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Slutty amateur showed off phat ass on cam
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Club Fatale, Pt. 5 Chapter Eight The Investors "Evan, I need your help," the Commodore began. I looked up from my table at the seaside bar. "Have a seat, sir," I said. He did, positioning himself across from me. I had never seen the Commodore like this before, but right now, he seemed nervous.

"I'm having a rather important business meeting with a group of prospective investors tonight and I was hoping that you would be able to assist me." "New members?" I asked. "Not quite that, Evan. But if the deal happens, then yes, they will be." There was a gurgling sound from beneath the table as Sophia choked on my cock. "Apologies, Commodore," I said, "but I have to take care of this." "Of course," he said.

It was past time that I gave her her reward; she had worked for it for the better part of an hour. Fingers in her hair, I held the island girl down on my cock and pumped a load of semen past her tonsils.

She retched and resisted, but with her lips wrapped around the base of my cock, there was no place for my sperm to go except down her throat. Finally, she swallowed gloriously around my manhood. I pulled her up by her curly locks. The girl stood, unsteadily, my come dripping from her chin. "Lunch was excellent, my lovely," I said. "Give my complements to the Sonya. She outdid herself with Patricia, today." Nodding, the girl walked away on shaky legs.

"That girl is an artist with a blowjob," I said, "and a martini." The Commodore smiled. "If you like her, Evan, then take her home. She's yours. I have several replacements waiting in the wings. She's only a Grade-C, anyway; practically worthless on the island market." "Surely skill must account for something, Commodore," I said.

"A matter to be debated among friends," the older man said. "As are all personal details with Femmes. I know a patron who collects only blondes: natural blondes. He claims that he's never even fucked a brunette. If that's true then he really is missing out.


My wife Donna, with hair black as midnight, can ride better than Emmanuelle herself. Such are the desires of men: wide and varied.

My system grades only on quantifiable physical beauty." I poured him a glass of wine. "So tell me why you need my help, Commodore," I said. "This deal, if it goes through, could only enhance the Club Fatale. It could mean a marked improvement in the quality and quantity of Femmes available to Club members. I did my research on you, Evan, even before you joined. Your business sense is spot-on, one-hundred percent, my boy. The success you've had in your industry isn't far behind that.

And you're a keen judge of character. I would rely upon these abilities in gauging my visitors. Beyond that is the fact that I respect your intelligence and judgment; you're a shrewd thinker.

And then, there are your newly acquired skills." "Skills?" I asked. "Angelique tells me that you are becoming quite the snuffer. She said that your training with Brittany was exceptional and your disposals of Mona and Natalie were quite interesting, to say the least. Oh, and she told me about young Jana. How amazing." "She doesn't keep many secrets from you, does she?" I asked.

"Not many, Evan," he said. "I do control her fate, after all." So he had been spying on me, gathering information from that raven-haired slut and, probably, others. Not that I really blamed Angelique. I blamed him more. It was disconcerting to have the old man constantly watching my every move. Truth be told, I was growing a bit tired of it. "And what do my skills have to do with this meeting?" "I might have occasion to call upon your skills for demonstration value, before the meeting is over.

So what do you say?" "I'd like to, Commodore. I really would. But I don't see an angle in it for me." "Ah! Well, perhaps I could sweeten the deal, Evan. How about a Grade-A snuffette from the commissary?" I frowned, thoughtfully. "Two?" the old man offered. Two, I thought. Could it really be so important to the Commodore that he would be willing to throw that kind of wealth my way? "That's very kind of you, Commodore, but I still have two Grade-As that I have to choose, yet.

And I have Cameron and Devon to enjoy. and the lovely Sophia." "Three Femmes won't go as far as you think, Evan," he said. Then, the Commodore leaned forward. "What would entice you, Evan?" I thought about it for a moment, then spoke.

"Tell me again about the -AAAs." He was silent for a long moment. I went on, expounding on my thoughts. "No one can argue that the girls you have here are beautiful, Commodore," I said. "One and all, they are very pleasing. But I must admit to a certain fascination towards the art of the possible." "I'm afraid that there are no -AAAs available, Evan," the old man said.

"I'd be willing to wait," I responded, "for the right girl. One of your choosing, Commodore. As long as she is -AAA." "You realize that it could take some time to procure what you're asking for." "If, as you say, this deal could provide more Femmes," I said, "Then I think it might not take too long to obtain one.

And if the deal doesn't go through, Commodore, I wouldn't hold you to the arrangement. So really, you have nothing to lose." "Alright, Evan," the white-haired man said, smiling. "You help make this deal happen and you'll have your girl. Done?" "Done, Commodore." "Tonight then, Evan.

I'll send a girl to pick you up at seven." -- Sophia lay upon my bed, well-fucked after an afternoon of athletic activities. Tennis was nice (especially with her playing in the nude), our hike was exhilarating (at least the blowjob rest breaks were) and diving practice was simply divine (I really got into instructing her on cock diving). Now, come stained her lips and pussy and she was unconscious after the pounding I had given her in bed.

I fiddled with my tie and sighed. I was never any good with these things. I wore suits well, but ties always proved a hassle. "Your visitor has arrived, Master." Devon's voice drifted up from behind me. I glanced to the full-length mirror and saw the reflection of Devon's sleek nudity. Long, raven locks fell almost to her nipples. I smiled. I had been happy ever since I had forbade her clothing. It made for a more interesting beach house. "Show her in, Devon." "Yes, Master." In seconds, another woman stood in the doorway.

Luscious brunette, dark eyes, willowy build; black evening dress with tits nearly spilling out. "Dorian Monroe, Mr. Anderson," she said. "I'm.

yours for the night, sir." "Is that so," I said. "Then perhaps you can fix my tie." She entered, stepped up to me and briskly tied it. "There," she said. "All fixed, sir." I took her harshly by the wrists. "And just how much of mine are you, Miss Dorian?" I asked with an edge. "Please, sir," she said, with just the right amount of desperate pleading in her pretty, feminine voice.

"I'm yours completely, sir. Until morning comes, sir. But the Commodore is waiting for us, sir." "What if I can't wait that long, girl?" She winced at the pressure I was putting on her wrists. She glanced towards the spent Sophia upon my bed. "To your knees, girl," I said and she nodded. Dorian fell to her knees before me. I trapped both of her wrists with one hand; freed my cock with the other. Thrusting inside her mouth, I quickly deep-throated her. I squeezed her wrists and gripped her hair while I face-fucked her.

She moaned around me and I went faster, building passion with speed until finally I thrust forward and emptied my balls down her stuffed throat.

Holding her upon me so that she couldn't breathe, I relished in the feeling of complete power over her. I pulled her off of me and stared into her terrified eyes. "Now, we're ready to go, dear." -- Ten minutes later we were standing in the Commodore's foyer. Emmanuelle and a brunette I had never met before greeted us. Both were dressed in spectacular evening dresses: traditional gold for Emmanuelle and sultry black for the brunette. Dorian greeted the brunette with a hug and a kiss and Emma the same with me.

"Evan," Emmanuelle said, "so good to see you. I'd like you to meet Donna Monroe, the Commodore's second wife." "Ah, you're the sister," I said. "I can see the resemblance. And I've heard the tales of your prowess. Faced with you, I don't doubt their validity." Donna blushed prettily.

It made me see why the Commodore liked her. She was several years older than either Dorian or Emmanuelle, but still quite beautiful. It was always the ones like that, just shy of spectacular beauty, that possessed the greatest passion. I took her hand and her eyes fell upon mine. It was such a palpable caress, with those eyes, like swimming in lust.

"Well, the Commodore and his guests are waiting," Emmanuelle said. We exited to the terrace. Despite my expectations, it was devoid of the Commodore's ladies, save one.

Only Sonya was there, putting the finishing touches on tonight's meal. The Commodore stood with a group of wealthy men and richly dressed woman. "Evan, I'm glad you could make it!" said the Commodore.

"I'd like you to meet some of my friends. This is Miles Lucas, Brian Manning and Cooper Ellington." "A pleasure to meet you, gentlemen," I said.


I shook each man's hand in turn. Lucas and Manning were both in their forties. Ellington was younger. All seemed like take-charge men, type-A personalities. And each was accompanied by a well-dressed woman. "Evan Anderson of Anderson Technologies?" Ellington asked.

"I hear that your stock's doubled in the last year alone." I nodded.

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"Yes, and I own 60 percent of it, lucky for me." "I'd enjoy the opportunity to discuss the technology sector with you, perhaps over drinks sometime?" "Look forward to it," I said. The pretty girl at Ellington's side smiled at me. "And who are the lovely ladies with you gentlemen, tonight?" I asked. "This is Kara James," Ellington said, proudly.

"My executive secretary and right hand." I smiled. Kara was darkly beautiful with chocolate-colored skin and big, dark eyes set in a fine-featured face. She was probably the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. I was reminded of a darker and sultrier version of Halle Berry. I took her hand and mimed a kiss. Her dark eyes called to my soul and I could just picture her writhing in scenes of helplessness. "Miss Emily Branson," Manning said, gesturing to the tall, gorgeous blonde at his side.

Branson was a long-legged, athletic beauty with the best pair of tits I had seen on a woman in many days. I could foretell much passion in her suffering, as well. "I know you, I think," I said. "I'm an escort, Mr. Anderson," she said, matter-of-factly.

"Based in London, if I'm correct," I said. I remembered her from a trip of mine several years ago. Yes, I remembered her well. I could see her struggling to place me. "Welcome to the island." My eyes slid to the last: a fiery-haired woman, older than the others. "Elisabeth Manning-Lucas," she said. "Brian is my brother." I could see the resemblance. I held the redhead's hand for a moment. "Charmed," I said, and looked into her eyes. She was certainly the least beautiful of the three women, though possessing quite a nice bosom; she somehow appealed to me more.

Perhaps it was her attitude, so self-assured, or the hot looks that she gave me throughout the night. "Well," the Commodore said, "now that we're acquainted, should we eat?" Agreement all around and we sat at a round table.

The Commodore sat with Emmanuelle and Donna to either side of him. I ended up with Dorian on my right and Beth on my left. Across from me was Kara.

Sonya served. I spoke little, while I ate, and mostly to ask questions that would gauge the three men around the table.

I deduced that Lucas and Manning were the leaders of an international prostitution ring, funded by Beth's wealth. Ellington was the head of a shipping business that serviced Florida and the Caribbean. By the end of dinner, I felt that I had a handle on the Commodore's plan. "You have a very beautiful island, sir," Kara told the Commodore. "Why, thank you, miss. I only regret that you couldn't see it during the daytime. It's a deal more exciting." She smiled at his courteous behavior.

The Commodore could charm the most jaded of women when he wanted to. "What do you think of the cuisine?" the Commodore asked Branson. "Very exotic and interesting," she said. "This meat is unusual. It reminds me of something. What is it, anyway?" The Commodore smiled.

"A delicacy from a rare and beautiful creature. The name of the animal escapes me, at the moment." "That's sad," Kara said, "to hunt a creature like that for its meat." "But the hunt is the thing, my dear," the Commodore said. He winked at Ellington, who smiled back. Lucas and Manning laughed together. I smiled. then nearly jumped at the caress on my leg. I turned my head to stare into Beth's blue eyes. A sultry look into my soul and a squeeze of my knee revealed the game she desired to play.

Little did she suspect the Commodore's game. "About that other matter, Commodore," Manning said. "I assume that we can count on your assistance." "Of course," the Commodore said. "We can attend to it now, if you are ready." Manning looked to Lucas and they nodded. "Before we begin," the Commodore said, "I think we need a bit of background entertainment." The Commodore looked at me and then at Dorian. His gaze slid to the gallows in the background, covered with a white sheet.

"Evan, if you would do the honors?" This was it. "Of course, Commodore," I said. I pulled Dorian to her feet and in front of me; slid her dress off her shoulders. Firm breasts emerged, each with a plump nipple mounted upon it. I tweaked them and looked into Donna's eyes. What would she think as I snuffed her sister? I pulled Dorian's arms back and quickly tied her hands behind her back.

She was supple and unresisting. If she had known what was coming next or not, I couldn't tell. "What's going on?" Kara said, suddenly uncertain. "Oh, wonderful," Beth said. "I enjoy sex games." I marched Dorian over to the gallows and whipped the white covering off of it. I firmly fastened the noose about her neck.

"I don't want her neck to snap, Evan," the Commodore said. "I just want her to strangle, slowly, for us. You know how I like it, my boy." I took the automatic control and depressed the button.

Slowly, Dorian rose into the air, twisting, feet kicking. Soft gurgling sounds emerged from her throat. She kicked again and I grabbed her leg; kissed her soft calf. I wondered how long she could survive like that: ten minutes? Fifteen? Kara was frozen in shock. Beth, as well. Suddenly, Emily broke for the door. I caught her in mid-flight, twisted her arms behind her back, restraining her. "Not so fast, pretty," I said. Just as quickly, the three men where upon the others.

"What's going on here?" Kara said. "I don't understand, Mr. Ellington!" "I'm sorry, Kara," he said. "But this can't be helped. You know all about my business, don't you? I can't take any chances with you, Kara. I'm really sorry about that. I had hoped that we could have many more years.

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You were a fine assistant and excellent at sucking cock. But I can't have you blabbing." "No, no, sir! I didn't! I mean, I don't know anything!" "Well, that's too bad, for you, sweet thing." "You two planned this!" Beth was saying, fighting to get free. Her brother and husband had her dress pulled down and were groping her.

"Yes, sweet sister," Manning said, as he caressed her naked breast. "Preparations have already been made. It will look as if you drowned. A few days from now, after being properly cleaned, your body will be found on a remote beach that the yacht passed by just this afternoon.

Everyone will believe that you fell overboard and mother's money will finally be ours, along with a hefty insurance settlement." "No! Oh, god, no! I'll give it to you, just let me go!" "Too late, my sweet," Lucas said. "You've always interfered in my business decisions and made me feel as if I was worthless, when I made all of your money!" Emily twisted in my grip.

"Please, Evan," she said. "I remember you. We spent a night together in Paris. You were a nice man. I always believed that. I always liked you." "You know something, don't you?" I asked. "I knew about Manning's business. I have for years.

It doesn't change anything. I wasn't going to tell." "What do you know?" I asked. What she whispered to me left me stunned for several seconds. But it didn't change anything. "Please, let me go." I pulled her over to a ring inset into the brick. I chained her there. A leather strap secured her wrists and I pressed a ring gag in-between her lips. "I'm sorry, Emily," I said, "but you are going to be a fine snuff." I walked up to Ellington.

"What do we do with her, Evan?" he asked, unsure now that it had begun. I knew the feeling. This being their first time, none of these men would really know what to do to these ladies. I realized that my role was to guide them. Much as Mr. Lloyd had guided me that first day. "That's entirely up to you, Mr. Ellington," I said, as I caressed her pretty face. Tears were beginning to form.

I watched as they ran down to her perfect jawline. "Personally, I'd remove this pretty head." I walked to the guillotine and pulled off the white sheet covering it, revealing the monstrous device to the terrified girl. The blade practically sparkled in anticipation. "Bad idea. Let's do it." He smiled wolfishly. I helped Ellington fasten the girl to the contraption. She was screaming, by then. "She needs your cock, Cooper," I said, "to settle her down before the big show.

Excuse me for a moment." While Cooper introduced her, I drifted over to Lucas and Manning. "We want to fuck her together, Evan," Lucas said. "Any suggestions?" "The stocks," I said, nodding. "They'll keep her from falling, and besides, women look hot confined in them." We took Beth over and I fastened her head inside the device. She cried when we did and looked at me, eyes begging for aid. "One of you gets the ass and the other gets the throat." "Excellent," Lucas said.

He took throat, boning his shaft deep into his wife's neck while his brother-in-law fucked his cock straight up her ass. I watched for a few seconds. "Not bad," I said to Lucas, "but let me help a bit with your technique. It might be more engaging to push further, harder into her. A woman can take a lot more abuse then you think. May I?" Lucas nodded and pulled out of his wife's throat. I took his place. "Please. Evan," Beth bubbled as she spit out a mouthful of saliva.

"Stop them and I'll be yours. please." "You'll be mine, right now, cunt," I said and plunged my cock inside her mouth. "Don't be afraid to use force on her, Miles," I said. "The fact is, she'll respond to it in ways that you can only begin to imagine.

Her body will do things that she never knew were possible." "Like what?" he asked. "It's different for every woman," I said. "The thrill is in discovering her threshold; how much abuse engages her without sending her into catatonia. Usually, you will want her twisting and writhing at your ministrations." I held Beth's chin up and violently rammed my cock inside her. Holding her red mane in an iron grip, I pounded her face, headless of the damage I was doing to her.

It was more violent than anything she had ever experienced and she thrashed desperately at the intrusion. "Oh, god!" Manning cried out. "Her ass is squeezing my cock so tight! That's unbelievable." Grabbing the wood of the stocks, I thrust hard again, penetrating her face more deeply than she had ever been. Her lips were locked around the base of my cock. Again she thrashed, making Manning cry out. "Oh, god!" I cried out, too.

I pulled out and she coughed. "Did you like that, Beth?" I asked. "Should I put my cock in your eye and fuck your brains?" She shook her head desperately. "Jesus," Lucas said and smiled. "And that's how it's done," I said. "As with anything, practice makes perfect." I turned her head over to Lucas.


He smiled and tried to replicate my technique. She gagged and convulsed. Excellent on the first try. I returned to Ellington. He had Kara strapped into the guillotine improperly, face-up, and was fucking her deep in the ass. I stepped up to Kara's head, my cock close, only inches from her lips.

She was crying. "Beautiful," I commented to Cooper. "May I?" "Go ahead, man," he said. "Her mouth is just going to waste." I reached under Kara's head, felt her hair and pulled her up to my cock. I rubbed myself over her tear-stained face and pressed the head into her lips. I slapped her face softly. "Suck," I ordered and she did. After several minutes I was on the verge.

"You were right about her being a good cocksucker." "Don't you know it, buddy. Let's switch places, man," he said. "I want her head before she goes." "I'll help you strap her down properly, then," I said. "Okay," he said. In no time we had Kara flipped over and lashed down tight. She was crying almost inconsolably when Ellington lifted her head and shoved his cock down her waiting throat.

I plunged into her pussy, savoring the velvety feeling of her. I held onto her waist and felt her back. She was wonderfully tight. I pushed harder and went deeper. Soon, I had a rhythm going. Slowly, I built her up. My eyes drifted over Ellington's shoulder and I watched Dorian strangle as I did. Kara cried out around Ellington's cock as my ministrations brought her close to orgasm.

Ellington came, his come splashing upon Kara's face. It was too much for me and I convulsed, spraying into her. She came with me, her pussy tightening about my shaft as she naturally milked my cock. "Oh, god!" Ellington said. "That's great! Now do her, man!

I want her to die, now!" "Alright," I said. "Pull her hair up and hold on to it!" I pressed down hard on her back to keep her still and felt her slim, athletic shoulders.

"NO! NO, PLEASE!" she pleaded, as I pulled the lever. There was a rush of air between the two of us and a sharp, sickening crunch cut off Kara's cries forever. Immediately, she jerked around my cock, body convulsing beyond anything I had ever experienced, and I felt her orgasm again. I was hard immediately and I fucked her corpse back. Just as her body slowed, I felt about to come again. I pulled out and flipped her body over onto its back. Blood was spurting out from her neck stump turning everything around a deep and deadly crimson.

Her beautiful dark tits stared up at me and I fucked them for a few strokes before spraying on them. My jizm spewed forth and coated her breasts and neck. One glob landed where her head would have been, mingling with the blood. "Oh, fuck," my partner said. "Her head came off in my hands! I saw her eyes moving! I think she was watching you fuck her corpse, man!" He was holding the head aloft, staring at it with a macabre fascination. I took the head from his hands, kissed the soft lips.

I lowered it and pressed my cock between the motionless lips. There was no suction, not anymore, but it hardly mattered, it was so erotic. "Fuck!" Ellington said, and when I returned the head to him: "Goddamn! You are one crazy son of a bitch, brother." "You think that's crazy," I said.

"Try keeping the meat of a woman you snuffed in your freezer. Every time you eat it, you remember her face. I think I'll have Sonya prepare Kara's meat for us. Half and half like the Commodore does." Ellington just looked at me, stunned. I turned to look at Lucas and Manning and realized that Beth was nearly gone.

They were still in the same position, but the stocks were open and Manning had his hands clamped around his sister's neck. He was squeezing her onto Lucas's cock, choking her to death while she blew her husband. "Choke on it, you fucking bitch!" Manning was saying, over and over.

Beth's hands pulled against her restraints, desperately. I watched her and I could feel it like I was snuffing her. The wanton sucking for air, the tightening of her throat as it collapsed, the primal need for survival. As I watched Beth's final moments, my mind drifted back to Jana and that fateful night.

And then, Beth went limp, passed out. Lucas blew his load right down his wife's throat and there was no response from her. From the way he was holding her, I knew that there wasn't a chance that she had survived. Poor Beth. I had hoped to experience her more thoroughly. Oh, well. Perhaps in another life. "Oh, god!" Manning cried as he squeezed her throat and came in her dying ass. "Fucking yes, sis, awesome!" My eyes went to Dorian.

She was still alive, but clearly struggling; her feet still kicking, though weaker every time. "You made it," I said. "Well done, Dorian." I picked up the control and lowered the brunette until her feet touched the stone. "You've earned yourself a rest. You have until we've finished with Emily." I stepped up to the blonde-haired escort and Manning joined me.

"What about her?" he said. "Perhaps." I mused, "something that I learned my first night on the island. Care to join us Commodore?" I half-turned. I saw Emma bouncing up and down on the Commodore's cock.

Donna was on her knees, alternating between licking his cock and Emma's cunt and struggling to see what was happening with her sister. "Occupied, Evan," he said. "It's your show." I called the others over. We each took turns fucking her face, getting ourselves hard again. We crowded around, surrounding and airlocking her with our bodies and cocks. "Let's do her already," Manning said. "I'm bored." "Fuck," I said.

"I gotta piss." "Piss on her," Lucas said. "Piss in her mouth," Ellington said. "Drown her with your piss, Evan," Manning said, not to be topped. The other two smiled and nodded their approval. I grabbed Emily's head, tangled my fingers in her blonde hair.

I thrust forward, putting the length of my cock down the escort's throat. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I pressed forward, going as deep as possible and released my bladder, sending the stream straight down her throat. "Fuck, yeah," Manning said. "I paid you ten thousand for this weekend, slut. I deserve satisfaction." Emily choked and some of my piss came back up, bubbling out between her lips and my hard cock.

I shifted my position, tightened my grip and continued. The elite escort was thrashing now, unable to keep from drowning at my feet.

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She was gurgling, coughing, choking and convulsing. "Yes." I whispered to her. "Yes. wonderful. Just like fine fucking wine. Just like that night in Paris, baby." As one, my companions cried out and shot their jizm onto Emily's face, dousing her as she drowned on my pissing cock.

Eyes covered, face covered, she convulsed, thrashed and died upon me. I held her and continued until every drop was in her lungs.

Then I let Emily fall to the ground, lifeless, in a splash of my urine. One by one, Lucas, Manning and Ellington released their bladders onto her face. "Wonderful," Lucas said. "Damn right," Ellington echoed him. "That was fucking epic," Manning said. "And we still have a fucktoy left." He turned his attention to Dorian.

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"I'm done in," Ellington said. "Me too. I'm finished," Lucas agreed. "I don't think I could come again, tonight," I admitted. "Fuck that," Manning said.

He pulled Dorian to her feet and took up the control. A few seconds of study and he pressed the up button. Dorian lifted to her tiptoes and then off her feet, kicking again, more desperately this time.

"Fuck, yes," he said as he stood there watching her strangle. Suddenly, Donna stood and walked over to me. "Please listen to me, Evan," she said. "You can stop this. Dorian's done enough for tonight, you can see that. I humbly ask that she be allowed to live. To perform again for you, another night." She knelt before me, a humbled goddess. "Please." she breathed.

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"Can you get me off again, Donna?" I said. "If you can, then I will consider your request." Without hesitation, she attacked my cock. Her lips surrounded me and I felt her tongue beneath my cock. What she did was indescribable, putting every part of her lips, tongue and even teeth into play. After only a minute or two, I came, spraying hard. Where it came from, I couldn't say. I cried out as my semen splashed upon her face. Donna looked up at me: face coated with my seed. "Please, Evan," she said, and stroked my cock with her cheek.

"Please. Mercy… Mercy, my lord." I looked at the Commodore. He shrugged, as if to say that it was my decision. I looked up to the strangling Dorian and then back to the kneeling Donna. Her lips sucked in the head of my cock and her dark eyes stared into mine. Pleading, promising. Before I knew it, I had taken the control from Manning. Dorian lowered to the ground; coughing, stumbling, falling. Emmanuelle caught her and pulled the rope from her heavily-bruised neck, felt around for damage.

"She'll be alright," she announced. "Thank you," Donna mouthed, lips close to my cock. "Holy shit!" Lucas said. "That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

Mercy. Awesome." "Let her live to fuck another day," Ellington said. "Brilliant!" "I would have let her die," Manning said, holding my eye. "What's the point? It just ruins the moment. And there are always more cunts." And he stepped up and grabbed the coughing woman by the throat. Donna looked at him, suddenly worried. "We've had enough for tonight," Lucas said to his (former) brother-in-law. "This is a fulfilling turn of events, Brian." Manning nodded and let Dorian go.

"And a most interesting decision, Evan," the Commodore said. "Who would have thought you capable of such compassion?" "I hope I didn't offend, Commodore," I said.

"Not at all, Evan," he said. "The voting seems to have gone your way." The Commodore left us and showed the three tired men to guest rooms, each accompanied by a Femme. Sonya and Emmanuelle lifted the exhausted Dorian to her feet and helped her away; leaving me alone with Donna. "Thank you, Evan." Donna kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding around my mouth.

I embraced her, hands squeezing her ass. "I swear," she said, throatily, "that you won't regret what you have done. what you have given me." I looked into her eyes and wondered if she was right.

When the Commodore returned, he was in a jovial mood. "You did it my boy!" the Commodore said. "Well done! Manning seemed a little upset by the finale, but eager for a deal to go through.

Lucas was giddy with excitement and Ellington was impressed by your skill and deft manipulation of suspense." "I'm glad I could help, Commodore," I said. "Donna," he said. "Go see to your sister and then join Emma in my bed." When she was gone, I spoke: "You don't approve of my actions, Commodore?" "What I believe or don't believe doesn't matter, Evan.

Your tactic worked. As promised, you'll have your girl, as soon as she comes across my desk. As for the other thing.

we'll just have to see what becomes of it, won't we? Good night, Evan."