Carne del mercado tattooed colombian brunette rough threesome sex

Carne del mercado tattooed colombian brunette rough threesome sex
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I abruptly woke up as the morning sunlight beamed through my bedroom window. I quickly covered my eyes, averting my gaze from the sudden brightness. I lethargically looked at my clock, wondering what time it was; 9:25. Kicking off the covers, I rubbed my eyes and walked downstairs. As I groggily wandered down to my kitchen, I noticed my parents had already gone on their morning commute to work.

It was remarkably quiet as well, so I assumed my brother had gone off to his classes at the community college. I plopped down on the couch and started channel surfing, trying to wake up so I could enjoy the early summer day ahead.

After 15 minutes of watching some weird talk show, I was finally alert enough. I went back upstairs and threw my clothes on. It was pretty casual; just a black T-shirt and some blue jeans; what I usually wore on the weekends. After all, it was only two weeks into summer vacation. I rushed back downstairs and felt a vibrating in pants pocket right as my foot met with the kitchen floor.

It was my phone. Glancing at the caller ID, it said that my friend Courtney. I promptly answered with a relaxed, "Talk to me". I was greeted by the sound of Courtney's mellow voice. Obviously, she thought I was still sleeping because she said, "Hey Andrew!

Did I wake you up? Sorry if I did" She sounded a little guilty. Swiftly, I responded, "Oh! No, no, you're fine. I got up about half an hour ago." Surprised, she remarked, "Are you kidding! It's nearly 10:00!" Courtney was an early riser, what with her being on a swim team during the summer, so 10:00 was pretty late to be sleeping in for her. I abruptly interrupted her, "Hey, hey! Keep your shirt on!


It's summer. I can wake up whenever I want." After a slight pause I said, "Anyway, why'd you call?" With her mind scattered, Courtney asked me, "Oh right!

I got invited to Kaitie's beach party and she said that I could bring a friend if I wanted. I was thinking about bringing you. What do ya say?" After briefly thinking about it, I answered, "Yeah, why not? It sounds like fun.

It's weird; I've lived so close to a lake my entire life and not once have I ever been to a beach party. Anyway, where's the party?" Courtney promptly answered back, "It's at 7:00 tonight at Warren Lake.

You'd better bring a swimsuit." Impatiently, I said, "I can do that. Thanks for the invitation. See you at 7:00 then." We exchanged good-byes and hung up. My day was pretty normal following that conversation.

I ate a tuna melt for lunch while watching Monty Pythons Flying Circus at around 1:00 and hit the gym around 2:30 like I always did. I mean, I'm built, but I'm no bodybuilder. After biking home, I watched some TV contemplating what the party would be like. Would it be like any normal party or would it be like the time in speech class last year? Probably not, but it never hurts to think about it. I was remembering how soft and pert Courtney's tits looked as they sprung up and down when she was helping me fuck Kaitie, how Kaitie's small tits bounced erratically as my eight inch cock thrust in and out of her tight asshole, the moans Courtney made as she drove a 24 inch didlo into her pussy and Kaitie's at the same time.

I was getting hard just thinking about it. Just in case if that actually did happen tonight at the party, (though not likely) I wanted to make sure I was at my full potential, so I sadly let my shaft deflate and go limp.

Before I knew it, it was a quarter to 7:00 and I wasn't ready! As I looked at the clock, my eyes widened.

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Like a bullet, I jumped off my ass and ran upstairs. While running up the stairs, I was attempting to get my pants off, resulting in me tripping a few times. In retrospect, this was a very stupid thing to do, but then again, I lived, so there's no problem.

I quickly snatched my swim trunks from the top shelf of my closet and jumped into them. After I had the proper beach attire on, I knelt down in front of my closet, throwing articles of clothing out looking for my Chaco's. After a heap of clothes was strewn about behind me, I finally found them. I slipped them on and was on my way downstairs. I stopped at my desk and pulled a Sticky Note from off the pile writing, "GONE TO BEACH PARTY WITH COURTNEY AT WARREN LAKE.

BE BACK BY 10:00". I stuck it to the front door and pulled my bike out of the garage. Glancing at the clock, I had 10 minutes to spare. What with Warren Lake being only about 5 blocks from my house, I took my jolly old time getting there. I rode up the slight hill on the beaten dirt path, avoiding the occasional two or three people.

They looked my age, so I assume they were walking to the party. I nearly lost my bike down the hill a few times, but other than that, the ride was a breeze. As I got nearer, I could smell the distinct aroma of hotdogs and burgers being cooked on the grill. I went around the bend and saw what was concealed behind the trees; people jumping off barges into the water, playing volleyball, throwing Frisbees, ultimately just having a good time.

I coasted on my bike over to a knocked over dead tree and left it leaning up against it. After kicking off my sandals, I walked around aimlessly in an attempt to find Courtney, when I heard a shout behind me, "Hey! Hey, Andrew! Over here!" I turned around and saw Courtney standing in the tide wearing a rather revealing bikini.

She looked stunning. Her silky cinnamon hair flowed from her crown while done up in a tidy ponytail with her bangs part off to the right.

Her smooth pussy and curvy ass were, sadly, covered by thin ruby sections of fabric tied by thin threads at the hips. The bright crimson fabric stretched tightly over her perky breasts, barely keeping them restrained. I walked over to her a bit conscious about getting a hard-on just by looking at her.

After I was within earshot of her, she ran up, gave me a tight, brief hug and said, "Hey there! I'm soooo glad you could make it here… well? What are you waiting for? Take that shirt off and get in the water!" Thinking she would never ask, I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it over onto my bike. I turned back around and walked closer to Courtney.

She had a surprised expression on her face for some reason. Inquiring, I asked, "Somethin' the matter?" She responded, "Nothing. It's just that I don't remember you being this buff." I didn't think it would have mattered, but working out at the gym actually paid off. I casually mentioned, "Well, I got bored of summer after, like, the second day, so I've been going to the gym more often." After a small nod, she replied, "Well, it's working for you." After that comment, Courtney turned around and signaled toward me to join her in the water.

I slowly walked up tote frigid water and did the clich?dip your toe in the water". After regulating how cold the water was, I stepped in. I shivered, but only for a moment, before adjusting to the chilly water. Courtney and I swam out about 15 feet to the floating barge. It was basically 4 oil drums tied together with 2 x 4's strapped to it.

I pulled myself up onto it and outstretched my hand to give Courtney help up onto the barge.


She grabbed hold and pulled herself up onto it, water dripping down her satin skin, the droplets glistening in the setting sun as they rolled down her chest. I stared beyond the lake and past the dense elm forest, gazing at the sun as it steadily crept behind the Rocky Mountains. "Well, ain't that a sight? This is what I love about Colorado." Continuing to stare at it, she replied "Yeah, but you know what more of a sight than that sunset is is? You in the lake!". She placed her hands on my back and pushed me off the barge.

I hit the water with a loud *smack*. Emerging from the water, I was shocked. "Really Courtney? Really?" I laughed as I splashed her with a handful of water. The sudden rush of the water obviously surprised her, causing her to fall face first into the water.

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She surfaced from the water taking in a deep breath. "Oh, so that's the way you want it?" She cupped her hands and splashed me in the face. Retaliating, I covered her with a giant wave. The water washed over her chest, exciting her nipples, making them poke out against her top, but ever so slightly. After we had both received our fair share of water to the face, we swam back to the shoreline. We walked out of the water dripping wet and eager to mingle with the other partiers.

Our paths split as I walked toward the barbecue and Courtney walked off in another direction. I had a hankering for a good ol' footlong bratwurst. Just the way they're made in Germany.

As I picked one out, I couldn't help but notice that Courtney was chatting with Kaitie on a log. After some time had passed by, I saw Courtney grab Kaitie's arm and impatiently pull her into a section of the dead elm forest. It puzzled me, but I was too hungry to care. Once Kaitie and Courtney were deep in the forest, Courtney put it bluntly. "I know that this is your party and you want to enjoy it so I'll be quick.

Ever since that time in speech class, I haven't been able to get you out of my head." She put her hand on Kaitie's shoulder. "All day, you are rushing through my mind. I crave you." Courtney reached up and placed her hand on Kaitie's modest breast. Kaitie was shocked.

She grabbed Courtney's wrist, throwing her hand off of her chest, "Courtney… I don't know how to break this to you, but I like guys a lot more that chicks… sorry." Courtney dejectedly crossed her arms with a sad "Oh". Kaitie continued, "I mean… you were great in speech class, you really were, but I really would like to be… serviced, I guess, by a guy.

I mean, Andrew was great. The way he touched me; it made me feel special. And being penetrated in two holes at the same time; pure ecstasy. But if it's just you, sorry to say, it'd be no fun." Courtney anxiously spoke, "Well, if it's Andrew and some DP you're after, that could be arranged; I… I could go get him. Would that put you in the mood?" Kaitie's bright eyes darted back and forth, trying to find an excuse not to do it, but her mind was drawing a blank. Eventually, she responded, "Yeah, I… I guess if Andrew was here… and if we wouldn't get caught of course…I could do it… but that's a big 'could'." Courtney was so happy now.

She left Kaitie and ran off to go find me. As she ran off, she hollered to Kaitie, "I'll be right back! Just stay there!" I had just sat down in the sand and was about to eat my brat when I saw Courtney running toward me. She instantly caught my attention as her tits bounced with every stride she took. My admiration was sadly cut short when she grabbed my arm and whispered, "Um… me and Kaitie need you for… something." She jerked me up off the sand and dragged me away from the party into the dead woods.

I was still very hungry, so I kept a vice grip on my plate of foodstuffs. While I was downing potato chips, she led me deep into the forest to Kaitie who was waiting on a large rock. She looked bored, but also like she was anticipating something. Her legs were crossed over each other with the top one bouncing up and down; like she was trying to keep herself occupied while she waited for… something. Something I wasn't so sure of. Courtney spoke up, "Well, Kaitie… I got Andrew.

Now can we do this?" I was confused. "And what exactly is 'this'?", I said quizzically. Kaitie was the first to explain.

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She spryly hopped off the rock and waltzed toward me, "Well Andrew, you see… how do I put this? You know what happened in speech class? Yeah, we want to do that again." I was in a state of pure astonishment.

Courtney took my silence as a yes and kneeled down in front of me. She reached up to the drawstring of my swimsuit and leisurely pulled at them. The knot came undone and with my trucks loose, Courtney took the opportunity to pull them down to the ground. My penis limply flopped out, still needing some 'encouragement'. When she saw it, she had a puzzled look on her face, "Andrew, I remember your cock being really big.

What happened?" Defensive and nervously, I said, "Uh… the… the water… it's… it's really cold." With a smile on her face, Courtney responded, "Well, I guess we'll just have some fun warming it up." Courtney grinned as she placed two of her fingers on my cock and slowly started to pump it.

She could instantly feel me start to get more solid. Things were getting intense pretty fast, so Kaitie grabbed my plate of food and set it down on a rock. Courtney brought her wet mouth closer and stuck her tongue out to meet my semi-flaccid shaft.

After tonguing around the head, she opened her mouth and slowly slid my growing cock halfway in.

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She giggled as she felt it expand in her wet mouth. With my cock still inside her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around the head, desperately struggling to get me to my largest so the real fun could begin. After some thorough pumping and sucking, my cock reached the length of eight inches. Kaitie was licking her lips in anticipation. She hopped off of her boulder and knelt down behind Courtney.

She reached up to Courtney's back and pulled on the strings to Courtney's bikini top. The bright red top became relaxed and fell off of Courtney's luscious tits onto the sand.

Even though Courtney's fabric restraints had fallen off, her globe-like breasts still remained pert. Courtney took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed her nipples in a circular path with my cock head. "Does that feel good?" Courtney said, lustfully.

I raised my eyebrows and let out a sigh, too overwhelmed to speak. Kaitie reached behind her back and loosened her metallic blue bikini top. Kaitie's small breasts were instantly embraced by the tepid evening air. Kaitie's breasts were smaller than Courtney's by quite a bit, but they were still perfect; lithe and perky.

Courtney guided my pounding meat up to Kaitie's mouth, which she gladly opened and took two thirds of my cock into. After bobbing slowly on my dick for a few seconds, she took it out of her mouth and said, "Now I remember why I liked Andrew so much; he tastes so good!" Kaitie popped my cock back in her mouth and continued bobbing on it. Her shoulder-length hazel hair swayed back and forth with every bob she took. The jet black streak that ran through it greatly contrasted with the soft brown the rest of her hair was.

After putting it behind her ear so it wouldn't get the way anymore, Kaitie took my cock out of her slick mouth and licked the length of it, tasting all of it at once. Courtney took this chance to put her head near my crotch and stick one of my smooth balls in her mouth.

She sucked on it, stretching my scrotum, pulling it away with her mouth. While it was in her mouth, she played around with it with her tongue before disengaging and planting a kiss on Kaitie. Kaitie accepted it and avidly kissed back. Infatuation exchanged between them as their tongues intermingled and lips played with each other. Courtney cut off the kiss and looked in Kaitie's eyes.

Even though Courtney's vivid sapphire blue eyes greatly contrasted with Kaitie's gentle hazel eyes, their eyes told they were both thinking the same thing. Courtney grasped my dick, pumped it a few times and placed it between her lips and Kaitie's. I pushed my meat slowly between their full lips while their tongues lashed out at each other's ardently. My cock stretched to its limit between their mouths before withdrawing until the head was being massaged by their tongues again.

Kaitie and Courtney slowly stopped the kissing between them. Still looking at Courtney lustfully, Kaitie spat a thick wad of spit onto my cock. After spreading it on my cock with her thin feminine hand, Courtney couldn't resist and swallowed all my eight inches down her throat.

After about five passes down her throat, I grabbed the back of her head and forced her throat to its limit.

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My shaft sprung out of her mouth after about ten seconds, with Courtney gasping for air. As my cock slid out from her throat, it remained coated in a thick layer of spit. Kaitie took that short amount of time to extend her tongue outwards. She licked up and down my shaft, swallowing all of Courtney's saliva as it came to her tongue.

She slowly pushed my cock past her lips, slowly sucking the head, plunging it in and out of her mouth. She withdrew it from her mouth and looked up at me, swirling her tongue around the head. After sampling my cock head, she wanted more. She opened her mouth wide and inserted my shaft halfway into her hot mouth.

Bobbing up and down on it with great speed, I noticed her bikini bottoms were soaked. She reached down and inserted a nimble finger into her damp pussy. Feeling electricity course throughout her body, she went all the way.

She forced my shaft down and pressed it hard against her throat. I slowly thrust my cock deep down Kaitie's throat, without a gag or anything. She stopped me after 30 seconds and removed my cock from her mouth with a *pop* sound. Courtney moved back to me, this time with her bottoms taken off.

She was leaning on her left leg; her hand on her hip, the other swaying in the slight breeze blowing through the woods. Her trimmed mound stood out, highlighted by the setting sun. Still pumping my hard cock, Kaitie looked up at me and said, "Go on ahead and fuck her. I have plans for her". Courtney strolled over to the large boulder that Kaitie was sitting on 10 minutes ago and bent over it, spreading her legs to give me a better view of her illustrious cunt.

I paced over to the stone and poised my cock at the entrance to her soaking wet slit. "You've never had me inside of you ever, have you?" She looked over her shoulder at me. "Nope… but there's a first time for everything, I guess." she said, giggling. I placed the tip at the entrance to her tight pussy and rubbed her slit to get her juices flowing.

Courtney's pussy leaked fluids as she moaned "I can't wait! Stop teasing me and stick it in already." Complying with the suggestion, I slowly slid my cock up to the head in her now pounding pussy. Her warmth welcomed my shaft for the first time. She let out a quiet whimper as it pressed into her slit, quickly expanding her vaginal walls. I rocked my cock head back and forth into her velvety pussy, working up to when her pussy had expanded enough to take in half of my cock.

After teasing her for what seemed like an eternity to her, I squeezed my shaft halfway into her. She let out a yelp as her pussy was suddenly invaded by four inches of rigid flesh. I continued to push slowly in as her cunt muscles milked my cock. I began thrusting hard, yet keeping only four inches rocketing in and out of her for the time being.

Kaitie wandered over in front of Courtney with lust filling her mind. She ran her delicate fingers along Courtney's arched back, stepping closer to the large rock. She sat on the stone directly in front of Courtney, displaying her freshly shaved pussy. Kaitie extended a finger into Courtney's open mouth, wetting it with saliva. Courtney's tongue curled around the finger, viciously playing with it.

Pulling out of Courtney's mouth, she placed the slippery finger against her clitoris and rubbed it in a circular motion. Courtney watched, practically drooling, admiring the steamy display. Kaitie continued with this show to the point when she looked into Courtney's frantic eyes.

"Your turn" she said lustfully. Supporting her body on just one forearm now, Courtney extended her slim fingers and parted past Kaitie's pussy lips with her index and middle fingers. Kaitie pressed against both sides of her pussy, pulling the lips apart for easier penetration. Courtney curved her fingers upwards, causing Kaitie to throw her head back and let out a quick yelp. Still rocking back and forth from my forceful thrusts; Courtney stuck out her tongue and started flicking at Kaitie's pussy.

Kaitie's head quickly looked back down at her pussy with her mouth wide open as she was overcome with bliss. I watched this sexy display of affection and was suddenly overcome by the urge to thrust my entire shaft into Courtney. Lust overwhelmed me as I pushed the full length between her pussy lips. Courtney arched her back and let out a breathy gasp.

Kaitie grabbed Courtney by her hair and forced her mouth down onto her wet cunt. She spread her pussy apart with two fingers and assertively said, "Don't be shy. Stick your tongue in." Courtney hesitantly pressed her tongue as far as it would go into Kaitie's pulsing pussy. Kaitie played with her petite tits as Courtney licked the depths of her pussy attempting to achieve a violent orgasm.

Kaitie's moans intensified as Courtney fiercely waggled her tongue inside her dripping pussy. I pulled my meat out of Courtney for a moment and stuck my two fingers all the way inside her moist pussy. I pulled them out, using the juices to slide my index finger slowly into her tight asshole. She moaned as the digit invaded her never-before-penetrated asshole. Courtney was still focusing on licking Kaitie's pussy as it discharged small streams of pussy juice into her open mouth.

I spiraled my finger inside her ass, getting it relaxed enough so I could insert another finger into her soon to be very pliable asshole. Courtney moaned softly as my finger explored the depths of her asshole. Still licking Kaitie's burning pussy, Courtney began to relax her asshole more, allowing me to stick my middle finger inside as well. With every time the fingers rushed inside and out, Courtney's asshole relaxed more and more. I gradually slid my fingers out Courtney's asshole.

It steadily relaxed and leisurely closed back up. I poised my rock hard shaft at the entrance of her firm hole. I whispered gently into her ear, "Do you trust me?" she looked into my eyes and said, "More than anyone else in the world…" She bent over the rock even more with her chest to the cold, rough rock. She spread her cheeks apart, attempting to make the penetration easier. When I knew she was ready, I took my chance.

My cock head barely pressed against her hole and I sensed it close itself off. I backed off saying, "If you don't want me to do this, just say so." She timidly responded, "I'm sorry.

I… I want to. I'm just really nervous, is all." Gently, I replied, "It's OK. I'll be gentle. You have nothing to worry about.

Just relax." Courtney readjusted herself on the rock and continued to tend to Kaitie's pounding pussy to get her mind off of her anal penetration. Courtney laid her hands on my cock and gently guided it at her speed into her asshole.

I applied a slight bit of pressure. I felt her asshole relax a bit as my cock head pressed further into her. Bit by bit, I pushed my stiff flesh inside her continuing-to-relax asshole. Courtney let out a quiet wince, so I stopped, "Are you OK? Should I pull out?" Almost instantly, Courtney disagreed with the idea, "No! It's… it's OK.

I… I can handle it. Just go slow." With my cock head already buried in her asshole, the hardest part was over. Inch by inch, I pushed my cock deeper and deeper until I hit the four inch mark. I stopped there and let Courtney get used to the hefty intruder passing past her asshole. I remained still for a good 20 seconds while Courtney adjusted to me inside her. While she was waiting, Kaitie had gotten off her back and sat closer in front of Courtney, positioning her petite tits in front of Courtney's mouth.

Still adjusting to the invader, Courtney stuck out her tongue and did circles around Kaitie's erect nipple. Kaitie let out soft moans as her body was overcome with tingling sensations, "Oooh… oh… oh my god". She bit her bottom lip as she combed through Courtney's silky hair, showing her satisfaction.

Courtney moved her head closer and bit onto Kaitie's right nipple. Kaitie let out a yelp. She wasn't expecting Courtney to be so naughty. By now, Courtney's asshole had become accustomed to the large shaft in it.

I bent over her, asking, "Are you ready for this?" She looked at her tight ass and gave a nervous nod, saying, "OK, but start slow…" I applied more pressure and slowly slid my meat deeper inside of her. Four inches turned to five. Five turned to six. Slowly but surely, Courtney now had seven inches of rock hard, smooth meat stuffed inside her toned ass. I felt my cock press against the inside of her ass; I had bottomed out in her.

Courtney arched her back, swept up in delight, trying to get a deeper penetration. As her back arched, I felt something inside her shift and my cock plunged deeper inside her ass. She burst out a low moan as my entire cock nestled deep inside her ass, trying not to attract attention to what was going on not 50 yards from the party. I retracted my cock from Courtney ass and watched as her asshole gape open.

I pushed my cock back into her asshole, this time a tad faster. Courtney adjusted to my speed and started breathing harder. Sweat trickled off my brow, my thrusts becoming more powerful, Courtney loving every second of it. My cock was now bolting in and out of Courtney's relaxed hole. Courtney moaned through sucking on Kaitie's satin smooth tits, "Come on… give me more… please!

Give it to me harder!" She had just said what I was thinking this whole time. I gave her ass a spank and went full throttle on her ass… literally. Kaitie stopped Courtney from licking her tits and glued her eyes to my hips. She stared in awe as she saw only a melted blur where my hips would be.

I gradually ran out of steam, so my penetrations became slower. Kaitie signaled me to pull out of Courtney. Courtney continued to rock at the same rhythm as me that is, until I slowed down. Once I had stopped, Courtney, to her dismay, rocked my cock out of her tight asshole.

Kaitie grabbed hold of my cock, mentioning, "I wonder what a girl's ass tastes like? I've been dying to know." Her tongue slithered out between her lips to sample my cock. It twirled around the head, licking up all of the juices intermingling on my cock before sliding her tongue up along the length of my shaft. She got her distance between her and my meat and spat a wad of viscous saliva on the head. She proceeded to smack herself on the cheek several times with my stiffened shaft.

"Does that feel good? You love it when I'm a dirty little slut, don't you? You like it when I tease your cock like that?" Her dirty talk was really turning me on. I clutched the back of her head and forced it down onto my shaft. Keeping my grip on the back of her head, I grabbed a large handful of her hair. I roughly forced her head back and forth at a slow-to-moderate rhythm on my thick shaft.

The stiff flesh passed past her pouty, feminine lips, through her hot, wet mouth and squeezed deep into the depths of her slick throat. She formed an oval with her mouth to make it more easily penetrable. Her saliva drooled off of her outstretched tongue, landing on her abdomen and slowly dripping down onto her pussy ever time my cock retracted from her mouth.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth with it dripping with her spit. She wasn't done with me yet. She gripped onto my slick shaft and pumped it vigorously before she forced me down onto the crumbling sand onto my back.

She placed her legs on both my sides and positioned herself over my throbbing cock. Her tanned body rested over me, her hands on my chest and she asked, "Do you want my tight little pussy? Do you want your big, fat cock stuffed deep in my tiny, wet cunt?" She steadily lowered her small body down onto my cock.

It looked huge compared to her. She quickly dropped all her weight once she had lined it up and plunged all the way down. She cried out as the massive intruder drove itself deep between her pussy lips. Courtney walked over to us, saying, "Mind if I join in?" Kaitie gestured for her to come closer. With me lying on my back, Courtney knelt over my face, facing Kaitie, and positioned her feverish pussy over my mouth.

Knowing what she expected from me now, I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the fleshy slit. Courtney instantly quivered as my tongue explored around her dripping cunt. She started to gyrate her hips back and forth around my mouth trying to work up to an intense orgasm. My tongue lashed out further and penetrated deep into Courtney's silky cunt, all the while clear juices flowing as result the powerful stimulation. Kaitie was already rocking herself up and down at this point, plunging her tiny frame deep down onto my massive shaft.

As her hips moved up and down, pounding on top of my cock, my hips started to rock too, intensifying how hard she was taking it. Eventually, Kaitie and I had gotten into the same rhythm. Kaitie started moaning louder than she already was. Courtney reached forward and tweaked at Kaitie's hardening nipples, playing with them. Kaitie let out a swift yelp. For Courtney's "reward", Kaitie outstretched her tongue to meet Courtney's tender nipples. Courtney started taking in short deep breaths, partially from the tongue exploring her trimmed pussy and partially because of the tongue lapping at her light pink nipples.

At long last, Courtney couldn't take it anymore; she commenced in a powerful bucking as her body tensed up and her pussy clamped down on my tongue. She let out a steamy moan as her whole body quaked from head to toe. The climax was so intense that she actually halfway fell off of my face onto the warm, fine sand. I caught her and gently laid her down in the sand so she could recover from such an outburst. Now that I didn't have to focus all of my attention on Courtney, I could focus all on Kaitie.

I pushed her down onto the sand. I lined my shaft up at her pussy and looked her in the face asking, "Are you ready to have your world rocked?" She looked down at me, but with a troubled look on her face. She slid back in the sand, backing her body away from my cock. She replied to me, "Well, I mean, I like it when I have a nice big cock in my pussy, but there something I like… a little more.

You know…?" I grinned at her and said, "Oh, I know…" I repositioned my shaft below her pussy, at her other opening. Her eyes widened and a smirk streaked across her face, "That's exactly where I want it." As she lay down in the sand, I grasped a hold her ankles.

I hoisted her elegant legs into the air and pushed her tiny feet to her ears. Kaitie formed a kinky smile and licked her lips. Her ass was elevated to the perfect height as to where I could see her asshole in plain view. I kneltdown and placed my shaft at her entrance. Kaitie looked down and bit her bottom lip with a smirk streaked across her face.

She spread her cheeks and innocently said, "I'm ready…" I drooled a strand of spit onto her asshole and rubbed it around with my cock to get it lubed up. Kaitie stared down at her hole so she could see when she would have to brace herself for the thick invader.

I applied some pressure to her asshole. Because of the previous lubrication, my shaft slowly disappeared into her ass. Kaitie watched in awe the massive shaft stretch into her asshole.

I pulled back and slowly pushed back in, letting Kaitie get used to immense intruder before I started thrusting harder and faster. After some minimal thrusting, Kaitie had grown accustomed to the meat that was stuck in her ass. She pulled up on the cheeks of her toned ass and lustfully sighed, "Come on, big boy.

Do my ass." As my cock nestled itself slowly into Kaitie's ass, she passed her right leg over her chest and rested it on her other side so she was lying on her side. I lay on my side as well to get easier penetration. My pace increased. Kaitie's eyes widened and her mouth gaped open from the sudden explosion of pleasure that had come over her. The gape quickly transformed into a wide smile.

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Her body jerked in the sand from my powerful thrusts when she noticed Courtney sitting in the sand, doing nothing; just watching, "It looks like Courtney has recovered." I looked over and, sure enough, Courtney had recovered, but she still stayed five feet away from us, hugging onto her knees and burying her face in the same, just watching us.

Kaitie gestured to her for her to come over. Seductively, Courtney started crawling hands and knees toward us. She lay in the sand, simply watching Kaitie's ass get penetrated by the thick cock.

Kaitie saw this and said, "You look bored… you wanna do something?" Courtney bit her lip and nodded gently. "How about you suck Andrew's balls? I bet he'd enjoy that." Kaitie reached her hand up to my hips and slowed them to a stop. "It's OK.

I can take it from here; you just relax", she said. As Kaitie slowly bounced my shaft in and out of her tight, constricting asshole by her own power, Courtney lowered her head down to my groin. Her tongue outstretched from between her teeth and flicked at my smooth balls. Kaitie saw this and smiled at Courtney. "There you go! Isn't that better?

Courtney raised her eyebrows in recognition. She continued to lap at them as Kaitie pushed herself to the limit on my cock. Her ass dropped down all eight inches and finally stopped, resting against my abdomen. Kaitie's mouth gaped open with a breathy gasp from the pressure on her ass as she kept my shaft inside her for a few seconds, letting it stretch her out inside.

Courtney took this instance to lick at Kaitie's expanding asshole as well as my pulsing shaft. Following that, Courtney spat onto Kaitie's pussy.

She reached to it, spreading it around with her tiny hand and inserted a single finger into Kaitie's cunt. As her finger disappeared into Kaitie's pussy, a spark went through Courtney's mind. She ran off saying she "would be right back".

She trotted off to the rock we were previously at and picked my foot long bratwurst off of the plate. She plucked the bratwurst from the bun and tossed the bun aside. She returned to us after her brief excursion to the rock and lay back down in the sand next to us. Kaitie was the first to inquire, "Ummmm… are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?" Courtney replied simply, "I told you I would arrange some DP.

I always keep my promises." She shifted the brat to Kaitie's dripping pussy and slid it against the horny and swollen lips. Kaitie let out a lewd moan as the brat slid along, touching her delicate and sensitive pussy, sliding back and forth, spreading the hot lips apart. Courtney noticed that Kaitie wasn't just wet; but literally dripping thin streams of fluid out of her pussy.

She took this as a sign as to continue with what she initially had in mind. She stopped sliding it along Kaitie's camel toe and positioned it directly in front of Kaitie's entrance. With one swift thrust, the improvised shaft broke past Kaitie's pussy lips and dove 6 inches into her steamy slit. From the sheer immenseness and suddenness of the shaft entering her pussy, Kaitie let out a yelp followed by a long, soft moan.

"There you go! Isn't that better?" Courtney asked, borrowing the phrase that Kaitie used moments ago, as she twisted the bratwurst about inside Kaitie's shaven cunt.

Courtney pushed the shaft bit by bit into Kaitie until it was nearly 10 inches inside her. Once Kaitie had become accustomed to having two shafts in her, she started budging back and forth, driving both penile objects in and out of her ass and slit.

I grabbed hold of her hips and stopped her, saying "Allow me." I started thrusting in and out of her ass slowly, having her relax. Whilst I did that, my hands reached around her and started to grope at her breasts.

They must have been only a B cup; a nice, pert B cup. I tweaked her delicate nipples between my fingers, causing her to let out an affectionate cry. As Courtney watched me have my fun with Kaitie, she retracted the improvised cock and pushed it back in deep.

She continued with this until Kaitie's pussy had a wide open gape because of the level of relaxation. But Courtney was tired of watching her makeshift dildo enter Kaitie's slit over and over again. She wanted something more extreme and fun. She took the brat out of Kaitie and placed it in her mouth, shoving about 5 inches of it to the back of her throat. She brought it forward a little and swirled her tongue around it, evenly distributing the saliva around the bratwurst.

She brought it back to Kaitie's crotch. I thought she was going to stick it back into Kaitie's cunt, but then she brought it closer to me. She instructed Kaitie to lift up her leg "to get better penetration".

What Kaitie didn't know was that Courtney was directing the foot long shaft at her asshole. I noticed this and slowed my pace to a crawl. "What are you doing? Why'd you stop?" Kaitie blurted out in disappointment. She looked down at her ass and was greeted by another object poking at her asshole. She looked back at Courtney and winked at her as to say, "Go ahead. Don't be shy". Courtney recognized the wink and proceeded to squeeze the bratwurst against my dick and Kaitie's stretching ass. After some time, the fake shaft suddenly poked past Kaitie's rim and pressed into her ass alongside my thick, throbbing shaft.

Since Kaitie had already adjusted to my rock hard cock, adjusting to Courtney's fat bratwurst was a piece of cake. Courtney began rocking her brat in and out of Kaitie's waiting ass. I began thrusting in short, powerful bursts. Combined together, Kaitie was in absolute heaven. She knew that she was able to take two cocks in her ass at once; she had done so in speech class, but she never had had two as big as these before.

It took all of her will power not to scream from being overcome with the radically intense pleasure. After all, she didn't want to alert the partygoers of the other party happening in the woods. Kaitie moaned through her teeth, "The only way that this could be any better is if I had a big, fat cock in mouth…" I looked up and spoke lustfully, "That can be arranged." I pulled out of Kaitie and her asshole closed down on Courtney's bratwurst straight away; she was still so tight.

I walked over to the top part of her and sat down in the sand. Kaitie, in response to my situation, changed her positioning.

She got on her hands and knees, bending down with her back arched, causing her hips to be almost 2 feet above her head. In turn to Kaities' repositioning, Courtney stepped over Kaitie's arched back and bent over at the hips and spreading her legs, her pussy protruding in front of my face.

After she was situated correctly, Courtney pushed the improvised shaft into Kaitie, this time with much less difficulty because of the angle of Kaitie's back. Kaitie arched down and took the cock that had previously been in her toned ass into her hot, wet mouth. With Courtney's moist cunt in front of my face, I had but no choice but to shoot my tongue deep into her radiant slit. Both Courtney and Kaitie let out muffled moans.

The source of Kaitie's moans was from Courtney pushing the makeshift cock deeper and deeper into Kaitie's ass. Courtney's moans were from my tongue licking up and down between her pussy lips. Kaitie's ass had already consumed 10 inches of the brat and was still taking in more.

To add a little something extra, Courtney spanked Kaitie a little. Not hard, but just enough to leave her skin a soft shade of pink. After that, something suddenly came over her.

Such raw sexual energy was pulsing through Kaitie's body; she forced all eight inches of my shaft down her throat and stuck her tongue out. Her long tongue stretched itself out and started to lap at my shaved balls. She actually manages to fit one of them in her mouth before she ran out of breath and my cock slid out of her mouth. Spit dripped down my pulsing cock as a sticky strand still hung on to Kaitie's pouty lips.

After she had regained her breath, her tongue slithered out and wrapped around my shaft. Her mouth followed, gripping onto about 5 inches of my shaft, trying to get a reward. Like having a makeshift shaft in you ass isn't reward enough, but I digress. Kaitie's fierce eyes looked up at me, inquiring if she was doing a good job. In fact, she was doing too good of a job. I felt my shaft and scrotum tense up as she fit my cock deep down into her throat. I promptly exclaimed, "I'm about to cum!

Where do you want it?" Kaitie discontinued arching her back and stood up on her knees, continuing on to say "I want your hot cum all over my face, like the time in speech class. Don't hold anything back!" Courtney arose from her position as well to get a share for her efforts as well. The time finally came. I pumped vigorously to the point in which there was no turning back.

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Kaitie and Courtney faced each other, pressing their soft, natural breasts together, and stuck their tongues out, anticipating the load they were about to accept. At long last, it finally happened. With a single powerful groan, a stream of semen shot forth from the tip of my shaft and splashed across both of Kaitie's little tits.

Another stream burst out; this one landing on the tip of Courtney's tongue, dripping off and trickling down between her and Kaitie's beige breasts. Yet another spurt flew out of my shaft, contacting with Kaitie's upper chest and dripping down, continuing to flow over her perky nipple, which sent shivers throughout her body. Another stream of sticky, white fluid shot out, landing on Courtney's upper cheekbone, which slowly dripped down, leaving a shimmery streak down her neck.

My last powerful shot came, splashing onto Kaitie's forehead and dripped down. As it dribbled down, she licked her lips, getting a taste of her sweet reward. Shot after shot, semen continually flowed out of my shaft, covering both girls in cum. After I had finished, Courtney was the first to take initiative and take my pulsing cock in her hand. Once in her hand, she placed her mouth under the tip of my cock as she pumped my shaft.

As she squeezed, a drop of leftover cum drooled out, landing on her outstretched tongue. Wanting more, she placed my shaft into her mouth. She sucked hard on the tip of my cock, trying to get every single drop of cum out before she let it trickle out of her mouth and onto her globe-like tits.

Kaitie advanced on Courtney, streaking her tongue across Courtney's firm breasts, lapping up all the cum she could. She grasped onto Courtney's jaw and forced her mouth open wide. She drooled the cum into Courtney's mouth, as Courtney lewdly moaned. Following that, Courtney planted a firm kiss on Kaitie seconds after, subsequently forcing the spit and semen mixture into Kaitie's open mouth again. In the process of both girls swapping fluids, the mixture either flowed down one another's throats or fell onto their breasts.

The girls continued to avidly kiss, cleaning up any stray cum that had been missed in the initial licking. With all of us out of breath, our hearts racing, sweat saturating our body, we all laid down, collecting our wits before wading into the lake, still out of sight of the party. We washed up in the water, washing off all of the fluids (sweat, pussy juices, semen, etc.) that had been exchanged during this intense moment of passion.

We all walked out of the water refreshed; yet sadden to get back in our swimsuits. It was now dusk, meaning it was rather dark, so getting into our swimsuits proved a challenge. Courtney and Kaitie helped each other tie their bikini drawstrings back up while I jumped in my trunks and pulled them up, trying them tight.

As we were about to walk back to the party, Courtney picked up the bratwurst and threw it far into the lake, as if she wanted to get rid of evidence if what had just happened. The three of us walked back to the beach casually, catching out breath, trying to disguising what we really had done. As we were walking, Courtney laid her head down on my shoulder.

"What do you want?" I said in a sort of sing-song manner. She looked up into my eyes and said, "Can I come back to your place? You know, to shower? I'm feeling a little dirty…"