her fast and hard. The bulge in the middle of his cock made it impossible for him to slide out of her asshole, as she was hoping that it would.

Mark reached down, and played with her clit as her asshole was reamed. He slipped three fingers in her cunt, and finger-fucked her in rhythm with the dogs thrusts. She couldn't help it as she and the dog came at the same time. The dog turned around and popped out of her. "Now, I don't think you will ever play this game again, will you?"