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Lena bena swallowing my dick
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It was a cold night When Wonder Woman made it back to the Hall's of Justice. She had been running roughshod all over the world trying to stop Intergang from use a poison gas they received from Darkside to destabilize the planet's leadership for his next invasion. But after 3 weeks, the leauge was able to stop them.

Just landing her invisable jet, Princess Diana of Themyscira was exhausted. As she climbed down from the cockpit, she lost her grip and fell landing on the side of her head. "Dammit!" she cried out as she picked herself up off the cold metal floor.


She headed for the control room only to find their was no one else their. She was the first to get back to the hall's and decicded now would be the best time to get a shower and something to eat before the others returned and ruined the quite. She never made it out of the room, The message indicators lite up "of course this would happen"she said sarcastically as she answered.

The caller was from Interpol.

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They requested help from the league to investigate the disappearance of several hikers in the eastern Ural mountain region. She agreed to go and started to preparations. She refueled the jet and began to research the area as to what she would need to wear to disguise herself.

She went through the wardrobe closet mumbling the whole time. Finally she grabbed a quick bite to eat and flew off to Russia. In her haste and anger, she never left a message telling anyone where she went. She set the plane's autopilot and went to sleep. She arrived in the Urals about 2:30pm and did a quick fly over of the area. She noticed a small hut or cabin tucked away by a mountain side with a rocky path leading to it.

Diana landed the plane in a small clearing about 3 miles away and got out. "So here i am in the middle of nowhere freezing cold, filfty and hungry.

This week is only getting worse" saying in a angry tone. Diana put on her disguise and made her way up the path toward the cabin she saw in her fly over. The ground was uneven and her feet began to hurt with each step. "by Hera this better nor be some kind of joke or i'm going to break someone in two: she snarled out loud. She made it to the cabin just as the sun was setting. The temperature was dropping and she went inside to wait out the night's cold.

After a quick look around, she found their were several small holes in the roof letting in some moonlight but was also letting the wind blow through. At first the breeze was light and she barley felt it.

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As she counted to look around she found several pieces of camping gear and personal items like cloths and even signs that at least someone was trying to make a fire in the fire place to cook dinner. Diana heard the wind picking up outside and soon felt a cold presence close by. She turned to look behind her but saw nothing. "I'm just jumping. Need to get some sleep" she mumbled to herself. As she turned back to small fireplace she saw to red specs in front of her.

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They looked almost like eyes but she wasn't sure as their wasn't enough light to see them clearly. Suddenly, Diana realized she was frozen. She couldn't move! The red specs moved closer and she was now able to make out that they were indeed eyes.

"who are you? what do you want?" she cried out, but their was no anwser. Diana couldn't stop stareing at the red eyes and they kept getting closer and closer.

Almost in a panic she yelled out "do you know who i am? Stop this now ore else!" Again their was no response. Then she felt a cold breath on her ear, "come to the castle." With that, everything went dark.

Diana woke up to the sun shining in her eyes. She found herself laying on her left side with the cold wind blowing on her. "By Hera" she groaned out as she lifted herself up of the dirt floor. All she could remember was red eyes and then nothing. She stepped outside of the cabin and looked around. She saw a large castle up on top of a mountain and had a powerful desire to go thier.

Diana couldn't explain the desire or control it, she just needed to get their. It took most of the day to climb up the mountain and make it to the front gates.

She could have easily flown, but didn't want to break her cover just yet.


The sun was again starting to set and she went inside. The room was cold but their were countless candles lite and gave the room a soft glow. She heard the sounds of footsteps in the room ahead and ran to blindly into it. Once their, she noticed the room was much colder and darker with less candles. It was large with heavy set stone pillars and a stone floor with no chairs or tables. Diana slowly started to walk through the room and their she saw the eyes.

This time she could make out the form of a human. She called out to it "who are you?" The figure blinked and then the red eyes shinned with a cold red glow. Diana once again couldn't move.

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Her body wouldn't respond to her control and worse, she noticed their were others in the room with her. Diana took a deep breath and cried out "Hera, give me strength!" with all of her strength tried to move her arms but to no avil. She then heard footsteps.

The once in front of her began to move closer all the while, his glowing red eyes focused on her. Diana felt a shiver as it grew closer and closer to her, never once blinking.

Finally the figure stepped into the glow of a nearby candle. It was a man! He had long silvery hair and pale skin. He was at least 6 feet tall and had a normal build with a handsum face. He smiled and took a few steps closer to her till he was less than a foot away "GET BACK!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" He smiled and reached out his hand and touched her face. his hand was cold yet gentle as he slowly moved down to her neck and with a strong pull, tore away the top of her disguise showing her red and gold breastplate and blue trunks.

Yet the action didn't seem to be meant to harm her, just removing the old ragged cloths. Just then she felt another cold hand running down her hair, neck and back. Diana could feel the finger nails gently scratching her skin but causing no pain. Still unable to move all she could was prey that help would arrive or that they released their control on her so she could fight back or at the very least escape.

After a moment, Diana could feel 2 cold hands on each of her wrist. They belonged to to little children, a boy and girl both about 12 years old also with pale skin. they began to remove her bracelets and dropped them to the stone floor. just after that, Diana felt the clamps of her breastplate being unfastened. "what are you doing?" she yelled out. "stop this at once! i command you!". Once the last clamp was undone, it was lifted off revealing her perfect D-cup breast.

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The children then proceeded to remove her red boots and she was standing bare foot on the freezing stone floor. The man in front of her began to remove his shirt as Diana felt her blue tights being pulled down to her ankles and then feeling her feet lifted to remove them completely.

"ENOUGH!!!!" she screamed out. But the man just continued to undress till he himself was naked. Diana looked down and saw that his penis was long and with some thickness. She felt to hands gently pull back on her hair and felt what could only be the lips of a woman press against her cheek "now we begin." Diana didn't have time to respawn, the man walked up and with on arm lifted her by her butt and pressed her against him.

He then slowly inserted his dick into her pussy and all Diana could do was exhale deeply. The penetration was not violent or painful, but just right.

He knew what he was doing and she felt the woman's hands move to her front and massaged her breast and soon Diana's body was beginning to react favorably to them. Her pussy was getting wetter and she could feel the other woman's breast pressing against her back. Her nipples were hard and this turned her on even more. As the man's thrusting began to increase in speed and power, Diana was starting to moan and her body was now sweating as he continued to sexually dominate her.

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Then just as she was about to orgasm, she felt the hands of the 2 children grabbing her wrists and the woman pulling her hair back away from her neck. Then it happened, The woman bit deep into the right side of her neck. The children each bit into her wrist and the man released his semen and then bit her necks left side.

The pain was sharp and quick.

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She began to lose feeling in her limbs and her vision was fading. Her last vision was of the man with blood dripping from his lips kissing her.