South Beach Quickie With Miami Amateurs

South Beach Quickie With Miami Amateurs
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Chapter 1 Mel, short for Melissa, was a completely normal girl growing up. By the time she reached 18 though, she knew that she wasn't normal.

She couldn't remember ever being sick, and she could read people.


That is to say, she could look at someone on the street and know what was going on behind their eyes, know the dark thoughts and urges that they keep hidden from the world. She could also tell what was going on in their body, whether they were healthy, or whether they were harboring some unseen malady that was insidiously killing them from the inside. In many cases, she could feel that even the people she was reading weren't aware of the secrets they were hiding.

Mel's ability to read people, and her realization of this new-found ability, slowly developed throughout puberty, until by the time she was 18 she could size up a complete stranger within the first 5 seconds of meeting them. Usually she didn't even need to speak with them, just being close by was enough. When the ability first started manifesting itself, she was at first horrified by the vivid imagery of sexual desires that swirled around in her head.

As she began to understand the ability, she began to learn how to control it, filtering out the people she didn't want to know *that* much about. As her ability developed, she began to enjoy looking into the darkest crevices of other people's minds. The other thing that set Mel apart from everyone else was her health.

She could never remember even getting the sniffles growing up, and physically her body was flawless. By the time she was 18, she stood 5 foot 6 inches tall, and weighted about 120 pounds soaking wet. She was lean and hard, with barely any body fat, even her breasts were bare A-cups, her hips sharp and angular. In a dark bar, she could easily pass for a slim boy, which she would take advantage of often as she traveled through the country.

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Most teenagers are convinced that they're invincible. As she explored her body's ability to recover from the physical punishment of gym class, with bruises, cuts and scrapes that all seemed to heal within a day of getting them, Mel came to realize that she probably was as close to indestructible as a physical being could be. As she realized the full implications of her uniqueness, she began to formulate a plan for what to do with her life. The first step was to drop off the grid. Packing up her car with all her belongings, she said goodbye to her family, promising them that she would call once she arrived on campus at the college she was enrolled in.

Pulling out of the driveway, she felt a small twinge of sadness, realizing that was the last time she would see or talk with anyone in her family. The sadness was quickly pushed out by excitement at what she had planned. As her cunt began to get wet, she had to remind herself to focus on the plan. Unbeknownst to her family, the day before Mel had withdrawn all the money from her bank account.

The cash was hidden in a money belt around her waist. Mel drove south for about four hours, not west as her family expected. Stopping at thrift stores and rest stops along the way, she slowly disposed of the belongings in her car, sometimes throwing them out, sometimes selling them for whatever cash she could get.

Her credit cards and cell phone went down a sewer grate. By the end of the first day, she was a thousand miles from where she was supposed to be, with an empty car and an empty belly. Pulling into a truck stop at an interchange on the interstate, she quickly sized up the place. It was a truck stop open 24 hours, with at least a hundred eighteen wheelers continually coming and going.

A steady stream of women, and the occasional man, were also loitering by the trucks, flirting outrageously with the drivers as they walked between their trucks and the greasy spoon looking for food. Off to the side was an old motel, made from cinder block, with burned out neon lights and an air of quiet despair.

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"This will be perfect", she thought to herself. Parking her car off to the side, out of the way of the trucks, Mel threw her backpack over her shoulder and headed to the bathroom in the restaurant.

The bathroom was what you'd expect. It reeked of stale sweat, piss, disinfectant, and something worse. Two hookers were already there, arguing loudly with each other over territory.

They looked ready to fight each other. Sizing them up, Mel ignored them. They were both dull, with no hidden agendas or desires. Their only desires were who they'd be sucking off next, or spreading their legs for, and whether they'd earn enough for their next fix. Mel knew they were trying to size her up as she walked by them, trying to determine if they could rob her for whatever money she had. Mel smiled to herself, as she realized that they thought she was going to be their victim.

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She decided in an instant that they weren't a threat, but she knew if they tried anything that she'd have some fun at their expense. Mel slipped into the only toilet stall that still had a door in it, and closed the door behind her. She quickly slipped out of her "I'm going off to college, mom" clothes, till she was standing naked in the toilet stall. The money belt with all her cash went into her backpack.

Sitting down, she decided to take her time with the next step. Spreading her legs, she slid her middle finger down to slide between her cunt lips, which were soaking by this point. Sliding her finger deep into her cunt, she quietly sighed with deep satisfaction.

"This is going to be fun", she thought to herself. Standing up, she pulled a pair of electric clippers out of her bag, opened the toilet stall door and walked naked across the room to the row of sinks on the other side of the room. The two hookers stopped arguing to stare at her, speechless as she plugged the razor into the wall, hiked one leg up on the edge of the sink and started shaving her crotch. She quickly shaved her cunt clean, her blonde pubes littering the floor, then reached up and started running the clippers across her scalp.

As her hair started to fall, the older of the two hookers walked up and stuck her face in Mel's. Her breath stank of stale beer, her teeth were rotten. She was taller and heavier than Mel, in her mid-thirties.

Her face showed the wear and tear of spending the majority of her life fucking strangers for drug money.

She was wearing a tight pair of hot pants stretched across her ass, and large tits that were barely contained by her halter top. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, bitch?" she demanded. Mel ignored her as she ran the clippers over her scalp another two times, letting more of her long hair fall to the floor.


Mel had already decided that this bitch wasn't the one she needed to worry about. A plan was forming in her head as she stopped, turned to her, looked her in the eye with the stare of a predator sizing up its next meal, and calmly replied "I'm getting ready to fuck you over, unless you get away from me".

That had the effect that Mel was hoping for. The hooker stepped back, surprised that this little thing would talk to her like that.

Perhaps sensing the danger she was in, the hooker nervously began reaching into her purse. Mel didn't wait to see what she was reaching for. She spun around and drove the heel of her right foot deep into the bitch's diaphragm, followed by driving the pair of clippers into the base of her skull.

The hooker dropped to the floor without a sound. Reaching down, Mel pulled the knife that the hooker was reaching for out of the purse, slipped it under the unconscious hooker's halter top and sliced it off, freeing her tits. Looking up, Mel stared at the other hooker, who was trying to size up the situation. This girl was younger and had an intelligence and cunning that the other didn't.

But she had watched how easily Mel had taken care of her older companion, and sensing that Mel was the predator in this situation, she held her hands out in front of her and said "I don't want no trouble from you".

"What's your name?" Mel demanded.

"Trixie" Mel could tell that she had the second hooker in the palm of her hand. Standing up, holding the first hookers knife in one hand and the clippers in the other, she slowly sized up the second hooker. Trixie looked about 25, a bit taller than Mel, medium size tits, curvy, red hair and pale skin covered in freckles.

She was dressed in a short black mini skirt and tube top.

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Walking over to her, Mel reached under her mini skirt with the butt of the knife handle and slid it into the other girl's cunt. Sliding it in and out several times, the girl started moaning and thrusting her hips. Pulling away, Mel held the knife up and slowly licked the other girl's cunt juices off of the handle.

"We're going to have some fun, and you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do. Do you understand?" Without waiting for a reply, Mel backed the other girl up against the wall and slid the knife handle all the way into the girl's cunt. All the girl could manage was an incoherent grunt that sounded like "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck". As Mel began fucking the other girls cunt with the knife handle, she began thrusting her hips forward, her cunt juices began running down the inside of her thighs.

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"Oh please fuck me" she whimpered. Mel put the knife down on the floor, and kneeling in front of the other girl, she quickly slid the fingers of her left hand up her cunt. Catching her breath, the girl gasped, her knees buckled and her weight drove Mel's hand deeper into her cunt. Pulling back, Mel slid her whole hand into the other girl's cunt up to her wrist. As she fisted the other hooker with her left hand, she reached down and began fucking her own cunt with her right hand.

The grunts coming from the other girl weren't intelligible at this point, they were more animal like. As Mel rhythmically thrust her hand back and forth in the other girl's cunt, she began to lose control, her knees buckled again. As Trixie began sliding down the wall, cumming, her whole body shaking, she began pissing. Her piss ran all over Mel's forearm onto the floor. Mel quickly pulled her hand out of her cunt, pushed her face into the other girl's cunt and began licking up the salty spray.

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As soon as she tasted the other girl's piss, Mel began to cum as well, her whole body shaking. As they both lay on the bathroom floor recovering, the older hooker lying on the floor a few feet away began stirring. Mel looked over at her. Looking back at the younger hooker she said "there's a new head bitch in town, you'll get along fine with me as long as you leave me alone. But you and I need to put this old cunt in her place." Sensing the new order of things, the younger girl smiled.

Standing up, she walked over to the older hooker, who was still trying to get her bearings, she reached down and dragged the older woman by her hair over to where Mel was sitting on the floor.

Pushing her face into the floor she told her "clean up this mess on the floor bitch. Lick up all this piss". Mel reached over and pulled the older woman's arms behind her back, pushing her upper body and face into the floor.

Struggling, she tried to resist but between the two women holding her down, she didn't have a chance. After trying to lick up the piss off the floor for several minutes, Mel roughly pulled her up, flipped her on her back and sat on her stomach, pinning her arms with her legs. Trixie quickly sat on her face, smothering her, spreading her ass cheeks and forcing her asshole onto the older woman's face. "Clean out my shit-hole you stupid cunt. I want to feel your tongue deep inside my ass." Reaching back behind her, Mel began finger fucking the older woman's sloppy wet cunt.

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Despite her muffled protests, the bitch was getting turned on by this treatment. Lifting her ass off the older woman's face, Trixie spread her ass cheeks and began to push. As the older woman saw the piece of shit begin to push its way out of her ass, she began to struggle violently.

Mel swiftly reached over to grab the knife that was lying on the floor, and making sure that the older woman saw it, she brought it up against her throat. "Keep struggling and you'll be dead in 30 seconds" she hissed. Eyes wide with terror, she stopped struggling. "Open wide" Trixie said with a laugh. Reaching down, Mel grabbed the older woman's lower jaw, ruthlessly gripping the pressure points, forcing her jaw open.

As Trixie pushed the shit out of her ass, Mel watched as it fell on the older woman's face, and into her mouth. Letting go of her jaw, Mel forced the shit into her mouth.


After she finished, Trixie sat back on the woman's face with all her weight, grinding and smearing the shit all over her face. Mel reached back with her shit covered fingers to continue finger fucking the woman's cunt. In no time at all, her whole body was shaking as she came. Standing up, both Mel and Trixie walked over to the sinks and washed themselves off, leaving the older hooker lying on the floor, covered in shit, piss and cunt juices.

Reaching into her backpack, Mel put on her new clothes, a short sleeveless t-shirt and miniskirt that barely came below her ass. Turning to look at Trixie, she pulled the hooker into a hug and buried her tongue in the other girl's mouth.

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After a deep kiss that lasted for close to a minute, she pulled back and said "we're going to get along just fine". Turning, Mel walked out of the restroom into the open air of the truckstop. She could feel the cool breeze of the late night air on her cunt as she walked across the parking lot to the broken down motel that would be her new home for the next several months.

"Life is good" she thought to herself, as she opened the office door to the motel.