Druuna takes a cock in every hole

Druuna takes a cock in every hole
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It was my first day im college, after I setteled down in the dorm and put my room in order I took two chairs and headed down to the garden surrounding the dorm. I sat there reading some novels I get for my free time, suddenly this amazingly beautiful girl is standing near me " good morning" she said. " good morning ma'am" I eplied " I see ur sitting alone my name is susan and im new here can I sit on one of these chairs please" " ohhh im sorry please have a seat, im Johnathan u can call me john" " nice meetin u john, im Susan, r u a freshman ur self " " ohh yes yes, im in pharmacy school and u Susan" "me too, but im in English letirature, and I see ur reading some novels" " yes, my minor major is English letirature, can u help me in some of these novels please, I will do anything to u but don't ask for money please coz I only have what is enough to live hahaha" " hahahaha I know we all in the same situation, but let me think, how can u pay me how how………ummmm" " first of all please let me buy u a cup of coffee for our introduction, then we can think about ur payment what do u think" " that's fine lets go" we went to the coffee house and while we r there this idea hit Susan, " hey john how about this way of paying me ……" " tell me&hellip." " for every lesson I give u I want u to be my slave for two hours how about that&hellip." "WHATTTTTTT?

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R u talking for real or just kiddin me?" " no not at all, u be my slave u do anything I ask u to do " " anything like what?" " ummmm.

Doin my laundry, cleaning my bathroom and bedroom, and anything else, what do u say…&hellip.we would have so much fun come onnn don't be this tough and close minded" I thought for like 5 min, then I agreed on her proposal and we scheduled that tomorrow mornig would be our first lesson and her payment would be in the next day. On the day of the payment I came directly to susans room after school, and when I entered he room she was sitting on her desk reading and doin some assignments.

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" hi susan how u doin today" " ohh it is ma'am to u today u hear me slave" " ohhh yes ma'am, so what would u like me to do for u" " first of all I want u to sit beside my feet ok, never rise ur head is that ok" " yes ma'am" I sat on the floor like a real slave beside her feet, her gorgous feet,tey smell like jasmine and lilly, sh must have oiled them before I cam in. without any knowledge of my action I started sniffing her feet and getting closer to them, she noticed that.

" here slavestart massaging my feet hrrry up u son of bitch' I immediately started to massage he feet with all the sensation I got, touching every prt of her feet sending small electric impulses to all her body, I kept massaging her feet while she was in her chair closing her eyes enjoying the feet massage.


Suddenly she said " u fuckin slave ur real good I want a whole massage my legs and back too" and she stood up and moved to her bed where she lied down I moved to her bed and started massaging her legs trough her jeans where she didn't took it off.i stated with her lower leg part massaging them getting them to relax then I got up to her thighs, I started massaging her left thigh very thouroughly, focusing on the junction between the thigh and the ass cheek, and on her inner thigh, she was moaning and she ordered me to move to the other thigh and work it real good like the first.

I started massaging her right thigh and I started moving to the inner thigh where her legs are partly closed, I put some pressure on her thigh so she automatically opened her legs a little wet and I witnessed the most sexiest scene, her hole jeans in the pussy area was soaked wet, I kept massaging getting nearer and closer to her pussy area,I touched it and she suddenly rose up " what r u doin bitch" "im sorry ma'am but I thought u wanted a real good massage" I could see her nipples poking out of her top.

She stood up took her jeans off, and her top too, then she lied again only wearing a soaking driing wet panties.


She opened her legs " hey bitch massage me good " "yes ma'am" I started massaging her inner thighs real good and he panties were getting wetter and I could hear her moans,I moved to her pussy area and I touched itshe didn't move I started massaging it " com on take my panties off and work on the flesh" I took her panties off and statrted massaging her clit and her puffy pussy lips, she kept moaning, I moved my head lower till I was able to smell her scent, it was very erotic smell, I couldn't hold it any more and I started licking her pussy lips where she was moanigg " u bitch lick me good suck me good make me scream u slave" This order was the best oder I got in my whole life.

I started sucking and licking her pussy lips, tasting the sweet taste of her juices, then I started fingering her pussy while licking the area between her ass hole and clit.

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She was squirming in her place brathin heavily, I started to suck and lick on her clit and she was moaning reallll hard and I started to toungue fuck her, " ummmm ur soo sweeet my lady, I bet I would love to be ur slave" " ahhhhhhhh u bastard ur sooo gooood, oh god oh god oh god IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she aquirted all over my faceit was the most deleicous taste I had ever tasted. She then moved around to face me and I saw thoseee hard marvelous 34 C tits so hard and round…&hellip.i just couldn't hold it.

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Hey if u like it and got good rating I would do the second part