Anastasia Black busty highschool slut bang teacher on desk

Anastasia Black busty highschool slut bang teacher on desk
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Vanessa looked up into Zach's eyes and smiled. The brilliant blue always got the best of her. The light gleaming in from outside made them both retreat to the covers and hide from the outside world. Zach reached out to Vanessa and touched her delicate, cold face.

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They both stared deeply into each others eyes until Zach chuckled, breaking the bond, and rolled on top of Vanessa, pinning her arms down. Vanessa giggled cutely and Zach smiled down at her.


He leaned down and kissed her gently to stop the giggling. Zach opened his mouth, and Vanessa followed soon after. Flicking their tongues back and forth, with lust and passion. Zach pulled away, leaving Vanessa begging for more of him.


He got up and put a pair of grey sweatpants on, leaving himself shirtless. 10 minutes later, Vanessa hesitantly rolled out of bed to the smell of pancakes cooking, and left herself with just her lace bra and panties on. Zach looked Vanessa in the eye and smiled at her as she sat down and he put a plate of her favourite pancakes in front of her.

"What's the occasion?" She asked with a smile. "No occasion." He responded politely. Zach smiled and sat down next to her as they ate in silence. Vanessa took the plates and put them into the sink.

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Zach followed and put his hands on the counters, around her. They both looked out the window into the beautiful view until Zach turned her around. They kissed passionately and didn't break the kiss, even when Zach lifted her to sit on the counter. Zach was hard, and Vanessa was wet. They wanted each other and they both knew it. Zach broke the kiss only to replace his lips on her cheek and trail down to her stomach. She shivered at his touch and was left with goosebumps god she was wet.

Zach stopped at her pink panties and massaged her pussy through the fabric. She moaned quietly into her mouth. Zach then stopped to hook his thumbs in the waist band of his sweats and pulled them off.

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Leaving him in his boxers. Vanessa could see his obvious tent that she had created in his boxers. He took her panties by the band and she complied by raising her hips ever so gently to help him.

Zach admired her pussy and saw the pool of excitement that he had created. He licked her from her hole to her clit which made her moan quietly. Zach grabbed his boxers and ripped them down, revealing his throbbing dick to Vanessa.

She gasped and Zach moved towards her. Vanessa wanted him. He proceeded to guide his cock inside of her.


He decided to have a little fun and play with her clit to tease her. Vanessa moaned and furrowed her brow. "Zach, please." Vanessa pleaded.

"Please what?" He asked, again teasing her. "Zach, you know what I mean" She said. "I want to hear you say it." He demanded. "Zach, please. Put your hard cock inside of me." Zach had no disagreements and he thrust inside of her. She moaned as he continued to slide inside of her cunt.

She gripped his neck as he slid his last few inches into her as she continued to moan. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he came down to her. Their breathing became ragged as they sat there in pure heaven. He began slowly pulling out and thrusting back inside, over and over.

"Harder, please." She pleaded, with desperation in her voice. Zach pressed himself harder into Vanessa, touching his pelvis with her hips.

Pounding her pussy harder than ever. "Yes, Yeees, ohhhh my gooooo-" He cut her off by planting his lips on hers. Sending them both to another dimension full of lust and passion. Zach broke the kiss and took her shoulders to push even harder now into her cunt.

"Just like that. Yeeesss Zach, Ooooooh my gooooood" She said as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her. Her whole body seized and shook as her muscles clenched Zach's shaft. Her toes curled and her hands grabbed frantically for something to pull, only to smash two glasses on the floor. Her orgasm subsided as Zach continued to thrust into her pushing her over the edge again.

Her muscles again clenched his throbbing cock as he continued to thrust into her. He was close and she was too. She threw her head back and arched her back as she came once again sending waves cascading through herself.

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Zach was suddenly pushed over the edge, his cock throbbed and his orgasm went through him as he shot one thick rope of semen inside of her. He thrusted himself one last time. Shooting two more ropes inside of her. He grunted abruptly and pulled out of her.

After about a minute of ragged breathing, she got up and nuzzled against his chest. His arms wrapped around her and her body pressed against him.

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They both breathed heavily, Vanessa shaking from the aftermath in his arms. "I love you, Vanessa." He whispered. " I love you too, Zach." She said breathlessly