Agent Has Sex with Civilian Girl

Agent Has Sex with Civilian Girl
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Justin laid in his bed thinking of Jill. His mind raced of what to do with her, it was her fault he was now a vampire.

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If she had not thrown him out of her apartment he would not have tried some stupid scheme to get her back, which is how he ended up in the blood bank and how he became her latest victim. "Why did she turn him to a vampire, only to run off into the night and never return.

Why not just suck him dry and leave his corpse where it fell. What did she see in him that made her given him eternal damnation." he wondered. His mind kept racing with thoughts of confusion and of anger. He had decided what his plan would be, he would go to Jill's after he awoke and tell her everything that happened, only thenafter she knew how she ruined his life would he kill her. He wanted to taste every drop of blood in her body, to savor it, after he would set out to find the nurse and take revenge on her as well.

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As night fell, Justin awoke feeling well rested and hungry for blood and revenge. He leapt from his bedroom window and soared across town to Jill's. He smiled as he looked down at the people walking about their lives, ignorant of the savage killer flying just above them.

"I could land, kill anyone of them, and be gone before anyone saw me." He said to himself. The kind of hatred he had developed over the last few days for this world was immense.

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He despised everyone he laid eyes on, they disgusted him, they were normal, human, mortal. Everything he wasn't anymore and his jealousy had turned to rage toward them. He came to rest on Jill's fire escape and opened the window. All the lights were off and no one was there. Jill had only just left, he could still smell her, her aroma filled his nose and gave him an erection. He would now not just kill her, he'd fuck her first, then he would torture her and make her beg for death. He didn't have to wait long for her to return.

The front door pushed open and Jill walked in. "Oh my god" she yelled. " How did you get in here?" " I let myself in through the fire escape." He told her " Your window was open too, that's not a good idea, who knows who could get in here, all kinds of weirdo's out there you know." "I see that, I've got one in her now. Wait a minute, there is no way you can get to the fire escape from street level, its fifteen feet off the ground and the ladder locks from the top." She said. "How'd you get up on it?" " I'll let you know later, anyway your note said you needed me back, what exactly do you "need".

" He said She approached him and straddled his lap. " I need you" she told him " All of you, even if you are an ass, I love you and have been miserable without you. And from the feel of your dick poking my leg I think you need me too." Justin had felt his dick growing and knew that he wanted to fuck her. He stood up while still holding her and carried her to the bedroom.

He threw her to the bed and climbed on top. Holding her tight to him they locked into a passionate kiss. He could not resist and bit her lip.

She yelped at the pain but didn't break the kiss. He could taste her blood trickling from her lower lip. It was so sweet. He backed off her slowlythe taste of her blood was causing him to hunger and he wanted to wait before he savored it all. He arose from the bed and went to the bottom drawer of her dresser. He knew that was their "private" items. He pulled a set of restraints out and began to cuff her to the bed. Her moans told him that she was going to let him do what he wanted to her.

He cuffed her hand together and tied them off to the headboard. Her legs, he spread wide and tied each to one side of the footboard. Now fully restrained, he had her at his mercy. He could have easily ripped off her clothes but he wanted to take it slow and make her fearful. Pulling a knife from his jean pocket he cut off each of her blouse buttons. Her gasps told him that she was scared of the knife so close to her bare skin. If she only knew what was in store for her. With her chest exposed he cut the blouse sleeves and pulled it away.

He ran the knife down her bare skin to her jeans, cutting the fabric away as he did. She started to cry. He could tell she was not comfortable with the way things were going but, he really didn't care. She now laid on the bedonly covered by her bra and panties. In one swift move they were ripped away leaving her naked and shaking in fear.

" Please, don't hurt me." she pleaded " I didn't mean to hurt you before, so please don't take it out on me." "I'm going to hurt you." He said as he took off his clothes" but I think you'll like it. Pain can be very pleasurable. Now be quiet." Placing a hand on her left breast he squeezed it gently, his other hand twisting the nipple of her right breast.


She moaned softly and pulled at the restraints. He leaned down and licked the nipple he had been twisting, her body arched up in pleasure as he sucked on it. " More" she begged. Justin ran his hands down her sides while keeping his lips on her breast. The feel of her warm skin furthered his lust and he could feel her blood pulsing through her veins. He could smell her pussy getting wet, he never knew how great it smelled, it was like honey to his nose.

He moved to the foot of the bed and ran his tongue down her right leg all the way to her toes. Licking each one made goose bumps shoot up her legs and caused her pussy to get wetter. He licked his way back up to her thighthe smell of her pussy getting stronger as he neared it. He had to taste it, his tongue circled her pussy licking up all the wetness that had leaked out. It tasted better than it smelled, he slowly licked the lips up and down.

Working deeper inside as he licked. He felt her shudder as his tongue touched her clit. Circling it slowly he sucked on it gently.

He wanted to taste her cum, he licked harder and faster. She moaned loudly as he inserted a finger into her hot cunt. He slowly pulled it in and out as he kept licking. He made sure to curve his finger upward to rub her g spot, Justin knew exactly where to touch and it made her cry out in pleasure. He could feel her pussy tightening and he knew her orgasm was coming.

With one final lick she came on his face and he hungrily licked it all up. Giving her cunt one final kiss he rose it his knees. He undid her cuffsnever liking to fuck her like that.

She lifted her legs to her chest as he positioned himself to fuck her. Even though he licked it dry her pussy was already wet again.

He stroked it and used the wetness to lube his cock. Slowly he inserted the head of his dick just until he felt the pressure from her muscles. He pulled back and then in again, this time deeper.

Once more he pulled out and then in one swift move pushed all the way in. Her cunt was burning hot and tight as hell.

She screamed in pleasure as he slowly fucked her, pulling all the way out before going back in. He leaned down and kissed her lips, she returned the favor and held him in a deep kiss.

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Scratching her nails down her back he could feel the marks they were leaving. " I want you to cum in my pussy." She said " I want to feel that hot cum deep inside of me. Justin continued to fuck her slowly and then picked up speed.


The sound of his groin pounding into her was like thunderhe felt like he could break her in half. He could feel his orgasm building to its climax and he didn't stop. He kept thrusting as he blew his load deep inside her.

Her loud moans made clear that she could feel it inside of her. He kept on fucking her as he ran his lips on her collarbonehe was not going to tell her the story anymore. He just wanted her blood and now. His lips brushed her neck. As he bared his teeth to bite her. He felt her lips on his neck and her bite as she started to suck his blood.

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He was confused, what was happening this was not the way he planned thiswhy was she drinking his blood, she was not a vampire. The realization of what was going on hit him just as she let go and he feel to the bed.

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He could not move but he heard a horrible scream, exactly like the one he made as he changed. Then just like it had started it stopped and he heard a laugh. "Good work, my sweetheart." a familiar voice said. " I told you it would be easy. How do you feel?" "Strong, hungry, and satisfied" Jill said. "Good, now on to business." she said. "Justin look at me." he could barely turn his head but as he did he laid eyes on Jill and the nurse.

" Now I guess you aren't that dumb as to see what happened here but allow me to explain. You see, you were just a tool for my plan. I had bitten Jill weeks ago and as a test of her loyalty to me she had to kill you.

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She told me how miserable you made her and we wanted to play with you before we killed you. I gave you the ability to kill her first but your selfish ways prevented you from that and it proved your downfall.

Now she is mine and I am hers. And youwell you will not survive tonight. You were her first and even though she drained you to change herself, you would survive the bite, you would just be weak for a while or until you fed. Pity you wont be able to. Now, my Jilllets finish thisstart the fire while I rip his head off. The End This is the last of this series. Feel free to write about the Nurse and Jill's life after this. I hope you enjoyed it. I have been very busy and would have put more effort into this but, like I said I'm very busy lately and have grown tired of leaving it unfinished