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Chonise is a cock expert
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My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 9 Part 9 Sissy had been taken to the dog run, it was a big area and had a large tree trunk at one end. It was used to train dogs in chasing naked young women. These women were to be used in animal type hunts and the dogs were used to tree them! The tree had several sawed off limbs, that were just high enough so that the chased girl could, if she ran fast enough to reach the tree. She could then use the limbs to pull herself up into it so as to not be bitten, ravished or humped by the perusing dogs!

Sissy was now going to be used to train a new pack of young very big Siberian Timber wolves! She had first been lead over on all fours, as a dog slave bitch and more raw blood red meat was rubbed over her breasts bottom and especially up and down her ripe little cunt! The meat was then tossed into the pen, at first the dogs greedily ripped the meat apart as they fought with one another to get at it!

This of course along with her female sent had driven these dogs into an almost insane lustful frenzy! This was done to help use her as bait, and to excite the dogs even more! Her bare meat soaked bottom and cunt was then positioned, so that these over sexed young dogs could just barely get a taste of her, making them even more aggressive and incensed!!

She was just far enough out of there reach, so as to not be bitten! The touch of their tongues along with their hot breath and the effect it had on her was terrifying and electric! This sadistic thought had made her already wet little pussy start to drip almost uncontrollably with anticapation! She had been fantasizing about this ever since her neighbor had spoken about viscous half rained Timber Wolfs being let loose near one of the tourist areas.

She was almost beside herself with perverted and sadistic thoughts, as the reality sank in, as to the fact that they were going to use her! for training these dogs! She was then stood up and had been uncuffed and was standing there naked. One could just imagine this beautiful young red haired green eyed thing that stood 5'3" and had weighed about 105 pounds. Being chased naked by these half wild dogs!

Her white bare bottom and little 32" C sized virgin titties would be exposed and jiggling as she would have to run for all she was worth so as to not be bitten! OMG! As she visualized her fantasy about being bitten, this sadistic thought alone had produced a trembling orgasm! Sissy was lead out into the arena to a point halfway between the tree trunk and the dogs cage and with bloody cunt juice dripping from her titties and from in between her legs as the dogs were released!!.

Sissy was young and actively engaged in the sport of cheer leading and was in very good shape the first time she was easily able to beat the dogs to the tree and pull herself up.


The dogs were young and not well trained yet. She was so proud of herself on one hand, but on the other was disappointed that they had not at least nipped her bottom!

What she did not understand was that this was just the first of a dozen or so dashes she was going to have to make to the tree trunk!and each time after this, the trainers had added some ankle weights to slow her down. Again even with the weights she beat the young pack of dogs although they were much closer this time.

This went on again and again as on the forth trip she had gotten her bottom nipped and had just barely made it to the tree with the dogs in hot pursuit! Sissy with her heart pounding and trying to catch her breath knew that as they added a little more weight the next attempt might not be successful.

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She was tired and the dogs were getting better, and better, that this time it was a dead heat, but she was so tired that she did not have the strength to pull herself up and as her hand slipped off the limb she fell on her back at the base of the tree knocking the wind out of her, and as she did so all six of the dogs were on her!!!.

She was lucky as they were young and not well trained yet! Now that they had finally caught her, most were unsure as what they should do? However one young dog new exactly what to do! As his sharp teeth went right for her juicy ripe pink cunt mound!!!!.his sharp teeth sank into it! Just enough to set off a screaming orgasm!!! Sissy thought this time she had really gotten in over her head, but the dog did exactly as trained and just like a police dog held her by her mound with gobs of released pussy cum dripping out of her slit and around the dogs mouth!

Until the dog trainer had commanded him to release her!! She was laying on the ground trembling with fear and excitement and all of these dogs surrounding her. They had their teeth bared and were growling as the trainers commanded them to clean her up, the results of which brought her to another climax as they licked the blood soaked juices off of her little white breasts and then her pussy!

The dogs were then commanded to heel and then return to their training pen. The young dogs at first were reluctant to do so but with a little prodding did as they were commanded. Sissy was laying there naked and still trembling her pussy mound had a bunch of sore small pricks from the dogs sharp teeth, but was very stimulated from licking and the sadistic abuse! This was exactly what she had been craving for.

All of the weights had been removed from her ankles and she was again on all fours. Kate was asked to resume her mistress duties as Sissy's master, and was lead off to a special pen.

Kate started putting Sissy through her paces with the help and suggestions of Cat Woman and the big black master. Sissy was commanded to heel sit and howl! Then to roll over and spread, she easily slipped back into the roll of a dog slave bitch!, and when told to assume the the dog slave mating position had instantly stuck her arms out and bottom up spreading her legs a the same time! For Sissy being a dog slave bitch seemed to come quite naturally she was now in the bitch mating position, and her neighbor had a surprise for her, something she had not been expecting!

While Sissy was in this position her swollen and well used clit was injected with a chemical Thanks to the good doctor. That made her even hornier than her usual almost unsatisfiable self! This was a very special surprise, as her neighbor along with several other trainers had been experimenting with not only training dogs to pleasure and abuse women ,and women as dog slave bitch's they had taken several human males as dog slave studs!

These young human males were much like the male dogs they had been training to please and guard female customers from around the world. The biggest market was from rich classy women and this had become a new trend among these elite high dollar females! Those that had more than enough money to spend on such things, along with well to do women in Western Europe, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Great Britain!. Unlike the mostly young women they trained as dog slave bitch's Most of these young men had come as willing volunteers and actually wanted to be submissive male dog slaves to domineering mistress's and to be used by these women as studs for intercourse and for the sexual degradation, amusement and for pleasure for their mostly female friends.

Their use was not limited to just this as they could still be useful guard dogs! The problem though was that slavery had been abolished in most all of the civilized countries where they were sought after. Most required that they have import and export papers and needed to be documented in several ways (1) that they really were exotic pets or (2) That they willingly signed away all rights and became wards to these mistress's and of course bribery was an easy thing that made the movement of them, just like the young girls they trained, in and out of these countries much easier.

As money certainly made these bazaar transactions work and those involved look the other way! However in third world countries it made little difference as bribery was the order of the day! With Sissy in the dog bitch mating position the first of several male dog slave studs were brought it Stevie was the first, and Dog stud whore would be the second!

Stevie was a hansom young man blonde hair blue eyes and the physic of an Atlantis god! He to had his facial features surgical altered to look more like an animal and needed little training in satisfying women as he had an incredible male sex drive and an enormous organ, when fully erect it was well over 12" long and 2 1/2"plus inches in diameter at the shaft with the head slightly larger, he had also been injected with a slightly different chemical than Sissy, but did exactly the same thing!

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This was the surprise that Sissy's neighbor had in store for her! With Sissy in the dog bitch mating position Stevie was lead in and turned loose! He first sniffed her pussy and then licked her swollen clit followed by walking around in front of her with his big balls swinging back and forth between his legs and set down on his haunches in front of her. Sissy with her face in the dirt had felt him lick her sensitive clit, but was even more surprised as she could now see his balls and enormous cock that stood straight up only inches from her face!

They were both starting to pant! She just not could resist as her natural stimulated feeling was now enhanced by the drug and it was so overpowering that she raised up and placed her lips on Stevie's big cock head.It only took several moments before Stevie unloaded and a river of cum blew back as she sucked and gulped OMG warm male cum was another thing that Sissy could not seem to get enough of!

At first Stevie let her suck him dry, and then one of the trainers wanted to try something new! They had affixed a leather harness around Sissy's waist and crotch and then had led Stevie around behind her and was commanded to suck as much of her swollen clitoris into his mouth, and when he had a mouthful the other part was a head harness that was tightened up very tight that not only left Stevie's mouth pulled up tightly against Sissy's clit and slit it also left his nose right in the pink little sphincter of her ass hole!

Patty seemed to be enjoying herself as more that a dozen dogs had pleasured themselves as she was mated to each of them. In between, several of the big dogs had nipped and licked on her pussy which added to the wonderful orgasms she had experienced as they had taken turns humping her with their big animal dog dicks! Patty was ecstatic as after each of the dogs hard humped her, she would have to patiently wait for several minutes as their knots would recede so that their humungous doggie cocks could then be pulled out, for patty it was incredible feeling she had been banged by several other boys and not just her boyfriend!

But the new animal part was even more of an incredible turn on for her, and was turning out to be the best she had ever had. She was moaning with ecstasy and was comfortable and content in the dog bitch mating position. She was so hot and turned on that the trainers were also using her in between the dogs! Several of the dogs had started a line so that Patty could suck on their slimy doggy dicks! This did not bother her at all even when one of the dogs at first choked her with his animal thrusts and big knot as he humped her face with reckless animal abandon, But she was unprepared when he unloaded his sackful of cum and thought that the dogs semen would never stop as it spurted out around her nose and lips!

as she choked and choked to suck it down!!!. when the dog finally pulled out he still had lots of cum and the rest squirted out all over her face!!!

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Patty was then unchained and was led around behind Stevie and a similar harness was strapped around his waist and crotch and now that his half hard cock was hanging down and soft was pulled back and pointed straight out behind him and Patty was forced to open her mouth and suck him down in a deep throat position as one of the trainers forced her forward with a vicious crack of a whip and as she was choking and trying to catch her breath the leather head harness was tightened to where she was impaled on to his big cock!

They all three were now together on all fours! Stevie's hands and Patties were then tied tightly behind their backs as Katie led them out into the arena as a train so that all in attendance could view this most unusual sadistic spectacle. Patty was having the most trouble as with Stevie's cock deep down in her throat it had started to swell and get hard.

Naturally as it did, his cock wanted to swing down and forward into a more comfortable position, this was both agony and ecstasy not only for Stevie but was even worse for patty!

With her hands behind her back and Stevie's cock deep in her throat, along with being pulled along the sensation for him was several very painful orgasmic release's! His very hard cock was now quite stimulated but was still held painfully straight back and deep into Patties throat!

The harness around Patty's head was stretched to its limit as Stevie's big cock tried to straighten itself out! Sissy was having a very good time and had several more orgasms as small dribbles of cum ran out around his lips and down the crack of her ass dripping onto the floor with Stevie's face buried in her muff and posterior!!!.

The trainer told Katie he thought that Patty could take no more and finally released her! Katie then led Sissy around with Stevie's face still stuck in her muff! But now that Patty was released she was laying on the dirt floor trying to catch her breath! Katie then commanded Sissy to assume the Dog Bitch mating position and as she did so Stevie was then released.

His cock was now big and hard and his reward for being submissive was that he now was able to brutally take out his submissive frustration on Sissy!!!.

He wasted no time as the previous orgasms of Sissy's cunt were well lubed and he easily plunged his enormous cock into her more that ready cunt! Sissy squealed quite loudly and from this point on Stevie was thrusting and humping. Sissy had her hands out in front of her as she moaned and groaned with her face in the dirt! But Stevie was not to be denied as he aggressively started pushing her first across the dog run and then dragging her around the big arena! Patty was next, as she was commanded to assume the dog bitch mating position!

The other male dog slaves name was Dog Stud Whore and he was a very large male. He was hung even better than Stevie his cock was 14" long and almost 3" in diameter and could have easily taken the place of any gigantic animal!

When Patty first saw him even she in her very horny state had gasped at his size.!!!. She two had been fucked by almost a dozen dogs and by several of the trainers as Dog whore rammed and jammed her she two was first pushed and then pulled around the arena. This was an incredible sight to all who had witnessed brutal and sadistic series of thrusts and intercourse the animal noise along with the drug and the unsatisfiable desire of both Sissy and Patty could be heard throughout the entire building!!!.

as it finally tapered off in to male moaning and female whimpering. Sweet cute little Jane was not doing well! She had recovered from the fainting as Satan started vigorously biting her bottom this had produced scream after scream from Jane as her hymen and cherry was bitten and torn apart!!!

Those that were watching could not believe the amount of blood that was squirting as Satan continued to bite and nip at this beautiful young Italian girls virgin pussy!!!.Apparently she had convinced her girl friends that she and her boyfriend had been imitate and that they were an item!

The truth was she had given him blow jobs in lieu of having intercourse and was after all a "VIRGIN"!!!.

Satan had as, animals do immediately sensed this, that she was a virgin! and was quite intent on pounding her!!!.as his animal cock swelled and his knot swelled in anticipation! He was getting bigger and bigger with animal lust!

The black master had, after seeing that she was a virgin decided not to mate her with the dogs!!!!! She was now able to see Satan's gigantic cock and knot and her eyes were now wide open in amazement!

The big black master had asked Kate if he could have Jane for the rest of the evening, now that he knew she was a virgin, had an even more sadistic and devious plan to use and terrify her! Satan was standing there patiently and then started to lick all of the blood from what was left of her torn and ravished hymen and as he did so the pain from the nasty biting and her very sore cunt was slowly replaced by erotic sensations that became another resistingly slow helpless and trembling sexual release.

OMG she had gone from incredible pain to incredible pleasure! And was just laying there naked trembling and shaking not quite sure as to what had happened!

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The black master had snapped a leash on to Jane's leather slave collar she was still bent over and her tits were on the dirt floor, she was not sure how to react to what had happened? As the black master released her wrists from behind her back leaving the cuffs on, along with the the ones on her ankles and started to lead her to the door !

She then started to sob and beg, not knowing what was in store for her? It was almost midnight now and the last several hours seemed like a lifetime especially to Jane. Her 36" boobs were sore scratched dirty and bruised.


She was still down on all fours her biggest problem was the sore and painful feeling in her genitals the orgasms had tempered the pain somewhat, but the thought of what was going to happen next had left her fearful as to her fate!

The thought of leaving this place and going? Where?., terrified Jane even more than staying. The big black master had slipped a tight fitting leather hood over Jane's head. That had only a small slit for her nose! Her dark brown hair was wrapped up into a pony tail as the hood was laced up the back. She was then lead out into the dark night as an unwilling dog slave bitch! The noise lights and warmth of the big training area was soon left behind and dread had replaced security something she never would have imagined only moments ago!

OMG!!!. On the trail as she was lead along, strange noise's seemed to come from everywhere?., screeching growling and buzzing where was she being taken? She had nothing to protect herself! Only the leather hood that left her unable to see, thus making her imagination run wild! This along with her being totally naked and on all fours had left her shaking in fear!!!. 62 Jane was first pulled down one trail and then turned around and lead down another she had been trying to remember the turns along with the distance they had traveledbut was now hopelessly lost and had no idea which direction the big training hut they had left only minutes before was or how she would find her way back, let alone how to find Sissy's house.

Her hands, knees and shin's were bruised and scratched from the rough ground and brambles. She seemed to be taken much farther down one of the paths, the nice looking meadow that Sissy had described behind her house and to the training hut was much nicer than this. It was a much different and a darker area than she could have ever imagined.

It was a good thing she was unable to see as she was lead along. She was then lead through some tall bushes and into a darker and even more secluded area she quickly sensed it was a very scary place as she heard even stranger noises!

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The big black master then commanded her to roll over she was petrified and did not move as he commanded her again, but this time it was enforced with the stinging bite of the nasty little whip! Jane screamed as the whip bit into her bare bottom she quickly rolled over and he helped by sticking his fingers into her virgin cunt! As he place her bare bottom on top of a tall mound of soft earth!

Once on her back! The black master first spread her legs wide and had chained her ankles tight to iron stakes that were affixed into the ground, this was followed by her wrists to similar stakes! leaving her tightly spread and helplessly wide! Her pubic area was arched up much higher than her head and feet!

He then told her he would be back to get her around 5:00 o'clock in the morning, and said not to worry as the little people would be along shortly and promptly left, Jane was again beside herself as she heard him walk off, and was now screaming and begging for him, not to leave her here!

In a matter of moments he was gone and all was quite except for her rapid breathing. She then realized what he had said, little people? She now wished she hadn't screamed &hellip.It was so quiet, dead quiet she could only hear her breath and had not realized she was holding it as she tried to let it out with out making a sound! Jane then started to hear even stranger noises like some sort of wild dreadful animals calling one another, it was a shrill blood curdling sound that was repeated again and again and the sound seemed to be getting closer and closer?.She could not see.?

as she felt someone unlace and and slip the hood off! Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark. She could now see a shadowy figure standing over her, and could not believe, at first what she saw!

It looked like a young girl but what was even stranger was that this young girl was nude as she leaned over, Jane realized that it was a woman, a midget, a little person and that she was quite beautiful and with gigantic breasts!. At about the same time the moon had started to rise. There was now enough light through the trees and bushes that she could see this woman was smiling at her, in an innocent and almost child like way!

Apparently the black master had made some sort of a deal with Dr DeSade for the use of his little people and that they on short notice had brought their wives and girl friends to this place in the woods for this ritual. These little people were from a tribe of gypsies that had migrated to this country after the second world war!

And they had been invited by the black master to participate in this ritual that included the brutal deflowering of a virgin!

And that Jane was to be that virgin!


It was generally believed that gypsies originated from Northern India, somewhere around tenth century and migrated to Persia in the eleventh century. From there, they are said to have migrated to Greek islands, reaching Britain in the 1500s. By the second half of the twentieth century, they had spread to the two Americas and to far-flung places like Australia. The gypsies had their own customs and spoke their own language, and this language was what Jane had heard. It was closely related to modern Indo-European languages of northern India).

Because they were different from every other tribe or people, the gypsies were disliked wherever they went. They did not enjoy good relations with the government officials in the regions they settled, and were frequently forced to move from place to place. The advantage for the gypsies here was that they could keep to themselves and preserve their traditional lifestyle, customs and the deflowering of young virgins was one that they sought to keepwhich might have otherwise been lost to mixed traditions, and the fact that these particular gypsies were also little people had made them even more unusual undesirable and unwelcome.

The other fact was that During world war II the Nazis murdered thousands of gypsies along with the Jews! They were often killed on sight, especially by both the Germans and the Russians this had led them to an underground life and this particular group was quite small and through the doctors sinister connections had been befriended by him. Their leader and the good doctor had a lot in common when it came to the abuse, torture and deflowering of helpless young virgins!

As well as other sadistic things done to helpless women. As luck would have it, Jane was going to be one of their first! victims These little gremlins had been planning such an event for some time and were just waiting for the perfect girl and by coincidence Sissy and her hi school girlfriends had unwittingly provided the perfect opportunity.

Especially now that it was obvious Jane was indeed a virgin! Jane in her bound an vulnerable position would have no choice as to what these sadistic little people were going to do to her.

Her being totally nude with her breasts inerthighs and her unused pussy sticking up for the taking made her the most perfect helpless specimen. This small woman had said several words in this language that Jane did not, understand?

And almost immediately several other equally attractive young small naked women were crowding around her.

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They had small bowls of some kind of thick sticky goo? And were smearing it onto her breasts and especially her nipples and at the same time she could feel the same sticky goo being dripped on and rubbed onto her sensitive clit lips and down into her slit!

They did not seem to be threatening at all, as if they were young girls giggling and playing as though it was some sort of game. ? They had licked their fingers and had offered a taste to Jane and because they were acting like young girls, she had easily stuck her tongue out and tasted it! The taste was very pleasant a sweet and spicy mixture of honey, she had thought to herself this isn't so bad and had then wondered why they would do this to her?

As the effect of the honey had started a very sensual tingling sensation, first her nipples and even more so in her slit and pubic area after a few minutes her clit was more than sensitive to any sort of touch, but one of the young naked women was now softly blowing on it!

The results for Jane was maddening as this made her start to crave some sort of sexual attention!!!.But the spice soaked honey was for an even more sinister and sadistic purpose, that was just starting to dawn on Jane!!!. OMG!!!. Continued in part 10