Ass toyed babe butt gapes

Ass toyed babe butt gapes
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A little over a year ago, Johnny got diagnosed with a foot illness that requires him to do a lot of maintenance to his feet. Most of it can be done at his doctor's office, but his foot doctor was 45 minutes away from him. One day his sister told him that he should just go get pedicures once a month since they do almost everything he needs done.

After checking a few out, he found Julie who did a wonderful job on his feet. In fact his feet were feeling the best they ever have.


He couldn't wait for his monthly trip to see Julie. If he could, he would go weekly. He has never really been into Asian women before but Julie was different. She was slim with breasts that were either a large B cup or small C cup and she always wore a low cut shirt on the days of his appointment.

One day he had to change his normal appointment to a later one. In fact Julie had agreed to stay after the normal hours to take care of his feet.

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He arrived a few minutes late to find a locked door. He thought 'shit I'm too late' but then he saw a shadow through the window. He knocked then saw Julie come to the door to unlock it and as he entered she said "I set up the station in the back room so nobody will think we are still open." He followed her back there staring at her wonderful bubble butt thru the yoga pants she was wearing.

He could tell she was not wearing panties under them.

He sat down and she went about the normal process on his feet as he checked her out mostly staring down the loose fitting blouse she was wearing.

She always ended with a leg massage but today was different as she was rubbing up to his mid-thigh this time. Usually she never went above the knee. Between her ample cleavage and her rubbing his inner thighs, he was hard as a rock in no time. Julie had noticed his bulge and she looked up at him before asking "Do you want me to take care of this too?" He didn't even have time to answer before she was undoing his shorts and pulling them off with his boxers.

She moved up and started stroking his cock with one hand as she fondled his balls with the other. Her hands felt incredible on his cock and he would of blown his load right then if she didn't keep stopping every few seconds so he wouldn't get close.


Then she stopped so she could stand up and pull her shirt off followed by her bra then her pants. His cock started twitching at the sight of her naked body as she reached over to recline the back of the salon chair. She grabbed a bottle and used it to lube up his cock some more before she climbed onto the chair also.

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She then turned away from him before lowering herself and grabbing his cock to position it to her asshole. He was still in shock of her being naked when he realized that she was going to put it in her ass.

She pushed down to let his head slide into her sphincter and pause before pushing down more. Inch by inch, he watched his cock get swallowed by her hungry anus as she let out low moans with every inch. As soon as he was balls deep in her she leaned back against his chest to let her ass get used to his cock.

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He reached around her body to her breasts and put one in each hand before fondling them. She used the sides of the pedicure tub as leverage as she began lifting herself up to his tip before falling back down to take the whole thing back in. She let out low moans as she bounced up and down on his cock impaling her asshole with each bounce. He slide his hand in-between her legs and started rubbing between her folds then up to her clit. A minute after he did that she slammed down hard on him and start convulsing as her orgasm started.

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He kept rubbing her thru her peak to the end of it before stopping and she collapsed back on him. After she caught her breathe she got up off him and bent over a table before looking back to say "come and get it." He got up, made it to her, then slid his cock back deep into her ass in one quick motion and as he rammed into her she let out a deep grunt. He grabbed her hips then just started thrusting into her asshole as hard as he could.

She loved it and was letting let all kinds of sounds as he pounded her hard.

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She quickly came again as he was ramming her from behind and the squeezing from her anus muscles brought him close to his own orgasm. When he told her he was going to cum she pulled him out of her ass turned around and drop to her knees. She inhaled his cock into her mouth until his balls hit her chin then sucked hard on his cock to both clean her ass juices off and to milk his cum from him.

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He filled her mouth with huge loads of his seed as she swallowed it as fast as she could. Once she had milked all of his cum from him she broke off the suction from his cock. She kissed the tip of it before going over to grab her clothes and got dressed.

He followed her lead then looked at her and wondered 'what now?' She just looked at him then said "Ok you owe me $25 for the pedicure and your tip is already in my belly." He paid her for the pedicure and she walked him to the door but before he exited she said "I will put you down for a late appointment next month too, so be well-rested beforehand." He left and as he drove home it still seemed like a dream to him.