Getting edge by my ebony gf

Getting edge by my ebony gf
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"Where did your wife go," she asks as we pull up and notice her car missing. "She says she's at work, but I'm pretty sure she's screwing around. "How can you live like this," she asks me as she lights another joint. "I don't know," is all I can answer. Once inside we sit in front of the video games and continue to get high.

"Just like the good old days huh," she says. For the first time since her plane landed I take a good look at her, the first good one in over five years. She is five-seven with medium length punk black hair. She now wears electric blue contacts, and has quite a few more piercings then I remember. She is wearing a leather bound corset, tightly accenting her features. She has fishnet gloves and matching stockings.

Her girl style cargo capri pants show off her perfect ass, and she finishes the ensemble with low cut black canvas shoes. "Nah, I don't ever remember you being this beautiful in the good old days," I finally answer after feeling a little weird from checking her out. "Don't be scared," she tells me leaning in for a kiss. "What are you doing," I ask. I am feeling confused, but am sure of what is going on. "Something that should have been done a long time ago. Someone should take care of you, if you know what I mean," she says as she starts to rub my chest.

She nibbles on my ear as her hand slides down to my soft dick. "Oh poor baby, has it been that bad for you that you have forgotten about a woman's touch," she coos while coming again to my lips for another kiss.

"We can fix this," she says moving her kiss' down my shirt. She uses her teeth to pull at the strap of my belt, then her hands to finish opening my pants. With out any hesitation she puts my soft penis in her mouth and begins gently sucking it.

I feel something strange, but so does this whole situation to me. She fully sucks in my five inches of limp and licks my balls with her pierced tongue. With my heart pounding I stand up quick from the urge, but it is too late.

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I start peeing, and begin to feel really embarrassed. I try to stop, pull away, and go to the bathroom, but she grabs my ass keeping me there. She keeps sucking as I continue to pee. Before I know it my eyes are rolling back in my head and I begin to feel a tingle throb through my cock.

My stream continues to flow, and she continues to suck. All the while my dick gets hard for the first time in over a year. "Oooh, now were getting somewhere," she finally says opening up for air. The last of my piss spurts across her face. She takes two fingers and wipes some from her cheek, and sucks them erotically. At this point I'm not sure if it is the weed, my hormones, or both that take over.

Something surly does. I grab soft black hair in two fist full's and begin trying to force feed her my now nine and a half inches of hard dick. She is obviously surprised by my aggressiveness and her sudden face fucking. She gags a chokes a moment, but grabs my ass again pulling me so I can't stop.

The spit and drool begin to run down her chin and over her leather corset covered 38 C's. This gets me even hotter and I start thrusting faster.


She continues to choke and tears start trickling down her face. When I pull out spit goo's down her chin. She takes a couple of deep breaths, looks up at me with her crazy fuck me eyes, then grabs my ass. Now he is violently using me to face fuck herself. I start to feel the rumble of cum, and so does she.

She releases my cock from her mouth and jerks my slick shaft. "Oh big daddy, cum on my face," she says in between the lolly-pop licks on my dick head. I groan with the undeniable ecstasy as I begin to erupt. Spurt after spurt shoots out. First down her forehead and nose. Then across her eyes and cheeks.

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She moans with satisfaction as I just keep going. Her face, neck, hair, and chest are all drenched with my jizz, and my eyes roll back as the long over due cum keeps flowing. She takes me back into her mouth and I pump her to an overflowing level. She swallows all she can, but more seeps out from around her sexy lips. I grab onto her shoulders trembling from the amazing orgasm.

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My knees feel like giving out as I finish. She steadies me with her hands softly. "It has been a long time, huh stud,: she says. I look down at the cum covered mess I have made of her. "I never knew any man could ever blow a load like that," she says through labored breath as she stands up. "But I'm glad you can," she adds giving me a cum covered wink before walking off. "I can't believe this is happening," I say to myself. I am still shaking from the massive cumming as I pull my pants up.

In the bathroom I can hear the shower turn on. Who can blame her, hell I didn't know I could cum like that. I sit down on the sofa and light another joint.

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We have only been home for half an hour, and I can already tell this was going to be on hell of a day. I start to zone out thinking about what just happened.

It all seems too unreal, like something out of a sexy story magazine. I hope you don't mind but I slipped into something a little more comfortable," she says coming out to the living room. She is now wearing a see through baby doll top in a light pink. I can see her belly button ring and nipple rings through the sleek materiel. The top come down to her matching bikini panties. To finish it she has on a matching short sleeve buttonless shirt.

There are little pink ribbons to tie is closed, but she hasn't bothered. "What," she asks as she continues to towel dry her damp hair.

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"If we're going to continue doing this then things have to be my way," I tell her while passing the joint over. "So you like to be in control huh, to dominate," she coos with excitement at the idea. To be honest it's not what I originally had in mind, but seeing her reaction to the idea makes me unable to resist. "You're damn right," I tell her. I stand up chest to chest with her and shove her down on the couch. She wasn't expecting this forceful of a shove. She lands sitting with her legs spread, and I notice these actions have her already wetting her panties.

"I have everything in a wife and family to loose and you have nothing, understand," I tell her keeping the upper tone. She simply answers biting her lower lip and nodding. "So we are going to do things my way or not at all," I say slinging her towel at her. I really feel myself falling into the roll. "You are a dirty slut," I till her pausing as she hands the joint back to me. "So you want me to be your slave," she says half serious and half giggling.

"Can my slave do what she is told," I ask her.

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Before she can answer I put the joint in my mouth backwards and press my lips to hers to give her a power hit. "Yes," she calmly says as the smoke rolls out from her trembling mouth. "Anything and everything," I ask making sure this is what she wants. She answers with nod. "Then the first rules are simple. Only in front of me when we are alone are you to act this way. No one can ever suspect anything different. "Sure," she says laughing. "This is no laughing matter," I tell her mashing the joint out.

"Have I already been a bad slave? Do I need a spanking," she says getting on her knees with a smile and pointing her sheer panty covered ass at me.

"I think you do," I tell her. I sit on the opposite end of the couch from her and point down to my lap. "Come crawl over here and present your ass to me properly." She cat crawls across the sofa and does as she is told.

The first smack I give her is long and sharp. "Ouch," she blurts out loudly from the sting. "And you are going to keep the noise down. I don't want the neighbors hearing you," I tell her with the next swats.

She whimpers a little. I give her another and another. Through her light pink panties I can see her ass already turning red, and her crotch soaking wet.

I start striking her more and more, harder and harder.


Whimpers turn to small cries, cries to yelps, but I'm not listening any more. Something dormant in me is awake now.and hungry. "Ahh," she screams out loud. "I told you quiet," I say. "You can't be quiet on your own fine," I tell her taking her sexy panties off of her ass. "Put these in your mouth and shut it," I say stuffing her wet panties in her moaning mouth. She gladly accepts them. I continue the smacks access her ass. Much lighter now as I can see the throbbing.

"You like the taste of your girl creamed panties don't you slut," I ask her through stokes. She nods her head up and down, and through the fabric I think I can hear a muffled yes. I give her a final swat ending strong like the first. I am done, but she still submissively lays across my lap. With her pulsing red ass in the air, and her dirty panties still in her mouth. I softly grab around the back of her neck and lead her up to stand with me.

spanking her like that has made me hot and hard again. She too notices my boner and smiles spitting her panties to the floor. "Pull down my pants and boxers. Turn around, bend over, and spread your ass," I tell her. She is quick about it. Either eager, or not wanting another spanking so soon. Before I know it I see her pretty pussy spread and ready for me.

I take my time and ease in. "Mmmm," she moans with delight. It has been a long time since I have felt a soft pussy, and I take my time with long drawn out slow strokes. Her head sinks further down and she purrs with delight. "Oh baby this feels so damn good," she tells me. I can feel her pussy clutching at my hard pecker. It feels so good but I am trying not to cum too soon. "Quit teasing me," she moans as I take a few shot strokes.

Just putting my cockhead into her, then taking it out to watch her close up. "My way," I answer her giving her a hard slap with my dick across her already ruby red ass.

"Uhhu," she whimpers at the hit. I can only smile at this. Now to really tease her I rub my penis up and down her wet slit without any entry. "Oh god," she moans in frustration.

I can see her girl goo begin to run down her thighs. "Are you going to earn it," I ask her trying to keep my end up. "Uh huh, I swear," she answers pushing her ass back into me. "I'm going to give you this, but remember slave that you owe me." "OHHH," she hollers as I slam it into her. I burry myself balls deep and stop looking down at her. She pulls her hair aside and looks behind her up at me. "Panties," I simply tell her.

She understands, and obediently picks her panties back up off of the floor. She lowers her head again as she puts them back in her mouth. The moment they are back in I start plowing her like a madman. Moans and groans can be heard coming from her muffled mouth at I piston in and out of her. The rhythmic slapping of skin added to her cries turns me on like crazy.


She rears her head back and spreads her feet. He body starts shaking and I know she is cumming. Now without any guilt I quicken my pace, and I can feel a heat through my body as my own cum swells. "Aghh," I groan as beads of sweat fall from my forehead onto her still rosy cheeks.

My knees and hips tremble and I loose my mind with the great feeling of cumming. I thrust as deep in her as I can and hold there. Like machines we throb one after another adding to the experience. "Ohhh," she clearly says with surprise, and once again spitting the panties out. A moment later I know why. My cum starts gushing out of her and down our legs. This feels to good for me to stop though. I grab her hair and thrust in further as I pump yet even more cum in.

Her moans of surprise turn into moans of delight as I continue to cum, and another orgasm washes over her. Her shaking is harder than a moment ago, but now her moans are whispers. I am still cumming, but give her a few rough thrusts to send her over the edge.

My slave starts speaking in tongues. My cum collect around our feet in puddle and I pull out in time for the last squirts to shoot accords her silk covered back. I reach a hand down to rub her clit, and then she starts bucking and growling with her shaking orgasm.

She falls to her knees with her ass in the air. She reaches a hand between her legs, and puts her face right down into my cum. She breaths heavy as she licks at the mess on the floor. I watch her pinch her clit roughly and with an exhausted moan she begins squirting cum of her own. Shaking uncontrollably she rolls over into our gooey mess and lays there wide eyed and silent.

"Are you okay," I ask her concerned. "Never felt better," she says curling and stretching. I offer her a hand helping her up off of the floor. "We should start cleaning this mess up," I tell her. "I've got it. You keep doing that to me and I will stay your slave.master," she adds.

"You go hop in the shower and I'll clean up out her okay," she says. "It's a good thing you have hard wood floors," she laughs starting to towel up the mess. I am shocked and respond only with a "thank you," on my way to the shower. I get out of the shower and she is waiting for me. She is clean and changed into a cute french maids outfit. Our mess has been cleaned already, and she has a set of clothes set out for me.

"You like," she asks me for approval while I start to get dressed. Before I can answer my phone rings. "Hello," I answer. "Yes dear. Your sister has arrived. I picked her up from the airport this morning and she is here now," I say. I look over at my french maid who is now smiling at me. She gives me a sexy bow before taking the phone to talk to her sister. To be continued.