Adventurous Newbie Outdoors Fucking In Budapest

Adventurous Newbie Outdoors Fucking In Budapest
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Teresa Chapter 1 Readers of 'My Polish Neighbour' will have been introduced to Teresa, a freelance ladies hairdresser whom I knew via my mother and Maria, My Polish Neighbour, in my early teens.

This is the story of how we got to know each other much better and more importantly how she had the insight into me that I had only been marginally conscious of at the time and for which she drew me out. In short she made me sexually unfold in ways I could not have imagined. I had been round at Maria's place when Teresa had called to cut Maria's hair. There followed a delightful morning in which the cutting of hair was delayed and more important matters intervened.

Just before I left and whilst Maria was in the bathroom, Teresa invited me to her house which was in a better part of the neighbourhood than Maria, Mum and I lived in. She suggested I call on my way home from school one day after the weekend. She did all of this arrangement in a spirited but conspiratorial way that implied I should not say anything to anyone which I assumed also meant Mum and Maria. I had already had secret assignations with Maria.

Now Teresa was added to my 'secret' life. I did not complain! Teresa, like Mum and Maria was in her forties. I realised that this was an age of attraction for me. I found myself attracted to their sexuality and mature outlook, whereas with girls my own age I was gauche or they were totally uninterested in me. I also felt safer with much older women and was easily beguiled by them when they showed interest in me.

Teresa fitted that category perfectly. She was about my height, slightly overweight with very full breasts which she wore with bras which showed plenty of cleavage and the promise of total envelopment should they be offered.

They also hung low on her chest. Her legs were well muscled with strong calves and full thighs. Needless to say I had not experienced anything beyond enjoying her visually and that was delicious.

Moreover, like my Mother and Maria, she was a stocking and garter belt enthusiast, often noted by me when she came to do my Mother's hair, affording me glimpses of bare thigh above her stocking line on frequent occasions.

We had agreed that I call round on Monday after school. I was approaching my 14th birthday in a couple of months and had been masturbating for a year or so with a heavy bias toward older women mainly because of my Mother and her friends.

My Father worked hard and six days a week as did my Mum whom I doted on in ways unbeknown to her. School was a total distraction that day until I could get out. Going quickly to Teresa's house, I approached the front door in excitement yet rather nervously and knocked.


Inviting me in Teresa led me to her large kitchen and sat me down at her table while she poured some tea which she said she had just made in anticipation of my very prompt arrival. She was wearing a soft silk black blouse with buttons fully done up to her neck and a bra that held her breasts up magnificently. Her skirt matched in black to her knees with black stockings and low heels.

The stockings were seamed. The low heels just gave a slight emphasis to her strong calves and a hint of full thighs with the tight skirt. I was able to view her as she walked about getting the tea ready. She must have noticed for when she sat on the corner of the table and crossed her legs she announced.

"I'm so glad I invited you round Ian, I've wanted to have you to myself for such a long time and the morning at Maria's clinched it.

I knew then what an unusual young man you are." "Really Teresa?" "You seem uncertain Ian?" "Yes I am. I don't quite know what you mean by 'unusual'." "Where shall I start? Well I first noticed how you looked at your Mum and me when I was doing her hair at your flat. You always took the opportunity to be with us and listened to everything we talked about.

I realised you would ask questions that opened up topics, like how old your Aunt was and why she stayed with your Uncle even though he was so hard on her not a question you'd expect from someone your age. You once said how much you liked her and when I asked you why you replied that she was just like your Mum and I. I said she's pretty too and you blushed and went quiet then. Does that mean we are too Ian I asked and you went even redder but agreed. "Next time I came round you positioned yourself so that you could look up your Mum's skirt.

She had no idea but I knew Ian. Its ok Ian you can blush freely here I love it. I watched your eyes wander over her legs and stockings.

You must have been able to see up and beyond her stocking tops. Did you like looking up her thighs Ian? Go on tell me I shan't tell her or anyone your secrets with just you and me." I felt seduced by her comments wanting to yield to her persuasive intimate manner.

It felt like a huge relief and simultaneously exciting to be able to talk to Teresa about my private thoughts that were such a large part of my life. She was sitting very close to me on the corner of the table and this added to my willingness to abandon my hidden world, plus maybe the promise of other things with her. "Yes Teresa, you're right I did want to look up her legs, I just can't help it, it's so exciting and lovely to be able to when she doesn't realise what I'm doing." "I saw you go round the back of her chair and glance down her blouse to get a view of her breasts as well Ian.

Did that get you going too Ian? What did you do about it Ian?

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You disappeared quickly to your bedroom and came back after about ten minutes in case you might miss anything else. What happened in between? I saw you going out with your pants sticking out like they are now Ian." I glanced down and hadn't realised the state I was in with my prick hard up against my trousers.

Teresa just smiled and stroked my cheek with her hand in a light and tender way to relieve my sudden embarrassment.

"I know why you disappeared Ian and its fine. You don't have to disappear here you know. I really don't mind what's happening down there. In fact I'm just a little concerned that you may be uncomfortable with those tight trousers confining you so. Would you like to do here what you went to your bedroom to do at home Ian?

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I hesitated, still embarrassed by her sheer audacity with me, yet at the same time that is what I loved about her. "Go on Ian pull your zipper down." I tried but it was difficult sitting down.

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She gave me a look which suggested I stand up. So I did and pulled down my zip. "And your belt?" Releasing the belt my trousers started to fall to my knees. Teresa offered no assistance.

"You still look uncomfortable Ian." She was looking at my stiffy confined by my pants. Her message was clear she was inviting me to remove them.

I pushed them down over my erection revealing it to her as it sprang forwards toward her. Teresa looked into my eyes trying to convey to me her intentions. I was too slow to realise what she wanted. "Ian, don't you want to carry on with what you would be doing in your bedroom? That's a beauty too." I finally got it. I was to do it myself. She wanted a show. "That's it Ian wank for me, I've wanted to see you do it for ages. You've got a lovely hard prick too." Clasping my prick around my hand, I started stroking, knowing I wouldn't last long.

Teresa started a stream of dirty ideas at me. "You love your Mums legs don't you? You'd like your hands up her skirt, up her thighs, yes? That lovely white soft flesh above her stockings, yes?" "Yes, yes Teresa oh yes" "What about her tits eh, those tits are gorgeous aren't they. Imagine holding them, seeing them, sucking them." "Oh f.

Teresa, I'm close." "It's ok to say fuck Ian, really. Would you like to come over me on my face Ian? Do it now, now." Astonished at her suggestion Teresa leaned forward to me offering her face straight in front of my hardon. "Fuck Teresa I'm cuming, yes oh yes shit ohhhh yes." Teresa opened her mouth and some of my spunk shot into her mouth as well as her nose and cheeks and chin.


She smiled at me and leant forward, quickly flipping the tip of her tongue across my slit to catch the last drop. I flopped back into the chair in complete bliss at what had just happened as Teresa smiled benignly at me glancing also at a mirror to see herself as she fingered the remaining spunk into her mouth and swallowed it. "Come and relax on the sofa and take it easy Ian. I just loved that sight of you cuming and over me too. Let's get those trousers off so you can really relax here, socks and shoes as well." Teresa helped my off with my clothing and sat down stroking my thighs with her hand.

I thought she was encouraging me and slipped my hand across her breasts. She quietly retrieved my hand and took it away from her soft, large mound. She must have seen my disappointment. I couldn't understand her intimacy with me and not being able to return it.

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"Ian don't be hurt I have something else in mind before I indulge you with me." "But why did you let me cum and over you as well? It was so wonderful being able to do that." "Patience Ian, let me tell you what I have in mind. I want to talk about your Mum. I think for some reason your Mum is frustrated and not getting what she deserves.

Let me explain Ian. I know you want her deeply and I think I can help you. She is coming round to see me on Saturday next late afternoon and I will probe her about her current life." "What are you saying Teresa." "Bluntly Ian she needs some sex and lust in her life and I think you can give it to her." She noticed my prick slowly swell even though I replied, "That's impossible I couldn't do that, not to Mum surely?" "I like that word 'surely' Ian it obviously means you don't automatically exclude the idea do you?" Blushing again she continued, "Ian could you get here earlier in the afternoon before she arrives?" "I suppose so." "Good, cos I will hide you so you can witness my chat with her and get an idea yourself.

But you mustn't let on that you were here Ian." The idea of listening in to their conversation was imprinting on my mind. Just thinking about the possibilities that day was as far as I could take it.

I had no notion of things after Saturday. Teresa observed my hardon. "That got you going Ian.

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I think I will look after you this time." Sitting on the edge of the sofa Teresa slipped her hand round my erection. Her hand was soft and stroked up slowly from my hair. Teresa stopped and went to a draw near the sofa and brought out a tube, returning and squeezing some moist oil on the tip and letting it drool down.

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She clasped her hand round it again making the oil smooth over my entire prick and started moving up and down. "Oh Teresa what are you doing to me I'm so excited again.

That's wonderful." "Good Ian I've clearly got some interesting ideas that get you going. Ian just enjoy." Teresa squeezed my prick a little harder and moved suddenly very quickly.

I was in her gift and she was taking me. She moved her head closer to my prick. Her mouth was an inch away. "Cum Ian cum I want your spunk." Glancing at me she knew I was close. Just then she opened her mouth and enclosed the tip between her lips holding them round me whilst still wanking with her hand.

That did it. "Fuck Teresa I'm cuming so good oh fuck yes, yes Teresa." After jolting on my back with my hips rising and falling uncontrollably Teresa held her mouth over my tip until I finally spent myself completely.

Sitting up she leaned back to rest against the sofa arm opened her mouth to show me her liquid trophy and smiled as she swallowed me down. I reached up to hug her, Teresa moved forward so I could take in my arms and we held each other as I came back to earth. "What can I do for you Teresa? You have been so kind and sexual with me." "As I said earlier, be patient Ian.

I'll have you soon enough." I was getting curious and had all sorts of thoughts as to why she went no further. She must like men or she wouldn't have let me cum over her face and in her mouth. Grasping at straws I blurted out, "Do you like girls mainly Teresa? Remember, I saw you suck off Maria that day at her place." "I like girls and boys Ian but I am not as urgent as you. I'm not rejecting you at all. Anyway I think someone else should be the first to experience your passion." The penny dropped properly now and I went back to her plans for Saturday.

"When should I come round Teresa?" "About four as Jean is coming round about half past. Let's find a good place to hide you." We were in Teresa's living room. She looked round. Opposite the sofa was a large built-in cupboard. Teresa opened it. I immediately saw that I could be in there provided I was not found. We agreed I would have to be very quiet. I wondered how long I would be in there. Teresa thought about one to two hours. Realising that was a long time to stand she went and got a chair from the kitchen and placed it in and I took to sitting on it whilst she closed the door leaving a very fine crack for me to view the sofa.

"As long as you're quiet Ian it should be fine. What do you think?" "Can't wait," as I emerged from the cupboard. Teresa hugged me saying, "Till Saturday then and don't be too ogly with Jean Ian.

She is still your mother." It was only Thursday. Home was uneventful. Mum greeted me warmly as usual but I could detect she was just about civil during the evening. I caught her mood and decided early to get to bed. Next morning I had off school as it was a staff day.

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Once they left for work, I decided to explore their bedroom knowing I would not be detected. I found the usual bras and panties as well as carefully shelved stockings. One pair was lying as if recently worn and I lifted them to my nose and had a whiff of mum. Getting excited I went to the laundry basket. Near the top was a pair of silk panties. Bringing them to my nose I had a heavy aroma of sweat and a pale stain in the crotch which smelled even stronger.

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I tasted it with my tongue running along the skid stain. Naked I wrapped the pair of stockings around my prick whilst I took in the strong cunt and piss smell of the panties. I was just going to cum when I remembered Saturday.

Should I wait to cum or just go with it now? I steadied myself and continued through the draws. Sweaters filled one draw and I drew them back. What's this? A large brown plain envelope with the address felt- tipped out. Inside two books. What, in later years I realised was classic porn published in English in France and well worn from much avid reading. I scanned through 'The Problem Patient' and wondered how long it had been there. Without even looking in the envelope at the other book, this one promised a rich store of wanking reading.

I placed it back in the envelope and brought the blanked out address to the full light to try to read the original address. I could just make out the first line of the address. Teresa's! That woman was just a veritable minefield of lusty sex. Was it just Mum reading it or was Dad in on it too? Aware that they would be home very soon, I carefully put everything back in its place and went downstairs with added enthusiasm for Saturday.

Saturday afternoon arrived. Teresa gave me one of her warm hugs and showed me two the wall cupboard and the chair after I went for a pee, not knowing how long I would be there.