Stepdads Swap Spontaneous Their Daughters

Stepdads Swap Spontaneous Their Daughters
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Perverted Deeds Part 1 My first acts of true perversion. (Incest/Taboo) (Non-Consent/Reluctance) I am Sam and I figured out I was a pervert at a very young age.

Our household consisted of me, my sister, and my Mom. As a young man I was always watching my Mom and sister. I am 19 years old, my sister is 21, and Mom just turned 41. I am over six feet tall and about 180 lbs. I am in excellent shape, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice thick 7 inch cock.

My Mom and sister are like twins, both are about 5'8", both have superb "34D" tits, both are thin with blonde hair and blue eyes. At home they were not always dressed to keep me from viewing their charms and I really enjoy looking. In the past months both have made a point of coming into the bathroom when I am showering or drying off.

Their eyes always go to my cock and my cock was always hard. Mom would really take a good look. I like them seeing my cock. I began working as a welder at a construction company last summer. I work with a man named Joe.

Joe is 28, married, and is always talking about his hot wife. He showed me some pictures of his wife but stated he did not want me to meet her. I wondered why and asked him for the reason. He said he wanted me to help him and I would not be able to help if she knew me. Now my mind was really spinning. Joe stated his wife does not like to suck his cock and has only done it once or twice and never swallows.

My thoughts, "How can I help with his wife not liking to give him a blow job?" I was totally perplexed. Well, once Joe told me of his plan I was all for it. Hearing him explain it gave me a hard on.


Like I said, I am a pervert. The plan is for me to slip into Joe's house and hold him and his wife at gunpoint. By the way, the gun is a starter pistol and it will not be loaded. I am to steal Joe's money and I am to try to make Joe's wife suck his cock and swallow his load.

I will tell her Joe will be hurt if she spills a single drop. Joe said I could get my cock out and stroke it if I felt the urge while she sucked him off. I could not wait for this event to happen! We are going to try it on this coming Friday evening. Friday night after work, I slipped through Joe's back door. He left it unlocked for me. His wife was in the shower and he was in the living room waiting for me.

I had my gun and a mask over my face. He laughed at me as I entered with the mask down over my face. We chatted, had a beer and waited for her to come out of the shower. Then the fun started. As she walked down the steps she could see Joe with his hands in the air.

I told her, "Come on down and keep quite or I will shoot your husband." She came over and stood beside Joe. She was absolutely beautiful and I was starting to get a hard on. The feeling of absolute power is wonderful. I told them, "I need money and if you play along no one will get hurt." Joe got out his wallet and gave me some money.

His wife stated, "Please don't hurt us!" "Please leave since you have our money!" I told them I had other plans. Joe's wife was wearing a bath robe, the top was partially open, and I could see some cleavage. I commented, "You have hot tits and I would like to see them." I thought she would pass out and pulled her robe tight over her tits.

I told Joe, "Drop your pants and your lovely wife will suck your cock." She told me, "I don't like to suck cock." I told her, "I love to watch and if you don't suck his cock I will hurt your husband and then I will have my way with you." Joe had his pants down and his cock was getting hard. She looked at it and was shocked to see it getting hard. I pointed the gun at Joe and cocked the hammer.

She hit her knees as soon as I cocked the hammer. I motioned for Joe to move to the couch and sit down. She got between his legs and was making a poor attempt at sucking his cock. I told her, "Do a better job sucking his cock and when he cums in your mouth don't spill a drop if you know what is good for you!" I just love playing the bad guy.

The more I talked to her about sucking his cock the more excited she became and the better she was sucking it.

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After a few minutes I got my cock out and was stroking it. Joe winked and smiled at me. His wife's robe was partially open and one tit was fully exposed. I thought my cock would explode. She looked at me stroking my cock and sucked even harder on his cock. Joe said, "I am going to cum!" He raised his hips and started shooting off in her mouth. I told her in a forceful voice, "Don't spill a drop, swallow it all bitch." She swallowed it all and then proceeded to clean up his cock. She moved up sat on the couch beside Joe.

I told Joe, "I want to see you fucking your bitch and if you can't get it up I will fuck her and you can watch!" The look on Joe's face was pure shock! I told Joe, "Get your cock hard and fuck her, or I will!" She tried to keep herself covered as he reached under her robe and rubbed her pussy. She was really getting hot and ready for some cock. He moved over between her legs, pulled her ass out over the edge of the couch and started easing his cock into her pussy.

She was moaning and holding his ass tight. I hated to do it, but I made my way out the back door and left them there fucking. I did stop in the kitchen and got another cold beer. I really enjoyed helping out my friend.

I got home and Mom and Sis were still up. I talked with them and could not stop my cock from getting hard since both were wearing night gowns and I could see their nipples very clear. I excused myself and headed to my room. I disrobed and was lying on my bed stroking my cock when the idea hit me. I want to do Mom and Sis the same way we did Joe's wife!

I just had to work out the details. Monday at work I returned Joe's money to him and asked him how everything went after I left. Joe stated that his wife was too embarrassed to let him call the police. He said they fucked several times that night. He said it was the hottest she has ever been. She even sucked his cock again the next morning and swallowed it all. I told Joe I had to have his help and told him the details of my plan. He was all for it. He did call me a sick fuck for wanting to do this to my Mom and sister.


Joe is correct, I am a sick fuck. It was late on Saturday evening. I had been out and had a few beers. I came in and talked with Mom and Sis.

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They were both in night gowns and I figured both were nude underneath. I went to the kitchen, unlocked and opened the back door. Joe was on the porch, he had the gun and pulled hood down over his face. I gave him the thumbs up! I walked into the living room and sat down; Joe made his entrance a few minutes later.

Joe pointed the gun at me and said, "Everyone be quite and no one will get hurt." "I need money and if everyone plays along no harm will come to anyone." He then grabbed me by the hair of my head and put the gun to my temple and asked, "Does everyone understand?" We all said, "Yes." I acted scared and nervous. My sister was extremely pale. Mom was pissed, her face was red. I got my wallet out and gave Joe my money and told him that was all that was in the house.

Joe said, "There is a lot more than money in the house, there are these two hot bitches." Joe ordered Mom and Sis to take off their clothes. Mom refused and Joe put the gun to my head and Mom started pulling off her gown. WOW, I thought my cock would rip out the front of my jeans.

Mom is absolutely beautiful and has super tits with large areolas and nipples. Her pussy is extremely hairy and appeared not to have been trimmed in a while. Joe told Mom, "Sit down and let your daughter strip now." Sis had started to cry but stood up and removed her gown. Now she was trying to cover up her tits and pussy.

Joe told her, "Uncover, let us all have a look at your tits and pussy." WOW again, her tits are just like Mom's but her pussy was shaved smooth. Her lips protruded and appeared to be a little swelled. Maybe she had been playing with herself. Sis sat back on the couch beside Mom. Mom put her arm around Sis and held her. Mom tried to cover Sis instead of covering herself.

Mom's nipples were really hard and sticking out. Joe told me, "Strip off!" I protested, Joe tapped me on the side of the head with the gun. It hurt and left a red mark but it sure added reality to the situation. I rubbed my head then removed my shirt, then my jeans. He told me, "Get your underwear off and sit between the bitches on the couch." I pulled down my shorts and my cock was about half hard.

Mom and Sis were both looking at my cock. Joe told them it was nice to see them looking at my cock. Joe said, "I know what you bitches need and I will see to it you both get it tonight." Mom and Sis looked stunned and both continually tried to cover up. Joe ordered, "Stroke your cock." "Both you bitches better be watching." Both were already looking at my cock.

Mom was licking her lips as I slowly stroked it to full hardness. Joe looked at Mom and ordered, "Stroke his cock." Mom said, "I will not touch my son's cock." Joe pulled the gun back to hit me. It did not take Mom a second to grab it and start a slow up and down motion. I was in heaven. I had wanted Mom to touch my cock for years. Joe then told Mom, "Get in the floor and suck his cock." Mom said, "It is not right for a Mom to suck her son's cock." Joe agreed and said, "Suck it anyway otherwise he will be hurt." Mom slowly opened up her mouth and moved to my cock, as the head of my cock touched her lips she looked up at me and inhaled my cock and I thought I would cum immediately.

She took all of my cock in her mouth; saliva covered it from top to bottom. I looked down at Mom sucking my cock and we made eye contact, she knew I was in heaver. Sis was watching, her eyes open wide, she was taking in everything. She turned a little on the couch to get a better view.

I noticed she was touching her left nipple and it was extremely hard. Next Sis moved her hand between her legs and was trying to rub her pussy without being noticed. Joe told Sis, "Keep playing, open your legs wide so I can see your pussy." She did not hesitate and began masturbating toward her first orgasm. I told Mom, "I am going to cum!" Joe told Mom, "Do not spit it out and do not swallow, hold it in your mouth." I shot off and there were at least 6 long ropes of cum shot into my Mom's mouth.

She did not spill a drop. Joe told Mom, "Open your mouth and show everyone how a bitch catches a load of cum." She did, she had a lot of cum in her mouth. Joe told Mom, "Share with your daughter." Mom paused and Joe told her, "Drop half of it in your daughter's mouth." Sis opened up her mouth wide and took most of the load from Mom. Joe the said loudly, "Swallow!" Both swallowed at the same time. Sis was still masturbating and her face was extremely red.

In just a few seconds her legs clamped tight on her hand and she had her first orgasm. Her fingers were covered in pussy juice. Joe told Mom, "Lick her fingers and pussy clean." Mom said, "No! Joe tapped my head with the gun again, it hurt and left a mark, but again it added reality to the situation. Mom started licking my sister's juice covered fingers then moved to her pussy.

It looked to me that Mom knew what she was doing when it comes to licking pussy. Sis was moaning and we could see her clit throbbing as she had another orgasm as soon as Mom's tongue touched her pussy. I am finding out just what a slut my Sis has grown up to be. Joe complimented everyone on the show and stated it would get better during the next round. Joe looked at me and said, "On your back on the floor." He told Mom, "Squat down over his face and let him lick your pussy." Mom protested and he grabbed Sis by the hair and put the gun to her head.

Mom lowered her pussy and ass to my face. Joe did not have to tell me anything and I began to lick her hairy pussy. It is already wet, hot, and was so sweet! I could stay in this position for hours.

Mom leaned forward with her hands on the floor and started grinding on my face as soon as my tongue went inside her hairy pussy.

I know she did not want to but her body betrayed her and she moaned. I put my hands up on Mom's ass and pulled her cheeks apart. I could see her beautiful brown rose.

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I moved my face up and licked her ass. She moaned again. I moved back to her pussy and in about two minutes she fell down on my legs and moaned as she had an intense orgasm. As she lie there breathing fast, I could feel her hot breath on my cock and it was already rock hard again. Joe said, "Mom, fuck your son!" With a little hesitation she moved down my legs, still with her back to my face, she took hold of my cock and guided the head to her pussy and held it at her opening.

Joe pointed the gun at me and my Mom took my entire cock in one fast downward push. My cock disappeared into her hairy wet pussy. Mom moaned and whispered, "Fuck my pussy." Joe told Mom, "Say it louder so your daughter can hear you!" Mom said in a loud demanding voice, "Fuck my pussy, give me your cock!" I was giving her all I had. I am amazed at Mom's pussy; it is so wet, tight, and hot!


I looked up to see my sister sucking Joe's cock. She was going after it like it was the last cock she would ever have. It did not take Joe long to shoot off in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Joe told my sister to move and squat over my face. My sister did not say a word, her eyes were glassy, her face was red, and she immediately moved to my face. She lowered herself to my face with her back toward Mom. My sister has the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted.

Not a hair on it anywhere. I reached up and played with her tits and she continued to ride my face. I heard Joe tell Mom," "Suck my cock!" I could hear Mom slurping on Joe's cock and I would love to have been able to see but I could not. Mom kept riding my cock until I shot my next load in her pussy.

She clamped hard on my cock and just fell forward on my legs. Sis yelled at me, "Suck my clit, and make me cum." I did just that and she came again. She moved off my face which was covered in her juice. I could feel my softening cock sliding out of Mom's pussy.

I reached forward and pushed my thumb in Mom's hot brown hole. She jumped and then pushed back against my thumb. My thumb was all the way in her ass and she was moving back for more.

My cock was out of her pussy so I got my hand down there and got my fingers wet with cum and pussy juice. I removed my thumb from her brown rose and pushed in two fingers. She moved back against my hand and told me, "More, I want more in my ass!" Next it was three fingers, then four.

I was pumping in and out of Mom's ass with four fingers. Sis came around and was holding Mom's ass cheeks apart. Mom clamped down extremely hard with her ass and pussy as she had another orgasm. Her breathing was hard and deep.

I thought she was going to pass out. I looked for Joe but could not see him.

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I asked my sister, "Where did he go?" Sis said. "He left a good five minutes ago." Sis helped Mom up off me and I started to get up. She put her foot on my chest and pushed me back to the floor.

She told me, "Not yet little brother, I have not had your cock in my pussy and I want it now." My cock was about half hard when she lowered herself on it. It did not take long to get hard again with her tight wet pussy on it. She rode my cock like a woman possessed. I mean she rode me hard; she wanted every bit of in inside her pussy. Our Mother sat and watched us fuck like to animals. Who was I to complain?

It did not take but a few minutes for both of us to orgasm. I started shooting off just before she had another orgasm and she milked my cock dry. She shuttered and shook through a very intense orgasm. She rolled off me onto the floor then snuggled up close. Mom moved over and held both of us. I told Mom we needed to call the police.

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Mom picked up the phone but before she could dial Sis put her hand on Mom's arm and pushed the phone back in the cradle. Sis told Mom, "Please lick my pussy clean." Mom had a shocked look on her face. Sis sat on the couch with her legs open wide. Mom started licking Sis's pussy, eating my cum I had just put in Sis. It only took a few seconds for Sis to orgasm again. This time she kind of went unconscious and was just whimpering and breathing hard.

I stood up with cum stringing from my cock and Mom moved over and took it in her mouth. She looked up at me and said, "I have wanted your cock for several years now." I told Mom, "We still need to call the police." Mom said, "No, no one was hurt and the police will not catch the guy anyway and we do not need to go through the public embarrassment." Her reply really shocked me. Well, we spent the night discussing what had happened and had some more fun.

I was worn completely out by the time they had finished with me. Mom and Sis both said this would never happen again and that having sex in the family is wrong. I agreed. Things were a little tense between us for a while but soon got back to normal, for a little while. Monday at work Joe apologized for hitting me with the gun and for having my Mom and Sis suck his cock.

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He also gave me back my money. I told Joe, "I expect an excellent blow job from your wife to make up for what you did to Mom and Sis." Joe smiled and said, "Come over Saturday night and I will introduce you to the wife."