Sexy big boobs babe plays with the handymans big tool

Sexy big boobs babe plays with the handymans big tool
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Ready - (mf, mF, 1st, blackmail, cons, nc, impreg, reluc, voy) by Krosis of the Collective --- As I got out of my car my skirt rode up, showing off my shapely legs, which I'm told are my best feature. I quickly smoothed my skirt back down, thankful that I was in my driveway and not in the parking lot at work.

Stupid skirt, I thought. Still, I'm pretty sure it had earned me a couple of raises over the years, so I continued to wear it regularly. I guess I was pretty quiet getting into the house. Neither of my girls was in the living room so I took off my shoes and went upstairs. Then I heard it: a grunt from Laurel's room, and not from her. Bed springs squeaking. She wouldn't.

I softly opened the door of my 17-year old daughter's bedroom to find her boyfriend Pauly between her thighs, plowing her good as she lay back on the bed, a look of joy on her face.


"LAUREL JANE!" I yelled. I always used the girls' first and middle names when they did something wrong. They knew I meant business then. Pauly quickly pulled out, making Laurel gasp loudly at the sudden evacuation. Stupid boy, I thought.


You just don't do that! He rolled to the side and dropped to the floor on the far side of the bed to mask his nakedness. Too late; I had seen his sizeable condom-covered prick. Well, at least they were being safe, I mused. Laurel crossed her legs and arms to cover her nudity, looking indignant.well, as indignant as a naked teenager can look.

"Mother! You can't just come into my room!" she yelled. "The Hell I can't, missy! You know what I've said about sex!" I retorted. She looked confused. "Um." I continued, "I SAID don't have sex unless you're ready to be a mother. Well, are you?" "We're using a rubber." she responded. I moved forward, to the foot of the bed.

"Those aren't 100% effective and you know it. You probably didn't even put it on right. Pauly, come here." I beckoned. His name is Paul but I call him Pauly, like Pauly Shore, because of his brown curly hair. I think he's too young to get the joke, but I keep making it anyway. He didn't move, looking fearfully to Laurel and then back to me. "MO-therrr." Laurel whined. "NOW!" I yelled. Pauly jumped up, his cock pointing at me. To his credit he hadn't softened much.

I spotted the problem right away, and reached forward, squishing the air-filled tip as I sat on the bed. "Look at this," I said, "you're supposed to squeeze the air out of the end when you put the condom on.

Without that the extra pressure produced when he cums might blow it right out, and then it's Baby City." Pauly's cock had returned to full hardness, my fingers lightly brushing the head as I squished the end of the condom to illustrate my point. My talk of babies might have had an effect too. I felt moisture between my legs and realized I was now quite turned on by this situation. Pauly was looking at me now, not my daughter. His eyes roamed my full blouse and shapely legs, and I realized my skirt had ridden up again, giving him a good look at my creamy thighs.

Laurel's legs were skinny and not as shapely as mine, and her boobs, while nice, weren't the bazoombas I had developed after she had been in my belly 17 years ago. I had been a year younger than Laurel when I had made a stupid mistake and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend at the time, her father. He quickly left town when I started to swell up. Another error in judgment a year or so after Laurel was born left me with a second daughter and another absentee father.

I didn't want my girls to make my mistakes, so I drilled into them, "Don't have sex until you're ready to be a mother!" I was quite plain and direct with them about it, and here she was, taking a chance.

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There had to be a punishment for this. I told her. I pulled the condom off of Pauly's dick with a snap. "Mom!" Laurel complained. I shut her up with a look, re-rolled the condom and lined it back up with Pauly's cock head. I secretly nipped the end between my thumb and index fingernails, and then squished that end as I rolled it back down Pauly's cock. I figured his dick was a little above 7" in size. Neither of my baby daddies had had one bigger than 6", so I was a little extra careful getting the rubber on just right, sliding my fingers along his length to smooth out the prophylactic.

When I was done I stood up and went over to a chair along the wall. Sitting, I faced them, my legs crossed at the knees. "Start again," I said. "MOM!" Laurel cried out. I lifted my finger. "Laurel Jane, I may have just kept you from getting pregnant, so show a little gratitude." The girl pouted.

I continued, "Now, I want to see some safe sex so I know you can be trusted." Laurel sat up, her arms still crossed over her bosom. "I'm not going to," she pouted.

Pauly had been surprised by this turn of events but still seemed ready to go. I crossed my arms as well. "Then I guess you can say goodbye to your phone, your laptop, your Playstation. These are things that a responsible teenager has, not some mewling child." Laurel was shocked and looked ready to cry. "But Mooom." I raised my eyebrow. She stopped. I continued, " did this start? Show me." Pauly laid Laurel back, moving his hands to her breasts, massaging them.

She started to push him away, but then she looked at my determined stare and lowered her arms. Laurel started to heat up under the boy's ministrations.

He seemed pretty capable with his hands, and soon his fingers were in her pussy. She gasped. Pauly spoke up, looking back at me: "Uh, she pushed me back and got on top." I nodded. He rolled to the side, his cock pointing upward. Laurel gave me a look and climbed onto his lap, making sure to turn her back to me as she did so.

She grasped his member and swept his cock head along her pussy lips until it was lubricated, and then started to sink down on it. My pussy felt like it was on fire. I wanted to play with it but Pauly kept looking from me to Laurel and then back to me as she adjusted herself, lifting up to get a bit more lubrication on his dick before sinking down on it further.

I heard a "Mmm." from her as she bottomed out on his cock. She ground her crotch on his a bit and then lifted up halfway before settling down again. After a few more times they started to pick up speed. I was thinking about the tip of the condom I had possibly compromised. I figured I had actually put a tiny hole in it, but was it bigger than that? Why had I thought that was a good idea? Oh, my pussy was throbbing! Oh, of course, I thought: I was ovulating!

I always got horny and thinking about making babies at that time of the month. I also remembered that my daughters and I had synchronized our cycles, which meant that Laurel was fertile as well! Oh fuck! I thought. I knew I should stop them, but it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I would let them rut and decide in a bit. Suddenly, Pauly grabbed Laurel and rolled to the side, coming up on top of her.

This was the position I had walked in on. He started to pump my eldest daughter faster, grunting. Laurel, while enjoying herself, wasn't orgasming. The few times I had had sex I had cum like crazy. Maybe we just weren't built the same.or maybe my presence was turning her off. And then something changed.

There was a sudden "Oh!" from Laurel and Pauly huffed like a bull, his thrusting increasing dramatically. Was he cumming? Laurel tried speaking: "Paul! I think.unhh.the con.dom.ohh." I held my breath. The condom had. ".bro.ohh.OH GOD!" .broken!

Laurel seemed overwhelmed by the sudden more pleasurable sensation of skin on skin, without the deadening protective sheathe. She was unable to vocalize properly as Pauly rammed into her, harder and faster. I couldn't take it anymore! I raised my skirt and yanked my panties down for easy access to my sopping pussy as I watched my eldest daughter having the first unprotected sex of her life.

That was why I had gotten pregnant both times: the feel of sex without a condom was too pleasurable. Once you did it bareback you didn't want to do it with a desensitizing rubber! And without that protection there was nothing to prevent that baby batter from bubbling up inside you and baking a baby cake. Laurel still tried to stop what was going to happen, feebly pushing at Pauly's shoulders, all of her strength having ebbed out of her as her body shook with pleasure: "Paul.pleeeease.uhnh.don't." she grunted.

"Pull.out.ohh." When she said it like that it sounded like, "Don't pull out." Pauly must have heard it like that too, as he grunted loudly, thrusting hard, instinct making sure he held his cock as far inside the teenage beauty as possible as he started to cum.

Laurel cried out, "Nooo.ohHHHH!" Her back arched as she exploded in orgasm. .just like me. I came hard on my fingers as I closed my eyes and imagined Pauly's potent, sperm-filled cum blasting into my daughter's hot, fertile depths, remembering the first time I had experienced that feeling myself.

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I came and came, hearing the young lovers gasping in their own orgasms. And then I came some more.

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Finally, I was spent, shaking, trying not only to control my breathing, but to remain upright in the chair. I heard whispering. I was still shaking from the overwhelming aftershock orgasms, my eyes still closed. So good! I was dimly aware of the warmth of a body between my legs. Then my throbbing pussy felt a fantastic pressure, a pleasurable feeling I hadn't had in so long. I looked down in shock. Pauly was between my legs and his still-hard cock was already halfway inside my pussy!

"Pauly." I began, my limbs still not responding to my will. I could only watch as his cock pushed further inside me. It was easy going because of how wet I had become and the lubrication of the thick white substance on his shaft. In my orgasm-clouded mind I realized that it was leftover sperm from him breeding my daughter! *No, not again* I thought. Then Pauly pushed hard, ramming his cock to the hilt and I gasped, shaking as the overwhelming sensations started up again.

I could sense my body was already ramping up to another orgasm. My unused pussy felt so full from the penetration of his babymaker, larger than I had ever had inside me before. As he pulled halfway out and jammed home again I could no longer see the sperm on his shaft, realizing that it had already been pushed deep inside me. With Pauly's cock size that leftover seed had probably been crammed right up against my cervical opening!

Pauly was thrusting now, holding my hips, his hard cock caressing my insides where no penis or vibrator had ever touched before. The sight of my beautiful daughter Laurel possibly getting impregnated in front of me, the thought of some of Pauly's sperm already swimming inside of my fertile pussy, and the incredible feeling of his wonderful cock thrusting into me again and again set me off.

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I arched my back, crying out in the throes of the strongest orgasm of my life. Thankfully, Pauly didn't cum with me. He had just cum a few minutes earlier, after all, so had some staying power. He paused as I shook from another extended orgasm. As my pussy milked his cock for all it was worth, the last drops of semen remaining in his urethra from his previous cum were pulled deep inside me. Pauly pulled out and I gave a disappointed groan. My limbs still weren't working right and that made it easy for Pauly and Laurel to pull me up and lay me back on her bed.

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My skirt was unsnapped and tossed to the side. My underwear was long gone. Pauly was between my legs in a flash, his purple cock head pushing insistently at my wet vaginal lips. I had to stop this! "Pauly." I tried again. ".do-OHH!" His cock had pushed a few inches inside me again. Other arms reached from over my head and unbuttoned my blouse. Laurel! Pauly was thrusting in and out, his cock now halfway into me, and then three quarters. Laurel pulled my bra up, freeing my breasts.

It always feels good to get your bra off when you get home, but now I was totally naked in front of my daughter's boyfriend. "Look at these boobs, Paul," Laurel said, massaging my breasts and playing with their hard nipples. Pauly had slowed down his thrusting when my bazoombas came free.

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They had grown substantially near the end of my first pregnancy, and neither of my daughters had been left hungry. My breasts had only shrunk a little after the girls were weaned off of my milk, leaving my tits large but not all stretched out like some women's get after pregnancy. After my legs they were my second best feature. My young lover wasted no time, fastening his mouth on my right nipple. He got lucky, as that was my more sensitive boob. I gasped again. Pauly started thrusting harder, his cock reaching its fullest potential as his pelvis connected with mine again.

So full! With one nipple getting sucked, the other being played with by my daughter, and the insistent thrusting I could feel the tingling again, deep within me. "Do-ooohhh-n't." I said, "I could get.unhh.pregna-aaaahh-nt." I moved to push Pauly off of me. Laurel grabbed my arms. "It's like you said: don't have sex unless you're ready to be a mother.Mom." With that, Pauly started thrusting hard, spurred on by the subject of discussion.

He switched to the other nipple, sucking harder, making it hurt a little, but with how much pleasure he was giving me it only added to the overwhelming sensations. "Yeah, suck those titties," Laurel cooed, "they're going to get even bigger when you fill her up with a baby." With that Pauly let go of my nipple, grabbed my legs and pulled them up and over his shoulders. His next thrust pushed his cock even deeper within me, poking my cervix, the pain of it getting mixed up with the pleasure washing over me.

He continued to ram into me hard. Neither of us were going to last.

I tried to say something, anything, to make him stop. "Please.PLEASE.unhh.pull.ou.ohhhh.Godddd." "Make the bitch pregnant," Laurel demanded. That was it. Pauly bellowed and I felt his cock swell, deeper within me than any man or sex toy had been able to reach before. As the sperm rushed up his cock shaft I could feel it, and I could see it in my mind. As I felt his hot seed explode deep within my very fertile and welcoming reproductive system, my overheated, ripe body likewise exploded in orgasm.

"Auugghhh! Aaauhhhh! Nooo-OOOOOH!!" I cried out. My pussy walls rippled around his shaft, squeezing it, coaxing more of the hot babymaking seed out of it and deep into me. My cervix spasmed open again and again as I continued to orgasm, allowing entire spurts of his potent cream to fly straight from the head of his cock into my womb.

This was the mother lode of orgasms (no pun intended). Nothing I had experienced up until then could compare favorably. The feeling of Pauly's cock continuously throbbing within me kept my orgasm going for what must have been minutes. As I came back to awareness I could hear Laurel off to the side, gasping. I turned to see her as she arched her back, her fingers deep inside her own vagina as she came. I was dimly aware of a feeling of schadenfreude at the fact that her orgasm probably pulled more of Pauly's dangerous seed inside her womb as well.

And that's when the closet door slammed loudly against the wall as it flew open. My youngest daughter fell to the carpet, her fingers in her pussy and her shorts and panties around her ankles as she gasped, clearly having lost her balance as she herself reached orgasm.

Surprised, Pauly was off of me in a flash. I sat up, all business. "Robin Grace! How dare you hide and watch people having sex!" The cute 15-year-old redhead's face went wild with fear and embarrassment as she tried to pull her shorts back up her legs, which were well on their way to competing with my glorious gams.

The erect nipples of her smaller breasts poking out through her sports bra and t-shirt would have betrayed her state of arousal even if we hadn't been able to see the glistening moisture on her fingers and between her thighs. I saw Pauly's still partially hard cock twitch as he beheld my youngest daughter's state of undress. I smiled. "You get up on this bed right now, young lady, and show us everything you just saw!" All three of us moved to make room on the bed as pretty little Robin looked at us with horror.