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Indian college boy fucked by the girlfriend
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By: djinnrummy© I posted this on another site sometime ago. Thought it needed another airing It was a stormy Sunday afternoon and we were alone.

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Dad had gone to enrol the latest special services customer. Mom had gone to service an existing customer. They own a popular hairdressing and beauty salon business. The beauty salon business is a 'selected customers only' home visit facility. Prospective clients have to be vetted by dad because mother would be the person carrying out the home visit.

The facility has a small client list and by its very nature is for female clients only. Because it is expensive, the customers are, of necessity, wealthy. Sarah and I had finalised the plans we'd been making regarding a 'boardroom reshuffle' and were now relaxing in the living room when the timetable was dragged forward by a month, but we knew what had to be done and were therefore able to take the unexpected incident in our stride.

Mom came home early. Because of the thunder and lightning, we hadn't heard her, nor seen the car headlights, as she came up the drive. When she came through the door, sis was just lowering her face to suck my cock and I was pulling her thighs wider so that I could lick into her pussy lips. It is impossible to move fast when you're in that sort of position so mom had a good view of what Sarah was about to go down on, and because we'd just frozen, she had a long time to study it.

She took her time studying. Mom sat down in the armchair and then, in a surprisingly calm voice, asked: "When did you two start screwing each other? Not just today if you don't mind." "A few weeks ago." I'm not surprised, at your age I was screwing my brother twice a week. It was easier for us because we had the whole farm in which to get it together. I think you'd be a little more comfortable if you got into a more suitable position to chat with your mom, and we are going to chat." Sarah climbed off me and we sat side by side on the sofa.

Neither of us had any clothes nearby so we were forced to sit in the nude. Mom stood up and walked to the door. "Stay where you are I'll be back in a moment." When she returned she had joined in the spirit of the occasion and that was a lovely sight. My cock had wilted, but when she returned to the room it revived, and I soon had a full erection again. So did Sarah. Mom came to stand before us with her dick bobbing gently from the motion.

Together with her proudly jutting breasts and long legs, she was an arousing picture and we were aroused. I'd seen her in the nude before; just glimpses really, but never full on with an erection to go with it. I was certain that she'd never seen me with an erection either and she was certainly memorising it.

Sarah was first in line because she had been registered first by about two minutes. "Now tell me my love, have you two fucked or just played?" "We've fucked since the first time mom. We've done each other because we know we can't mess with normal people. We're not kids and we wanted to have adult fun." "You are normal people; you just have differences and believe me there are more people like us than you realize. Once we've taught you how to set about choosing which people you can safely mix with, the goodies store will be open." "What about you Sally?

Do you want to broaden your horizons?" "Of course I am, but I've also been looking forward to the day I'd be screwing you, and if the state you're in at present is anything to go by then I'd say that day is today." "What made you think that you would get to screw me; and just what, exactly, makes you think that it'll happen today.

What if I were to tell you that it could be me screwing you?" "Mom, I would be just as happy. We like to fuck; but we like being fucked just as much. We've already realized that if it were attractive, we'd fuck it.

You're attractive and the fact that you're our mother only adds spice to the anticipation. "Dad is a normal dad, we know he has a high sex drive, but we think he's never come close to satisfying your needs. You took one look at us when you came in and you couldn't get your clothes off quickly enough. "You've had your eyes glued to my cock because it's bigger than yours and both Sarah and I have bigger cocks than dads. That's why I think we'll be screwing you today, which means this afternoon, and seeing that it's already three o' clock I think we'd be more comfortable in a bedroom than in here." "Sally, you can't talk to me like that, I'll decide what, if anything, is to happen and--" "No you won't mom, you'll do one thing today, and that will be to do as we tell you.

You'll get into the habit of doing that" I walked over to mom, took her hand and placed it on my cock. That was all the persuasion she needed. She grasped it and began massaging it until it was stiff enough to perforate concrete. "I think it's time for bed mom." She had finally understood that a power shift had just taken place and came with us as meek as a lamb. Without being told, she lay on her back in the middle of my bed.

Sarah and I lay either side of her to caress her body. I went for her breasts and nipples, and Sarah opted for holding her cock. Slowly, mom relaxed to the point that she allowed her erection to be manipulated by both her daughters.

As I sucked on one of her nipples, I'd moved a hand down to hold the head of mom's cock as Sarah began to masturbate it. "The cork is out of the bottle mom. You know we love you, but you also know that this is not about love it's about lust and control.

We are what we are and you're well aware that we need sex regularly. We know that dad can't satisfy you; but we can, and you can satisfy us. From now on that's exactly how it's going to be. "Open you thighs mom, and lift your legs.

Get them higher; we want to inspect what you've got to offer" She did as Sarah told her and we both took a good long look at mom's pussy before Sarah growled and placed the head of her cock into it and then began pushing it into her body. I watched my mother's eyes widen once she had her daughter's cock fully inside her, and I couldn't help smiling when she sighed and commenced to lift her hips to meet each downward thrust of Sarah's cock.

I watched my sister fuck my mother for a few minutes, but eventually my own needs were clamouring to be satisfied and so the party began. I knelt beside mom, and then straddled her head. I was kissing Sarah when mom's mouth found my pussy and her tongue speared into me. It was just like having an electric probe in there; and when she wrapped her arms over my thighs to get hold of my cock and begin masturbating it, I was alive with lustful energy.


Sarah's tits were jiggling in front of me and I took hold of them to steady myself and give her some support if she needed any. I could feel my juice beginning to run into mom's mouth so I got off her and moved behind Sarah. I felt Sarah tense, and then she told me to go away and leave her to enjoy herself. I did leave her alone, but I watched and listened.

Mom was being pounded by a rampant 19 yrs. old Futa who's only thought at that moment was to make certain that the body she was impaling would never forget the event and would always crave more.

She must have already realized that from now on she was to be a submissive sex slave to her daughters. I knew from our experiences together that Sarah would be fucking her mom for at least another hour and I was reasonably certain that mom would have no problem with that. What she might have a problem with was the moment she realized that I would be waiting to take over from Sarah and my cock was larger.

I went downstairs and poured a glass of wine just as dad walked into the room. His eyes widened as he took in the fact that not only was I nude, but also that I was sporting an impressive erection. "Hello dad, would you like a glass? You look as if you need one." "What the hell is going on Sally, why are you undressed?" At that moment, a loud voice floated downstairs bearing the instruction: "Get your fucking legs open mom, how do you expect me to fuck you if I can't get at your vagina?

That's more like it, now hold them up and keep them apart." "Dad, I think you'd better sit down because things have been happening while you've been seeing to our new customer. Here, take this and. No, don't go upstairs. Sarah is showing mom exactly what what's in store for her and the position she'll be expected to take in future, and from what I saw earlier, I'd say mom's enjoying her new role.

"I'm in the nude because I was asked to leave them alone and so I came down here for a drink and then you showed up. I'm afraid there's been a boardroom coup dad, you and mum will run the normal day-to-day operations as ever, but from now on Sarah and I will also be part of the special services department and we will take an equal part in its operations.

"On top of that, what you have to understand is that from now on in our private lives you will, as always, do as mom says and mum will do as we say. It's no good looking at me like that because you know you can't hypnotise Sarah or me, you've tried often enough.

"I'll tell you what I told mom, we love both you very much and we don't really want to change much, but in order for Sarah and I to get what we want from life then the way we live our lives has to alter, slightly.

"You know what we are; you married mom knowing she was a Futa, and have obviously been very happy to have done so, but you must know that she has appetites and needs that you can never satisfy.

"Even though she loves you she is still unfulfilled; that's why your special services department is so successful, because mom can manage quite a number of its customers. Unfortunately, success means more women learning about the benefits of the department and wishing to become customers, so now she needs help and we are it.

"Sarah and I will never be able to thank you enough for adopting us, you have given us a wonderful, carefree life and we honestly believe that this is the best way for us to repay you. We know you're making a very good living from your side-line, we'll treble it and you will also have a deliriously happy wife and two very appreciative daughters." "UUGH, OOH, MMFFO, AAGHOOHHUUNGG, MMAAYEESSS." "What do say to that?" All the time I'd been talking, we had heard sounds of what could only be termed as encouragement and 'delirious joy'.

Dad had a bemused look as he said: "We've been together for twenty-two years and I've never heard June make those sounds when we have sex. I always thought she was happy with our sex life." "AHH, OOOHHhh, UUNGG.

Oh Sarah, please don't.AHGg." "She settled for all the other aspects of your lives together and that boils down to love. She was happy, but she never had the sort of sex and mind blowing orgasms that she needs. She'll get them now." "Yess, Yess, YESS AGHH OOHH." Sarah called for me to come back because she was going to cum and I should be ready to do my bit to keep mom warm. "Don't you dare cum in mom, I don't want to." "OH HELL, OHHHHhhhh." "Too late sis, she just got the lot." "You come down here Sarah, I want my pound of flesh, and bring a pillow with you.

Dad, I think you should go and hold mom until she recovers, Sarah gets a little forceful at times." Sarah arrived and without needing to be told, she placed the pillow on the edge of the dining table and then bent over it to rest her arms on the top.

I spread her legs apart and inserted the head of my pulsating cock into her wet vagina, held her hips and slammed my shaft into her. We'd fucked like this on a number of occasions and I knew she loved the deep penetration I could obtain if I fucked her from the rear.

She'd known what I was going to do to her from the moment I asked for the pillow. Dad hadn't moved. He sat wide-eyed as he watched one of his daughters fuck the brains out of the other one and both of them obviously enjoying every second. It was time for dad to be introduced to the new authoritarian regime. "Dad, I suggested that you went upstairs and you ignored me, well now you do what I say or you and Sarah will be changing places. Now get under this table.

I said: get under this table or take the fucking consequences. "That's more like it. Get hold of Sarah's dick. Has he got it Sarah?" "Oh yes, OH AAH. Stop fucking me for moment, he's fucking wanking me, OOH that's nice, you can fuck me now Sally. OHH this is gooood." "Dad; Suck her dick. Is he sucking you Sarah?" "OH YES, Yes he is." Letting go of her hips I reached around her to grasp her tits and then I started banging her.

She was shrieking from the force of my thrusting into her from behind as dad's mouth took her shaft to another orgasm. Sarah gave a convulsive shudder and fired cum down dad's throat just as I fired my load into her. She may have finished twice but I certainly hadn't. It only took a moment to get my sister down on the floor and onto her back. I'd seen mom enter the room as I'd fucked Sally and now I made sure that she saw the future as she watched dad fuck Sarah.

She'd been fucked by one daughter, she was about to be fucked by her other daughter and that would be happening alongside her husband as he fucked her daughter. "Come out from under there dad and get your kit off. Come on, don't let her go cold." That got him moving, he was soon kneeling between Sarah's thighs, and after that, I didn't need to chivvy him.

He was all over her and he didn't miss an inch of her body. He was hooked now and Sarah was about to make sure that she would be fucked by her dad and that from now on he would do it whenever she wanted it to happen. Now it was mom's turn. We knew that we had to make certain that both our parents were subservient to our wishes and that meant making sure that they became desperate for the sort of sexual relief that they craved.

This evening was all about creating that craving. I took the pillow from the table and placed it on the floor. "Get down here mom, get on your back, hips on the pillow and open those lovely long legs. I want to kiss your pussy and make sure you're ready for my cock. I love you mom, but right now I want to fuck you until you can't think straight and then I'm going to turn you over and fuck you from behind." She did as I'd ordered.

The moment she had, I knelt between her legs, lifted them up, and told her to hold them open and get her knees up to her shoulders. She was slow in obeying so I shoved a finger into her anus and asked her if she'd rather I fucked that hole. It seemed that she'd rather I didn't. Her pussy was there for my inspection and delectation and I made damn sure that she was aware of my close inspection of her little furnace.

As I licked, sucked and nibbled her labia I told her just how much I had longed to be able to do this and that, from now on, she would provide me with the opportunity to do it whenever I wanted. If Sarah was demanding her attention at the same time then so be it, neither of us were, at any time, to be denied her pleasures.

I moved on to her cock and took it into my mouth.

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The length was impressive, but both Sarah's and mine had greater girth and I was proud to have the longest cock in the family so mom was in for a real treat when I finally entered her. As I sucked, I squeezed and massaged her and sure enough her hips began to lift as she tried to get more of shaft into my mouth than she thought I'd be comfortable with, but I knew I was able to take her down my throat so I allowed her to carry on.

My own erection had been making its presence felt and when I was happy with it I released moms cock and held my own to place it against her anus. "From now on mom, if you fail to respond to an instruction at any time I will shove this up there.

I may well do that anyway sometime, but then it will be done slowly and gently with plenty of preparation, but if I do because you forget your duty, it will be a punishment and you'll remember it for a long time." I removed my cock from her rear and inserted it into her vagina.

She was tight, very tight, and in view of the fucking she'd had with Sarah I was surprised at just how tight she was. Even more pleasure for me and I made certain that I extracted all the pleasure she could provide and when I finally came I flooded her. She'd had several orgasms as I took her to my own release and I knew that from now on she'd provide what we wanted when we wanted it.

Dad had worn himself out trying to bring Sarah to a climax so she'd let him go to bed and I told mom she could do whatever she wished to do. She went for a bath. I had to admit to Sarah that I was also tired and both of us headed for our beds. Monday dawned. It was a very wet and windy morning and so we had no option other than to stay indoors and get everyone onto the same page. We were sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen, mom and dad were unusually quiet and Sarah asked them if they had any problems to sort out with us about yesterday's events.

Mom said that she and dad had decided to leave things as they now were for the time being to see how it worked out. "We don't like this insistence on our domination and subjugation at home; we don't wish to be subservient." "Mom, until we say otherwise, while we are at home you and dad will be subservient for anything of a sexual nature.

Get used to it. We do love you and we are not trying to dominate you in any other way. "Obviously anything to do with the 'special services' department comes under the heading of 'sexual' so Sarah and I are to be informed of anything that affects that operation. "Why were you home so early yesterday? You were supposed to be fucking Mrs Rogers and you hadn't had time for that." "She had come down with a really bad cold and I called it off. When I saw the state she was in I had no intention of going near her." "Well it was your early return, and catching us enjoying ourselves that brought everything forward.

We were going to strike next month after the Christmas school holidays were over and all the women would be champing at the bit for some relief." "How did you get on with Mrs Williams dad?" "She's signed up. It took me less than half an hour to get her under my control and then she couldn't sign the papers quickly enough. It breaks down as £120 registration fee; £10 per booking fee, and £100 per home visit. She wants a home visit tomorrow while her husband is away.

I checked and we have a booking for a 10am so June could do her at 2pm." "If I remember correctly a 'home' is for two hour" "That is 'up to' two hours." Mom broke in and told us that she'd never had a home visit last any longer than ninety minutes.

"They're usually worn out by then and just want to have a bath and lie down so I don't stop to chat. If they don't want to fuck I leave, I'm not social services." "You've only ever offered mom for a home visit and that's going to change. If Sarah and I become active, you could have two bookings in the morning period and two in the afternoon period, we can service four booking per day with no strain on us. "How would it be if we make it a rule that bookings must be made at least one week in advance.

We could also offer a free visit for every customer making four bookings in a set period, say 10 weeks?" "How many do we have registered?" "Twenty." "We've done very well with this; the hairdressing salon is doing well. All five stylists are permanent, married and they don't talk out of turn. Their pay is better than standard rate and they like the perks too much." "Is once a week enough then?" "They get more once a week here than they get at home if they got it every night and you know that doesn't happen and I know they look forward to you two coming in wearing your white coat and calling 'next' in front of the customers." Dad, talking about getting it every night reminds me that you fucked Sarah last night, but you didn't fuck me.

I think it's about time you put that right I'd really love to have you inside me. "Mom can give do Sarah while you show me what I've been missing." "Sally, I'll decide who I." "Dad, were back to who's dominant and who's subservient again and I'll tell you this, either you come upstairs now and fuck me or I'll fuck you and that will really make your eyes water.

"You found out a long time ago that we Futarani are stronger than you so don't think I can't, or won't do it, and for the record if I have to fuck you I'll follow that by screwing mom in the same manner." "Right now, mom has a chance to bury her cock in the daughter who ravished her. Now mother, Get down on her, choose which hole you're going to invade and then do it. I said do it, otherwise I'll do you." Mom went for a straightforward missionary position fuck, but I doubt that any missionary ever put the amount of vigour into screwing anyone that mom used on Sarah.

I was taken by my arm and led upstairs by a suddenly energised dad. It was wonderful. He quickly stripped and it was at that moment that I realized that he really did want to screw me, he just hadn't wanted mom to realize how much he wanted me.

He undressed me slowly and once I'd been uncovered he spent time making sure that there were no lumps in my breasts and sucking my nipples. When he took hold of my cock, I felt a warm glow spread through my groin and I knew that I was cumming before we'd even coupled.

He knelt and sucked me into his mouth and that was amazing. I really do have a very large cock and as it was fully erect at this moment, he must have been straining at the seams to get me into his mouth in one pass. I'd merely been acting the domineering bitch when I told dad that if he didn't do as he was told I'd fuck him; I hadn't meant it, but at this moment I would dearly have loved to fuck him and fill him with my cum, but not as a punishment. It is thought that we Futa are not given to romantic emotions; well I now think that's crap.

Dad stood up and told me to get on the bed and I happily did so. I hardly had time to get onto my back when he forced my legs up and apart and then ordered me to hook my arms through my legs to keep them apart.

He lifted my cock, pushed his mouth against my pussy, and then sent wave after wave of tremors through me with his tongue. I came. I felt the sudden spasm and white-hot release of energy and juice and I knew I wanted to make him keep on doing that to me forever. He stopped doing it and moved over my body.

I saw the wide smile on his face as he eased himself into my waiting volcano and as he began to fuck me into paradise, he whispered: "Your mother has taught me a great deal about how to get the best out of fucking a Futa and I have a good memory. You won't need a good memory, because you'll never forget this day." He brought me to an enormous orgasm six times and I loved him more each time he did it.

As he pulled out of my vagina I sighed, and then my mother slid into me and the fucking began all over again and she definitely has more stamina and a bigger cock than dad does. When I finally had sufficient strength to get off my bed I showered, dressed, and looked in Sarah's room.

She stared at me and said: "Sis; that was fantastic, I want more of that." Downstairs mom poured me a coffee and they explained that they were quite happy to be ordered about by us, and having sex with us would be fun so they'd played along until they deemed the moment was right to pop our balloon and get things back onto an even keel. They liked some of the ideas they'd heard and were going to try to put them to the test. I had to promise that we would not try to dominate them again, if we wanted sex we could tell them and then we'd get what we wanted without the threats.

"Dad, could I go with mom tomorrow morning to see how I should behave when I do someone alone? Sarah could go with her in the afternoon then we'll both be primed." "How does that sound June? Do you think Mrs Johnson will be happy with that?" "She'll be delirious with joy, the last time I fucked her she was telling me that she would love to come across another Futa. "She said that ever since her husband died all she could think of was that she missed their sex life and now she knew that a Futa was the only person with the stamina to keep her happy.

Mind you, she's never lasted more than an hour so Sally will be perfectly able to do her all on her own and I'll just watch." "Dad, how frequently do you have to hypnotise them into behaving like this?" "After the first time their heads are so full of imagined Futa instigated sexual sensations and orgasms that they want to fuck one there and then and that's why each and every one of them request a booking asap.

"I have never had to go back and refresh the treatment. They have the 'memories' I give them reinforced almost immediately and that's it, they're Futa slaves. They do this because they don't want males and wouldn't even let me fuck them." Mom and I turned up at Mrs Johnson's house. She must have been watching from the window because the door opened before we'd rung the bell. She asked mom who I was and when mom told her she asked if I was the same as mom. Mom said yes and Mrs Johnson smiled and asked us to come into the living room.

She was my height and about 10lbs over her ideal weight so I was going to be comfortable. It was a very straightforward situation. She wanted to be fucked and now it was going to happen. "Are you both going to fuck me?" "No, I am. If you want to have a threesome you'll have to discuss that at the time of booking, but it would be expensive." I undressed and she waited until my cock was uncovered and then she opened her bathrobe and came to me to hold my cock.

"Oh that is a wonderful size, Please fuck me." She didn't want anything other than to have a cock inside her, but it had to be in the living room. Her house, her rules. Fair enough. She had a sofa in the living room, which converted into an occasional bed. This was its current configuration. I put her on it and opened her legs. She was very well trimmed. However, I only looked; I wouldn't taste her, mom had told me that she wouldn't want any foreplay and she was correct.

Mrs Johnson wanted a cock inside her and that's exactly what she got. Sarah and I alternate in giving the hairdressing staff their 'perk' every week. That was their 'perk' and we knew they loved it, but now I fucked my first real customer and I enjoyed the exercise even though there was very little emotion in the process.

I enjoyed the feeling of banging against her body and into her warm, wet, pussy. I enjoyed the sounds of her moans and grunts of pleasure, but it was never going to get me excited. She had lovely big, soft breasts and although she'd said she only wanted to fuck I played with them and pulled her nipples until they were bright red and stiff, then I bent forward and sucked one.

She climaxed almost immediately. I stopped pulling her nipples and concentrated on ramming my cock as far inside her as I could get it' The smell of sexual arousal was now very strong and there was a loud slopping sound coming from her pussy as my cock slid in and out of her. I lifted her fat thighs up and held them wide apart so that I could get a little deeper inside her and then commenced to slam into her vulva. She squealed, bucked, and grunted and then she climaxed again.

"Have you ever had a cock in your bottom?" "No." "I think you might like it.


Many women do. Would you like me to put my finger in there if I promise to do it slowly just to see if you find it pleasant?" "No." "Ah well, you're the boss." "No she isn't." "What?" "She signed an agreement which states that for the duration of the booked period she will consider anything that the operative suggests or recommends unless she has a medical reason for not doing so.

The operative will not attempt to do anything that the customer does not want her to do. She has paid for pleasure, you will do your utmost to provide it, which means that you may recommend activities, but you may not impose them." "I understand." I slammed into Mrs Johnson and then began to pound against her vulva.

She loved it; she was getting more and more aroused by the physical pounding she was receiving and the sound of my body smacking against hers. Then I stopped, suddenly. "I want you to think very hard about my question regarding your bottom. I honestly believe that you would grow to enjoy being taken that way. You should try having something entering your anus.

I suggest that you obtain a slim dildo together with some lubricant and spend some time playing around with it." I began pounding into her again and slowly I increased the speed and the violence of my thrusts until she gasped each time I smacked into her. I stopped again, but this time I pulled out of her. "Get on your hands and knees on the edge of the mattress and spread your legs apart I'm going to fuck you from the rear.

I want to feel that lovely soft bottom wobble when I bang into it." I now knew that she liked her sex to be a little rough and that's what she got. I fucked Mrs Johnson from behind and because of the extra depth I could achieve she squealed each time I 'bottomed out', to coin a phrase. Mom came and inserted a finger into my pussy and then she began to finger fuck me as I thrust into that lovely soft flesh.

The timing was exactly right and 'BINGO' I fired a load of cum into a very surprised and satiated woman. She climaxed immediately afterwards.

We had fucked for 90 minutes and we left a very happy and satiated woman. She asked if I would be visiting her the next time she booked. I had to tell her that I had no idea as I didn't control the bookings.


Mom drove me home so that I could shower and then we set the table for lunch. During lunch mom told dad how I'd done and said that there was no reason why I shouldn't go solo in future. I was pleased with that. Dad laughed and said that he already knew how well I'd done because Mrs Johnson had been on the 'phone asking for bookings and that I should be the person to visit her.

She also wanted to know how much she'd have to pay if she wanted two 'agents' to come. Dad said that he'd never even considered the possibility that any one of our customers would want a threesome.

He just tripled the booking and visit fees, and justified it because it would probably disappoint another customer. Therefore, a threesome would cost £330 for two hours of fantastic sex. Mom and Sarah were off to satisfy another customer this afternoon and I had to go to the shop and fuck the delectable Rita. She was the senior hairstylist and we were happy to have her, in both senses of the word.

She had a wasp waist, perky boobs and very long legs. These led to one of the most demanding vagina's you could wish to enter. The weird thing was that her husband was gay: but what she got from us was a good set of like-minded workmates, good pay and very good sex. That kept her happy. I removed my white coat, which was all I was wearing, and sat down.

I let Rita do the leading. All she wanted to do was take her knickers off, straddle me, and once she'd got used to the size of the shaft inside her, ride me while I undid her blouse and lifted her 'bra to release her tits from their enclosure. We groped each other's tits as she bounced up and down.

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Her tits had bounced about, until I began grasping them. I tweaked her nipples and watched them grow erect and I managed to get a finger down to her clitoris, which started her off on the moaning and gasping cycle that I had become used to. When her hour was almost up, I stood up with her still impaled on my cock and, placing her on the edge of the 'massage' couch, I fucked her until she came approximately two minutes later. She put her clothing back together and then kissed me before going back to work downstairs and I had a quick rinse and then dressed before setting off for home so that I would be ready to put my mom on her back when she returned with Sarah from their visit.

Dad was at home. Dad was naked and dad had an erection, which he wanted to put inside me. Because I wanted him to succeed, I didn't argue. I took my clothes off before he could rip them off and he carried me upstairs to my bedroom.

There was no foreplay, no tender touching, just a forceful entry into my waiting vagina and then a fantastic, rampant and robust fuck. I felt his load of his cum shoot into me and then he pulled out, got into the '69' position and sucked my cock into his mouth and down his throat. He got his hands round my bottom and lifted so that my cock moved up as his mouth travelled down and when he lifted his head he lowered my bottom.

Two or three minutes of that were sufficient to trigger my orgasm. I really enjoyed firing a stream of thick cum straight down his throat.

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We lay side by side on my bed and I was still asleep when mom and Sarah came home. They still tease me about finding me asleep, holding my cock, because dad had put my hand round it before he left the bed.

That evening dad admitted that he'd faked his apparent inability to hypnotise us. He was an extremely adept hypnotist, but he and mom had decided to have a bit of fun at our expense and so he'd made us believe he couldn't get control of us to see how we'd use this 'knowledge'. Once we'd started trying to dominate them sexually, they began to enjoy themselves and we fell for it.

He pointed out that my acceptance of his dominant behaviour when I arrived home was all caused by his ability. He said he couldn't make us do anything we didn't want to do, but if our subconscious mind had no problem with any implanted suggestions then we would follow them. He proved it by turning to Sarah and asking her how she'd done with the customer she and mom had visited.

She started to tell him, but he interrupted her and asked her if she enjoyed fucking a stranger. She said yes then she undressed and lay down on the sofa. He looked at me and said: "There you go, help yourself." "I will do no such thing; I'm not going to take advantage of my sister." My 'normal service' resumed over an hour later.

We were both naked now and still embracing, mainly because I was still inside my sister. To this day, neither of us remembers a thing about it, but we've watched the video of it a few times. In our opinion, we enjoyed ourselves; which came as no surprise. Because we'd been 'out' for so long and once we'd showered and dressed, dad sent out for pizzas and we sorted out the following days' workload.

Meaning who would be doing which customer, and when. In the morning, I had to provide another staff member's perk. That would be enjoyable because what she wanted to do was to suck cock and then be fucked doggy style and I rather enjoyed both activities. In the afternoon was scheduled to fuck a woman named Roberta French and I remembered that name from my school days. She had been, maybe still was, a fashion model of some fame. The short version of what I knew is that all the girls had heard that she was a lesbian.

I never met anyone who had hard evidence that she was, but I thought that I was about to find out how accurate that rumour had been. On arriving at my customer's house, the door opened and I knew I had been correct; she was who I thought she was. She asked me for some identification because she hadn't been informed about a change of 'visitor'.

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Wise woman. I showed her a copy of her booking details and explained that although I had worked for the company for two years, I had only recently begun dealing directly with customers.

"Have you got a file on me?" "Not a file that you would recognise as such. Information of likes and dislikes, which are purely numerical annotation and even your identity, is just a number.

Everything in it is encrypted" "Please come in and let's get started." For the money they were paying, our customers didn't want chat they wanted sex. It aroused me to just run my hands over her slim body and feel her up-thrust, and 'bra-less tits through the thin material of her dress. I enjoyed undoing that dress and taking it off to find that she had Small breasts, topped with tight, erect buds just waiting to be licked and nibbled.

She had also dispensed with her knickers to display a hairless vulva. I did lick and nibble as she felt for my cock, and having felt the size of it, she began frantically, to pull my skirt down. I stood straight so that she could undress me, and then placing my hands on her shoulders, I applied force so that she would kneel and attend to my cock's desires. She gripped, she twisted she pulled and finally she put her lips around it and gradually sucked me into her mouth. I held her head firmly and made sure that she sucked me until I was fully erect and able to get down her throat.

I began to fuck her face and she did nothing to stop me. It was lovely. She gagged the first two or three times that I entered her throat, but she kept at it and soon she was enthusiastically taking all of me. I pulled my cock out of her when I felt that she was ready to be screwed. Standing her upright, I cupped her vulva and told her to open her legs.

"I want to feel your pussy and I want to feel your anus, which do you want me to feel first?" "I want you to do whatever you want, I want to be taken and I don't want to have to talk as you do it." She was paying for a service, and up to a point, she had every right to decide whether she or her 'visitor' took charge of the proceedings. Placing a chair at her kitchen table I sat down, placed her between me and the table and then I dragged her legs apart and made her lower herself until my cock was at the entrance to her pussy.

She was wet and my cock twitched in response to this sensation. "Go down now, force your lovely body onto my cock and when you can't get any more of me into you I'm going to play with your tits and your clit and I won't stop until you ask me to fuck you.

"I said I don't." She was tight, she was so tight that I had to hold her hips and force her down as I pushed my groin up. The walls of her vagina were dragging on my shaft and I guessed that she'd never had this much meat in her love hole before.

"I know what you said and you've just heard my response. I'll bring you to an orgasm and then I'll do it repeatedly until you realize that you'll only be fucked if you co-operate. I won't move my cock and I won't remove it, it'll just fill your vagina and make you sore. It's your choice now." "Fuck me, fuck me, come on bitch, and fuck me." I had seen a comment in her file, which said she could occasionally be foul-mouthed and rude.

Not with me she couldn't, she had paid to be serviced nothing more. "You see, that wasn't difficult. Now I will fuck you, and if you ever call me a bitch, again, I'll bring the rest of the company round and we'll give you a freebie.

"It will be a 'once-in-a-life-time' occasion. We'll take turns with you, front and back doors, singly and together and we'll keep doing it until you're hoarse from screaming. That's the down side of living in a converted farm house, no neighbours to hear you partying with your friends." She orgasmed and she was bloody noisy with it.

I felt her virginal muscles try to squash my cock and I rather liked that. "So you like the rough talk. Well here's some more, you are about to be fucked, roughly, and then I'm going to take your fucking anus as well." "Would you please fuck my vagina?" "Get on the table." She stood up and lifted herself up onto the table, and immediately opened her very long legs and brought her knees back to her shoulders.

I made damn sure that her clitoris had been suitably aroused before placing my erection in the receptacle she'd indicated it should go and shoving it back down the tunnel it had so recently vacated. I got it all the way to her cervix and then I fucked one of the most graceful women I'd ever met. She was very enthusiastic and kept begging me to go faster and harder.

I was slamming my groin against her labia and she loved it. Her breasts also took part in the fun, she wanted them to be squeezed and pulled, her nipples were to be pinched and pulled. She wanted me to slap her face, which I refused to do. She climaxed twice and then I decided to treat myself as well. I grabbed my condoms and lubrication from my bag. "We're going onto your bed now, so move it because I'm good ad stiff which is the only way to be if you're going in the back door." I directed her to kneel on the side of the bed and then get her head down and her backside up and then I rolled a condom onto my shaft and sprayed lube of it.

Kissing her sphincter, I inserted a moist finger into the opening aperture. It widened slightly and so I repeated the sequence, but this time I also inserted the tip of my tongue into the small aperture during the kissing part.

When I was satisfied that I could at least get the tip of my cock into the gap she was showing increasing signs of arousal. This was made apparent through the medium of moans and gasps, and by having pushed a hand down to rub her swollen clitoris. I inserted said tip into said aperture. She pressed backwards against my cock head and her sphincter opened to allow me entrance to her anal canal.

It was just as tight as her vagina but it went in with less drag because of the lube and soon I was past the inner sphincter and into her rectum. The fucking started and she was quick to tell me just how much she'd wanted this, but hadn't dared tell me in case I then refused to do it for her.

I do love the sound of my flesh smacking against another woman's bottom, it keeps me rigid and increases my desire to make her groan and grunt and she did a great deal of that. Eventually she got what she'd paid for and climaxed. After I'd removed the condom she pleasured me into an orgasm by sucking my cock, which I love, and then she allowed me to spray semen over her breasts. One thing was certain; she was no lesbian.

The taxi was only a few minutes late and so we had no chance to chat, she said she'd definitely be booking again so I must have pleased her.

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At home, I headed for the bath and a soak. I had just taken my bathrobe off prior to getting dressed when mom came into my bedroom and asked me if I'd care for some attention. Yes, I would, I desperately wanted a cock inside me and she had exactly what I needed, tits to hold and a cock to fill me up.

After her attention, I had to take a shower, not that I minded. During dinner mom informed me that tomorrow morning she and I would be visiting the top floor of a tower apartment block to service a mother and her daughter, Gemma and Beth, who had come to live in the area about six months previously.

The daughter Beth had been blind from birth. Gemma had been directed to our salon after she'd asked a neighbour if she knew of a good a hairdressing salon. They had become friendly with the staff who couldn't do enough for them now and they had become very popular visitors. Mom and dad never inquired too deeply into exactly how they'd been recommended for a customer service appointment, but they were and mom had enjoyed giving her time to them.

Mom had discovered that Gemma had realized that her daughter was in need of a sexual outlet when she began showing a desire to instigate sex with her, but she had no intention of letting that happen and had asked one of the staff if there was a trustworthy local sex contacts club.

Dad did his usual 'customer services assessment' routine and Gemma had been present when he dealt with Beth. It had come as a surprise to find that Gemma was even more susceptible to hypnotism than Beth and was now also completely open to sexual overtures. Actually, he didn't know just how susceptible until mom returned from her initial visit and told him that Gemma had joined her and Beth on the bed and made sure that mom serviced her as well.

They had never charged for Gemma and weren't going to start now, but in future Gemma and Beth were getting two 'visitors'. Gemma and Beth lived in a large penthouse apartment that was extremely secure. It was impossible to access the lift until identification had been made via the entry phone and camera.

We were allowed up to their penthouse and introductions made. Mom introduced me as her daughter Sally and not just as a colleague. She told Gemma and Beth that as they were mother and daughter, we thought it was fitting that it would be a mother and daughter who serviced them.

Beth spoke: "I don't want to be serviced; I prefer what you did when you first came here. You fucked us and I never thought I'd say that aloud, but it was wonderful and even my mom says it now.

"May we call you by your name Sally?" "Of course you may, we'll do this as friends not as a business arrangement." "Sally, would you let me run my hands over you before we start having sex, I want to feel you so that I have an idea of what the person who's fucking me looks like, and I know what your mom looks like." I stepped forward and placed her hands on my face.

Thirty minutes later I was nude and aroused after she'd felt the whole of my body and the holes of my body. "Come to my bedroom and then you can undress me and feel me all over." Beth was a little doll. She was a slim 5ft.2in doll. She had small hard breasts with little pink nipples and a wet pussy. As I felt her breasts, she grasped my cock and said: "I wish I had one of these. Just think of the fun I could have with mom if I could fuck her as you can fuck your mom. Do you fuck your mom?" "Yes I do and also my sister and mom fucks us.

It is fun and we do it fairly often." As we talked, I lifted her onto her bed and then spread her legs to inspect her pussy. The inspection also included tasting it and that led some licking and nibbling so some of the conversation was a little disjointed, but we got there. "Would you really like to fuck your mum or are you just aroused at the moment?" "I'd love to fuck her whenever she felt sad, she gets lonely and unhappy, but since your mom started coming and fucking us she's been a lot happier.

She didn't want to have sex with me before, but now she comes and asks me to do oral with her. "That's why I wish I could FUUUCK, OOHH, OOHHFUUUCKK." The sudden outburst was caused by me shoving the length of my cock into her love tunnel and then commencing to ram my groin against her labia without actually pulling back first.

The effect is similar to that achieved by a hammer drill on concrete. Her cervix certainly felt it. "Put your hands round my bum and hold it tightly. Now ram your cunt into me and don't stop pumping it against me." "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Faster, I can't go any faster." I made her fuck herself on my cock as I mauled her tits for a while and then I slid my hands around her bottom and helped her to fuck herself to a climactic explosion of energy.

Beth's doll like body was jerking and her legs were scissoring around my waist as she released her sexual tension. Just as she was beginning to relax, I slid a finger into her anus. She automatically tensed when she felt my finger trying to invade her so I had to push, but she quickly relaxed as I started to pump my cock into her instead of just keeping it stationary inside her vagina.

As I fucked her vagina, my finger worked on her sphincter until it had relaxed and widened to such an extent that I knew I could get my cock in there, so I changed holes.

I extracted my cock from her soaking vagina, pushed her knees up and back to lift her anus higher and then entered her now widened backdoor. Beth shrieked as I eased my way into her bottom and then she began a tirade of groans and panting and swearing as I fucked her anus and used a thumb to rub her clitoris.

She climaxed and so did I. Her eyes widened as I began squirting my cum into her rectum. "YOU CAME! YOU CAME IN MY BOTTOM, OOHH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD. "HOW MUCH CAN YOU CUM? IT'LL TAKE AGES TO GET ALL THAT OUT OF ME." When she'd finished shouting I started to fuck her again and I kept doing it until she climaxed again, then I pulled out of her and lifted her off the bed and asked her to take me to the bathroom.

She washed my cock and then I made her kneel and suck me. My cock had begun to go soft, but as her mouth began sucking, I enjoyed watching that dainty mouth stretching to get my shaft inside it.

I knew I was never going to get all of me into her this first time, but at least she knew what lay in store for future visits. I relented and took her into the shower, unscrewed the showerhead from the hose and washed a load of cum out of her rear end with the hose.

She said that even though having my cock in her anus had hurt at first; she'd finally begun to enjoy being fucked that way. I apologised for not taking more time in preparing her for anal sex but it was something that I'd had a sudden urge to do. I also told her that I should have used a condom and in future, I would ensure I had one handy. As we returned to the lounge, we had to pass Gemma's bedroom so we peeked inside and found that mom had been treating Gemma to a vertical fuck.

She had stood her against the wall and then lifted her up and then mom lowered her onto her erection. Gemma had just climaxed and she looked as though she'd been for a ten-mile run and mom looked fresh and relaxed. They went for a shower and we went to the living room. "Sally, will you be my friend? I mean a proper friend, not just for sex" "Beth, that's a very nice thought, thank you, but you hardly know me." "We could have a lot of fun getting to know each other.

I would like to have a friend nearer my own age" "I think that would be very nice, my sister is my only real friend so it would be good to have a friend outside the family.

You could meet her as well." That was last year. Beth, Sarah and I are now very good friends. Sarah and I often take Beth out in the evening and sometimes when we take her back home; we stay the night and have a foursome with Gemma. Beth says that Gemma now spends more time in bed with her than in her own bed and she thinks that is because of our customer service.

The business is thriving, we now service thirty customers and that's the limit. The End