Gay XXX They swapped_ Rex sitting back into the futon while Jeremy

Gay XXX They swapped_ Rex sitting back into the futon while Jeremy
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I was still amazed at what was happening; the hostes, dressed in a surprisingly down-to-earth red corduroy gently led me into the room.

The first thing I saw was white. That was my first impression: pure white. Everything in the room was white, from the walls to the chairs to the table. It was hard to tell any of the furniture apart from the room itself. The second thing I noticed was the set up: in the middle of the room, there was a large white screen, about eight feet tall (four feet from the ceiling) and stretching from one wall to the other (about 25 feet).

In the screen, about three feet from the floor, were carved five holes, and out of each hole stretched a white bed. More likes wide ironing boards, these came forward into the room for about four feet, and stretched through each hole.

Above each bed-hole combination was another hole, this one covered by a small colored curtain inscribed with a number, 1-5. Each hole was a different colour and went, if I'm not mistaken, red, yellow, green, blue, purple.

But I wasn't paying attention to these details at the time; such minutae was far from my mind. For upon each small bed was half a girl. Now I know how odd that sounds, but there was through each of the holes shoved a woman.

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One half of her was hidden to me, behind the screen, and the other half lay upon the bed within sight of my eyes. And glorious day, the part which I could see was her lower part. The only thing each woman wore was a pair of panties, each differing by color and by size.

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The women varied in several ways; they seemed to be lined up according to size, with an incredibly thin girl (I hesitate to say anorexic, because she wasn't that thin, but there was still little to her) on the far left, and a mildly chubby girl far right.

They were also organized according to race: on the far left, the skinny girl (henceforth referred to as girl #1) had skin pale as the moon in a silky black summer sky, whereas the girl on the far right was darker, with coffee-toned skin (there was no "black" girl, though I wish to make clear this was no fault of mine; I am not a racist).

Girl Two was mildly pale, Girl three, in the middle, appeared to be Asian, and Girl 4 had caramel skin. I believe she was Latina. As I stood there, my mouth open and my eyes drinking in the scene, I felt a small hand on my arm.


"When the cameras start rolling," the hostess, whose name I later learned was Rachel, said "simply do as your told." She smiled a little and waved her hand at the camera man who had, unseen by myself, accompanied us into the room.

The man began setting everything up, and I continued to stare. Finally, I was told to take a seat in on of the chairs, which were facing each other, seperated by a small coffee table (all white) in front of the screen. When I had sat, and Rachel across from me, the camera man got down on one knee and raised his fingers in silent counting. 3-2-1.

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He then made a gun-sign with his hand. Rachel smiled broadly. "Well, Mr. Jorgson, I'm glad to have you on our show. Please, tell the audience: what is your experience with sex?" I stammered something out about having a couple of flings in college, and a fake audience laughed from somewhere behind me. "Do you like women, Mr. Jorgson?" I hastily affirmed that and, upon doing so, the show really got going. It was explained to me (though I'd had a hunch already) that I was to have sex with each of the women and then choose which I liked best.

If I chose the girl who, around her neck, wore the red-heart necklace, I would win $10,000.


Apparently, her love making would be a clue to her identity. If I chose the wrong girl, the girl I chose would recieve the $10,000, and I would go home broke. "Though not," Rachel said with a smirk, "unsatisfied." The rules were set, and they were these: I was to wear a provided condom, I was not to look behind the curtains, I was not to talk (though moans and the such were allowed), and I was not allowed to attempt anal. "Breaking any of these rules will mean an immediate boot from the show." When we were all in agreement, I was told to undress, which I did with only the slightest hesitation.

I was directed to Girl 1 and told to remove her panties. I did so, slowly, enjoying the slow build-up as her pussy gradually came into view. It has only the slightest of blonde pubic hair above it, and small lips. It was quite red, and not very swollen. I decided to perform a little oral, to get the woman more relaxed.


Moving up to her delectable cunt, I deliberately lapped up her lips. Her legs twitched a tad, and I felt warm wetness in my mouth. I continued the motion, lapping like a cat at a bowl of milk, until her pussy was swollen, and her pink lips were visible to the world. With surprising amounts of self-control, I pulled myself up off the floor and positioned my member between her swollen pussy lips. I inched forward, then, into that tight hole. It had been years since my last lay, and I had to fight myself from cumming too quickly as the warmth greeted me.

It squeezed every inch of my cock as I pushed on, until I was fully inside of the girl. She had made little noise during my breach of her most sacred holy-of-holies, but her legs had come up slightly, and her back (or what I could see of it) had arched upward. I pulled out and felt the roughness inside her graze the back of my dick head. The feeling was so good that I pushed back forward, and then pulled out again just to feel it. This I continued doing, getting faster and faster until at last I was pushing into Girl one with all the force I could muster.

Every thrust in was harder, and every pull out more ecstatic. Her legs had wrapped around me by this point, and from behind the curtain I could hear moans and muffled demands from more. I imagined her face. In my mind, she had blue eyes, and pale blonde hair. Her lips were pink like Astilbe petals, and her face was angled. I imagined the sweat on her brow, and the need in her eyes as I fucked her.

I could see in my mind's eye the twinkle of perfectly white teeth as they just barely came down behind her lips as her mouth opened in pleas for more.

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More of my cock; more of me. I imagined her breasts. Small, not large, but with superlative pink nipples. I pictured her breasts shaking up and down as the rhythm of my thrusts moved her body.

I could see her perfect little stomach, moving down until you finally got to the fork where I was then buried. With renewed activity I grasped the backs of her thighs, massaging them as I fucked her twat. Then I moved one hand to her clit and began rubbing it. I heard an exclamatory rough breath. Then everything goes blurry, and the only thing I can hear is "Oh my God.

Oh my God. Oh my God." I don't know if it's her or I, but I know that her pussy was squeezing me so tightly that, for a moment, there was a fear in my mind of it breaking in half should I try to remove it. And then I was pulled backward and my cock left the little hole. Rachel had pulled me back, and I was looking up into her face. It was really quite pretty; she had a round one, with red hair that made it seem like her head was on fire when it tussled around her.

Then I was snapped back to reality by her too-perfect talk show hostess voice. "Well," she said "looks like you enjoyed yourself!" I nodded, and proceeded to catch my breath. I realized that not only had I managed not to cum, I had actually given Girl one and orgasm! I felt drained, but also jealous.

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The next girl, I promised myself. I looked over to the right, toward Girl two. Toward my next fuck. . To be continued.