Gangbang marathon freakfest kimberly chi romemajor ladybug leona banks

Gangbang marathon freakfest kimberly chi romemajor ladybug leona banks
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My wife and I have had a good sex life over the years. But sex can become mundane and every so often you have try new ways and ideas.

My wife is in her forties and has a 42-32-40 figure and in good shape. But we needed something new to spice up our love life. I decided to work on her biggest asset, her huge tits. She has incredible large (DD) tits and loves to have them played with and sucked.

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I started her off with nipple suckers (all types), chains with weights and eventually a breast pump. She has gone from a 42 DD bust to a 46 E with two inch nipples that when not aroused are at least one inch long.


Also, her nipple diameter has increased to three quarters of an inch. The nipple suckers, weights and breast pump have done their jobs. When we first started she would cum very quickly when trying these new toys.

But now she needs new experiences to keep her pussy cumming. So we tried going out in public and slowly got her to show them off. I convinced her to go for rides along the river with just a t-shirt, blazer and dungarees on. Eventually she would get bolder and show them off. I even had her riding around at night along the river with either her chains and weights on or a pair of small snake bite suction cups that just cover her big nipples.

This would drive her wild and make her cum over and over. The next step was to have her wear the t-shirt outfit and stop at an intersection and ask a guy for directions. She couldn't stop cumming after the first time. She asked the guy for directions and all he could do was stare at her big tits. Her nipples would start to grow and the guy, I bet, was cumming in his pants. One night we even asked a woman at an intersection for directions and she couldn't stop staring at my wife and this really got my wife off that night.

She even let two guys go with us to show the way and got out with them and let them feel her up and eventually suck her off. She did not let them play with her pussy or screw her because she still was scared to go that far. This past summer on a hot night, we went out again and this time she let a woman show us the way and we parked and the woman sucked her off for a good hour before she finished. When we got home, my wife was horny and wanted to be fucked.


We use a condom because she is still afraid she'll get pregnant and couldn't wait. Just as we were starting to head to the bed room our door bell rang. It was the next door neighbor. It was about 1 AM and this surprised us and I went to the door and let them in. They wanted to borrow our VCR camera to take to a family outing the next day.

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I let them in and my wife gave up thinking I was going to screw her tonight and it seemed that the neighbors wanted to talk. She invited them into the kitchen for coffee and kept her blazer closed so her tits and nipples weren't sticking out. I got the camera and we sat down to drink our coffee. When I asked for some milk, the neighbor volunteered to get up and get it out of the refrigerator. When he came back he poured some into my cup but when he started to pour it into my wife's cup he missed and got it all over her blazer and also on her t-shirt.

My wife jumped up and the neighbor started to rub the milk off of her but it really looked like he was feeling up her tits. My wife resisted momentarily but then started to let him feel her up. To my surprise, his wife didn't say a thing but just watched him slowly feel up my wife's tits through the blazer, My wife was really enjoying this and so was my neighbor's wife.

I also was getting a hard on just watching my wife get a good feel. What happen next totally amazed me when he told her to unbutton her blazer. She didn't hesitate and unbuttoned which made her confined tits burst out. Her nipples were fully out, all two inches, and wanting more.

The wife just said "Damn, those are big fucking white tits and nipples." This made my wife squirm and thrust her tits out even more. What really got my wife going was probably that she was being felt up by a black man. She never tried to show off her tits to a black man or woman but I knew this really turned her on.

Next he told her to push her fucking big tits out and keep them out.

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She did without hesitating. He then told my wife to look at his wife and let her feel up her tits and nipples. She shuddered when the neighbor's wife black hands started to feel her and pinch her nipples. She was cumming but they weren't through with her yet.

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He told her to take off the blazer and pull up the t-shirt. She did and now both of them had their hands all over her massive tits. They pinched and pulled her nipples until she let out a cry. "Shut up bitch," he said to her and she immediately stopped.

"My wife is going to suck your big white nipples and I want you to feed her your nipple and tit," he ordered. My wife thrust her tit and nipple as far as she could into the black womans mouth. "Bitch, look at my cock," he told her and as my wife did she could see his cock getting bigger and bigger as the wife sucked hard on her nipple. "You want more?" he asked my wife and she said yes. "What did you say?" he asked her.

"Yes please, suck me more," she replied. He then pulled up her free tit and started to nurse off of her nipple. Slowly he pulled more and more of her tit into his mouth.

My wife is big and he sucked in a lot of tit and nipple. I was surprised at how much he could get into his mouth. Now the wife started to order my wife by telling her to watch him suck her like she was nursing him like a baby.

My wife was now following his rhythm and giving him all she had as if he was milking her. "Take his cock out and jerk him off, bitch," she told her. My wife unzipped him and pulled out his big cock. "You want him don't you bitch," she said. My wife started to shake her head no and he just sucked her harder. "The bitch isn't cooperating honey.

We'll have to break her," she said.

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Now his wife sucked my wife's other tit into her mouth and they both sucked as hard as they could and it looked like they were trying to get milk out of her. "You want to let us milk you, right bitch," he said. My wife shook her head yes.


"Well then do as we say and you will get your wish," he said. Now they both quit sucking and mashed my wife's nipples over and over until she almost passed out.

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"Now bitch, do as we say." My wife nodded yes. He told us to follow them to their house and both of them led my wife out the door by holding her nipples. He still had his black cock out but didn't even try to put it into his pants. "Come on bitch, lets go," he said to my wife. Take the camera also he told me to follow.

We walked out the door in plain site to all and crossed the street with him and his wife pulling my wife's nipples and his cock hanging out. We went into their house and they took my wife down the stairs to their basement with me filming all of this. He told me to watch how they were going to get my wife to do anything and everything they want.