Blonde eats cock while twat fucked in threesome

Blonde eats cock while twat fucked in threesome
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I hardly slept through the night as too many thoughts were running wild in my head.

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It turned me on so much that my sister had gotten off to the video that me and mom had made. The morning had come and it felt like it took a year as I was anxious and excited about what could happen for the next couple days. The morning wood was real as I started to get out of bed. I had to calm the thoughts before I walked into the living room so they wouldn't see a half hard dick poking out of my shorts.

After a couple of minutes it settled down and I headed to the living room. When I got there my mom was making breakfast in some short shorts almost showing the bottom of her ass cheeks and a tight black shirt that hugged the top of her ass shower off her curves.

My sis was laying flat on her stomach in a normal shirt with some tight booty cut shorts. Her laying on her belly with her big wonderful ass sticking up in the air was quite the jerking material you would see in a picture.

"Morning sis." I say to her as I walk by the tv. "Morning!" She says back way more excited than she should be this early. "Did you sleep good last night?" I asked. "I slept great! Feels good to be back home for a change." Nothing seemed unusual with her besides my thoughts now about her. I kept walking towards my mom as I came up behind her and have her s big hug and kissed her on the back of her neck.

She through her head back a bit then turned around to look at me. "Morning babe." She said to me as she smiled.

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"Breakfast is almost ready. Get the plates and grab a couple forks for me please." I was getting everything ready for the table and I could see Jamie out the corner of my eyes glancing at us I guess to see if me and my mom would do anything out of the ordinary. But nothing went on as we sat down to eat a normal breakfast. Small talk was really all that was said at the table and there was no awkwardness at this point.

"Breakfast was good mom. Thanks." I said to her as I got up to take my plate to the sink. "What are we gonna do today?" My sis ask. "We can shopping or something if you wanna do that babe?" My mom says to Jamie. "Sounds like fun." My sis says back with a big grin. "We'll what about me." I say to the both of them.

"Your coming too!" They said. "Is ain't going shopping with yall! Yall suck at shopping." I say joking back. "We'll then we'll see you when we get back. Have fun alone." Jamie says smiling. So they leave to go shopping while I stay at home and play games to try and make the day go by faster. Hours go by and it feels like the day is dragging by.

Just then I hear my phone vibrate and ding. I look at the message and its my mom saying they need help. I sorta panic panic and reply back quickly with "what!?" A picture comes back asking what I think.

One was a purple thong and the other was a pink lace see through booty shorts. "They're both sexy. Get all them." I reply back. "Want us to try them on for you." She says back with a winkie face. "Us?" I said back, growing excited meaning my sis and mom. A couple minutes went by and another message came in.

What I seen was the sexiest picture I'd ever seen before. The 2 most beautiful asses in the world in 1 picture. They had taken taken a mirror selfie in the dressing with them in just there panties. Sis had the see through lace panties on and mom had the thong. My dick almost jumped right out my shorts. A second pic came through with them facing the mirror with one arm over there breast and just there panties.

"Watcha think babe." She said again. "DAMN!" Was all I could text back. "You wanna see what I think?" I quickly texting back. I dropped my shorts and my boxers to the floor. I grabbed my fully erect dick with one hand the took a pic of it and sent it a back with a smiley face. Hoping she would show it to my sister as I waited anxiously on a reply. "Mmmmm baby you know mama loves that big dick too much, don't do that to me." She replies back. I slowly start stroking my dick switching back and forth trough the 2 pics that my mom had sent.

Faster and faster precum started oozing out lubricating my hand making the feeling even more incredible. I didn't Wanna cum cause I felt like I needed to save it for later if anything should happen which was looking like a strong possibility. Nothing else was said for another hour or 2. I finally heard the car doors close as they arived home. With there hands full I opened the house door for them to let them in.

My sis walked in first smiling at me followed by my mom who paused for a second right next to me and planted a quick kiss on my lips. I closed the door behind them and sat down on the couch. They both turned around all looked at me while I was staring at them. "What are you looking at?" My mom said as they both chuckled.

"Wouldn't you wanna know." Grinning back. "I'm gonna go take a shower mom." Jamie says to mom. "Alright sweetie." Mom says back as my sis walks to the bathroom. I wait for a second as she enters the bathroom and closes the door behind her. I glance back over at my mom just in time to see her start to head to her room.

Right before she breaks the corner to the hallway she gives me a quick sexy come her look. I hear the shower turn on as my mom disappears to her room. I don't think twice about running to the her room. As I'm in the hallway I could see a light on and the closet door open meaning that's where she was at. I sneak up to the door and peek in to find my mom strip down to a light see though blue colored booty cut panties and a matching bra.

"Mmmmm!" I mumble out. She turns slightly and peeks over her should and gives me a smile. "Those the new panties you got mom?" "No, I've had these silly boy." "We'll let me see you in some of your new ones." I tell her with a smile. She reaches down in one of the bags that she brought in and pulls out a black g-string that was only as thick as a shoe lace.

"How bout these?" Saying nothing else she turns and faces me and puts both thumbs on each side of her panties. I stand there watching as I start to feel the familiar twitch in my dick. Slowly she inches the top side of her panties down reaviling part of her freshly shaven pussy. Slightly bending forward they slide further down her legs to her knees. She stands up straight and let's them fall to floor looking at me the whole time. One foot steps out and with the other she flings them at me hitting me in the stomach.

"This what you wanted to see baby?" Saying to me in a mellow, sexy voice. My dick growing again in my shorts and her perfect body staring me in the face she steps to me and presses her body against mine. Her lips find mine for a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues find one another's as I reach down another and grab her ass.

I cup the bottom and pull upwards bringing her off her feet. She begins wrapping her legs around me while I move back pressing her against the back of the closet. Our lips stay locked for another minute or 2 then she quickly pushes me off. My dick is as hard as it can get in my shorts just standing there wondering what's next. She bends down and picks up the g-string she had got earlier and slips them on.

She acts like a model as she spins around slowly showing me what they look like on her. From behind it goes about 3 quarters of the way up her around bouts and stops. Completely turned around facing me again there's only 2 strings that go from front to back not covering anything. They were the sexiest panties I'd ever seen on a women in my life. "I got these for you baby." Saying as she steps to me again. As close as she can get my dick presses against her pussy and I could almost feel how wet and warm it was through my shorts.

I begin kissing her neck and nibble on her ear while my hands roam around her body. She reaches down and slowly rubs my dick gripping and tugging up and down on it. "Mama wants you bad." Whispering in my ear. "Want me to give it to you?" Whispering back to her. My hand finds its way down to her pussy and before I even had a chance to feel it I could feel her juices halfway down her thigh.

She was so wet it was literally running down from her pussy like it was a mini squirt with just the touching. Without thinking about anything else I dropped down to my knees and was amazed how wet her pussy was. I looked up at her and made eye contact as I stuck my tounge out. One of her legs went up on a stool that was in the closet and the other foot flat on one ground.

I brought my mouth directly to her pussy and started licking and sucking away.

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The first 20 seconds my face was drenched and her pussy tasted sweeter than pinapple. As I started sucking on her clit I slid my finger in and began fingering her at a very fast pace. I glanced up at her face as she was throwing her head back and grabbing the back of mine pulling me in tighter. "Mmmmmm fuck babyy! Just like that! Moaning as her breathing got deeper and longer.

I reached down with my other hand and slowly began to stroke my dick waiting for the right moment to raise up and slide it in. Lost in the moment I think we had both realized that my sis was even at the house. A couple minutes went by and still on my knees trying to make her squirt with everything I had.

"Don't stop baby! Mmmmmm your so good!


Lick it babe! Tell mama what it taste like!" I'm still super hard at this point and wanting to fuck her more and more with every second. I pull my head back and raise up holding my dick straight out with my hand. With the other hand that I was fingering her with I used it to lube the tip of my dick. Her leg still up on the stool and legs spread as far open as she could get them I put the head of my dick at her opening of her pussy and pushed in as deep as I could get.

In and out and deep as I could get I began fucking her with a passion. "Uhhhh shit babe! Your so deep! Fuck me fuck me! Harder baby!" With all her moans and groans we couldn't hear anything else in the house. I was trying to fill my mother up with cum as quick as I could.

All of a sudden she was hitting me on my arm. "Stop! Stop!" In a little bit of panic I quickly stopped. "Why?" I asked back breathing heavy. "Ummm what the hell!" Was all I heard in a shocking kind of voice coming from behind me.

"Oh shit!" I said out loud not knowing why I was shocked at this point that my sister had walked in on us. "Is this what yall been doing and hiding?" My mom pushes me away a bit and is standing there looking at my sis. "I'm sorry hun, I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how." My mom says to her with a soft tone and her head kind of looking down.

I turn to face my sister as my dick points straight out. I look and catch a moment of her eyes glancing down at me. Standing there in nothing but a towel and her hair wet her eyes kept moving down towards me. I stood there not knowing what to do. "Are you mad?" I questioned her. "I don't even know what to say right now." She said looking at both of us in the closet. I catch my mom out the corner of my eye start to move towards my sister.

She opens her arms as she gets there and wraps them around my sis pulling her close. "I'm sorry sweetie. I really am." Now standing alone seeing them 2 grip each other tight was one major turn on and a fantasy starting to come true. And of coarse it was absolutely keeping my dick at full attention.

"I'm sorry too sis. We should of let you in on it along time ago." I said joking to them trying too cut the tension and keep it unawkward. I got the urge to get beside both of them and wrap my arms around there shoulders. "See how good all this feels." I said smiling big. While they were squeezed together I managed to rest my dick between there waste. They both looked down about the same time then looked back locking eyes.

"Your welcome to it honey." My mom says to my sis. "I'm not sure yet mom." "We'll lay down on the bed baby." She walks my sister backwards to the edge of her bed and slowly lays down flat on her back. "Scoot up a little." She says to Jamie. I move over to the side of the bed so I can watch everything that's going on.

My mom slowly glides her hands up my sisters legs til she gets to the towel that's halfway down her thighs. Her hands creep up under the towel disappearing.

"Relax sweetie." She whispers to sis. I'm watching my sis and her eyes start to roll back as my mom's hands find her pussy. I sit down right beside her and watch as mom starts to peel the towel away. I grab my dick again, stroking and watching this sight that I've been dreaming to see. Finally I see this gorgeous shaven young pussy and ill never forget the image for as long as i live. My mom's hands move up more uncovering more skin as the towel is barely hanging on. Her head moves down and her lips are inches away from her thigh.

A quick peck from her lips land. She opens wide and glides her tongue upwards. My sis twitches and slowly spreads her legs apart. Her pussy is glistening with moisture and showing one of the most perfect slits I've seen. Finally her legs are spread wide open and I get to witness my mom's mouth and tongue start licking up and down. "Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck mom! Mmmmmmmmm! Lick it! Lick it!" The sexiest moans and groans I hear coming from my sis.

I cant take much more as I stand up and get behind behind my mom. Her ass sticking in the air and her face buried in my sisters pussy it was time for me to join in. I stood behind her and didn't hesitate. In 1 stroke I slammed my dick all the way in making her jump and squil. "Ohhhhhhhh shit, uhhhhhhhh fuck me baby!" I pump faster and faster, trying to dominate her pussy from behind while I watch her ass smack the lower part of my stomach.

"Mmmmmm fuck baby! Just like that! Yes! Yes! Yes! She moans out throwing her head back then back to my sisters pussy. Taking long strokes then plunging back in I felt her juices start to run down my balls.

I knew she was getting ready to cum. "Ohhhhhhhh yesss! I'm fixing to cum! Mmmmm mama's gonna cum all over that big dick!" I moan and breathe hard trying to control myself. "Cum all over this dick mom. Cum for me baby!"A quick moment of silence and her legs start to tremble and buckle. "Don't stop! Ohhhhhhhh don't stop! Mmmmmmmmm babe I'm fixing to cum! Ahhhhhhh ffuuuuuuuccckkkkkk!

I pulled out as soon as I knew she was cuming. A second after I was completely out of her a stream of delicious juice came shooting out like I've never seen before. She was cuming so hard she couldn't control the movement of her legs as they shook like crazy. I wanted to taste it bad so I dropped down and planted my mouth right over her pussy and began licking at the same time.

A second shot went straight into my mouth gagging me as it hit the back of my throat with force. I managed to swallow what I could as another stream shot out splashing my face and running down my whole body.

I've never seen her squirt this much and it was so amazing and beautiful. "Ohhhhhhhh my fuckinggg gooooooooshh baby!" She yells out.

"Fuck me more!" I didn't hesitate and slammed my dick back into her pussy. I've never heard such a wet suction as I was pounding her from behind. Juices leaking down my legs now I was more turned on than ever.

My sis laying there and rubbing up and down her pussy was obviously enjoying every bit of it. I reached for the back of my mom's head and pushed her back down in my sisters pussy. It wasn't 30 seconds later she was cuming again. I didn't bother pulling out this time as it leaked down and around her pussy and legs dripping to the floor.

"Mmmmmmm stop baby stop." My mom says breathing uncontrollably. She moves forward making my dick fall out. I look down and watch as the rest of her juices that my dick was holding in pour out. With her legs shaking she climbs up on the bed and straddles my sister. Bent foward her wet pussy rested on her belly. She looked back over her shoulder and gave me a quick smile and wink then turned to face Jamie. She leaned down face to face with her and started Whispering something in her ear.

Standing there I watched as my mom started kissing her neck while she spread her legs back wide open giving me the perfect shot of her pussy. I was more than ready to make it all mine. So my view right now is my mom's round ass and dripping pussy right above my sis with her legs spread. I move closer and I could see Jamie's face looking right at me as I grab the back of both her knees to hold them there.

I place my dick right at the entrance of her saliva covered pussy from my mom's mouth. With my mom still kissing her neck I watch her face as I slowly push the head in.

I've never felt any other pussy tighter than hers and I barely had the head in. I could see on her face that she was in discomfort as I eased in a little more stretching her pussy more than it ever has.

"It's ok baby. Mama will take care of you." I hear my mom whisper to her. I began pulling out and pushing in slowly, millimeter by millimeter getting her use to my dick. It was almost literally like fucking a virgin for the first time. Slowly but surely I was getting deeper and deeper. The deeper I was the tighter it felt and i just wanted to bust all in her. I pulled completely out and grab my mom's ass as I put my dick back in her. I wanted my dick to be soaked in her cum before I got back to my sis.

I couple minutes go by and I'm back to Jamie. I grab my dick and slide it halfway in where I left off.

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In and out a little faster this time I feel her pussy start to loosen up. See my mom's head raise up and there eyes meet. They both open there mouths ands there tongues touch first followed by lips. They start making out passionately breathing hard and moaning into each others face and mouths.

My mom does something different and raises her ass up in the air with her feet flat on the bed bent over. She manages to reach my face and I already knew what to do. I leaned forward and buried my face in her pussy from behind while I was in and out of my sis. I was in heaven doing all these crazy things I'd never thought would happen. I continue on for a bit then back up from the both of them. Out of breath I wanted them to switch positions.

"Let's get on the bed right and how bout yall switch positions." Neither one hesitated as my mom layed flat on her back with her head towards the headboard. She pulled off the soaked panties that she had been wearing this whole time and spread her legs wide with her knees in the air.

Not knowing if my sis had ever licked another girls pussy, it was gonna be a scene to see. I wanted my sis from behind while I watched her lick our moms pussy.

She got in a doggy position with her head between mom's legs.

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I got behind her on one knee and eased in her once again. I watched as my mom grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face to her pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper managing to get almost all of it in. I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick like she was trying to stop it from going in further. At this point the moans and screams of pleasure were getting louder and im sure we weren't the only people hearing it.I had gotten to a much faster pace and her tight pussy was starting to let loose a little.

A quick moment she looked back at me with a sexy smile. I bit my lip and proceeded to do what I was doing. Mom had sat up and started watching me fuck her. "Show him how you bounce your ass like mama." I got still for a second as Jamie arched her back a bit.


With my dick half in her she starts to move up and down like she was dancing. Ass cheeks bouncing and her moving them individually up and down. I couldn't help but to stare down the whole time.

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She was doing this better than my mom. "Ohhhhhhhh shiittt! Please don't stop! Bounce that big ass baby!" I mumbled while I gave it a few smacks. Her pussy gripping tighter every bounce she made. My mom crawls over to me and starts kissing and rubbing up and down my stomach. Her hand finds the base of my dick that is sticking out of my sisters pussy and begins squeezing and jacking the part that she can touch.

It was the 2 most amazing feelings you could have at the same time. "I'm gonna cum! Ahhhhhhh I'm gonna cum! Deeper!" Was all we heard as my sister's orgasm was about to erupt. She starts moving faster, her ass boucing like crazy, screaming with pain and pleasure.

I move forward a bit and take my mom's hand off my dick. I wasn't gonna hold back, as she was screaming to cum I placed my hands on her ass and drove as deep as I could get. "Holy fuckin shit! Mmmmmm mmmmmm!

I'm cumming! I'm cummingg! Oh fuck your sooooo deep!" Her high pitch moans sounded like she went to another other world as she started cumming. I didn't stop one bit. I was pumping as hard as I could. It started to feel wetter as her orgasm got longer. More and more white cream was showing all over my dick. Her orgasm had to have lasted almost a minute before she finally stopped moving to catch her breath. "Let me see babe." My mom said looking down at my dick. I pulled out as my mom layed her head sideways on Jamie's ass.

Her mouth opens wide as she grabs it and sticks it in to the back of her throat. "Fuck my mouth baby." I grab her head and act like I was just fucking Jamie. She gags the deeper I push hitting her throat with every thrust. White cream was building around her lips and the corners. Not saying a word she sits up on her knees and tells Jamie to do the same. Both of them now facing each other, my mom leans in face to face and plants a sloppy kiss on her. They give me a smile as they continue. "Lay down." My mom tells me.

So I lay down between them wondering what's next. Mom grabs my dick and proceeds to blow me.

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I feel my sisters hand start to play with my balls and the base. Her head bends down also and I feel her tongue run up and down my shaft and licking around the balls. After some time they switch and my dick is now in Jamie's mouth and I feel my mom's tongue roaming around.

She works her way up and there mouths finally meet. She grabs the base and sticks it straight in the air and begins to start making out on the tip.

I had been on the verge of cumming for a while and it was almost to the point where I couldn't hold back much longer.

Precum was now making its way out and I knew they could both taste it.

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"Not yet babe. One more thing." Mom says to me. They move back and my mom stands up straddling me. She lowers herself down while Jamie guides my dick in. One movment she plunges down and takes it all. Balls deep in her pussy she rocks herself back and forth grinding hard on me. "Ahhhhhhh ride that dick mom! Ride it baby! Take it all!" I say moaning. "Come here baby." Mom says as she grabs the back of Jamie's head pulling her to her pussy.

"Lick mama's pussy!" Now while mom is bouncing up and down my sisters head follows the same motion sucking and licking her clit. A few minutes go by and she raises up and grabs my cock. Still holding the back of Jamie's head I feel her mouth and tongue on the tip. She pushes her head down more gagging my sis as I hit the back of her throat. Maybe 10 seconds after that she sits back down on it screaming like she wants to cum again.

I knew she was getting close again making this the third time for her to cum. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck Jamie! Lick my pussy! Lick it! Mmmmmmmmm I'm gonna cummmmm! Oh shit I'm gonna cummmmm!" As she expressed, she raises up again and squirt once again.

This time all over my sisters face. Another shot went over her head landing on my chest, almost hitting my face. It was all I could take and I needed to unload. "Yall lay down." I told them I moved over as they both layed down on there backs right beside each other.

With Jamie's face covered in mom's juices she put her face right next to hers and started licking and kissing. I got beside them on my knees watching them as i started to jack off over the faces. There hands began to roam, mom started to rub Jamie's pussy and Jamie's hand rubbing up and down mom's pussy. I stroked as fast as i could on the verge of blowing the biggest load all over these 2 beautiful faces."Ohhhhhhhh Fuck I'm almost there! I'm gonna cumm! I'm gonna cum!" Not holding back anymore I unload.

Before the first shot it poured out of dick like I had just started peeing landing and running down my mom's face first. The first shot of cum was unbelievable and landed across both there faces.

I shot again aiming it at there mouths splashing everywhere like a water balloon had just busted. Three, 4, 5 more shots hitting perfectly on there tongues as they didn't stop kissing. It was beginning to become a huge mess and it looked so amazing and felt even better. I swear it lasted more than 30 seconds non stop with cum. I've never felt this way while I was cumming, slinging rope after rope of cum.

The last of it dribbling out as I watched 2 faces covered and dripping with sieman start to settle down. My dick for some reason still hard as a rock was sticking out dripping the last bit of cum on their tongues. "Hoooo-llll-yyy shit!" They said smiling and giggling about all the cum. "Mmmmm fuck that was amazing." I said catching my breath.

"I've never seen that much cum before. That was crazy!" Jamie said back. "I'm gonna go grab a towel." I go to the bathroom so everyone can clean up the mess. I get back and find them still softly rubbing their pussys looking at each other with all smiles.

I sit on the edge of the bed as I hand them the towel. Watching them clean my cum off their faces was pretty sexy. "I guess it's time for a shower." Mom says smiling. "Yea and I just took one too." "Well we can all get in." Telling them both.

"We'll let's go so we can get cleaned up." The three of us headed for my mom's shower which was big enough to hold 6 people. I turned the water on and got in first, followed by my mom and Jamie. I wanted to wash off first so I could take a seat on the bench and take a break while I watch mom and sis clean up. After a few minutes I finished and took a seat.

The both of them got under the shower head at the same time letting the water run through their hair and down their body's. These 2 had me in another world as my hand went straight to my dick. I wanted another round with them in the shower but decided to put a little show on. "Your again!?" My sis asked me sarcastically. "Sorry sis, it's all yalls fault." Saying and smiling back. "Now you see why I'm can't stop." Mom says jokingly.

"Hope yall don't mind me watching yall." I start to stroke my dick up and down using soap for a little lubrication. They watch me jack off as they finished cleaning themselves off. Kissing each other again they decided to put a little show as well. Their tongues back and forth on each others nipples, both hands rubbing their own pussy. "Did you like theses tight pussys baby." Mom says to me in a sexy voice.

"Did you enjoy your brothers big long cock babe? Now it's both of ours whenever you want it. Mmmmmmmmm my pussy feels sooo good! I loved watching you stretch your sisters out.

Watch your brother cum Jamie. Watch how much comes out again." With my mom talking dirty to the both of us, I was ready to show them more cum. "Mmmmmmm fuck I'm gonna cum agian!

Mmmmmm yall ready?" "Yess baby. Make that big cock cum again!" I leaned back and gripped it tight as I started shooting cum once again. The first 2 shots landed on me chest and stomach. I kept pumping away and shot a few more small ropes landing on the shower floor. As my orgasm slowed, the last bit trickled down my fingers. "Mmmmmm yummy. That should of been in me." Mom says.

"Mom!" Jamie exclames back. "We're all done here babe. Rinse yourself off again since you can't control that." "Alright mom." Saying to her as they both step out the shower to dry off. After one of the most amazing times I've had in my life it was getting late that night and we were all getting tired.

We carried on as if what we just did wasn't a big deal. All of us were sitting on the couch and my mom stood up. "I'm good to bed you 2. Night babies." "Goodnight mom we love you." Sis and I say back. "I'm gonna go lay down to sis. See you in the morning." I find my bed and lay down more exhausted than I usually am. Not 5 minutes later I hear abnndnd message come through my phone.

"That was amazing!" It was a message from Jamie. "Well your unbelievable sis. Much more to cum for you." "Well I'm glad to hear that cause I want you alone next time." She says with a winkie face. "Mmmmmm, don't get me horny again, I need to sleep. Next time I won't take it easy on you." I text back.

"You better! I haven't got use to that thing yet!" "Guess we'll see soon. Goodnight Jamie." "Sweet dreams bro."