Hot anal blonde Summer Day

Hot anal blonde Summer Day
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Ashley,Adam,Jerome and Mitch were watching tv in the new house they had jut move into,then when the sex scene came up in the show Adam decided he had to use the washroom, Ashley (who has a secret crush on Adam) watched him walk away with his phone in his hand and a bulge in his pants.

Jerome,Mitch And Ashley were still watching television for about 15 minutes after Adam left, Ashley had forgoten about Adam leaving and went to the washroom herself and heard a noise "shup,shup,shup" over and over again, she peeked inside to see Adam beating his 9 inch cock right there on the toiletAshley was very turned on by this and slowly unbuttoned her pants and reached into her panties and rubbed her pussyshe was doing this for about 2 minutes when she slipped and fell onto the door causing it to open as she fell to the floor.

Adam quickly tried to hide his dick from her but she said "how does that fit in your pants?" He replied "well It just does why where you watching me?" Ashley answered this by saying "I've never seen a dick of that length before I want to have it in my mouth" Adam replied "here now.what about Jerome and Mitch?" Ashley said " they won't here I'll try not to moan loud." She said as she closed the bathroom door and locked it Ashley told Adam to stand up and whip his dick out.

He did as she instructed, slowly Ashley teased the tip of his cock and took 4 inches into her mouth Adam asked her " wanna try to deep throut?" Ashley nodded her head and Adam stuffed all 9 inches into her mouth, as she bobbed up and down on his cock he pulled off her shirt and her white lace bra and played with her 32d breasts.

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Ashley slightly moaned as his index finger and thumb ran over her nipple, Ashley stopped sucking his dick for a brief minute to ask him "do you have any Viagra that way you'll stay hard and we can have fun longer." He replied by saying "yea in my room it's one over from this bathroom" slowly they walked over to Adams room Ashley laid down on his bed as he locked the door behind him and opened a drawer and grabbed the Viagra.

He swill owed the pill and they continued doing what they where doing. Ashley soon asked Adam if he wanted a titjob he answered by grabbing a tube of lube putting it all over his hands and rubbing Ashley's tits until they were covered in lube.

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He then stuck his dick between her boobs and she squished his dick into them. He started thrusting slowly then went faster and faster until he let out a moan as he shot several strands of cum onto Ashley's chin and tits she smiled as she licked up what she could. Adam was still hard and Ashley was still not sexually pleasedshe pulled down her skirt and white lace panties and told Adam "want to explore my mineshaft?" Adam of course stuck his rock hard dick at her slit enterance and slowly pushed in.

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After about 5 inches were in he felt some resistance Ashley said " go on pop it." Adam thrusted quickly thrusted and popped Ashley's cherry .after awhile of Ashley sitting on Adams cock to get used to it she started to bounce up and down on his cockas she bounced her cunt got wet with every up and down motion. She hopped off his dick and knelt down on the bed and told Adam to do it doggy style.


He thrusted in and her pussy was extremely tight because her legs were closed and she was tight when he first fucked her. Ashley felt his cock twitching inside her and said "release it inside me I'm on the pill." Adam released his load inside her strand after strand soon Ashley could feel her womb expanding because he was cumming so much.


When he finally pulled out cum shot out of her like a rocket. He then proceeded to fill he mouth and ass with the last bit of cum he had.

He told her to spread her cheeks and thrusted into her ass, he was going extremely fast so fast her tits were moving back and forth so fast it looked like they were stretching, Adam soon said "HERE IT COMES!!" Just before filling her ass with a huge amount of cum.

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Then Ashley laid down and got Adam to 69 with her. Her pussy was extremely sweet in Adams mouth and Ashley couldn't take her mouth off his dick pretty soon they both reached their climax, Ashley shot a bunch of pussy juice all over Adams faceand Adams cock spewed a bunch of cum into her mouth and she kept swallowing it, his cock was still spewing a steady stream of cum and he covered her entire body in his juice she smiled as they spooned together on the cum covered bed and Adam stuck his dick in her pussy as he fell asleep.


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