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THE INTERSTELLAR, INTERGALACTIC SEX DRIVE The quest for an interstellar drive has gone on since the 1940's at least theoretically. An intergalactic drive was of course always assumed to be impossible. It was thought that even wormholes would, if even possible to use, only provide shortcuts within our own galaxy. Hyperspace, at least mathematically, has been proven to exist, but no has ever had any idea how to access it.

Some people thought that achieving superluminal speed would do it and magically thrust you across the space time boundary into hyperspace, a conveniently near other-universe, then upon slowing below superluminal speed you would be switched back into our own universe at some point a great distance away from where you started.

However, no one ever wrote the theoretical navigator's manual either. So it was that like many other inventions, the sex drive was discovered by accident. By 2312 there were outposts at various places in the solar system, and a large number of vessels plied the routes back and forth between various outposts and earth.

A very large passenger vessel had left Moon orbit with 474 people on board, 400 were passengers, and 74 crewmen. Its destination was a super expensive resort that had been built near Sedna way beyond Pluto's orbit. With a combination of some newly developed magnetic drives in the last century, and the solar wind, acceleration to nearly 10% of light velocity was possible.

Nevertheless it was still a time consuming journey. This was a vacation trip with a few on board going to work at the outpost near Sedna.

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There were no single people on board. With little else to do there was a whole lot of shakin' goin' on all the time, both day and night. The scenery only offered something to look out near Saturn, Jupiter and Mars were across the Sun, so not even visible except as stars on the wrong end of the ship.

The vessel left Moon orbit on January 1, 2313. It was expected to arrive 60 hours later at 16AU from the Sun. Food replicators had been invented by then, so food was served from the wall inside each cabin.

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There was a lounge for the passengers, actually 10 of them of various sizes, so people could play cards no alcohol was allowed on board for obvious reasons. So it happened suddenly, at 2AM ship time one night. The ship was meandering along accelerating at the normal .7g.


The captain was on duty on the bridge at the moment and was checking several sightings of space objects. Suddenly the captain and bridge crew felt a strong sudden acceleration, and the instruments showed an increase of acceleration in a matter of minutes to 1.3g. The captain ordered an alarm sounded for everyone to secure themselves while the crew tried to determine what had happened. After the alarm, there was no further increase in the acceleration rate, but it held steady at 1.3g.

During the investigation it was learned that 95% of the couples on board were engaged in sex at the same time. This was thought odd, but never connected to the event that occurred. So the ship arrived quite a bit early, more than a day in fact.

After the passengers were ferried down to the surface, a team of technicians went through the ship from stem to stern and could find no explanation. Everything checked out perfectly. The ship departed to return to Moon orbit. During the trip back, nothing out of the ordinary was encountered except a new large asteroid with 2 moons that had not been discovered before was found.

The trip took exactly 60 hours, as was expected. Another crew at the Moon did another complete examination of all the drive systems on the ship, and even disassembled and reassembled many things, again finding nothing out of the ordinary. The next trip was scheduled to depart on April 13, 2013, for this vessel.

In the interim no other vessel reported any abnormalities. Again there were 200 couples as passengers and 76 crew.

The extra two crewman were drive specialists, who had installed much extra monitoring equipment. On the second day out at 3:47am ship time, the vessel suddenly increased its acceleration from .7g to 1.3g rapidly again. This time no alarm was sounded, and the acceleration increase continued for another 30 minutes, leaving the ships acceleration at 2.0g. The captain was worried that this might have a bad effect on the passengers, but since there was an internal g force dampening device onboard, no one was aware that the acceleration had occurred except the crew.

The captain again had all the passengers fill out reports on what they were doing in the time period of concern. Once more it was found that 96% this time of the couples were engaged in sexual activity of various kinds, and the cessation of acceleration increase occurred exactly at the time that only 50% of the couples were still engaged in sexual activity.

The company headquarters, when they received the captain's second report decided to involve some contract scientists in the search for the cause of the phenomena. Nothing was out of the ordinary except the number of couples having sex. A small vessel was fitted out especially for an experiment.

A search for volunteers to have sex continually for 4 hours was done. There were 200 couples all under 30 and in top physical and sexual condition who accepted. In order to insure that the test would be good and the people could sustain the required sexual activity for the desired length of time, a building was specifically selected to be the place for qualifying sexual activity longevity.

There was a standby list of another 100 couples who would replace any that couldnt cut it. The 200 subjects and volunteers came into the building at 0800 hours. They went through nominal vital sign tests, since they were all flight qualified anyway. The real test was the sexual durability.

So we shall follow Tom and Jane through the test procedures. All of the volunteers were asked to strip completely except for the paper footies they were given. The men were asked to stand shoulder to shoulder in a line while the women were asked to fondle them to maximum erections.

Timekeepers were standing by and checking out the erection to full for each man, and also using an instrument to measure penile blood pressure which is an indication of hardness. Next the women were asked to perform oral sex on the men but only staying with one man for two minutes, all ejaculations were to be swallowed so as to avoid cleanups and timeouts.

For the next 28 minutes there was a sight to behold, 100 men standing in line and 100 girls taking turns sucking on their very hard equipment. Again the timekeepers marked each man's orgasmic time. After all the men had achieved the first orgasm, they were given drinks and a rest for 10 minutes.

Then the procedure started again. Each man had his time recorded. Again a 10 minute rest with drinks, then the procedure continued. The men were told that they must decide when they had to quit and it would not be held against them, this test was to establish baselines. All of the men managed to last for 5 orgasms, about 20 quit then, 20 more after the next round, then 40leaving only 20 left for the next round, 10 left after that, and the final said no more after the next round.

Everyone broke for lunch then, and steaks and salad with a wide variety of sides were available at the buffet style lunchroom. It looked like a nudist camp, as everyone was naked, even the servers. After lunch everyone was allowed a total of one and a half hours for lunch and relaxation, no sex permitted. Everyone went back into the testing room, and found the entire floor covered with mattresses.

They were all told to have the women lie down on their backs in rows with about 3 meters between rows. The men were told to walk to the spaces between rows and then to get down and begin intercourse with the women. No one worried about pregnancy, and everyone went bare, since all the men had implants that prevented sperm development, until it was deactivated magnetically. They were told that every 5 minutes a bell would ring and they were to advance to the next woman in the row, the ones on the end to return to the first woman.

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This time the men were told to keep on until they had to quit, but were all allowed a 10 minute rest between orgasms. Before beginning, all of the men were given penile shots that desensitized the penile nerves to an extent.

With that it should be at least two hours before any had to quit. So the sex went on continually with a change or partners every 5 minutes. The women had no problems with sustained activity, extra lubrication was available for the asking, so they wouldn't get sore. After 3 hours all the men had to quit.

So the test was adjudged a success and the original volunteers were all approved for the test voyage. The next day at noon local time at the moon base, everyone was ferried up to the test ship. It was pretty much all mattresses on the floors and just one huge open space except for the bridge and equipment areas. Departure time was scheduled for 1700 hours.

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No sex was allowed until an hour after departure. The ship left orbit and headed toward the emptiness above the ecliptic, local system NORTH as it were. Things went uneventfully the ship accelerated normally with the installed standard drives. At exactly one hour after the departure, the captain made an announcement.

In his whimsy, he made the following statement: Let the games begin. Gentlemen start your erections, Ladies start your wetness. Actually the test subjects had been told that sexual foreplay was encouraged from a time 30 minutes before intercourse was scheduled, so the entire contingent already had erections and wetness.

Exactly one minute after all of the people were fully engaged, plugged in, the ship began accelerating, the rate of acceleration increase was amazing. The ship had been accelerating at .7g from shortly after departure when the full drives were engaged. The bridge crew was carefully monitoring all phases of the ship's systems activity. Everything was showing normal parameters. Yet the instrument readings showing the ship acceleration were steadily moving upward.

Since there was wide open space so to speak in the direction of travel, it was intended to keep the sex drive in operation for as long as possible. Since the test time for the present contingent of men and women was had ended at 3 hours, the plan was to continue for 3 hours, rest for one hour, and hen another 3 hours, for 3 cycles; then a rest period of 10 hours for sleep and a meal, and another ship day of the same cycles.

This was to be continued for 5 days if the acceleration actually occurred, as well it did. After 3 hours the acceleration of the ship had reached 6g, no effect internally due to the damping equipment which had been beefed up considerably before installation. It should be able to damp accelerations up to 25g.

With the sex drive crew merrily fucking away for another 3 hours, the ship was now at 12g acceleration.

The third set of activity brought it up to 18g. When all the sex stopped the acceleration continued at 18g After the five days, the ship was moving at 9.5% of the speed of light.


Six weeks of such would bring it up to 57% of light speed, and 12 weeks would theoretically put it over at 104%. The ramifications of this meant that the stars were in reach. Since there was no apparent limit except the theoretical speed of light, if that could actually be exceeded by flipping in to another time-space continuum as the magic number was passed, Alpha Centauri might be closer than 4 years away. The next experiment would determine if as suspected the number of participants would affect the acceleration rate increase.

The captain turned the ship around, but had another idea before she finished. She decided it would be nice to circumnavigate the solar system, this making this the first ever time to e done, similar to Magellan's circumnavigation of earth. She thought at least there were no cannibalistic natives on the way. So the conventional drives were deployed to stop the acceleration and slow the ship to zero acceleration but still moving at 9.5% light speed.

The captain ordered the navigators to make the course a safe distance above the ecliptic plane and to circle the Sun at the average distance of Pluto's perihelion. Tests were also conducted during this part of the voyage to determine at what point the sex drive thrust began. It was determined that whenever 180 couples were simultaneously engaged in intercourse the acceleration began.

Another point to be determined was whether same sex activity would have the same, less, or more, effect. Since the participants had signed a contract stating that same-sex activity would also be required. There was no problem from the Sex Drive Team as they had begun to call themselves. Since it had been determined that it took 360 people to initiate the sex drive, and there were only 200 men and 200 women on board this created a problem unable to be overcome on this trip.

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However, our intrepid Captain was not easily bumfuzzled. She decided we would do a test anyway having all 200 of the women engaging each other at the same time all the men were engaging each other. So that would put 400 people in the pot. She decided to start below the threshold magic sex drive number of 360, so that initially there were only 150 same-sex couples involved at once.

Once they were fully engaged, it was noted there was no additional acceleration. Recall the ship was now cruising at 9.5% light speed with no acceleration. The captain had additional couples added in increments of 10.

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Once again at 180 couples engaged simultaneously the ship began accelerating. She immediately called a halt to the activity and used the conventional drives to restore the ship to 9.5% of light speed and zero acceleration., halfway around the solar system loop, she began using the magnetic field drive and the sun's energy to start decelerating the ship.

During the period of deceleration, any sex activity was permitted as long as only 175 couples were engaged, since the sex drive would not kick in until 180.

After the same-sex experimentation, there were found to be 12 male couples that continued the same-sex activity and 20 female couples. Post experiment interviews with the captain revealed that all 64 of them had never before been involved in same-sex activity, but they all declared that they had found their definite preference for it. Six months after they left the Moon orbit the ship returned after looping the earth once.

The crew was all ferried down to the research station on the Moon. Since the Sex Drive seemed to be dependent on brain activity involving sex, and the brain waves from the participants seemed to have reinforced each other to make some sort of depression in the space-time continuum in the direction of ships travel. The physical science specialties now had a whole new field to explore, that should keep them busy for centuries.

The psychologists and psychiatrists were making every attempt to force this field of study to be restricted to their disciplines. Since they had been so thoroughly discredited in the previous century as not being a real science but more akin to the religious belief systems, they of course failed miserably and were in fact legally locked out forever from any participation in the new field of Sex Drive Dynamics.

The biological human brain scientists were having a field day, to determine how, 360 people engaged in sex simultaneously managed to effect the space-time continuum of the universe. Of course all of the "test subjects" of the Sex Drive Field Studies, now funded by every country in the world and by the successor to the United Nations, United Earth. Huge prizes were put up for breakthroughs in understanding the mechanism behind the Sex Drive.

All of the existing "starships" were refitted for contingents of Sex Drive personnel, and a bidding war was now going on to obtain personnel to "man" and "woman" the Sex Drive stations. The magnetic drives also generated much work on improving them to the point where they could handle the new parameters needed for deceleration from near light speeds. This led to another new discovery, the graviton drive, which strangely enough, only functioned at higher speeds over 20% light speed.

It seemed the universe was much stranger than anyone had ever imagined. The Sex Drive was here to stay. After a few years ships were being fitted for Sex Drive contingents of 2000 people. This placed the nearer stars within weeks of travel time. Five new colonies were started on earth type planets around M Class stars in the next 30 years.

By the year 2500, the human species had insured its survival on 31 planets besides earth, and all were thriving. Author's note: This story is based on something a friend of a friend of a friend who violated ultra top secret clearance about experiments being done at Area 52 told me, the new ultra-ultra-secret installation near Area 51. (Neither one officially exists, we had to pictures from the Russian government that their satellites obtained!) The employment rate in Las Vegas and Henderson has dropped to ZERO.

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The only place in the country where there is NO unemployment. There are 10 offices around town that advertise pleasant well paid employment for ANYONE. Copyright 2008 Empress Lainie