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Blonde milf jolene is getting her wet pussy pounded point of view housewife
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'Sir.' Seth tried again. 'Our paper is of a far better quality then any of our competitors.

Not only that, but I can give you a very good deal.' The old bald man opposite him looked at Seth. Seth was selling but the man was not buying. As the manager of a paper supply business, Seth was tasked with dealing with this very big client, who could potentially save them from financial ruin. 'Just give me a better offer.' The man smiled as he lighted a cigar.


He held all the cards and both knew it. Had this man been submissive, Seth would hav easily been able to persuade his client, but this was not the case and he could not use his dom tactics here. The compagnie was not doing well and only two branches were still active. Seth's was one of them. Paper was just not sold much anymore and there were too many suppliers for a small market. However this client would mean that his branch would get a good boost in sales and that would reflect well on Seth himself.

If he would be able to score this client.

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As the two talked in his office, Seth noticed that the man kept staring if any of his female staff walked by and the man got a big grin if he could a ass, this brought Seth an idea.

Maybe he could score this client after all, if he used his own strenght and the weakness of the man. It was a final gambit but one worth trying. 'Mr. Danto, I notice that we are both a little bit tired. How about we take a break for now and we continue this talk over dinner?' The man looked at Seth. 'You paying ofcourse?' 'Ofcourse.' Seth smiled. 'Just come back here around five and we drive there together.

I have something very special in mind.' The man nodded, said very well and left. Now Seth had to act quickly.

He first called Mary. 'Slave 2. It is your master.' 'Yes master?' The surprised woman asked. 'I am coming for dinner and I am bringing a guest. 'I want you to cook a full meal and dress slutty.

Short dress and a see through top will work well.' Seth ordered her. 'O Okay. Bra?' The woman asked. 'Something sexy. I need to get a client and I want your help.' 'How about John?' She then asked.

'Who?' Seth wanted her to name him by his slave name. 'Sorry master. 'How about slave 1?' 'I deal with him.' Was all Seth answered. 'Very well master.' The woman nodded and Seth hung up. He knew that Mr. Danto would not be happy with a third man around, as the man clearly was only into woman.

'Slave 1.' Seth spoke as soon as he heard the voice of John on the phone. 'Yes sir?' Bother not coming home until I say so. Do not ask questions and do not disturb slave 2 until you are allowed to contact her again.' Before the man could answer, Seth hung up again. Altough this idea was spontanous, It was a good way of testing the couple and if it worked out, Seth could expand on this idea.

Seth stood on the parking lot of the building waiting at 5 pm but the man did not show up until 5:15. He hated the man more and more, but he was also nervous. This just had to work and Seth was using one of his personal slaves for it. Not only did he not know how the man would react, he did also not know how Mary would react. They had discussed that Seth could bring someone else in and they had agreed to that.

After all, their bodies belonged to him now. He had just hoped to bring a friend in first to test their reactions. The two walked towards Seth's car, where they drove to the house. 'What kind of special place did you have in mind?' Mr. Danto asked. 'A female friend of mine is a really great cook and entertainer.

She will do everything in her power to make your evening satisfying.' Was all Seth said. Seth saw that this peeked the man's interested, who went quiet for the remainder of the ride. The two finally arrived at the house and rang the bell. I really need to get a key, Seth thought by himself. The door opened and Seth could see that Mary had outdone herself. A white shirt, where you could see her half cup bra through, which was blue.

She also had a very short black skirt on.

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Seth was wondering what kind of underwear she was hidin underneath. 'Good evening.' She spoke, clearly not sure what kind of interaction she was supposed to have now. This was fine with Seth, who wanted to leave open what kind of relationship they had. Altough. He could play with it.

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'Give us a kiss.' Seth commanded. Mary nodded and kissed Seth on the lips before she kissed the cient on the lips. The man blushed a little bit and kept staring at her chest and ass. This was working out well. 'Take our coats and get us something to drink.' Seth ordered. The woman nodded and after both had given their coats, they walked towards the living room where they sat on the couch.

'What is she actually?' Mr. Danto asked, 'Is she your girlfriend, your toy, your employee?' Seth looked at him. Here he was in his element. 'Does it matter?' He simply replied. 'No I guess not.' The client agreed.

Mary came in with two cold beers. 'Here you are?' She said as Mary handed them their beers. 'Dinner will be soon.' She then added.


Before Mary could walk away, Seth spoke. 'My friend here has been staring at your ass.' Now there were two people blushing. Mr. Danto was about to make an excuse but Seth spoke again. 'Why don't you turn around and show our guest.' 'That is not nec.' Before the man could continue, Mary had already turned around and lifted up her skirt.

She was wearing a tiny blue thong that did not cover much Seth slapped it and invited his client to do the same, something he gladly did. She then moved to the kitchen again. 'She is really beautiful. You are a lucky man.' The old man spoke again.

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Seth knew that he almost had the man. He only needed to push a little further. After the two spoke a little about work, Seth called Mary again. 'Dinner is ready sir.' 'That is good but before we start with dinner, why don't you help us relax.' Seth spoke with an evil smile.

'Sir?' She asked. 'Both of us have worked hard today and like some destressing.' As Seth said it, he rubbed his crotch slightly. 'Ahh' The woman smiled as she understood. She sat on her knees and opened the pants of Seth, pulling them down. Mr. Danto was looking on with a surprised look, which became glee as Mary was now opening his and pulling it down.

He had a short but fat cock, which was already half erected. With each penis in one hand, Mary started rubbing them, making them harder. She then took Seth's cock in her mouth and sucking as she kept rubbing the cock of their guest. She then switched and took the other cock in her mouth. As a natural, Mary sucked the cocks and played with the balls.

She was easily able to deepthroat the cock of Mr.

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Danto, which she did a lot. 'Dinner time.' Seth suddenly said. He had his client exactly where he wanted the man. The two lifted up their pants as Mary walked towards the kitchen. 'Wow that was incrible.' Mr.

Danto spoke. 'This evening can be even more incredible if we can come to an agreement.' Seth was using the lust of his client and it worked perfectly. 'I think, that if you come with some good prices, everything will be fine.' The old man spoke. Bingo, was all Seth thought. The two sat down as their first course was brought.

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A delicious soup. Seth quickly steered the conversation to work again and talked about the prices he could offer. The other man was far more compliant now he was treated with a blowjob and more to look forward too. During the main course, they finally came to an agreement. Seth would deliver them paper to a good price. This would mean a lot of profit for the compagnie.

Seth quickly walked towards the kitchen, where Mary had been eating and whispered something in her ear. He then took the contract and put it on the table.

'If you would sign here?' He asked. The man took the pen, quickread the contract but waited to sign. Suddenly Mary appeared again, with desert. Her shirt and skirt were removed, as ordered by Seth and she walked only in her tiny thong and halfbra towards the table. Mr. Danto could not keep his eyes off this young beauty.

Seth tapped on the contract and the other man quickly signed. The two quickly ate their deserts and when they were done, Mary came to collect the plates, this time completely naked.

'Why don't you lie on the table.' Seth smiled. The woman did as was told and Seth used whipcream on her breasts and pussy. 'Would the guest do us the honor of licking it off?' Seth asked. The man did not answer but quickly moved himself to one breast and started sucking.

Seth watched as he walked to the other breast and did same and then finally made it to her cunt and started licking the whipcream. 'Can I?' The man asked Seth as he kept watching the naked body.

'Ofcourse.' Seth smiled. She is all yours.' The man removed his pants and rammed his still hard cock in the cunt of Mary. Either she did not feel it or did not enjoy it but her moans sounded rather fake.

Seth did not care about that at all, as long as the other man did not notice. As the other man fucked his slave, Seth slowly walked up to her face and offered his cock, which she quickly grabbed. She tried to deepthroat him but found that she could not do it, so just sucked him and played with his balls.

The three moved to the couch where Seth fucked her doggy as she sucked her own cunt juices from the other man. 'You really are a slut.' The old man growled as he held her head tight.


'Seth could see he was about to cum. 'Why don't you cum on her face?' Seth suggested. The man nodded but before he could pull out, shot all his spunk in her mouth. Mary swallowed everything and cleaned the cock of the other man. Seth pulled out now and suggested the man licked her. Mary positioned herself and Mr. Danto pushed a finger in her cunt, after finger fucking her, he licked her again.

He had clearly not done this before as he missed her clit and just licked her lips without much variation. When, after a very short while, he did not feel like doing it anymore, he looked at his watch. 'Ten already.' He spoke. 'I need to get home.' 'I'l Mail you your contract.' Seth spoke as he watched the other man dress. Mr. Danto quickly left and Seth ordered Mary to take a shower.

He then messaged John that he could come home, before Seth took a drink and watched tv. This whole situation gave Seth an idea. Sex sold. as this had proven and he was not about to use his own slaves everytime he needed to convince someone to buy. He had however an office with some pretty woman and men who might be able to use their wives for their advantage. Seth took out his phone and wrote some ideas on the notepad. He needed to convince both his boss and his workers but if this worked.

then Seth would be able to help the compagnie and get something for himself as well. He was about to sleep over but changed his mind. He needed to work hard tonight.

After telling Mary that she was not allowed to tell her husband what had happened, he left. There was work to do.