Milf mom got my dick covered in blood

Milf mom got my dick covered in blood
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Mixed Metaphors X Friday came early and Becky was still in a funk over the death of the old man. She just wished she had got to know him, for a little while anyway.

The drawings of him had brought her so much pleasure, and had actually got her the job at the agency. Although Tony suggested she stay home, she felt compelled to go in to work, besides being there would take her mind off the old man.

She was surprised she felt so bad over the loss of someone she had never known. Tony had an interview at ten o'clock with a young college graduate, who was to be the firm's first paid intern.

He was second in his class, and the firm was very interested in bringing him on board. The young man had graduated from Princeton and had a 3.95 GPA. He was editor of the college newspaper, wrote articles and did many of the illustrations. As the elevator moved silently upward, Becky gave Tony a kiss on his check and told him she would be all right.

Things would be better after work. Tony just smiled at her. He went into his office to prepare for the interview. Tony had a pad of notes and some questions he wanted to ask the young man. At two minutes to ten, Tony's secretary buzzed him on the intercom and told him Jason Cornier was waiting.

Tony went out to the outer office and greeted Jason with a strong handshake, and invited him into his office.

Jason was carrying a portfolio of his work. He handed it to Tony who began to look through the material. Tony was impressed with some of his ink drawings and several lay outs. "What do you have to offer in the way of ads?" "Well I have a new idea for chicken.

I don't like the way those ads for Foster Farms California chicken have two puppet like chickens, … ostensible Alabama chickens … that are always trying to promote themselves as California chicken. That type of an ad went out with Charlie the tuna who used to try and sell himself for consumption. The whole idea of poultry and fish, attempting to convince people to eat them boarders on the ridiculous.

One of the main problems is there are many people who come to think of the puppets as, almost human thereby giving some people a subconscious feeling of being cannibalistic. One positive thing to work on is the Foster Farms slogan, which is, 'always natural, always fresh'. I believe food should be advertised for its taste, or for its nutritional value or even for its addition to a general lifestyle." "Lifestyle?" asked Tony "Yes.

Most of the time, when anyone mentions chicken, people think of 'Fried Chicken', however there are several chicken dishes that promote higher living, such as 'Chicken Kiev', 'Chicken Cor Don Blue', 'Chicken Divan', or 'Chicken Wellington'. Any and all of those dishes would be served in a five star restaurant, and cannot be picked up in a drive through lane.

I see a limousine moving down the street. The couple inside dressed up. The limo pulls up in front of a moderately priced home. They go in and sit down to a 'Chicken Kiev' dinner. The voice over says, "You don't have to be rich to live well." "There is a layout in my portfolio with an example for several different chicken advertisements.

I honestly believe consumers are tired of the same old fried chicken, and nuggets." Tony found the ads and smiled. They was very well put together and had good illustrations to go with them.

"Tell me Jason what do you think is a good series of ads?" "The series 'GOT MILK' with the aliens from another planet trying to get some of the 'wonder tonic' from the cow, they call 'Di-ary', is well thought out and gives the consumer a different viewpoint of the milk industry." After an hour of conversation with Jason, Tony felt the young man had a good grasp of basic advertising and was pleased to inform him he could go to work as soon as he was available.

He gave Jason an orientation notebook of 'Do's and Don'ts', office procedure and the general dress code. As Jason left the office, he shook Tony's hand and said, "I won't let you down sir." Tony smiled and recalled the day he was accepted at the agency, then told Jason to see his secretary for all of the necessary paperwork that had to be filed. As Jason left his office, Tony picked up the phone and dialed Becky. A sweet voice on the other end said, "Good morning this is Becky." "Hi baby, how are you feeling?" "Not too bad.

I think coming in was the right thing to do. How did the interview go?" "It went well. The young man has a good head on his shoulders. I signed him on as an intern.


Are you ready for lunch?" "Lunch … what time is it?" "About 11:15. Where would you like to go?" "How about that pastrami place around the corner? You know … where you took me when I thought you were the janitor." "Sounds good … fifteen minutes?" "Kay," she said like a high school girl on a first date.

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When he came out of his office, he saw here there standing in front of the elevator. As they entered the elevator, she stood close in front of him facing him. Slowly she slid her arms around his neck, and then gave him a kiss that he believed might add to the global warming everyone was so concerned about. "I was sitting in my office, working on the Hugo Boss layouts, thinking about you and got all excited.

My panties were beginning to get wet so I had to go to the little girls room and stop the flood. Sometimes just the thought of you making love to me drives me wild. Wouldn't you like to go somewhere private and fuck me a little?" she whispered biting her lower lip. "Well I did have my heart set on a pastrami sandwich . but …" Tony then felt a sharp pain in his upper arm that could only have been delivered by a boney little fist.

"Oowww!" he said, "That hurt!" "Not as much as my sexual offerings being turned down for a pastrami sandwich." "You didn't let me finish. I was about to say … but that sounds much better." "Well it's too late now.

Pastrami it is.

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You will be sorry when you think about how nice it would have been to lick my pussy and fuck me so hard my toes curl." "Tell me something little girl … are you bi-polar?" "Bi … what? You mean … like part Lesbian?" "Forget it", said Tony waving down a cab.

Tony's arm still hurt as they exited the cab at the restaurant. While they waited for the food order, Tony got up from the table and walked toward the restroom.

He then called his secretary and told her he and Becky would be out the rest of the afternoon, as they still had plans to make for the Italy trip. He looked for a phone number on his 'speed dial'. The number was for the Plaza hotel. After making reservations in the firm's name, he told the person on the phone to send a dozen roses and some champagne to the hotel room.

He added that he wanted a double order of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Tony was pulling out all the stops to apologize for the pastrami remark. He knew after an afternoon of romantic love making, she would forgive him. Upon returning to the table, Tony saw she was still angry as she sat looking out the window and did not glance in his direction. After lunch she seemed a little better and asked, "Is everything set for the kids party tomorrow?" "I hope so.

I hired the best party planner I could. She has three clowns and a magician. One of the clowns plays a drum, a keyboard and a trumpet simultaneously. All of the clowns make balloon animals. The kids should have a good time. She is bringing several of the new video games that the kids can take home with them.

There are two cooks coming to make food … hamburgers … hot dogs … ect.

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One assistant will make cotton candy and serve ice cream sundaes out on the terrace. I can't think of anything we forgot. I thought we could pick up your brother and his friends early in the morning." "I'll call him and make sure they are all ready at six o'clock. My mom has already notified his buddy's parents. I just hope we aren't biting off more than we can chew." "You said that you wanted children, as do I. This should be a good example of what it will be like to have kids.

If it turns out really bad, we can think about it a little longer." "Well if we are going to think about it, maybe we should begin using some type of condom or something, or I could go on the pill?" "No … I don't want you on the pill. If you get pregnant it will be wonderful and we can get married as we had planed in December, unless …" "Unless what," she asked.

"Unless you are having second thoughts," said Tony. "You aren't going to get rid of me that easily. I love you and you are stuck with me … for good." They left the restaurant and he flagged down a cab.

Tony whispered to the middle-eastern driver wearing a black turban, "The Plaza hotel please." The driver nodded his head and started down the street. Tony sat back and took Becky in his arms. He kissed her mouth and neck with light little kisses that were beginning to excite her more than she wanted to be at the time. "Tony … please honey … don't do that.

I won't be able to do anything back at the office." Tony did an almost perfect impression of a New York accent when he said, "Don't worry about it." Tony continually kissed her until the cab pulled up in front of the Plaza.

Becky's panties were really wet again, and she gave serious thought to a large purchase of panty shields. When she opened her eyes and saw the entrance to the Hotel, her heart skipped a beat. She was going to get her wish. They were going to "play". Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy she thought … was she ever ready. "Tony what are you doing?

Aren't we going back to work?" "Work is a four letter word. We are going to make love. You know what they say about love in the afternoon … don't you?" "No," said Becky. "Well you will know … by tonight." Becky just smiled and followed Tony as they went into the Plaza.

He took care of registering, and then took her hand. The elevator climbed to the tenth floor where they exited and walked down the hallway to room 1009. He slid the key card into the key slot and the light flashed green. Tony opened the door and held it with his hip, then picked up Becky in his arms carrying her into the room.

"What are you doing?" She ask. "This isn't our honeymoon." "Sweetheart, every day is a honeymoon with you." Tony lay Becky down on the king sized bed and began to unbutton her blouse.

The tops of her breasts were a bright pink with excitement.


He kissed the succulent flesh, and then opened her bra. His mouth was drawn to her puffy nipples like a little boy to his first all day sucker. The taste of her titties was better than most of everything he had ever had in his mouth. It was like drinking from the coffee creamer his mother had on the breakfast table when nobody was watching.

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The pure sweet cream was easing into his mouth. Their children would be very lucky to suck on their mother's breasts, but it was his turn now. Becky could just barley stand his attention. Her panties were saturated and she couldn't wait for him to fuck her … She felt like she would surely die if he wasn't in her very soon.

"Tony … please! Don't tease me any longer. Baby I need you in me … now." Tony reached down and lifted her skirt. Her legs were open and a deep dark rich raspberry stain covered the crotch of her panties.

Slowly he unhooked her stockings from her garter belt hooked his thumbs into the tops of her panties, he pulled them down reveling her freshly shaven pussy. As he was about to lower his mouth to the heavenly mound, she stopped him and said in a deep voice he had not heard before, "FUCK ME HONEY." Tony got off the bed and took off his shirt, revealing his hairy chest, and then dropped his pants.

His cock was peeking out of his boxers. He sat on the side of the bed, removed his shoes and socks. When he stood he dropped his boxers to the floor. While she was still dressed somewhat, he was naked. Tony got on the bed and crawled between her open legs. Becky running out of patients took hold of his penis and guided it into her vagina. She then grabbed his ass, her nails jabbing him, her fingers pulling him deep into her.

Finely she thought … finely. Oh God it was so good. Tony slid his arms under her back and began to shove harder and harder. As he fucked his little girl, she hooked her legs around his thighs, shoving her butt upward fucking him right back. Two minutes passed and she began to cum.

This was as fast as she had ever cum before and thankfully it took some of the edge off of her passion. She knew however that Tony would have her desire back up in just a few strokes.

Tony slid his hands down under Becky's butt cheeks. His hands were warm and she loved it. As he continued to thrust, he squeezed her butt. She couldn't believe it, however she was ready to come again. She wondered just how many orgasms she would be allowed.

He hadn't cum yet … even once. She placed her arms around his shoulders feeling the hair on his back. Her hands moved up to the back of his head and she held his hair tight as he shoved even harder. "Fuck me … fuck me … fuck me … Oh God Tony fuck me." Tony felt his cum building … waiting for the screaming release. His balls were tightened up, squeezing out every drop of cum they could.

He knew he was no longer in control, and could care less. Becky wanted his cum, and as always he would give it to her. He began to cum when she squeezed and tightened her vagina to the size it was when she was ten. She felt the flood of slippery liquid filling her cunt, soothing the emptiness that had plagued her for the past several hours.

Following his lead she came again, her cum splattering all over his crotch. Afterward they just lay there for several minutes, enjoying the wetness between them. She liked the feeling of their cum as it flowed down between her butt cheeks and made a little pool in her anus. She wondered if he would like to fuck her butt, however decided not to ask him at that moment. It wasn't that she wanted anal sex so much, she just wanted to experience everything with this wonderful man.

"Would you like some champagne and strawberries?" asked Tony. "They are dipped in chocolate." "After you do me again … I would love them." "It will take a while until it is hard again," said Tony.

"Even if I suck it … a little?" "Well …" Becky took his answer as a yes and moved out from under him, then moved her mouth to his cock. It was wet and sticky with their cum and she loved the feeling of it when it entered her mouth. It didn't take more than three minutes of her gentle sucking until his cock was hard and ready to go.

Becky gave it a few more sucks then swung a leg over him and impaled his cock with her dripping pussy. Although it took the bull riders at a rodeo a full eight seconds on the back of the bull to qualify, she was still going strong after thirty seconds, her cum pouring out of her pussy down his cock.

She wasn't done however as she could feel her climax building again. Now she was beginning to worry if she would ever stop coming. The fantastic feeling was creeping up through her vagina again and she could think of nothing else.

Tony just lay there as this wild little girl was going crazy undulating on his penis. Where had she been when he was younger he thought. No matter, she was with him now. He was about to cum again as she squeezed his penis with her tight cunt.

She knew how to take care of all of his desires and didn't seem to care who knew about it. At 610 2nd Ave, a tall man in a black suit knocked on the door to apartment 505. He smiled when he saw the zero was missing between the two fives. A voice came through the door. "Who is it?" "Father John Thomas," the man replied. When the door opened Sonya stood there in a long black negligee. Father John handed her a bouquet of flowers and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

She took the flowers and dropped them on the coffee table. She then placed her arms around him, holding his body tight next to hers and kissed him hard and wet. They kissed and touched each other for several minutes. She broke the kiss and said, "You are late … why are you late?" "I had a lot of paperwork to finish up along with my resignation from the priesthood." "You quit the church?" "Just my job.

I'll begin looking for another Monday.

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I also have to find a place to live. Can't stay in the rectory anymore." "You have a place to live. Right here with me," said Sonya as she closed the door with her foot and began to unbuckle his pants.

When she reached into his shorts, he moaned as her eager fingers wrapped themselves around his hardening cock. "Let's go into our bedroom Johnny.


I need you now." With his pants open in front, john held the side of them so they wouldn't drop to the floor. She turned and sat on the bed, then pulled his pants down around his ankles. She then pulled down his shorts and sat there looking at his cock. Sonya lifted his penis with one hand and held his balls in the cup of her other hand … squeezing them gently.

He took a deep breath as she slid forward and took the large bulbous head in her mouth and began sucking him gently.

'Things were looking up', thought Sonya.

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