Slut whore double cock inside

Slut whore double cock inside
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I have this fantasy of black men using my wife. She thinks it's silly. I have her meet with a guy named JZ. He's nice and she doesn't admit it but it's abvious she is taken to him. He asked us if he could take us to a club and with a little persuasion my wife agreed. So we go and when we get there I notice it's mostly black men. the club is downtown and these guys look like gangsters. My wife was in a little black dress with a deep V-cut neckline showing lots of cleavage.

Her boobs are 36D and are spilling out a little.


The dress comes down to a few inches past her ass. She was a little uncomfortable but JZ was real sweet and calmed her down. He bought us drinks and we talked.

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finally he got her on the dance floor. They have fun and she loosens up the later the night goes. We end up meeting some of his buddies who we have drinks with. While we are sitting there I notice JZ has his hand on my wifes leg.

I immediately get excited. She is laughing and enjoying these men's company. As the night goes on JZ and my wife start kissing. It builds up and I notice they are using toungue. I watched as he whispered in her ear and she laughs and says "no." the night goes on and they talk. Finnally he invited us to his place. We agreed. We were to drunk to drive so we rode with him. We get to his place in an area of town that looks like the ghetto.

We walkede into his house as his friends show up and come in also. Once inside we had another drink. My wife is on the couch in-between JZ and another man. There are 2 of JZ buddies left at the house with us. My wife and JZ started making out passionately. Then, to my shock, the man on the other side of her grabed her chin and turned her head and started making out with her.

They started to group her, reaching up and squezzing her boobs. They take their shirts off and show muscular bodies. They removed her dress revealing her lacey black underwhear. Soon they are all naked.


They are fingering her clit. She starts grabing their huge cocks. Then JZ told her to follow him.

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They walk back to a room and I followed. In this room they had a device built. It had cuffs at top and cuffs spread out at the bottom. He led her to this device and gently raised her hand above her head. They keep eye contact the whole time. he fastenes her hands and then bends down and grabes one leg at a time spreading it out and fastening them into cuffs.

He then grabed a chain which pulled her hands up further pulling her tought so she was on he tippy toes. He then grabed the back of her head and kissed her deepely and lovingly.

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"This will be night you will never forget," JZ whispered as they broke their embrace. He walked over and grabed a whip.

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Standing behind her he began to whip her. Not to hard at first. With each whip she lets out a little "Oh!". Her bottom is turning red and I can see the whip marks showing up.

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He hit her back and moves to her front and gets her belly and then hits her tits. She is in pain. She has some tears in her eyes. He passed the whip to a buddy he whiped her for a while. Then the next guy. Finaaly they let her down and she clasped into JZ arms. He guides her to a bed and lays her back and they start passionatley kissing again. Another man moves in and start licking her pussy and eating her out.

She is thrusted her hips up to meet his mouth. JZ placed his huge cock at her mouth and she started to lick and suck it. She licks ans sucks his bals. Her other hand went to the other guy and started jacking him off. Finnally JZ got between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. I was about to say something because he didn't have protection on.

But he started pushing in and my wife almost had an orgasm right then.

He kept working it in deeper. Before long he is punding her. She has several orgasms. JZ moves and another guy takes his place. They all had a turn. Then she gets on top of one of the guys and rides him. JZ moved in and she started sucking his cok. After a while JZ grabed her hair and pulled her off then through her on the bed facedown putting her ass in the air. While holding her hed down he spanked her roughly. Another guy tassed him a bottle of loob and he applied it around her asshole.

He began using his finger going in and out. Then he got behind her and stuck his BBC cock in her ass.

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After a short time he has her by the hips and is punding her visciously. Another guy sat in front of her and she sucked his cock. After a while and several rotations they sit her on JZ. Another guy got behind her and stuck his cock in her ass. There was my wife being DP's. They are being aggressive. Slapping her a little.

Pulling her hair and pinching her nipples. Then they threw her on her back and JZ started fucking her missionary agian.

They are kissing and I see their toungues twirly around eachother. Then he tensed up and shot his load deep inside her making her orgasm agian. When he was done another guy got in and pounded her until he shot his load deep inside her. The third guy went to her mouth and she sucked him off until I saw him cum and she swolled all of it.


We went home that night with her exausted and me horny as hell. We got in the shower and cleaned her up. I fucked her ithe shower but cam in 5 minutes just thinking about what happend.

Our lives are not the same since. More stories to follow.