Bro cumming in my mouth

Bro cumming in my mouth
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Wednesday morning, I woke Pauline with a good fuck,and a piss session again, by now she was right into that, and I made some more phone calls. I couldn't arrange any guys for today, unless they just dropped in, but did manage to arrange a meet with another 2 guys tomorrow am, Pauline had a phone call from a friend asking her to drop in, so we went shopping and called into her place on the way home.

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We stopped at Jane's home, and Pauline was asked if she could feed Jane's dog while she had to go away for work for a couple of days, Pauline said yes of course, then Jane's big German Shephard came running in, licking us and playing.

I suggested we take it home, to save driving as much, Pauline looked a bit strange at me, but said ok, we can do that, so packing up some food we took of, wth Jerry in the back seat. When we got to her house, Pauline asked why I said to bring him with us, I told her it would be a lot easier to feed him here, than to drive every day especially if we were playing, and let it be at that, but I did have some thing in mind too.

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It didn't take long as soon as Pauline and myself had cleaned up, we started to play, she enjoyed fucking me with the strap on, while I fucked her holes.

Just after lunch Lee and Kevin turned up, and we got into fucking once more, then a friend of Lee's turned up, a nice looking guy in his mid 30's.

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he soon joined in, we all took turns fucking Pauline's pussy and arse, she took us all in both her holes more than once, we even dp her ass a couple of times too, then I also got them to dp me, Pauline used the strap on with our toys in me, and I did the same to her, with her taking all the different toys at one time or the other.

The guys had filled both me and Pauline as normal we shared it, then I took her into the shower for a piss play session again, the guys getting right into water sport now. As we rested, I went down and fed Jerry, he was happy to see me and followed me back into the house, he was hard to control, and took of running around, and soon found Pauline and the guys.

Pauline made a fuzz of him, and he sniffed around, before she knew it, he had his nose in her pussy, licking the guys cum from her hole, Pauline let out a scream and jumped, Jerry moved back a bitbut went straight back into her snatch.

Most of the guys laughed, as Pauline tried to stop him, but he wanted more, then I held her arm's, as Jerry took to licking her clit faster. Pauline was kind of crying, but her body showed signs of a orgasm building inside her, then just as quickly, her orgasm, her body shook and she relaxed as Jerry began to push his tongue deep in her pussy, it didn't take long before Pauline cum again, this time she wasn't trying to get away at all, she had given over to the pleasure he was giving her.

I let her go, Jerry now licking her from arse to clit, Pauline was completely enjoying his tongue now, her eyes rolled back as he carried on.

I noticed the guys cock were hard and most were wanking, some fucking her mouth, as she went wild, I pulled her legs to the edge of the bed, Jerry still happy to lick her, his cock now showing out from the sheath.

I went around and played with his cock, it grew, and grew, as he trust against Pauline's legs, "would she" I thought, as I pulled his cock towards her pussy. When Jerry caught on, he jumped up, his cock right at Pauline's cunt, it took her awhile, before she realised what was going on, by then it was to late, his cock had found the mark, inch by inch he pushed in her wet pussy.

Pauline cried out, "get him off", I pulled his collar, to pretend, but he was heavy and didn't want to, plus I wasn't really trying hard either, some of the guys told her how hot she looked with him fucking her, as their cocks filled her mouth to stop her talking.

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By now Jerry was just about fully in her, his big cock was ramming her body hard, as her orgasm now began, his knot was just shy of going in, so I got the poppers and gave her a good couple of sniff, that did it, within a couple of strokes the knot went in, her pussy lips spread open by the size of it.

this caused her to scream out, but also orgasm very soon after, as Jerry enjoyed his new bitch. We all watched as Pauline went crazy, she was now totally out of control, pushing her body up to match his thrusts.

then Jerry began to growl, his cock jerked, and my little sister felt the heat and pressure of her first doggy cum, this sent her over the top again, her orgasm louder than ever. Jerry must have pumped gallons into her, the knot holding it all in, Pauline came down some, a look of shame on her face as I kissed her saying she had never looked better than that.

the guys all said the same too, how hot she looked, and how turned on they were too. This seemed to help, her face now smiling, saying how good it had really been too, Jerry now pulled back, his knot came loose and he moved away, I went behind her, licking up his cum, then kissed Pauline, at first she pulled back, but soon wanted more, returning with more doggy cum, I let it run into her mouth, then slid my cock in her pussy to feel the wetness inside her.


I moved out letting the guys take over, each fucked her pussy, then her butt, one or two filled her with cum too, then Lee and myself dp her pussy, both cocks going right in, then we swapped to her butt, Pauline lost in anal orgasm once more. I let the guys use her, watching Jerry laying nearby, then got one of the guys to fuck me, I made sure he filled my arse with cum, then said to Pauline, "want to see some thing kinky" Not sure what I meant I called Jerry over, sticking his nose into my cum filled butt, he began to lick me, then I knelt up, and he quickly jumped over me, his cock found my butt, and went in, I heard the guys and Pauline gasp, but I wanted him right in me.

I took some poppers then told Pauline to lay under me, and suck my cock, she did, getting a great view of his cock in my arse. my mouth took a few cocks, as guys watched on. Then with some more poppers his knot went in, oh boy I loved the feeling, a tennis ball filling my butt with a good long cock inside me, I don't think it was as long as Lee's cock but the knot made the feelings better, as he built up speed.

I was close to filling Pauline's mouth with my cum, but held off, Jerry was going well, his second cum taking longer, then after some 10 minutes or so, he began to jerk and growl, I could feel his cock grow more, and his knot got bigger again, then the cum flowed, gallons of it, hot and sticky, flooding my bowels, my orgasm rolled from one to another.

Pauline was still sucking my cock as Jerry's knot slipped out, her face was soaked in hot doggy cum, she swollowed some of it, one of the guys palmed some and brought it to me to lick up, then I felt Lee's cock enter me, soon adding to the cum inside me, Pauline was licking up the mix of dog and human cum as I turned and kissed her, sharing the cum between us.

We all smiled when she stood up, reams of cum ran down her body, her face white with cum, her hair sticking up every where, I said shower time, and took her by the hand, knelt her down and washed her off with my piss, soon more piss joined mine as we took turns cleaning her cum soaked body down.


The guys took turns fucking us again, filling us with more cum, they all seemed to be hornier than ever today, after watching Jerry fuck us both, it was evening before they all left I spent some relaxing time with Pauline, then got the toys out and began to fuck her once more, with her using the poppers, I got the two big toys in her arse and one in her pussy, causing her to orgasm constantly.

then I just had to sit on her fist and fill her mouth with my cum, Jerry walked over licking my cock and her mouth after I had.

It didn't take long before his cock grew, so I told Pauline to knell on the edge of the bed, and aimed his cock at her butt, I gave her the poppers, she took a good few sniffs as Jerry took aim, I held his cock and made sure it went in her arse, at first she jumpedbut soon he was pounding her hard, then the knot went in, swelling to full size once more held him in tight, I lay under her, licking her clit, Jerry going wild fucking her butt, then I saw his cock grow, and jerk, I knew she was feeling his cum inside her now.

he kept pumping cum deep in her bowels, for ages, then swung his leg over turning bum to bum with her, this caused his knot to pull harder inside her, Pauline kind of screaming in orgasm and pain, as he pulled away, her anus was distended, bright red and swollen, but now she was having one long orgasm again.

It was a good 5 minutes before his knot went soft, I waited, then plop, gallons of dog cum run out of her butt onto my face, I ate as much as I could, then took a mouth full to her, kissing and sharing his cum once more with her. When she could walk, I took her into the shower, I knelt down and got her to empty the rest of his cum over me, before she pissed over me to clean me up, then I pissed over her before taking a shower.

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I told Pauline that tomorrow she was going to feel his cock in her butt, while my cock was in her pussy, her eyes lit up, and a huge smile told me she was more than happy to try that.

I told her I had this in mind when I said to bring Jerry home, Pauline just smiled, kissed me and said thank you, I knew she was more than happy now with her sexuality, and new found kinkiness. I couldn't help but go down and eat her pussy for her, giving her one last orgasm before we fell of to sleep.